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Moon, Sun, Sky and Galaxy, they were the four only heartless cats. They only thought of themselves, even in time of need of another cat.

This seperated them from the rest, frightning any other cat when they lingered near. The Farm was their home, they normally kept to themselves.

They would never know what love, hate, sadness, anger, confusion, happiness or even being crazy would mean.

They all prayed for a heart, knowing thats what seperated them. The wish would just never reach StarClan. It only made it half way.

When one wish is made and makes it all the way, do they get what they deserve or will they have to fight for whats rightfully theres?

Chapter one


Sky yawned and awoke from her deep slumber. The sweet scents of honey suckle filled her nose, reminding her that she fell alseep in an old badgers set.

She opened her green eyes to only small green slits. She let a big ray of sunlight fill into her eyesight, awaking her senses,

She slowly stood up and yawned again, stretching her legs. She grabbed the mouse she caught earlier and gulped it down with a few quick bites. Sky crawled out of the den on wobbly legs and walked towards the small river that ran by the den.

"Ah, the forest is..." Sky slowly murmured, unable to find the words.

This was the curse that came with having no heart, she could never have feelings.

She quickly curled a honey suckle flower behind her ear and padded through a small meadow, making her way back to the twoleg place.

She tilted her nose up, taking in the sour scent of the town. "Ugh.." she spat and stepped onto a sidewalk. She looked up seeing another cat. It was scuffling through the dumpster, searching for something.

"Um, hello?" Sky called and looked over near the dumpster. A head poked out showing a white and gray she-cat.

"Hi there.." The cat called and continued back into the dumpster.

"What are you looking for?" Sky called again and slowly walked up.

"Look cat, what do you want?" The cat spat. Sky felt a growl rising in her throat but she held it back and mewed "I'm Sky, who are you?"

"Moon.." The cat replied.

Sky met one of the three cats she must meet to make her one and only wish to come true, who will she find next?


"Moon..." She whispered her voice trailing off.

"Do you have a problem with my name?" Moon snapped, feeling irritation growing inside of her.

"No," Sky whispered, shrugging quickly, before quickly changing the topic, "Do you have any friends around here?"

"No," Moon shrugged, "I don't have any friends."

"Me neither," Sky claimed and they were both silent for a few moments.

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