Your spirit is bright, but do you have enough loyalty to save the clans from the rising shadows?.

As an apprentice, Bluepaw wants to be nothing but a loyal ShadowClan warrior. After bearing her warrior name, Bluespirit. Though the clan isn't aware of it, Bluespirit feels that something is not quiet right. And when trouble and tensions starts to rise within ShadowClan, Bluespirit knows it's up to her to stop it.


Bluestar's Spirit/Allegiances


Lilystem followed Brownear as they trotted down the stony path toward the Moon-pool. She glanced at the other medicine cats. She spotted Whiteblaze's pelt almost at once. Leaving Brownear's side, she dashed over to Whiteblaze.

"Hiya, Whiteblaze" she mewed.

"Hi, Lilystem! how's prey running in ShadowClan?." she asked.

"Very well." she replied.

"Honeyfire gave birth to four she-kits two sunrises ago."

"That's great!". Whiteblaze purred.

"what are their names?".

"Gingerkit, Tuftykit, Rosekit, and Bluekit". Whiteblaze nodded. The she turned to the Moon-pool and fell asleep. Lilystem padded toward the Moon-pool. She crouched down and pressed her nose tip to the water. At once she was greeted by darkness. When she opened her eyes, she was standing on a moor she hasn't seen before. And it does not look one bit like WindClan territory. She thought. Paws sounded behind her, and she glanced back to see a ginger she-cat trotting toward her. Lilystem dipped her head respectfully.



Flarestar mewed. she sat down next to Lilystem. At first she was quiet, then she spoke.

"I have a prophecy for you, Lilystem". She paused, the spoke again. "Shadows are rising within the Clans, and only spirits covered in blue light might be able to save them".

Flarestar stopped. She turned and stared at Lilystem.

"I have told you the prophecy. you are on your own from here". Without another word, Flarestar turned and padded. away. Confused, Lilystem awoke to find Whiteblaze standing over her.

"It's time to go". She scrambled to her paws and raced after Whiteblaze. She forced back a shudder. Spirits covered in blue light?. what does it mean?.

Chapter 1:

"Wake up! wake up!"

Rosekit's loud mew sounded in Bluekit's ear, making her flinch. Then she groaned. Not again Rosekit! When can i get some sleep without your muzzle in my ears?

"Bluekit! you heard me yesterday! Now you have to help learn my lines before i become leader some day"

"Help me learn how to get some sleep without you waking me" Bluekit muttered.

Rosekit didn't seem to hear her. she had already crossed the nursery and was already disappearing in the gorse tunnel in one leap. She sighed. I might as well go too. Rising to her paws, she charged after Rosekit. She scrambled her way though the gorse tunnel and was greeted by bright sunlight. Blinking away the glare, she saw Rosekit and the other kits besides the high-rock. She raced toward them, stopping besides Tuftykit, who was listening to Fawntuft telling one of her adventures as an apprentice. Before she could ask Fawntuft what story she has telling, Gingerkit's voice sounded behind her.

"Bluekit" There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" She nosed Bluekit towards where Moonkit and Bouncekit were fighting over a moss-ball. Thymekit sat a little ways away, watching the two play. Bluekit could tell by the expression on her face that she has hurt and confused. Leaving Gingerkit alone with the others, she dashed to Thymekit. I know how to cheer her up!.

"Hey, Thymekit!" she squeaked, crouching in a playful way.

"Wanna play?"

Thymekit's eyes widened slightly, as if surprised. Hesitantly, Thymekit nodded. Quick as a flash, she lashed out a paw, catching Thymekit by the shoulder.

"Your it!"

Bluekit squealed. She whipped around and charged across the clearing. She heard pounding behind her and knew she didn't have to look back to see if Thymekit was following. She ducked between the log that led to the elders den and dived inside, landing right on top of a sleeping Lilacshade's head. Lilacshade jumped. She let out a startled hiss. Her head whipped around back and forth about three times before she noticed Bluekit. She sighed.

"Bluekit!. You nearly scared me out of my fur! What do you think your doing?".

"Playing with Thymekit".

She twisted her head back, expecting to see Thymekit standing at the den opening. But the black kit wasn't anywhere in sight. she looked back at Lilacshade, who was circling in her nest.

"Is it okay if i can come back later Lilacshade?" she asked

"Of course!" Lilacshade sounded surprised

"You can visit me anytime you want"

"Okay!" Bluekit squealed.

Turning, she bounded out the den. She looked around the clearing, hoping to see Thymekit. Voices sounded next to the fresh-kill. She glanced toward it, and when she did, her heart sank at once. She saw Bouncekit standing over Thymekit. Who was pressed against the ground, shaking. She glanced at Bouncekit. She could tell be how his eyes were narrowed in fury, that it was nothing Thymekit wanted to hear. Then Bouncekit's right paw shot out, Slicing Thymekit's nose. Bluekit didn't know what happened next, but the next thing she knew, she was standing furiously over Bouncekit.

"You don't touch her again!" Bluekit snarled

"And you better not dare let me see you do something like that again!" Hissing she lashed out a paw, slicing Bouncekit's ear.


Honeyfire's screech cut though the red mist of her rage. she felt teeth at her scruff. The mist cleared, and she found herself in Honeyfire's nest, who was standing over her, anger wafting her pelt, Slashing Bluekit like thorns.

"What do think you were doing!?".

Honeyfire screeched at last.

"You have no right to hurt your Clanmate!"

"I'm sorry!" Bluekit wailed.

