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Leader: Stonestar - silver she cat with a striped tail that is grey and silver

Deputy: Violetwing - small lilac she cat with yellow eyes and brown spots

Medicine cat: Deertail - Light brown tom with grey eyes

Warriors: Beetlewing - Dark brown tom with silvery grey eyes

Thornspot - Dark grey tom with light grey spots

Apprentice: Snakepaw

Juniperfoot - Black she cat with Bluegrey paws

Grasswhisker - Golden she cat with light brown stripes and green eyes

Patchleg - White tom with a brown leg, father of Flamekit and Tawnykit

Queens: Lilywhisker - Light ginger she cat with blue eyes, mother of Flamekit and Tawnykit

Kits: Flamekit - Ginger tom with brown eyes and a white spot of fur around his left eye

Tawnykit - White she kit with ginger stripes and green eyes

Apprentices: Snakepaw - Light grey she cat with dark brown stripes

Elders: Aldertail - Dark brown tom with blue-green eyes


Leader: Dapplestar - Ginger and yellow dappled she cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Willowsong - grey she cat with green eyes

Medicine cat: Emberlight - Black she-cat with orange eyes

Tinyfern - Light grey she cat with green eyes

Warriors: Brokenlight - Black she cat with yellowish white fur cutting through the black

Sharpwhisker - Ginger she cat with grey eyes

Apprentice: Featherpaw

Hollythorn - Dark brown she cat with green eyes

Lionfire - yellow tom with orange spots and blue eyes

Wavestorm - White tom with blue eyes with green flecks in them

Reedstorm - Red tom with brown eyes

Thymecloud - lilac she cat with Bluegrey eyes

Dandelionfeather - yellow she cat with ginger spots and green eyes

Queens: None

Kits: None

Apprentices: Featherpaw - silver she cat with blue eyes

Elders: Yellowbite - Dark grey tom with tiny ginger spots

Quailfeather - Light brown tom with dark brown stripes and Blue eyes


Leader: Featherstar - Dark brown tom with light grey stripes and yellow eyes

Deputy: Pearlfeather - White she cat with dark brown spots

Medicine cat: Sandlight - Dark ginger she cat with blue eyes

Warriors: Squirrelfoot - Dark brown she cat with orange eyes

Sunfur - Ginger tom with blue eyes and white spots

Skyfern - Bluegrey tom with green eyes and white spots

Brighteye - Golden she cat with green eyes that glow eerily in the dark

Apprentice: Applepaw

Iceflight - She cat who has a white pelt in the winter, and a brown pelt in the summer, and she has Blue eyes 

Queens: Bubblegaze - White she cat who is expecting Skyfern's Kits

Kits: None (yet)

Apprentices: Applepaw - Red tom with brown eyes

Elders: Harewing - Light brown tom with grey eyes


Leader: Cinderstar - Brown she cat with light grey spots

Deputy: Peachfeather - Cream she cat with brown spots

Medicine cat: Tawnypool - Calico she cat with brown eyes. Super close friends with Peachfeather and Cinderstar since kithood.

Warriors: Needlestorm - White tom with yellow stripes and brown eyes

Ravenwing - Black tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice: Seedpaw

Pineflake - Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Swiftflight - Light grey she cat with orange eyes

Lionswoop - Golden tom with light brown spots

Apprentice: Mosspaw

Queens: Thymeleaf - Bluegrey she cat with green eyes, expecting Pineflake's kits


Apprentices: Seedpaw - Light brown she cat with purple eyes

Mosspaw - Light brown she cat with green eyes (almost identical twin to Seedpaw) 

Elders: Dawnwhisker - Light grey dappled she cat with blue eyes


The other cats from StarClan padded into the clearing. Brackenspring was supposed to visit there this night. Brackenspring was one of the most missed StarClan cats imaginable. 

Owldawn looked up to where another cat came into the clearing. "Brackenspring!" Owldawn heard exited whispers. The clearing silenced when Brackenspring spoke.

