This is a collab between Shininglight, and Jaycall!

We will rotate chapters.

Allegiances (Shininglight)


Leader: Treestar

Deputy: Solidclaw

Medecine cat: Mistyears




(apprentice: Starpaw)


(apprentice: Ashpaw)




(Apprentice: Thornpaw)




(Apprentice: Rainpaw)


(Apprentice: Brightpaw)


Orangeblossom (expecting Wolffang’s kits)

Heathershoot (nursing Lightningpelt’s kits)







And, to be honest, I don’t really want to do a full allegiance for each clan, so I’ll just give the basics.


Leader: Ravenstar

Deputy: Sharpfang


Leader: Hawkstar

Deputy: Eagletalon


Leader: Lakestar

Deputy: Leafheart



Prolong (Shininglight)

Mistyears was walking along a forest path. She knew she was dreaming, and she recognized the path to Fourtrees. But she didn’t know why her subconscious was calling her here.

Most years enjoyed the forest’s nighttime scents, and sounds. She walked under the moonlit branches of the four great trees. She smiled to herself. This was peaceful.

“Mistyears.” She whipped around, and saw a silver she-cat standing on the Great Rock alongside a dark brown tom.

“Crystalpool! And Boulderstar!” The previous medicine cat and leader of ThunderClan. “Has StarClan called me here tonight.”

“We have.” Boulderstar answered. “To deliver a warning.”

“A warning?” Mistyears couldn’t believe her ears. ThunderClan was in a time of great peace and prosperity! StarClan only gave warnings in the most dire of situations.

“Yes, Mistyears.” Crystalpool stepped forward. “A time of great turbulence looms in front of the Clans.”

“Great turbulence? What is going to happen?” Mistyears asked.

“We can not see that.” Crystalpool looked sad.

“But we have a prophecy.” Boulderstar meowed. “When the hawk meets the outsiders, only the two born under stars can save us.”

Mistyears’ mind reeled. “The hawk? What’s that? Or who’s that? Who are the outsiders? Who are the two born under stars? We need more help!”

Both StarClan cats looked sad. “We don’t know any more than you. And you know we couldn’t tell even if we did. But you must be prepared.”

Mistyears nodded.

“We will be.”

Chapter One (Jaycall)

Ashpaw woke up with a start. He realized that he was safe in the camp, and was not being attacked by all of ShadowClan. He padded out of the apprentice den, carful not to wake Rainpaw, and into the clearing.

“Hey Ashpaw, Let’s go hunting. The fresh kill pile isn’t going to fill itself.” Lightningpelt, his mentor, called. Together they padded out of the gorse tunnel and into the forest.

“So, where should we go? The owl tree?” Ashpaw asked.

“No, I was thinking sunningrocks. No one has hunted there in a while.” Lightningpelt replied. And so they went. Once they were there, Ashpaw scented mouse. He looked at Lightningpelt questioningly. He nodded and pointed to the mouse with his nose. Ashpaw lowered himself into a hunting crouch and started stalking forwards. he was soon in leaping range, and he leapt. The mouse scurried away.

“Mouse dung!” Ashpaw cursed, feeling embarrassed.

“It’s all right.” Lightingpelt meowed sympathetically. “We can try for something else.” They headed into the woods, and looked around for more prey. Then Ashpaw saw squirrel. He charged it, not bothering to sneak up on it. He chased it toward a tree and surprisingly they both went right up it. Ashpaw felt powerful sinking his claws deep into the tree pulling himself up it he promptly caught the squirrel in mid leap and feel off the tree. Lightningpelt looked impressed. “Well wasn’t that something.” He meowed and they padded of back to camp in silence. Once they got there they found Brightpaw was running around the clearing yelling

“Fresh kill” over and over again. Boy is she crazy Ashpaw thought as he put his squirrel on the fresh kill pile. “Yaaaaaa! My squirrel!” Brightpaw shouted and knocked him down. Then she picked up the squirrel and sat down.

“Did you have to do that” Ashpaw groaned.