"I couldn't help it. I saw Bouncekit hurting Thymekit! and i had to stop him!"

She lowered her head shamefully. I'm sorry. i know i attacked Bouncekit, but i didn't mean to do it!

Chapter 2:

Bluekit paced across the Nursery. Shame burned her pelt. Ever since her attack on Bouncekit, she has been confined to the Nursery for two days. She sighed as she sat down next to Honeyfire's nest. Then she stretched her neck, hoping to get a quick glance of Thymekit or the others. But she saw nothing. She grunted. Why did i do it!?. Circling in the nest, she drew her tail over her nose. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted movement.

"Bluekit?" Came Thymekit's raspy mew.

"is it okay if i join you?"

Bluekit's only response was a grunt. but she shifted aside to give Thymekit room. Thymekit squeezed in beside her. She was quiet for a moment. Then she mewed.

" I wanted to say thank you for what you did yesterday." she squeaked.

"Sorry you got in trouble"

Bluekit grunted. she knew Thymekit was just trying to be nice. But that really wasn't going to lift her spirits.

"it's not much" she replied.

"But what i don't understand is why Bouncekit would want to do that!"

Thymekit hesitated.

"I don't understand it either, but it might just be a brother and sister thing".

"Maybe". Bluekit grunted

"But that still does not give him the right to hurt his own littermate!"

Thymekit's eyes widened.

"Doesn't he scare you?" she asked.

Though all the will of StarClan, she could not force back a outburst of laughter.

"AHAHAHA!!!!. Me? Scared of Bouncekit!. The stars no, Thymekit!"

"He might be a moon older then me, but you think i'm going to let him run me?"

She spoke softly when she saw Thymekit flinch.

"I'm not going to let a cat like Bouncekit push me around".

" I think you should...."

A screech interrupted her last words. forgetting she was confined to the Nursery, she dashed out the den, Thymekit hard on her paws. Cats where gathered around the thorn tunnel leading out of camp. She dashed over and pushed though the crowd. What's going on?. She wondered. Once she made it past the last few cats she felt as if someone clawed her heart in two. NO.NO.NO!!!!!. Honeyfire!. Honeyfire was lying on the ground. Scratches infested all over her pelt. The reek of death filled Bluekit's nose. She dashed over to her mother's body. "Honeyfire... No.." Her voice rasped in her throat. She was in so much shock that it took a bit before she was aware Thymekit was talking to her. But she barely heard her. Bluekit's paws buckled beneath her and she fell into darkness.


"Bluekit, please wake up". Thymekit's voice sounded in her ear. Bluekit grunted. She blinked her eyes and looked around. The camp was quiet. What happened.

She looked around and then noticed a patch of ground soaked in dried blood. With a jolt she remembered Honeyfire. She groarned and staggered to her paws and headed numbly for the nursery. Thymekit followed.

"I'm sorry, Bluekit". she mewed sadly. But Bluekit barely heard her words over her pounding heart. Honeyfire's gone! i will never be happy again. Her vision blurred and her world spun

"Bluekit?." Thymekit asked worriedly. Then Bluekit staggered and fell on her side.

"Bluekit!". Thymekit's screech echoed in her ears before her world went black.

Chapter 3:

Bluekit padded stiffly toward the fresh-kill pile. Even if she didn't feel hungry, she knew that she had to eat. Picking out a skinny squirrel and went over to join Thymepaw, who was made an apprentice two sunrises ago.

"Hiya, Bluekit!" Thymepaw mewed cheerfully. Bluekit nodded in response. Thymepaw cast a sympathetic glance at Bluekit.

"I'm sorry about Honeyfire". She mewed at last.

"I couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose Lynxwhisker or Fawntuft".

"Trust me". Bluekit muttered.

"Not pleasant at all".

Licking her paws clean, Bluekit jumped to her paws and trotted over to Gingerkit and Tuftykit.

"Do you want to play?". She asked softly.

"No. i don't feel like it today, Bluekit". Tuftykit replied. Who was staring blanking at her mouse.

"I don't think I want to either". Gingerkit glanced apologetically at Bluekit.


Heart aching, Bluekit turned and headed for the elders den. Maybe Lilacshade would want company. she thought hopefully. Ducking under the log, she was more careful not to fall on Lilacshade's head.

"Hi lilacshade". she mewed.

"Can i come in?".

"Of course, Bluekit".

Bluekit trotted over to Lilacshade's nest and sat down. Lilacshade shifted and starred at Bluekit.

"Would you like to hear a story?. She asked.

Bluekit nodded. Lilacshade hesitated, the she spoke.

"I think i will to you about Flarestar". She began.

"Flarestar was the leader before Hazestar. She was a very strong leader too. She was very loyal to her clanmates and tried helping the other clans anyway she could,......"

"Is she a lean, fiery orange she-cat with a bushy tail and sharp amber eyes?''. Bluekit asked.

Lilacshade's eyes widened.

"How do you know?" Lilacshade gasped.

''She is standing right there". Bluekit mewed, pointing her muzzle to where Flarestar was standing near the entrance.

She turned back to Lilacshade, who was staring blankly at the den entrance.

"I don't see anything". She mewed at last

"well i do!" Bluekit squeaked.

"And i also see a mottled brown and white she-cat right next to you!". Bluekit watched as Lilacshade's fur rose allong her back. trembling she got out of her nest and raced out the den. Not sure what to do next, Bluekit turned back to where the tabby was, but it must have vanished when Lilacshade got up. Maybe Thymepaw would like to talk with me. She turned and padded into the clearing and started toward Thymepaw, who was talking with Rosekit.

