This is the allegiances for Broken Paths, if you want to read the story, click the link. :)

The Apprentice's Training Ground

Clan Mentors: Pearclaw - dark tabby she-cat (PebbleClan)

Iceheart - pale gray and white tom with icy blue eyes (PebbleClan)

Flutteringwing - brown she-cat with amber eyes (GrassClan)

Lappingcreek - silver tabby tom (GrassClan)

Sloedusk - black tabby she-cat with white paws (StreamClan)

Strongfoot - dark gray tom with big, light brown paws (StreamClan)

Doedapple - very pale brown she-cat with faint white dapples on her pelt (FallClan)

Stagspring - very dark brown tom with yellow eyes (FallClan)

The Apprentices: Brokenpaw - dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes (PebbleClan)

Jackdawpaw - black tom with dark blue eyes (PebbleClan)

Jumppaw - black she-cat with long, dark ginger legs (PebbleClan)

Bouncepaw - bright ginger tom (GrassClan)

Clearpaw - very pale silver tom with clear, icy blue eyes (StreamClan)

Cloudypaw - smoky dark gray she-cat (StreamClan)

Turtlepaw - stumpy-tailed, tortoiseshell she-cat with emerald-green eyes (FallClan)

Duckpaw - pale brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes (FallClan)

Furledpaw - large dark ginger tabby tom (FallClan)

Curlpaw - small white she-cat with fur-tips that curl over slightly (FallClan)


Leader: Snowstar - big, thick-furred white tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Stoneleap - huge blue-gray tom

Medicine Cat: Brookclaw - small gray-brown she-cat

Warriors: Goldenflight - golden-brown she-cat with amber eyes, formerly of FallClan

Dustyheart - pale brown she-cat with green eyes, former rogue

Shatteredheart - gray-and-white tom with green eyes

Elderbranch - wiry, very pale brown tom with pale amber eyes

Ravenclaw - black she-cat with a white dash on her chest

Icefur - small white she-cat with blue eyes

Crowgaze - short-furred black tom

Fernfrond - dappled gray she-cat with green eyes

Redcloud - dark ginger tom with a white patch like a cloud on his back


Leader: Moonstar - sleek silver tabby she-cat with one black paw

Medicine Cat: Redspeck - elderly white tom with small ginger flecks, and a ragged pelt

Warriors: Brightfeather - orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Jaggedtail - gray tabby tom with a crooked tail


Leader: Wavestar - big blue-gray tabby tom


Leader: Daisystar - cream-and-white she-cat with green eyes

Warriors: Tumblestep - pale brown tabby tom with bright blue eyes

Cats Outside the Clans

Spirit - small, thick-furred dark gray she-cat with a thin frame, and blue eyes

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