Bluestar is the new leader of ThunderClan.Being leader seems easy for her at first....until another cat has a plan to take over ThunderClan and the other clans.A large group of routes appears and plans to destroy TnunderClan.Bluestar must figure out what to do and who's their leader...before it's too late.



The moonlight shone brightly above the grassy forest.'Rush.Something fast was rushing the bushes.Rush.Rush.Rush.Twleve cats were running toghter,their pelts brushing.

Then they halted.A gray tom with spiky gray fur laughed evily.

"The time is right,friends."The tom spoke,his voice harsh,"And now we will take over ThunderClan."After he spoke,the cats yowled an agreement.

A mottled brown tabby she-cat looked uncertain."I don't think you should try to take over ThunderClan,"The she-cat mewed hoarsely.The tom's fur bristled and he hissed.

"Dawn,"He hissed."You're wrong.I should be leader of ThunderClan not that whinney Bluefur.I'm more powerful than her,and I'm the storngest cat in the forest."

Dawn still looked uncertain."I know,but it's just not...right."She mewed frettly.

The tom growled,"If you don't want me to be leader,than leave."He gestured his tail at Dawn,"You are no longer member in our Rouge Group."Dawn bowed her head and quickly skittered away from the Rouge Group.

The tom spoke again,"In six moons,we will launch a secret attack on ThunderClan.I will kill Bluestar and Redtail,and i'll make myself leader.Then we'll rule ThunderClan!"The cats yowled again.

The tom smiled evily.

Now it's my time to rise as leader.

Chapter 1

Bluestar opened her eyes.

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