“I was hungry.” Brightpaw replied stiffly. “Besides, I woke everyone up. Now I can do battle training instead of hunting.” “I wouldn’t be so sure Brightpaw.” Rocknose, Brightpaw’s mentor, was padded over. “I told you we would be hunting. And we will”

“But I don’t want to hunt” Brightpaw complained “Let’s do battle training.”


“Fine” and they went out of the gorse tunnel.

“My sister is crazy” Rainpaw had woken up.

“You got that right.” Ashpaw meowed back. Then Treestar came down from Highrock

“You’re all doing battle training.”

Chapter Two (Shininglight)

Starpaw woke up late. Sunlight was a.ready streaming in, and some crazy cat (probably Brightpaw) was yelling about fresh-kill. He realized that Rainpaw was curled up next to him. His heart did a dance. Shut up heart! He told it. You do not like Rainpaw. But who was he kidding?

Rainpaw was awake too. She looked at Starpaw, smiled, and walked out. Starpaw followed. Outside, Treestar was telling all the apprentices to do battle training.

But it was weird. Treestar didn’t usually tell the apprentices what to do. He usually let their mentors decide. Starpaw saw Treestar exchange a glance. with Mistyears. Weird.

But Starpaw liked battle training. Starpaw silently purred. He wasn’t exactly amazing at fighting, but for some reason, he could always avoid other’s attacks.

It was his brother, Ashpaw, who was absolutely, positively, paws down the best at fighting. His claws, paws, and jaws seemed to act on their own, knowing exactly what to do.

Thornpaw was like him. No good at attack. But he could defend like heck. He always said that his warrior name would be Thornbush, because nothing got passed a thorn bush, just like nothing got passed him.

But Starpaw didn’t mind. He poked at Brightpaw, who was gobbling up a mouse. Her golden-yellow fur was un-groomed. She never groomed it. Like, ever. Starpaw looked at his own floofy white and silver felt. He quickly gave it a few licks.

“Starpaw!” Starpaw looked up. His mentor, Sparktail, was looking at him. “Let’s go.” Starpaw nodded, and followed all the other apprentices to the sandy hollow. Ashpaw immediately got into a fighting stance.

The mentors paired up the apprentices to fight. Ashpaw and Starpaw. The classic. Rainpaw and Thornpaw. Of course. Brightpaw had a weird way of fighting, just like her mentor, Rocknose, so they were paired up. The rest of the mentors watched.

Then they gave the command to fight, claws sheathed, no teeth, try not to hurt them.

Ashpaw attacked to the left, but Starpaw somehow knew it was a feint. He spun around, trying to land a blow on Ashpaw’s belly, but Ashpaw executed a perfect backflip, and hit the ground running at Starpaw again. Starpaw’s pelt prickled, and he knew he should jump. So he did. Ashpaw dove under him, and slammed into a tree.

His claws dug into it, just like it was a mouse. He scrambled up the tree trunk, his claws never losing a grip. Starpaw sat, mesmerized. Suddenly his felt prickled again. Something was coming. He readied himself, just as Ashpaw spun, quick as a snake, and knocked Starpaw over, pinning him.

“Nice one.” Starpaw congratulated him. They both looked over as they heard a yowl, and saw that Brightpaw had just won her match by hitting her mentor with a stick.

“Sorry!” She meowed. “I didn’t mean to hit you so hard!”

“It’s ok. Nice hit. I’m getting too old for this.”

Rainpaw had won her’s too, by baiting Thornpaw into attacking.

Starpaw went over. “Nice one!” He meowed.

“Thanks.” She smiled. “Hey, what’s Treestar doing?” Starpaw looked over. Sure enough, Treestar was watching. He gave each of the apprentices a nod, and then vanished back into camp.

Ashpaw shrugged. “Last one back is crow-food!” He yelled, and all the apprentices took off back to camp.