"Hi''. Bluekit mewed. She glanced at Thymepaw.

"How is life as an apprentice?''

"It's great!" Thymepaw exclaimed.

"I saw everything. WindClan's moors, and then we went to ThunderClan". Thymepaw rasped. She starred at Bluekit. I can't wait until you are an apprentice as well. Then we can go out together!" A sneer sounded behind Thymepaw. Both Bluekit and Thymepaw glanced back to see Bouncepaw, who was glaring at Thymepaw.

"you might have Bluepaw when she becomes an apprentice". Bouncepaw snarled, his eyes flashing with anger.

"But until then, you'll be all alone". Sadness washed off Thymepaw's pelt. Forcing herself to stay calm, Bluekit walked to Thymepaw's side and met Bouncepaw's gaze.

"Maybe so". Bluekit mewed, eyeing Bouncepaw.

"But that does not mean that's going to keep us from being friends". Bluekit snapped coolly. Bouncekit returned her gaze furiously before turning away

"Pity!". He spat

Chapter 4:

"Bluekit, from this moment on, you will be known as Bluepaw. Your mentor will be Barkshine

"Rosepaw, Gingerpaw, Tuftypaw, Bluepaw!". The clan cheered. Bluepaw's ear twitched as Rosepaw raced up.

"isn't great!". Rosepaw squealed.

"We are apprentices now!'.

"Yeah". Bluepaw replied sadly.

"That's great". Her gazed over to where Russetsong was gazing at them proudly. Her gaze slipped to the empty space next to Russetsong. Rage burned her pelt. why! why!. She forced back a yowl. Honeyfire should be here! why did she have to die?. it's not fair!. leaping to her paws, she raced into the forest, closing out the sound of Barkshine calling her. She charged past many logs and rocks when her legs told her it was time to stop. She flopped tiredly to the forest floor, panting. Paws pounding toward her, and Rosepaw's scent filled her nose.

"Bluepaw!". Rosepaw yowled.

"What are you doing"

"Thinking!". Bluepaw snapped back.

Rosepaw sighed, edging closer.

"I miss Honeyfire too, Bluepaw". Rosepaw mewed.

"We all do".

She felt Rosepaw nose her shoulder.

"It's best we get back to camp''.

"i don't think i am ready, Rosepaw". she retorted.

"I need to be by myself right now". there was a long silence. then she heard retreating paw steps. she felt a pang a quilt. Maybe i should've gone with her. Bluepaw thought. But what i said was true. i do need some time alone.


Bluepaw padded into camp.

"Bluepaw!" Barkshine's voice echoed across the camp, and she saw her bounding over to her.

"now that you are back, it is time to explore the territory". Even after her little stroll, Bluepaw knew that she would be going out a second time. With a tired grunt, she rose to her paws and followed Barkshine out of camp. As they walked up the steep slope, Bluepaw gazed around at the trees and the undergrowth. Then she turned her attention back to Barkshine, who was way ahead. Running up to catch up to her, she has able to hear what Barkshine was saying.

"This is the ThunderClan border and over there is". Bluepaw barely heard her. She starred curiously at the ginger cat, Flarestar, who was watching her and Barkshine though narrowed eyes.

"Bluepaw!" Barkshine growl sounded in her ears. Bluepaw glanced at Barkshine only to find that her mentor was glaring at her. She quickly looked away before following Barkshine deeper into the trees. She glanced back behind her where Flarestar once was. Her ear twitched. If i can see Flarestar or the mottled tabby, then why can't anyone else?. She returned her attention back to Barkshine.

"This is the WindClan border". Barkshine mewed, glancing back at Bluepaw, who was at her side, starring at the moor. Bluepaw studied it closely. Then Barkshine nudged her.

"I have a job for you, Bluepaw".

"Really?" Bluepaw gasped. excitement fizzed in her.

"Yes. i want you to collect some some moss for me". Barkshine mewed. heading back toward camp.

"Come to camp when you have collected some".

"Okay". Bluepaw called. She then glanced one more time at the moors before setting of for the nearest oak tree.


"Your back!". Thymepaw exclaimed racing up to Bluepaw. "Where have you been? have you been to the ThunderClan border?"

''Yes i did". Bluepaw replied after she dropped the moss in front of her paws.

"Then what did you like best?''. Thymepaw asked, bouncing around Bluepaw, which was starting to make her dizzy

"Seeing Flarestar". Bluepaw mewed. Thymepaw stopped and starred at Bluepaw in confusion.


"Flarestar". Bluepaw answered slowly.

"She is a dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes. And i also saw a mottled tabby a few moons ago".

Thymepaw still looked confused. But then she spoke.

"I've heard tell me about a cat called Flarestar before. But not about a mottled tabby". Thymepaw frowned.

"I will go ask Fawntuft!" She charged over to where Fawntuft and Lynxwhisker were side by side. But before she got there, she twisted her head back and grinned at Bluepaw, and Bluepaw happily returned it

Chapter 5:

Bluepaw followed Barkshine slowly as the headed for the direction for the ThunderClan border. Suddenly Barkshine turned to Bluepaw.

"I think we have travled far enough". she mewed.

"Now. Today we are going to be practicing hunting. Show me your best hunting crouch". Barkshine instructed, stepping back. Bluepaw dropped into a crouch, and lifted her tail off the ground and started to move forward. A few leaves moved beneath her paws.