"I have missed you guys, but a prophecy has been told. My fellow cats have told me to pass on the prophecy to one cat of my choice who looks worthy."

He paused and scanned the clearing. Owldawn felt Brackenspring's gaze burning into his pelt. He thought desperately, Don't pick me. Please don't! I hate giving prophecies! Owldawn let out a small sigh of relief when Brackenspring moved on.

Finally, Brackenspring had seen everyone. "The cat I have chosen...... Wait. All of you who don't have OrangeClan blood, leave."

With a sigh, many cats left. Some Owldawn heard whisper amongst themselves, "That's not fair! OrangeClan is lucky,"

Unfortunately, Owldawn was of OrangeClan blood. Brackenspring scanned the cats one again. "That got rid of some of my options. Oh well. My pick will come forward. Please, let this cat through. Actually, I want to play a minigame. If I say something that you don't have in your appearance, maybe next time. My pick has been chosen. First, if you have some brown on your fur, any shade, you stay."

Some cats groaned as they left. Owldawn's pelt pricked with nervousness. He had brown on his fur!

"Next if you have brown eyes, you stay."

Owldawn looked around at leaving cats. Still not out.....

"If you are a tom you stay."

Owldawn groaned. He wanted to be gone now. He came to see Brackenspring, not deliver a prophecy or play some silly game.

"If you have white in your pelt, try next time."

That left two cats left. Owldawn and a cat named Harespring. They looked pretty similar.

Brackenspring smiled. "You two toms are both alike in many ways. Unfortunately, only one cat will deliver this prophecy. Harespring, I an sorry to say that you aren't the cat I have chosen. You can leave so this prophecy will stay secretive."

Harespring gulped. He looked like he wanted to protest, but he nodded and padded out of the clearing.

"Alright then. Owldawn, My friend, tell the Orangeclan medicine cat this prophecy I am about to give you. Tinyfern, mind you. The prophecy is of the following.

One will come. Fall in love, to the lion that came. Three, they say. Three effs. Fire. Fern. Flame. Night of the blue moon the kits will be born, and nothing will be the same. 

That is the prophecy you must give. Goodbye, Owldawn."

Owldawn watched as Brackenspring padded away. Then he ran to find the pool to tell Tinyfern. 

Chapter One

Tinyfern woke up and stretched her legs. Emberlight wasn't in her nest. She was probably out collecting herbs. But Dapplestar's distressed yowl proved wrong. "Emberlight! Don't do this to me! No!!!"

Tinyfern ran out as fast as her small legs would carry her. "Emberlight!"

Emberlight lay in the clearing. Dead. Blood pouring from the bite marks on her throat. "No! Emberlight! There must be a way I can save you!" Tinyfern sat, sobbing by Emberlight's body. In Emberlight's blood, some cat, probably the one who killed her, wrote, Ur next. Sleep at night and this won't happen again

Tinyfern looked up in horror. "Who could've done this?"

Dapplestar looked at Tinyfern in the eye. "I don't know," Dapplestar choked out. "Tinyfern, will you prepare the body for burial?"

Tinyfern looked down at Emberlight. "If it's the last thing I do for her, I will." She meowed firmly.

Tinyfern thought, I don't know what I'll do without her! I only just became a Medicine cat! 

Tinyfern asked one thing before she took Emberlight's lifeless body to the medicine den entrance to fix the body up. "Dapplestar? After we're done mourning for Emberlight, may I speak with you?"

Dapplestar nodded. Tears were clouding her gaze.

Tinyfern dragged Emberlight back to her den. She soaked some moss to clean up the blood. Then, Tinyfern dressed the bite marks with cobwebs to stop the bleeding after she rubbed a sweet smelling remedy over Emberlight's body to keep it from stinking up the camp.

Tinyfern hated to think about Emberlight's death. "Quailfeather? Yellowbite? Can you help me drag Emberlight back so we can mourn?" 

The two elders with the help of Tinyfern carried Emberlight out into the main area.

Each cat who knew Emberlight took turns murmuring their thanks and asking for a safe journey to StarClan.