Chapter Three (Jaycall)

Ashpaw had plopped down in front of the fresh kill pile after a long day of activity, and selected a mouse for himself. He was about to bite into it when there was a sharp pain In his tail. He wiped around to see who or what bit his tail. He caught a small kit right in the act. It was Greenkit. Greenkit had caught greencough right after he was born, but survived it. He was the leader of the other to kits, Oakkit and Stickkit. Ashpaw went to grab his scruff but Oakkit leaped on his face. Ashpaw toppled in surprise.

“Get off me kit!” Ashpaw yelled good-naturedly at Oakkit.

“Go, go, go! Take out the wimpy apprentice!” Greenkit called and charged with Stickkit at his side. They leaped onto his ears and started biting them. “Help! Anyone! Help!” Ashpaw cried out desperately. Then suddenly all the kits went flying off him as Thornpaw bowled into him.

“Oof.” Thornpaw meowed, looking dazed. “That’s not what I meant to do.”

“It’s all good. Besides, you got the kits off.”

“True, but Clawwing saw the whole thing. He’ll tell everyone.”

Ashpaw sighed. “Yeah. Mouse brain he is.” And they headed to bed.

The next morning Lightningpelt sent him to gather moss. But when he got back it was clear something had happened.

“Treestar! We found prey scent and blood in between sunning rocks and the sandy hollow!” It was Wolffang.

“Any scent? RiverClan maybe?” Treestar asked

“Not a thing.” Foxear replied

“Then we have no leads?” Solidclaw, the deputy, asked.

“Not one.” Owlwing replied looking disappointed.

“Well I’ll take a patrol there to find anything.” Lightingpelt stepped up. “Me, Ashpaw, Sparkpelt, Clawwing and Starpaw.”

“All right, you can head out now.” Treestar commanded and they took off towards the RiverClan border. Ashpaw dropped back to talk with Starpaw.

“What do think will happen? With everything going on about the prey scent and blood?”

Starpaw shrugged. “I think that Treestar will bring it up at the gathering.”

Ashpaw gasped. “I forgot about the gathering! I hope there’s a fight, I could take any RiverClan fish face.”

Clawwing, who had heard the whole conversation, sneered. “You can’t even fight a kit!”

“Halt.” Lightningpelt said and they all stoped. Ashpaw could see it now. Some squirrel fur and blood. Prey scent. But no Clan scent or rouge scent.

Chapter Four (Shininglight)

Starpaw was exited. He was going to the gathering! And so was Rainpaw! Moonlight always made her fur look so beautiful…not that he, uh, noticed it all the time. He wished that he had been able to go on the patrol that went to check out the prey scent. Definitely something fishy going on. Maybe literally. It was probably RiverClan.

“Hey, Starpaw!” Rainpaw was coming over. “You exited for the gathering?”

“Yup! Well, it’s our second one, but it’s still exiting!”

“Yeah! Oh look! Here comes Ashpaw.”

Ashpaw came over.

“How was it? The prey scent, I mean.” Starpaw asked. Ashpaw scratched the ground his claws slipped right into the dirt like it was water.

“We found the prey. Scent and blood. But no other scents.”

Starpaw thought. How could a cat erase their own scent? “Was it definitely cat?“

“Yes. There were claw mark-” Treestar was yowling something.

“It has come time for the gathering. All cats that are going, come!” And they were off. Starpaw was walking next to Rainpaw. But that was totally unrelated.

“Halt.” Treestar stopped as he gave the command. “I do not care if RiverClan denies our accusations. I do not want fights breaking out. Be on your best behavior.”

They all nodded. They walked down the slope into Fourtrees. Starpaw saw Wolffang start talking with some ShadowClan cat. Gracefoot, and Softfur were talking with some other she-cats, and He found himself next to Rainpaw, and Ashpaw.

“Who should we talk to? There’s some new apprentices here!” Starpaw meowed.

“Well, I don’t want anything to do with those RiverClan fish-faces.” Ashpaw snorted.

Starpaw silently agreed. Brightpaw came over. “Let’s go see if we can learn anything useful about the other Clans!”

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