"Good, good". Barkshine purred.

"You just need some more practice on your stalking." Barkshine then glanced at the darkened sky.

"We should be getting back to camp. Come on, Bluepaw". she followed her mentor as they raced though the trees. Bluepaw glanced at the trees. I wonder if i will see Flarestar again?. Her ear twitched as she entered camp.

"Bluepaw, i want you to take Thymepaw and tend to Lilacshade." Barkshine's mew sounded behind her, and Bluepaw nodded in response. She bounded across the clearing and stopped beside Thymepaw.

"Barkshine wants us to tend to Lilacshade". She mewed. She then turned and headed toward the medicine cat den. Heading in, she walked of to Lilystem, who was sorting some herbs.

"Hey, Lilystem. Can i have some mouse-bile?".

"Of course, Bluepaw". Getting to her paws, Lilystem walked to the back of the den, and came back a moment with some mouse-bile. When she took it from Lilystem, the medicine cat apprentice stood back and starred at Bluepaw curiously.

"Tell Lilacshade that she can come to me if she starts hurting again. Bluepaw nodded in response and headed out the den. But before she made it out, Lilystem called out after her

"See you later, Bluespirit". Bluepaw stopped, and turned back to Lilystem, but the medicine cat had her back now turned to her. Bluespirit?. Did she just tell me my warrior name?. Confused, Bluepaw followed Thymepaw into the elders den. Ducking between the ferns, Bluepaw headed over to Lilacshade's nest and started parting her fur while Thymepaw sat rolling around some pebbles with her paws. And clearly something was on her mind. Turning back to Lilacshade, She picked up the moss and dabbed at fur. Once the tick fell, Lilacshade let out a rusty purr.

"Thanks Bluepaw". Bluepaw nodded before go back to her search.

"So". Lilacshade's mew sounded in her ear.

"Have you seen Flarestar or Honeyrose again?". Lilacshade asked, twisting her head to Bluepaw. Bluepaw knew who Flarestar was, but she has never heard of Honeyrose from Honeyfire of Fawntuft.

"Honeyrose?" She echoed.

"The mottled tabby you have seen". Understanding flooded Bluepaw.

"I have not seen Honeyrose lately, but i saw Flarestar today". Lilacshade nodded, rising to her paws.

"You two can go now".

"Okay!". Thymepaw's voice made her jump. Turning, Bluepaw followed Thymepaw out into the clearing.

"Thymepaw, Bluepaw!" Hazestar's yowl sounded across the clearing. Bluepaw glanced over to see Hazestar watching them. Lightflower and Barkshine were next to them. Rising to her paws, Bluepaw trotted over Hazestar, Thymepaw hard on her paws. Lightflower flicked her tail at Thymepaw.

"You can wait over near the apprentices den". She told Thymepaw. Thymepaw nodded and dashed over to Rosepaw and Gingerpaw.

"Bluepaw". Hazestar's mew caught her attention, and she looked back to her leader, who was gazing at her with narrowed eyes.

"Barkshine tells me that you are very distracted during your training". Panic rose in her chest, but she met Hazestar's gaze calmly.

"And, Lilacshade tells me you are seeing StarClan a lot lately. Hazestar drew her tail across her front paws and starred at Bluepaw closely.

"Tell me, who have you seen?"

F-flarestar and Honeyr-rose". Bluepaw stammered.

"I see". Hazestar murmered.

"That is all, and i am allowing you to come to the gathering tonight". Relief flooded Bluepaw as she dipped her head and turned and headed over to Thymepaw and Moonpaw.

Chapter 6:

Bluepaw followed Barkshine as they trotted down the slope toward the gathering place. Barkshine turned to Bluepaw. "You can go with Rosepaw and Thymepaw and meet some other apprentices". Bluepaw nodded and set off after Moonpaw and Gingerpaw.

"Hey, Bluepaw!" Thymepaw squealed, waving her over.

"I want you to meet Specklepaw and Otterpaw". Trotted over to Thymepaw, she spotted a cream tabby she-cat and brown tom next to Thymepaw. When she approched, the cream furred cat rose to her paws.

"Hi, you must be Bluepaw. Thymepaw told us about you. I'm Specklepaw". Then she waved her tail at the tom.

"And that is Otterpaw". Otterpaw didn't replied, he just nodded before going over to a group of ThunderClan cats.

"So, how is ThunderClan?". Specklepaw's mew made her jump.

"Oh, fine, everything is fine". She mewed. Specklepaw nodded. Then spoke.

"Have you heard one of Iristail's stories as an apprentice?". Bluepaw shook her head.

"Well, Iristai-".

"Let the gathering begin". Wavestar's howl cut Specklepaw. Rising to her paws, she glanced back at Specklepaw

"Sorry about that". She turned and started heading over to her clan when she felt a paw pin her tail. With a hiss, Bluepaw whipped her head back to find herself nose to nose with Specklepaw.

"Oh, no". Specklepaw mewed, nosing her toward the bushes.

"I'm telling you that story!". With a sigh, Bluepaw had no choice but to follow Specklepaw to the other side of the brambles. She gazed sadly one more time at the gathered ShadowClan cats before they disappeared from view.

"So as i was saying". Specklepaw mewed as Bluepaw sat next to the speckled she-cat.

