Okay. So I know that there are about a million of these, but I still decided to make one. Yes, pretty much all of them are the same, but I’m gonna try to make mine unique.

The Basics

First, you want your name to make sense. Not just the suffix relating to the prefix (like Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, or Raincloud) but also to where the cat lives.

Like for a RiverClan cat, you could use water-related prefixes. If your OC Clan lived in a marshy area, you could use prefixes like Swamp, Marsh, Bog, something like that.

You also want the name and pelt to make sense. (For example, a cat named Snowcloud would be white or mostly white, a cat named Treebranch would be brown). If you have a gray cat with blue eyes whose name is Yellowbird, that doesn’t make sense at all.

Also, the name should work with the personality at least a little bit. If you have a cat whose name is Darkflame, you might expect them to be a very battle-oriented cat, not the shy, funny cat they turn out to be.

Or you can do the opposite of what I said not to do above and surprise the reader.

Some Things to NEVER Do

First and foremost, don’t name your cat after their eye color! Cats’ eyes aren’t open at birth. And when they do open, they’re blue at first. I know that in the books, the kits’ eyes open in, like, a day. But even then, they’d be blue.

Also don’t name your cat something that your Clan wouldn’t know about. Some prefixes/suffixes (Volcano, Jungle, Kiwi) can be used in certain environments. But there are a few that can almost never be used, like Cookie (unless the cat was once a kitty pet). Unless you’re doing a spoof where all the cats have ridiculous names.

Here’s a list of prefixes that can almost always, sometimes, and almost never, be used.

Almost Always: Cloud, Claw, Sleek, Spotted, Red, Storm, etc

Sometimes: Sand, Hill, Snow, Palm, Crab, Oak, Gull, Zebra, etc

Almost Never: Crystal, Dragon, Emerald, Unicorn, Phoenix, Glitter, etc

Mary Sues

Let me get one thing straight about a Mary Sue: They don’t have to be a silver cat!!!

Many people think that a cat with the prefix “Silver,” or one with a silver coat, is a Sue. That doesn’t have to be true. If you create a cat named Silverstorm, but they have a well-balanced skill set and personality, then they’re a good character.

A Sue also doesn’t have to have wings, or a rainbow pelt. They just need to have an unrealistic amount of skills, and/or too many overused assets (body shape, personality, interests).

Just try to balance out your OC with skills and flaws. That’s the one surefire way to avoid a cliched character.

And what I said about the whole silver cat thing? Just try not to have too many of them. One or two of them in a Clan, at most. Try to only have four or less in total. But a couple of silver cats is just fine.


Yeah, right. Being born with a destiny makes your cat SO overused. Right? WRONG.

Following your destiny when there’s obviously a better path to choose is just straight-up WRONG. If your cat is in a prophecy, and they don’t like it, maybe have them run away from their Clan!

It’s really cliched to have your cat follow a destiny that they absolutely hate. Why not have them ignore this, become a rogue, start a new Clan, and wage war against their birth Clan? Sounds way more interesting than a cat who just hates their whole life.

Now after that, I should tell you the basics about prophecies. First off, try not to make them obvious. Everyone will know who the prophecy is about.

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