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Chapter One

Skystar padded over to Leopardstar and Bluestar with a worried look in his eyes.

"StarClan will face a terrible threat" He mewed, so softly, it was almost a whisper

Bluestar had a feeling one day this would happen. But she kept calm.

Yellowfang had overheard Skystar's warning and came over "What do you mean, Skystar?"

"I-I don't know. I just heard a voice saying 'Beware the broken stars." He answered with a shrug

Spottedleaf padded over and stared. "it might have to do with us" she protested, before adding, "But just in case we need to keep the clans a bit safe."

"Well, of course it has to do with us!" Leopardstar snapped before adding "Ashfoot and Cinderpelt are watching over the clans."

"Thank you" Spottedleaf remarked

"Spottedleaf, I need to talk to you" Bluestar insisted.

"Whatever you need to say can be said right here." Skystar mewed calmly, though his eyes were blazing.

"Yes, you can say whatever right here." Leopardstar agreed with a flick of her tail

"No it is okay me and Bluestar can talk" Spottedleaf replied

"Alone" Bluestar mewed

Skystar let out a growl "Need I remind you, me and Shadowstar have been here longer then any of you. If something is worth saying, it's worth me hearing."

Yellowfang sighed "Bluestar, if you wanted to speak to Spottedleaf alone, you shouldn't have announced that you wanted to speak with her, in front of all of us." Leopeardstar and Skystar nodded. "So just say it. We won't tell anyone else."

Skystar wasn't finished, "Also, you're the cat that discouraged Firestar finding my clan! If it wasn't for him, SkyClan would have died, frankly, at your paws. I even told you about the warning, and anything you need to say. Can. Be. Said. HERE." Skystar spat out the last four words.

"I understand but you will be very surprised"

"I will understand and you know that Bluestar" Spottedleaf purred

"Out with it!" Leopardstar snorted

"It is crazy but the Dark Forest REVENGE, FIGHTS, HATE and death..."

"What are you trying to say?" Leopardstar asked

"The Dark Forest wants us." a pause "They.. I'll just say... They want REVENGE!"

Chapter Two

Tigerstar sat alone on the rock in front of the gatherd cats. "So, we WILL get revenge on StarClan for interfering with our plans!" He yowled

"When will we do the killing!?!!" Mapleshade snarled

Tigerstar looked down at her, "Patience. We need to train. They have far more cats then we do." he mewed

"He has a point, Mapleshade. Just give it a minute or an hour we will figure this out soon. I want to kill as well." Snowtuft replied

"Well duh! Everyone here wants blood!" Hawkfrost hissed from the front of the crowd. "And this will take longer then an hour, possibly a week."

"Mhm. Just wait, just wait." Thistleclaw meowed

"Ok" sighed Mapleshade as she glared at the clan

"Okay, now battle practice, I'll pair you up!" Tigerstar called, then decided "Mapleshade and Brokenstar, Snowtuft and Shreadtail. Thistleclaw and Darkstripe. And Hawkfrost and I will supervise. Go!"

"Okay I fight you defend then we will switch-YOU BETTER BRING ON YOUR GAME" Yipped Mapleshade

"This should be fun!" Thistleclaw hissed

"Totally." Darkstripe agreed before lunging at his neck. Thistleclaw instinctively reared up on his hind paws. He then slammed into Thistleclaw's exposed belly and pinned him down.

"Very good, Darkstripe. Thistleclaw, next time, crouch down, instead of rearing up." Tigerstar informed while Hawkfrost was waiting for Mapleshade and Brokenstar to start.

"GET IN YOUR BEST POSITION i'll rip you open if i really have to" Maplesade hissed

"No killing eachother. Mapleshade, I'm talking to you." Hawfrost snarled

"Okay, okay fine!" she snarled

"Good. Now hurry, I'm getting bored."Tigerstar snapped

Brokenstar launched himself at the her, but in a flash, Mapleshade got low to the ground and tripped the tom off his feet.

"Good." Hawkfrost and Tigerstar mewed in unison. "We're ready."

Chapter Three

Leopardstar sat down next to Bluestar to eat her salmon

"Hello" mewed Bluestar in a calm voice

Leopardstar turned to glare at her, then fixed her gaze on the ground.

"Hello Spottedleaf, come and join us" Bluestar meowed

Leopardstar let out a cold snarl "Will you stop acting like everything is okay, when we should be preparing for the upcoming battle!"

"Yeah. We need to train." Hollyleaf agreed, padding up. "So, come on!"

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