"Iristail was telling the SkyClan apprentices about a time when she was a apprentice. One day she was out hunting, and she was chasing a rabbit down a tunnel. She caught it. But when she came out the other end, she found herself in WindClan territory, and in the middle of a angry WindClan patrol. She was so embarrassed. Lilystar at the time, assigned her to the elders for half a moon. And Dandelionreed and Lowcloud never left her alone about it for the next moon". Bluepaw's mouth twitched, and she swallowed back a purr.

"So what about you Bluepaw?". Has Lilacshade told you any stories about her time as a apprentice?".

"Not that i remember". When she saw disappointment spread on Specklepaw's face, she spoke quickly.

"But i have a secret". Specklepaw's face brighten

"What is it?" Slowly, Bluepaw stood and starred at the empty space in front of her.

"Bluepaw?" Specklepaw's mew echoed in her ears, but Bluepaw blocked it out. Glaring at the ground in front of her, she closed her eyes and relaxed. A image a Flarestar popped in her mind. Holding her breath, she imagined the former ShadowClan leader standing on the leaf covered ground in front of her. She then heard Specklepaw gasp, and Bluepaw opened her eyes to see Flarestar gazing proudly at Bluepaw. Then she spoke.

"Hello, Bluepaw and Specklepaw. I trust the prey is running well in both ShadowClan and WindClan. Bluepaw felt as if her paws were frozen to the icy ground. She shot a quick glance at Specklepaw, who was starring at Flarestar in awe. Bluepaw looked back in front over her, and Flarestar was no longer in sight. She swayed on her paws. Then Specklepaw's shriek rang in her ears.

"You see ghosts?". Specklepaw howled, her eyes blazing.

"StarClan, i wish i could do that!" Specklepaw's voice rose to a scream.

"Just keep your voice down and don't tell anyone what you just saw!" Bluepaw spat. Specklepaw ducked her head in embarrassment.

"Sorry, but i just can't believe it. Besides the medicine cats, i have never met anyone with the power to see ghosts!" Specklepaw exclaimed.

"Yes, yes. i know you are in awe right now Specklepaw!" Bluepaw wailed.

"But promise me you won't tell anyone". Specklepaw didn't respond at first, then nodded. She rose to her paws and headed toward the still gathered cats. Bluepaw watched as the she-cat paused and looked back at Bluepaw.

"Don't worry, Bluepaw". Specklepaw mewed.

"I won't tell anyone. I understand what it is like to have a thing like that hanging over your head all your life". Relief flooded Bluepaw and she let out a sigh as she watched Specklepaw disappear from view.

Chapter 7:

Bluepaw sneezed, waking. She glanced outside. The moon still shone bright in the sky. Stretching, Bluepaw rose to her paws and headed out the den and made for the thorn barrier. Reaching the top of the cliff, she nodded toward Lynxwhisker, who was guarding camp for the night. padded past the thick undergrowth. Once she was sure she was alone, she swift turned and started charging in the direction of WindClan. Panic flooded her chest as she heard paws pounding behind her. Then a few heartbeats later, Thymepaw came into view. Relief flooded her as she spotted Thymepaw. Turning her head back in front of her, she jumped the stream that ended ShadowClan territory and charged into the forest. Charging past her, Thymepaw took the lead. Following Thymepaw, she quickly gazed around, realizing that they were in the middle of ThunderClan territory. Then she saw a flash of ginger fur. Just as she was about to call Thymepaw and head back, a shriek split the air, taking Bluepaw and Thymepaw by surprise. "Get them!". Someone screeched.

"Thymepaw, run!" Bluepaw howled. Shoving Thymepaw hard. With a grunt, Thymepaw took off. Heart pounding, Bluepaw streaked after her, not slowing down for a heart-beat. Paws pounded behind her. And she felt teeth snap at her tail. With a yelp, she ran harder, but it didn't do much. She felt paws come down hard on her shoulders. With a yowl of shock, she tumbled to the forest floor. As she struggled to get up, she felt a paw rest on her neck. Bluepaw froze as a muzzle brushed her ear. then the cat snarled.

"What are you doing in ThunderClan territory?" Risking a glance up, she spotted the ginger pelt of Emberflame.

"What are you doing here?" Emberflame repeated.

"M-m and T-thymepaw just w-wanted t-to go for a r-run". Bluepaw stammered. Emberflame grunted. He removed his paw from her neck. But he still held a tight grip on her. She watched as the ThunderClan tom bent his head down and buried his muzzle into her neck fur, grabbing her scruff, he dragged her paws and started nosing her in the direction of the ThunderClan camp. Numb with fear and quilt, she allowed herself to be guided into the camp. as they approached. She spotted a cat guarding the camp. She recognized Flareblaze. When the ginger she-cat spotted Emberflame and Bluepaw, she leaped to her paws.

"I'll get Willowstar". When the two cats entered the camp, the whole of ThunderClan was awake. Pelt burning under the stares, she forced herself to remain calm as she stood in front of Willowstar. She watched as the ThunderClan leader stalked up to her and looked at Emberflame with narrowed eyes. Then she spoke.


"I find this ShadowClan apprentice racing in our territory with her friend". Emberflame explained. Willowstar nodded curtly to Emberflame before turning to Bluepaw.

"Why are were you on my territory?"

"M-me and T-tansypaw were racing each o-other, a-and we crossed t-the border b-by mistake". Bluepaw stammered.

"In the middle of the night?". a voice sounded next to her, and Bluepaw saw Cedardusk watching her with narrowed eyes

"Being out in the middle of the night is a little suspicious if you ask me". Cedardusk hissed, glaring at Bluepaw. Her heart sank as the camp exploded into agreement and questions.