Tinyfern's turn came. She pressed her nose into Emberlight's fur and said, "Thank you for being a great mentor. Thanks for understanding me, and being patient with me. I wish you a safe journey to StarClan."

Tinyfern padded away. Dapplestar followed her.

"Tinyfern," Dapplestar said.  "You asked to talk to me. Come to my den. We can do it now." 

Tinyfern brushed past the hanging lichen covering Dapplestar's den. "Well, last night, Owldawn came to me. He gave me a disturbing prophecy."

Dapplestar looked at my and drew her breath in sharply.

"It went like this.

One will come. Fall in love to the lion that came. Three, they say. Three effs. Fire. Fern. Flame. Night of the Blue Moon the kits will be born, and nothing will be the same. 

That's what he told me." Tinyfern told her.

Dapplestar thought for a moment. "Willowsong should know about this. I will tell her. Every other warrior shouldn't think or know about this."

Tinyfern nodded. Then she went out of the leaders den. The elders were taking Emberlight's body out to a burial spot. Tinyfern sighed in dismay for her fellow medicine cat and former mentor.

Chapter Two

A moon had passed. A moon since Emberlight passed away, and a moon since the prophecy. Tinyfern had been thinking about it since she had received it.

"I don't know where they get kits. We don't have any expecting she cats, so where would we get one? When has the moon turned blue, anyway?" Tinyfern pondered to herself. "For all we know, though, this prophecy could come true when Dapplestar dies...." 

Tinyfern shivered. Not another death. You can't be thinking about death again! Not after.... No. I won't think about it. Tinyfern forced all thoughts of death from her head. Hollythorn has a headache. Why don't you treat that? 

Tinyfern padded over to Hollythorn. "Good! You're awake. Will you please chew on this leaf? Don't swallow it."

Hollythorn accepted it. She closed her eyes in pain and put the leaf in her mouth and chewed.​​​​​ "When the taste runs out, spit it out somewhere. In that corner is good." Tinyfern meowed.

Hollythorn nodded her thanks, then Tinyfern padded out. She walked out of camp to gather herbs. "Let's see, I need catmint and watermint, and I can probably do with some more marigold and honey. Yes, that's what I need." Tinyfern thought out loud. 

She walked out of camp and headed to the small lake where she knew watermint would be growing. She took some in her jaws, then headed to Twolegplace. "Catmint, catmint. Where did I see catmint growing earlier? Here it is!" Tinyfern muttered to herself. 

She bit off the stems and picked up her watermint and catmint in her jaws. Then, Tinyfern wandered over to the nearby patch of marigold. She took all she could carry, then went back to camp to put back her herbs. Then Tinyfern set off to get some honey.

Chapter Three

Willowsong came out of the warrior's den. She padded over to Lionfire, and started organizing patrols.  "Wavestorm, Reedstorm, and hmm.... Brokenlight, you can go on a hunting patrol. Sharpwhisker, Featherpaw, and Lionfire, on a border patrol." 

The cats padded into their groups, then Sharpwhisker led the border patrol out. Wavestorm waited until Sharpwhisker's patrol was long gone, then led his patrol out. 

"Willowsong! I need to talk to you!" Dapplestar meowed. Willowsong came over to where Dapplestar was standing. "What do you need?" 

" Tinyfern received a prophecy from Owldawn last night. I thought that you should know what it is. "

"Okay," Willowsong padded into Dapplestar's den.


Sharpwhisker led her patrol to the YellowClan border. "Lionfire," Sharpwhisker meowed, " Mark that tree right there,"

Lionfire did as he was told. "Featherpaw, do you smell anything other than us?"

Featherpaw thought for a moment. Then, she said, "I smell where YellowClan put their border marks. I also smell squirrels, but the hunting patrols can get them. Also, I smell..... YellowClan patrol cats!"

Sharpwhisker meowed to Featherpaw, "Yeah. It seems that the patrol is nearby. Let's move on to try to skip interacting with them." 

