This is a very bad silly story I wrote, feel free to help! --♥Shinestar♥ 03:21, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

"Brambleclaw can you go organize the sunhigh patrol?" said Firestar

"Once sec! I have to post a picture of me and Squirlflight dancing it out at the gathering prom on my profile page." Brambleclaw replied.

"Umm, what?" asked the Firestar.

"On Facebook of course!!" Brambleclaw said.

"Facebook? whats that?" Firestar asked, perplexed.

Brambleclaw is shocked. "Only the best site eva! I'm chatting with Ashfur right now. he's so nice. He says, 'Stay away from Squirrelflight or i will personally claw out all your fur.' Love it!"

"Umm, why is he talking to you like that." Firestar asked.

"I dunno! But it's entertaining!" Brambleclaw said brightly.

"Let me see" Firestar asked

Firestar went on spottedleafs page. On it it said Curse you sandstorm you stole my love.

"Cool works for me and ill sort out the hunting patrols." 

And so thats how things went on for a few days. Brambleclaw got over 1 thousand friends from clans and tribes everywhere. Until one day Leafpool had enough. She posted on his page. 'Brambleclaw is so lazy, he hasn't moved out of the den in a moon! talk about medicine cat delima!' then she went to Crowfeather's page and they talked for a while. The words shocked Brambleclaw that were on his page. So he then swore he would not go on facebook for a moon, that worked for a half moon, but he started to go on less at least. The end!

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