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Bluestar stalked in the woods, hoping to find some fresh-kill to share with Yellowfang and Feathertail at Warm-rocks. As she padded through the undergrowth, tasting the air, she tripped over something. Bluestar got to her paws and stared at the thing. It said 'book' on it. Maybe it's just some kind of Twoleg thing. Bluestar thought. But as she turned away, something caught her eye- there was 'Bluestar' written on it. Then, Bluestar picked it up and set off somewhere in which she could look at it in private.

Bluestar padded quietly through the forest untill she came to the hollow tree. No one knew about it, except her. Bluestar quietly climbed in, and settled there untill she was comfortable. Then she opened the so-called 'book'. It said Bluestar's Prophecy on it. Cool, Bluestar thought. It's about me! As she read it, memories came back to her, but when she tried to push them away, they became more and more clearer. By the time she finished the book, it was unbearable. She left Bluestar's Prophecy in the tree, and caught a mouse. Bluestar raced to Yellowfang and dropped it at her paws. Yellowfang shot a puzzled look at her. Before Yellowfang could say something, Bluestar left her there. She had to find him.

Bluestar found Goosefeater at Warm-rocks sunning himself with Featherwhisker, who looked very uncomfortable. Bluestar hid behind a large rock and waited for Goosefeather to go somewhere else. It felt like moons untill he left Warm-rocks. Then, Bluestar quickly went up to Featherwhisker, and whispered something in his ear. When he heard Bluestar's plan for ambushing Goosefeather, his face lit up. Then, they set to work.

Bluestar and Featherwhisker waited untill Goosefeather was asleep. Then, they creeped up on him. Bluestar pounced on him while Featherwhisker fed im deathberries. Goosefeather's spirit almost vanished when Yellowfang, Oakheart, and Stonefur came. They looked angry. A fire blazed in all 6 eyes. Then Yellowfang spoke up. 

"Bluestar, what are you doing???? Trying to kill a medicine cat???"Yellowfang was really, really, surprised. "Bluestar, since you tried to kill a medicine cat, you are banished to the Dark Forest!" Yellowfang thrust her face into Bluestar's, snarling.

"Fine!" Bluestar thrust her head up and stalked away. She went to the hollow tree, and then picked up the 'book'. As she went to the border of StarClan and the Dark Forest, she turned her head around and looked at StarClan for the last time. "Goodbye, StarClan." Bluestar turned her head and walked to the Dark Forest to  start her new life.

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