" I think not. " a smooth voice said. Then, a golden she cat with green eyes stepped out if the ferns. "You're not going anywhere unless you explain this" The cat spat. She tossed a squirrel, obviously dead, to their side of the border. "Iceflight and I found this squirrel in our territory, dead, with OrangeClan scents all over it."

A small cat with light brown fur stepped out. Sharpwhisker recognised this as Iceflight, a cat born with white fur. Sharpwhisker recognised the speaker as Brighteye. "We don't know what you think, but My patrol did not kill a squirrel on your territory." 

Brighteye spat out again, "That's because I know who the culprit is. Get a move on," Brighteye reached into the brush and pulled out a red tom cat with brown eyes. Sharpwhisker immediately recognised Reedstorm.

"Reedstorm! What were you doing on Yellowclan territory?"

Reedstorm lowered his head. "I was chasing a squirrel and I didn't notice the YellowClan border. I caught up and killed it, but then this cat jumped out and took me as prisoner. I'm sorry, Sharpwhisker."

Brighteye rolled her eyes. "Yeah right. Like we believe that."

Sharpwhisker growled, but then stopped herself. "What will you do for us to take him back?" 

"It won't be easy," This time Iceflight spoke. "You'll have to fight for him." 

Featherpaw growled. "You won't get away with this...."

"OrangeClan patrol! Attack!" Sharpwhisker yowled.

"STOP!!!" A voice yelled. "DON'T ATTACK THEM!"  A black she cat with white stripes stepped out, and was quickly followed by a brown tom with ginger eyes. " You cats, " the she cat pointed with her tail to the Yellowclan patrol. "Just give the red tom back. You haven't heard? The blue moon is coming soon!" 

Meows of confusion between both sides could be heard. Sharpwhisker meowed over all of the voices, "What's a blue moon? What should we do for it?"

The black and white she cat answered, "The blue moon is rumored to bring the most evil cats you have ever known to attack all cats who won't join them. You must prepare to fight them!"

Brighteye and Iceflight looked at each other. "Okay," Brighteye said, sounding disappointed. She reluctantly gave Reedstorm back. "But don't come on our territory again," 

"We won't," Reedstorm promised.

Chapter Four

The black and white she cat motioned for the brown cat to follow her. She was following the cats from a distance, the group who's cat had been caught hunting on territories. She assumed that they were the clan cats, because they were arguing and trying to fight when she watched. "Thorn, should we join them?"

The brown cat, Thorn, said, "I don't know about you, but I could be persuaded."

The she cat meowed quietly, "Shhh! You'll let them know we're here!" 

A cat up front in the group said, "Oh, I've known you've been following us." She whirled around. "I've known since you started."

The smaller one held her nose high in the air and said, "Yeah. I could smell you from here. The wind is blowing towards us, don't you know that?" 

Thorn growled. "Arrogant. Moon, we should go." 

The small one snarled. "You must explain why you are following us."

The tom ginger fur silenced the younger one. "You will not tell them what to do, we will do that."

"Hmph. I can't wait till I'm a warrior. Then I can tell them what to do."

Moon quickly meowed, "What are you going to do with us?" 

The ginger tom nodded to the ginger she cat. The she cat said, "We're going to take you to our leader to see what to do with you. Until then, Moon and Thorn, you are our prisoners."

Faster than Moon could blink, the forest cats were surrounding her and Thorn. "Fine," grumbled Thorn. 

The cats led Moon and Thorn to their hidden camp.

"Wow," Thorn said in awe at the camp. Dens were in a circle, and cats were bustling around. 

"No time for awe!" Moon chided. "We are prisoners."

A ginger and yellow she cat ran up to them. "There You are! We were getting worried! Who are those cats, Sharpwhisker?"

" These are prisoners we found on the Yellowclan border, and they followed us into the camp, or at least to the camp. " The one called Sharpwhisker said. "We brought them here, cats named Thorn and Moon, to let you decide what to do with them, Dapplestar,"

Dapplestar nodded. "Take Moon and Thorn back to my den. You are dismissed."