"She might have just wanted the night to herself and Thymepaw!" Blizzardberry yowled over her clanmates, her eyes flashing with anger as she backed up Bluepaw.

"But then why was she on ThunderClan territory?" Smokewillow yowled back, glaring at Blizzardberry.

"All we know, she could be a spy!". Cedardusk screeched.

"Enough!" Willowstar's shriek split the air, and soon the camp grew quiet. Bluepaw watched Willowstar glare around at the gathered cats for a few heartbeats. Then she turned to Bluepaw.

"You have crossed our borders in the middle of the night, and for that, you will be staying with us until sun-high tomorrow". Willowstar the waved her muzzle to where Bluepaw guessed was the apprentice's den.

"And as you are, you will be sleeping in the apprentices den tonight". With a wave of her tail, Willowstar turned and padded into her den. Cats started melting back to their dens except for Cedardusk and Smokewillow, who were still glaring. Pretending she didn't notice, she slowly rose to her paws and walked to the apprentices den, head and tail down. A hiss from the den made her stop, and a heartbeat later, the apprentice Acornpaw came out and glared at her, blocking her way into the den.

"You can sleep out here apprentice!" Acornpaw spat.

"I don't want to be smelling ShadowClan stink for the rest of the night". Bluepaw flinched away and crossed the clearing to where there was a fallen log. But as she left, she heard another apprentice from the den shout.

"Just shut you muzzle Acornpaw. Do you really have to be mean to every cat you meet?" Bluepaw forced back a purr as she circled and rested on the ground floor. She rested her muzzle on her paws and gazed around. Paws sounded beside her, and Tally's scent flooded her nose.

"Hi, Bluepaw". Tally mewed, curling up against Bluepaw's back.

"Sorry about Acornpaw. He's always grumpy. Good thing everytime he's around Morningpaw he keeps his mouth shut". Tally joked. Bluepaw purred. I like this cat. Soon she drifted off into a peaceful doze, purring as she felt Tally licking her back softly.

Chapter 8:

Bluepaw paced the clearing. Every now and then she would glance at the sun, each time hoping it was sun-high. After pacing a few moments longer, she spotted Tally, Morningpaw, and Acornpaw coming out of the apprentices. She rushed toward them. Blocking out Acornpaw's hiss, she fell in step between Tally and Morningpaw, who both purred greeting. "Can i join you guys?" She asked. "Of course, Bluepaw". Tally mewed

"I can't believe what i'm hearing!". Acornpaw spat. He darted in front of them and starred at Morningpaw and Tally, who were watching Acornpaw coldly.

"Are we really going to let a ShadowClan apprentice join us in training?"

"Yes, we are!" Tally snapped, shoving Acornpaw aside and heading out of camp, head and tail high. Acornpaw glared after them. But his real dagger eyes were saved just for Bluepaw. Pretending she didn't notice, she charged after Tally and Morningpaw. Racing after them, she gazed around. This is a lot like what it is back home. She thought sadly. Soon, she caught up to Tally and Morningpaw, who were already battle training. When she spotted her, Tally broke free from Morningpaw's grip and bowled her over. Howling, Morningpaw struggled to her paws. Then paws thundered toward her, and she looked up to see Tally charging at her. With a hiss, Bluepaw cannoned on her haunches at met Tally in midair. Hooking Tally's scruff in her jaws, she started plummeting Tally's back, careful not to tear away her fur. Tally howled as she hit the ground. But Bluepaw didn't give her the chance to get up. With a grunt, she rolled. Tally squawked as Bluepaw pressed her muzzle to the ground. Planting her paws and her shoulders, Bluepaw grapped Tally's scuff once more and shook her before letting the silver tabby get up. Just as she let Tally go, an enraged yowl shook the air, and she looked around to see Acornpaw flying at her. With a snarl, he lunged at her neck. She shot out a paw and knocked him away with such force it sent him flying. With a hiss, she leaped after him. When he saw her, he quickly turned his back to her. Leaping on his back, she dug her claws in his shoulders and held on. Acornpaw yowled at started to thrash. Clinging on, Bluepaw plummeted his back, clawing off tufts of fur. Acornpaw yowled again, this time he flung her off. She met the ground with a grunt. She half expected to see Acornpaw looming over her any moment when a screech split the air. Nothing. Leaping to her paws, she was surprising to see Morningpaw pinning Acornpaw's tail to the ground while Tally slammed him off his paws. He let out a yowl, ripping his tail from Morningpaw and knocking Tally away before streaking toward the camp. But clearly the conversation was not over, with a hiss, Tally struggled to her paws and pelted after Acornpaw, with Morningpaw hard on her paws. Right when she was about to follow, a hiss sounded behind her.

"Bluepaw, what are you doing? Come on, lets get out of this place while we can". Specklepaw! Just as she turned toward the bushes, Thymepaw came out of the bushes, followed by Specklepaw, who bounded past Thymepaw and leaped at Bluepaw bowling her over playfully, Bluepaw fought back, using her hind paws to keep Specklepaw away long enough to get up. With a hiss, Bluepaw slammed a paw on Specklepaw's shoulder before streaking in the direction of ShadowClan. Paws pounded behind her, and Thymepaw and Specklepaw both came on either side of her. The three raced until they closed in one the ShadowClan border. Charging past Thymepaw, she shot into the air and shot past the border, landing on hard on her paws with a grunt. Turning, she saw Thymepaw next to her, while Specklepaw starred across the hill at them, her paws slightly across the border.

