This is a Warriors Fan Fiction that takes place in a far, far, FAR away Twolegplace. This is also a fic based on my cat, Patches!


Cats outside clans:

Patch- Calico she-cat with pale yellow eyes

Shatter- Orange tabby tom with amber eyes and a red collar

Ice- White tom with piercing blue eyes

Blossom- Calico she-cat with green eyes

Moon- Black she-cat with yellow eyes

Sam- Grey tabby she-cat with light blue eyes

Apple- Ginger she-cat with white spots and green eyes


Leader: Dalestar- Light brown tom with green eyes_ Apprentice: Clusterpaw- Grey she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Smallwhisker- White tom with yellow eyes

Medicine Cat: Paleleaf- Cream colored she-cat with amber eyes_ Apprentice: Rustpaw- ginger tom

Warriors: Raindusk- Blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes

Aspenheart- Wiry brown tom with yellow eyes

Flamedance- Orange she-cat with blue eyes

Swiftpetal- Black she-cat with hazel eyes_ Apprentice: Starlingpaw- Brown tom with yellow eyes

Snapclaw- Brown tabby tom with green eyes

Thistlethorn- Light grey tom with spiky fur and green eyes_ Apprentice: Brushpaw- white she-cat

Queens: Twigjaw- Light brown she-cat_Kits: (Glowkit- White tom)(Driftkit-Brown she-kit)(Leapkit- grey tom)

Elders: Fluffypelt- Fluffy grey she-cat with blue eyes

Tornbranch- Black tom with amber eyes


I never knew a life other then a Kittypet life, with my Housefolk who take care of me. Though I remember my mother, Chocolate, saying that she used to live in the wild. My siblings and litter mates don't live with me anymore, they either were adopted before or after me. I remember my brother, though, his name was Rocker. He always let me join in on games. But, my youngest sibling, Shatter. He was cruel to us and, even though he was younger, he still was bad to us. My name is Patch, by the way. My front claws are gone. Any-who, this is my story!!

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Chapter One

I was dreaming. I was running through the forest with a fox hot on my tail. I could smell it's rank breath as it lumbered behind me, getting closer, and closer, until it picked me up and threw me into a tree. Then I woke up, shaking from the nightmare.

One of my owners was laying in the bed next to me, on some kind of grey thing. The twoleg purred and reached out a hairless paw to pet me. I let them, but I soon jumped out and ran out of the tall door and down something my housefolk called "Stairs".

I then went over to the small box and flicked it open with a paw. Suddenly, I hear a door slam, and I look up. The door was standing wide open, and I dashed out, leaving the twolegs yowling behind me.

"I haven't seen you out of your den." A voice called. My heart lurched and I swung my head around, looking for who spoke. Soon, my gaze rested on a plump, grey-and-white she-cat with a purple collar.

"Who are you?" I ask warily

"Sam! And yours is..." Sam prompted "Oh wait, your Patch, right?"

"Yes. Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in going to the Clans?"

"What! No way! They eat bones, you know!" Sam mewed with a horrified expression

"Okay. I'll just find a cat that will go." I growled 

"Wait!" Sam called before I started to pad away, "Not Shatter, never ask him anything or go on his 'territory' okay?"

Shatter! I screeched in my head I need to find him! I give a nod of thanks to Sam and start to follow the scent that was Shatter's. Right there, sitting on the grass was shatter, just how I remembered him. He was an orange tabby with amber eyes and a red collar. 

”Shatter!” I called. His head snaps up, and turns to stare at me  

“Who are you, and what are you doing here!?” He snarls 

”I-it’s Patch, your sister!” I mew 

”YOU!“ He roared, then lunged at me. 

Chapter Two

Shatter rolled on top of me and pinned me down. "You fox-heart!" he spat and raked my face with his claws. I lifted a front paw to slash him back, but then I remembered I have no front claws! Shatter then bit my ear hard, while slashing my underbelly. I went limp and he bit harder on my ear, then switched to bite my neck. Blood welled up around my neck, and the world faded to black.

I could hear faint murmuring, but it seemed distant. Then a closer voice mewed "Is she okay?" I opened my eyes and saw a white tom looking down at me with worried blue eyes.

"I think." another voice said. I blinked my eyes open and the other cat let out a purr, "See, what did I tell you, Ice!" Ice then let out a sigh of relief.

"Who are you?" I ask, trying to shake my head clear of the pain throbbing through it.

"I'm Ice, I found you when I was hunting. And this," Ice pointed to the ginger she-cat, "is Apple. She's the one who treated your wounds!"

"What! How long have I been here!" I yowled

"Just since sun-high." Apple replied. I looked at the sun, witch was now setting.

"No! I need to get out of here, my housefolk will be worried, I-I.." I trailed off

"Calm down, you need to be careful with that wound." Apple mewed gently

"But, I'm leaving Twolegplace to find the clans! I need to leave!"

Ice and Apple exchanged glances, before Ice asked, "Can I come?"

"Sure?" I accepted "Let's go then!"

"Oh, there are some cats who might want to come with us!" Ice then ran over to a twoleg nest, and Patch followed. "Moon! Blossom!" Two she-cats slunk out of the den and sat on a brick wall.

"Ice? What do you need? And who is this?" The calico asked, tilting her head.

"Blossom, this is Patch. Patch, this is Blossom and this is Moon." Ice mewed, pointing his tail to each cat in turn. "So, we're going to the clans, do you two want to come?"

The two she-cats exchanged glances. "Totally!" Blossom purred

Moon sighed "If she's going, then I'm going" She declared loyally.

"Let's go!" I meowed, not even trying to contain my excitement.

Chapter Three

The sun was high in the sky, beating down rays of light on the group while Ice was teaching them battle moves. "When an enemy jumps at you, duck, don't rear up. Rearing up leaves your belly exposed." Ice explained. I jumped at Moon, who ducked under me, and raked my underbelly with sheathed claws.

"Good!" Ice praised, before jumping at me. I ducked just in time, then pushed him away with my front paws.

"Wow Patch! Your front paws are strong!" Blossom observed.

"They have to be." I murmurer.

I get thrown back into the memory: I am shut in a twoleg den, and they move around me, holding metal objects. One puts a sharp, thin, stick into my shoulder, and the world faded to black. When I awoke, my paws felt like fire, heavy, and sending waves of agony through my body. I try to unsheathe my claws, but only blood came out.

"Patch?" Moon meowed, snapping me back to reality. "We should get some sleep" Moon glanced up at the sky.

Ice had come back from hunting, and they were sharing a vole, while Blossom and Moon were asleep in a hollow log. As I took a bite, Ice let out a purr; "The sunset is beautiful." he murrumerd. I looked up at the array of pink, red, and yellow in the sky, and nod, pressing my flank to his. Ice's jaws parted in a yawn, and they curled up in the log.

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