Thorn glared at Moon. "See what you got us into? You-"

Moon stuffed her tail into her brother's mouth. "Don't complain. Go with the flow, like mother always said."

Thorn rolled his eyes. He said something, but it was muffled by Moon's tail, so it sounded like "wfftr,"

Dapplestar led the way into her den, Moon assumed it was, and held back the lichen covering it. 

"Come in," Dapplestar invited.

Chapter Five

Dapplestar invited them to sit down. "I really don't know what happened during the border patrol, but I can tell that Thorn is the feisty one. Those are good signs for a great warrior. Moon, you are responsible, also good for a warrior. I am here to offer you guys a place in the clan." She meowed.

Moon's eyes were hard to read, but Dapplestar could tell they were surprised.

"Of course!" Moon said. 

"Boo-ya!" Thorn meowed. "Got us out of imprisonment!"

" You didn't do anything! " Moon protested.

"If you guys want to join, I will call a clan meeting to make you warriors. Are you sure? It's your last chance to back off," Dapplestar invited.

"No way! This doesn't happen every day!" Thorn said.

Moon proudly looked up and nodded.

"Then it's complete. I'll get Tinyfern to show you where to sit. Follow me!"

Dapplestar led the two loners to Tinyfern. "Tinyfern! I'm about to call a clan meeting! Will you show these two where to sit?" 

Tinyfern nodded.

Dapplestar padded over to her den, then leapt up on top of it. She walked along the gigantic rock jutting above her den, where the lichen hung from.

"Let all cats old enough to climb trees gather here under the Lichenrock for an OrangeClan meeting!" Dapplestar yowled.

Cats began gathering around. Dapplestar saw Dandelionfeather whisper to her sister, "I didn't think anything was new.... But okay!" 

" I have gathered OrangeClan around for the making of new warriors. Moon and Thorn would like to join our clan, and since we need more warriors, I let them. "

Dapplestar heard Reedstorm saying, "I can't believe she's letting loners into OrangeClan!" 

Dapplestar heard Wavestorm reply, "Thorn is about our age. He should be fun to do stuff with!" 

"Moon and Thorn, do you accept to learn the warrior code and follow it, even at the cost of your life?"

" We already know it. Snow taught us it. But yes, I do, " Moon meowed. Thorn quickly said, "I do!" After Moon.

Dapplestar smiled over to them. "Then by the power of Starclan I give you your warrior names. Moon, from now on you will be known as Moonstripe. Starclan honors your responsibility and leadership. Thorn, from now on you will be known as Thornfire. Starclan honors your will to try.

" Join me, OrangeClan! Moonstripe! Thornfire! " Dapplestar started.

The rest of the clan yowled, "Moonstripe! Thornfire! Moonstripe! Thornfire!"

Moonstripe licked her chest in embarrassment. 

"We welcome you as full warriors of OrangeClan!" Dapplestar said. Then, leaping off the Lichenrock, she meowed, "Congratulations. Your vigils are tomorrow,"

 Chapter Six

Moonstripe looked at the medicine den. She watched Lionfire go in. It had been two moons since she had been made a warrior. Lionfire had been asking to go hunting together all the time. Finally, she agreed to. Lionfire had fallen out of the tree he had been climbing to get a squirrel.

He had fallen on a paw wrong. Now he was limping. Don't do this to me! Moonstripe thought. Please get well soon!

Dapplestar was calling Moonstripe over. 

"Yes?" Moonstripe asked when she sat down.

Dapplestar meowed to her. "Tinyfern received a prophecy a couple of moons ago. I wish to share it with you. I hope this isn't what I think it is. It goes like this,

One will come. Fall in love, to the lion that came. Three, they say. Three effs. Fire. Fern. Flame. Night of the Blue moon the kits will be born, and nothing will be the same. 

I want you to beware. We don't know how this prophecy will unfold, but some things aren't right." 

" Dapplestar! I wish to speak with you! " Thornfire was heard outside of the den. 

"Moonstripe, you are dismissed. Bring Thornfire in, please." Dapplestar meowed. 

Moonstripe sent Thornfire in. She heard Dapplestar saying, "What is it?" 