"I guess i will see you both again at the gathering". Specklepaw called.

"Yes, you too". Thymepaw shouted back before disappearing into the undergrowth. As much as she wanted to follow, she didn't. Turning, she headed back to Specklepaw. She sat next to her. At first there was a very silence. Then Bluepaw spoke.

"Thank you for helping me out of ThunderClan, Specklepaw". She mewed. Specklepaw nodded in response. Bluepaw sensed Specklepaw edge closer. She shifted her paws nervously.

"So, how is WindClan?". Bluepaw asked.

"Good". Specklepaw mewed. Bluepaw fought to think of something else to say when Specklepaw spoke.

"Bluepaw". She began hesitantly.

"Could you possibly meet me here tonight?". Specklepaw asked shyly. Confusion flooded Bluepaw.


"Just because". Specklepaw said quickly. Jumping to her paws. Specklepaw charged away, but quickly looked back at Bluepaw

"See you later!". She called.

"You too!". Bluepaw shouted back. She sadly stood and starred blankly at where Specklepaw was before rising to her paws and trotting to camp.

Chapter 9:

"Bluepaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Bluespirit. StarClan honers your, courage, wisdom, and honesty, and we welcome you ask a new warrior of ShadowClan." Hazestar rested her muzzled and Bluespirit's head, and she licked her shoulder before stepping back to join her siblings. "Gingercloud, Tuftybranch, Roseshine, Bluespirit!". The clan cheered. Pride flooded Bluespirit as she listened to the clan chant her name. Movement next to her caught her attention, and she turned to see Hazestar and Lightflower padding towards them. "You four have a vigil tonight. Get something to eat, and start your shift". Bluespirit nodded in response. Padding over to the fresh-kill pile, she was taken by surprise when Roseshine and Gingercloud jumped on her. Paws buckling, she landed on the ground.

With a grunt, she shook them off and snatched a mouse before bounding into the warrior's den.

"Oh hi, Bluepaw". Came Cloverstem mew.

"It's Bluespirit now". She replied. Then she just remembered that Flamepelt, Cloverstem, and Leafspring were made warriors a moon ago.

"Bluespirit.... i like that name!" Leafspring and Flamepelt both exclaimed at the same time. The two toms looked at each other, then sprang, bowling each other over with playful hisses. Purring, Bluespirit gulped down the mouse and hurried out then den when Leafspring made to leap at her. Purring, Bluespirit charged out of camp, Leafspring hard on her paws. Heart pumping she streaked toward the border, then remembering her encounter with Emberflame. She then slammed her paws down and skidded to a halt. A few heartbeats later, she felt the collision of Leafspring slamming into her side as he tried to slow. With a yelp, she was sent flying across the border. She felt the breath leave her body. Gasping she struggled to her paws, and found herself nose to nose with Specklepaw.

"Specklepaw!". Bluespirit exclaimed.

"What are you doing here!".

"To come and see you and Thymesplash". Specklepaw replied, trotting past her and crossing the border to a winded Leafspring. When Leafspring spotted her, his fur started to bristle as her glared at her.

"What are you doing on ShadowClan territory, Specklepaw?" Leafspring hissed.

"Just seeing Bluepaw". Specklepaw meowed calmly.

"And it's Specklefern"

"Apprentice or no apprentice!". Leafspring spat.

"Being a warrior doesn't mean you have the right to be wandering on other clan territories!". Specklefern flicked her ear dismissively, clearing not listening to a word Leafspring has said. With a flick of her tail, Bluespirit rose to her paws and started nosing Specklefern toward the border.

"Leafspring is right". She mewed. "You should leave before you get in trouble". Then she felt a purr rising in her chest.

"Like Iristail." Specklefern flashed Bluespirit a toothy grin, purring. Trotting back over the border, Specklefern paused and looked back at Bluespirit.

"Have you gotten your warrior name yet, Bluepaw?" She asked.

"Yes". She replied.

"It's Bluespirit now". Specklefern's eyes widen.

"Bluespirit! that fits you well!" Bluespirit nodded before turning and heading into the undergrowth after Leafspring. She glanced back and Specklefern once more, who was still standing at the border and starring after them. Then Bluespirit waved her tail in farewell before looking back in front of her.

Chapter 10:

Bluespirit shivered as a cool wind hit her face. She shook herself and let out a tired breath. She glanced around at her siblings. They looked as cold and tired as she was. Resuming her watch, she got sight of some movement. Parting her jaws, she caught a whiff of Fernshadow. Paws prickling with wonder, she got to her paws and followed. Padded past the thick undergrowth she shadowed Fernshadow, who clearly was not aware that the young warrior was following him. Fernshadow then turned swiftly to the right and started heading to the ThunderClan border. Why would he go to ThunderClan at night?. She wondered as she followed him quietly. As the two cats neared the border, Bluespirit caught sight of a ginger pelt. That's Flareblaze! Curiosity prickled in her paws as she watched Fernshadow and Flareblaze greet each other. Finding a mossy spot, she crouched down in the shadow of the brambles and pricked her ears, hoping to catch on to their conversation.

"So, how's the plan going along, Fernshadow?". She heard Flareblaze ask.

"Better then i expected". Fernshadow responded.

"The star gazing one is a little on the dumb side. If she can't spot anyone sneak out of camp, then she clearly won't see a mouse under her nose". It took a bit for Bluespirit to understand who they were talking about. Rage bubbled in her chest, but she forced herself to stay calm and out of sight. She was not about to break up a conversation like this so easily!. Getting back into a crouch, she stayed as quiet as she could. She saw Flareblaze nod in satisfaction.

