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Burnt dens. Monsters flipped over. Dead, dead things; everywhere. Not to mention the huge crack that split the city and will swallow anything in it’s path. But for Akko, this is home. She is a loner in the midst of this turmoil, who is trapped in the city and may not survive this disaster. But then she meets someone, a peculiar someone, that is stuck in this disaster as well. Although this visitor brings help and long-lost company, the choices that Akko and this cat make—and secrets buried deep within the past—can lead them to their doom. It comes to the point that Akko must ask herself: can I survive this broken city?


Season One:

Akko is a loner with enough to worry about: food, shelter, etc. But then the ground shakes. The buildings fall. Holes open up, swallowing the buildings. Now, Akko is trapped. But not alone. She meets a new friend, which changes everything. Can Akko and her new friend survive?

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