Moonstripe wasn't one to listen to conversations that she wasn't in, so she decided to visit Lionfire. 

Tinyfern was in there, and she asked, "What happened to him?" 

Tinyfern said, "He twisted his paw. He'll probably be up and about tomorrow, since he isn't one to give up. That's where he got his name!"

Lionfire grinned. "My paw may hurt, but that doesn't mean I can't talk," 

Moonstripe laughed. Suddenly, Dapplestar called the clan together. Tinyfern said, "Lionfire, do you want to come? You can limp, but don't put weight on that paw."

Lionfire nodded. A moment later, he got up and followed Moonstripe and Tinyfern.

"One of our new warriors, Thornfire, wishes to leave the clan. From now on he will be known again as Thorn, and we wish him a well journey to a place where he belongs. Goodbye, Thorn," Dapplestar meowed. 

Moonstripe gasped. She stared at Thorn. "How could you?"

Thorn's eyes seemed to be saying, I'm sorry, Moonstripe. Really. But clan life is not meant for me. I tried. Really, I tried to like it.

Moonstripe made her eyes say, I will miss you, little brother. If you ever change your mind, I will be here. You don't have to do this! Moonstripe hoped he saw her message.

"Oh, I hope he is safe and finds happiness in his choice." Moonstripe whispered to Lionfire. "My brother needs others to stay safe. I hope he finds one caring enough to live with him."

Dapplestar said, "Clan dismissed. We will miss Thorn."

Tinyfern looked over to Lionfire. "Get back in the medicine den. You shouldn't be up and about at all. Be lucky that I let you to that clan meeting,"

Lionfire nodded and limped back to the medicine den.

"Moonstripe? I'm inviting you to the upcoming Gathering tomorrow night." Dapplestar said as she padded past her.

Moonstripe nodded.

Chapter Seven

Moonstripe walked alongside Lionfire on the trail to the clearing in the middle of clan territory where Gatherings were held. 

Dapplestar stopped them with her tail. Then, she signaled for them to follow into the clearing.

Moonstripe looked around. She had seen this only one time before.

She was in a small valley, like a basin. A river snaked through the basin, leading to the middle. In the middle, a huge rock was beneath a ginormous tree. There was a small lake behind the tree. Cats were in four sections in the basin.

Moonstripe immediately went over to her friend Swiftflight, who was from GreenClan. Moonstripe met Swiftflight the last Gathering she went to. 

"Hey!" Moonstripe purred.

Swiftflight turned around. "Oh hi, Moonstripe! This is my friend Juniperfoot from RedClan!"

The black she cat purred. "Nice to meet you, Moonstripe! Swiftflight told me about you! Who's that ginger tom?"

Moonstripe said nervously, "This is Lionfire."

"Oh yeah! He kinda reminds me of Sunfur. I don't know why, because there is hardly any resemblance there.

"Anyway, sorry, I didn't recognise you at first. Your scent has changed since you were an apprentice," Juniperfoot meowed. 

Lionfire licked his chest in embarrassment. "I've got some friends to catch up to."

" Bye! " Swiftflight said to him. 

"Attention, all cats from any clans! The Gathering is starting!" Moonstripe whirled around to see who spoke. It was Cinderstar.

"I will start since I am speaking. GreenClan has lots of prey this Greenleaf. Two kits have been born, Ivykit and Wavekit. They are born to Pineflake and Thymeleaf. Seedpaw and Mosspaw have become Seedsplash and Mosstail. Dapplestar, you may go." Cinderstar stepped back. 

Dapplestar nodded and then started speaking. "OrangeClan is doing great this Greenleaf. One of our newest warriors, Thornfire, decided to leave and become a loner again. In case you are wondering, Moonstripe is still with us. We found out that Hollythorn and Wavestorm are now mates. Stonestar, I invite you to go next," 

The RedClan leader just nodded her head. "RedClan has had good prey. We have two new apprentices, Flamepaw and Tawnypaw. We don't have much news to share. Featherstar, you can go next." 