"Good. Now, Willowstar lost her seventh life yesterday to a snake bite. And today she lost one in a argument with WindClan. So that leaves her with one life. And was wondering about this fox currently in our territory. Might there be a way to lead Willowstar to it's den without cats questioning it?". Fernshadow shook his head.

"Don't. It's to risky. Wait when the time comes, when you know cats won't be watching". Flareblaze nodded, then spoke.

"What about Hazestar?" Flareblaze asked.

"Nothing" Fernshadow replied coolly.

"She hardly leaves camp now, and when she does, she's not out for long".

"Darn" Flareblaze muttered.

"Just try harder, Fernshadow, there has to be-". But the ginger she-cat didn't get to finish her sentence, because Fernshadow then turned on her.

"Flareblaze, i just told you, there is no way to sneak out of camp after Hazestar without being noticed! And the fact that Hazestar hardly leaves camp doesn't help either!" He snarled. Bluespirit didn't know what happened next, but that she was in midair, and had her jaws locked around some cats neck. Then she heard Flareblaze's choked cry.

"Fernshadow, call her off, call her off!" Bluespirit then felt claws dig in her haunches and started to pull her back. Good luck with that my friend, as if that will make me let go!. With a snarl, she flung Fernshadow off and sank her teeth deeper into Flareblaze's neck, who then let out a shriek of rage and pain. In the corner of her vision, she saw a tortoiseshell paw flash out and slice her ear right down the middle. Pain shot though her, but she didn't let go of Flareblaze, who was still struggling to get out of Bluespirit's grip. I might as well end this now. Releasing Flareblaze's neck, she quickly flung the she-cat across the clearing, and turned, racking Fernshadow on the nose in turn. While the tortoiseshell tom was still in shock, she whipped around, bounded across the clearing, and lunged at Flareblaze. When she spotted Bluespirit, she let out a panicked screech. But it was far to late. Bluespirit clamped her jaws on Flareblaze's neck, and with a flick of her head, she heard the snap of bone ring her ears. Letting go, she watched as the limp form fell to the ground with a thud.

Chapter 11:

Bluespirit's ear twitched as she starred coolly at Flareblaze's limp body. Then Fernshadow's hiss sounded in her ear, which was still soar from Fernshadow's attack.

"You killed her!" He snarled. Bluespirit then turned on him, glowering.

"You gave me no choice". She responded, her voice colder then Ice-wind .

"You two have plotted against both Willowstar and Hazestar" She snarled.

"And i'm considering on telling Hazestar about this". She mewed coldly, glaring at Fernshadow

"But i'm not, so consider yourself lucky".

"Lucky i don't send you to StarClan alongside Flareblaze". She added, stalking past the tortoiseshell tom. Heading up the slope, she made her way back to camp. She sighed. She already regretted killing Flareblaze. Yet again she has had let her anger get the best of her. She shook her self and headed over to the small creek just outside camp. Plunging her muzzle into the water, her mind drifted to Fernshadow's and Flareblaze's conversation. Why would they be going behind their leaders backs and plot against them?. Bluespirit sat up and glanced back behind her in the direction of the ThunderClan border. Maybe i should tell Hazestar about it. No, it's fine, i just hope that with Flareblaze gone, Fernshadow will drop his plot. She thought hopefully. When she glanced at the sky, her heart sank. It was almost dawn. Leaping to her paws, she raced toward where her sisters were still sitting. When they spotted her, they exchanged confused glances. Ignoring them, she resumed her shift beside the thorn barrier. A few heartbeats later, Lightflower appeared and glanced at the four.

"Your shift is over". She mewed.

"Go get some rest". Bluespirit hardly heard the deputy. Resting was the last thing on her mind at the moment. Getting to her paws, she trotted into the camp and headed toward the leaders den. Once she reached the mouth of the den, she called.

"Hazestar, can i come in? Bluespirit asked.

"Of course, Bluespirit. Come in". Hazestar's voice rasped from inside. Ducking under the lichen, she padded over to Hazestar, who was sitting stiffly in her nest.

"What is it, Bluespirit". Hazestar rasped.

"It's about Fernshadow" Bluespirit began before she broke off. Great StarClan. She thought. I don't want to bring myself to ask, but i must.

"Has Fernshadow been acting weird lately?'' She asked slowly. Hazestar looked shocked.

"Why of course not, Bluespirit. Why do you ask?"

Because, well......" Bluespirit rasped. After a few heartbearts of hestation, she drew her paws together and looked calmly at Hazestar.

"I saw Fernshadow, with Flareblaze, at the border last night". She mewed.

"And i think they are planning something"

"Why would Fernshadow and Flareblaze meet together in the middle of the night, Bluespirit?''

"So they are not seen, Hazestar". I was there. Flareblaze said that Willowstar has lost two lives to a snake bite and a border confrontment, and that Flareblaze was thinking about leading her to a fox den to finish her off. And Fernshadow is plotting agaisnst you too, if he sneaks out after you without being, noticed, he will try to kill you. What i am trying to say is that, you nor Willowstar are no longer safe!"

"Bluespirit, that is enough". Hazestar mewed coolly.

"I do not believe that Fernshadow would do such a thing. No leave the den, and out of my sight". Trying not to flinch, Bluespirit turned and trotted out then den head and tail down.

Chapter 12:

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