Featherstar looked angry. Moonstripe only knew how to read eyes from Snow, Moonstripe and Thorn's best friend. They learned how to read eyes and make their eyes say things. 

Featherstar did a good job of hiding the anger from her voice. "YellowClan has plenty of prey. Two new kits were born, Hopekit and Iciclekit. They were born to Bubblegaze and Skyfern." 

Dapplestar nodded. Cinderstar yowled, "Then it's a good Greenleaf! The Gathering is over!"

Moonstripe heard Featherstar and Stonestar calling their clans away. Dapplestar meowed, "OrangeClan! It's time to leave," Dapplestar and Willowsong led the way out. 

"Hey Lionfire?" Moonstripe asked. "Do you think your paw will be good enough to hunt tomorrow?"

" Sure, " he absent-mindedly said. 

Chapter Eight

Lionfire followed Moonstripe out into the forest. "Look," he heard Moonstripe say. "A family of starlings!"

Lionfire slowly climbed the tree. He made sure not to make any noise, or shake the tree so not to startle the birds. He got to the branch where the nest was, and he pounced. The nest fell. Lionfire watched Moonstripe leap up and hold the birds down so they wouldn't fly away. Lionfire jumped down. Moonstripe had killed all the starlings. "Y'know," Moonstripe said to him before picking up her prey, "I like you,"

Lionfire purred. "I like you too, Moonstripe."

"Take this starling back to camp. Then they won't question us," Moonstripe said to Lionfire. Lionfire accepted the starling and padded back to camp. His pelt brushed against hers. 

Lionfire could not think about anything accept Moonstripe until he confessed. He went in and saw Willowsong waiting for him. "Drop your prey on the pile. Then, Dapplestar wishes to see you." She ordered. Lionfire went to the pile and dropped the starling. Then, he went over and meowed to Dapplestar's den, "It's Lionfire,"

" Come in, " he heard Dapplestar say. Lionfire sat down. Dapplestar lowered her voice, "Did you know that Moonstripe is carrying kits?" Lionfire was surprised. "Really?" 

" I followed you into the forest, and when you came to a stop, I climbed a tree. I noticed that her belly was rounder than usual. I don't think she knows it, but it's true, " Dapplestar meowed. "Don't tell her. She'll be more than alarmed. When you were catching the starlings, I raced back to camp. I knew you were the father." She paused. Then, she said, "I want to tell you something nobody else knows."

Lionfire was intrigued. "What is it?" 

Dapplestar took a deep breath. "Once, I was a young medicine cat. Back when Wildstar was the leader, I trained in the ways of medicine. Then, disaster struck and Starclan told me I was never meant to be a Medicine cat. 

" I was shocked. But, I still followed Starclan's will and became a warrior. Emberlight was my apprentice, and she had just became a full medicine cat when Starclan told me. Emberlight and the elders are the only cats who knew I was once one. Since I'm on my second to last life, nobody remembers me as a Medicine cat. I still remember how to tell when a cat is carrying kits. 

"Trust me. Your mate is carrying your kits." Dapplestar told Lionfire.  Lionfire went outside. He was still shocked. The moon was just rising, so he went to his nest. Dreams of Kits engulfed him into sleep.


Lionfire woke up to Hollythorn yowling. "Not Wavestorm! First my best friend Emberlight, now Wavestorm? Why, Starclan, why punish me?"

Reedstorm ran over to Hollythorn. "Is he really dead? No, Wavestorm, there must be a way! You can't be dead!" Reedstorm cried. 

Tinyfern rushed over. "Second death since I became a Medicine cat......" She muttered.

Lionfire helped carry Wavestorm's body to the medicine den. Tinyfern once again prepared the body for morning and burial. The elders came over and Lionfire was the first to mourn. "I will miss you, My best friend. Have a safe journey to Starclan," Lionfire said.

He knew his friend would be happy there. "I'll sure miss you. We all will." Lionfire padded away, and went into the forest. He didn't really know where he was going, he just went where his heart lead him.

He found himself on a hill. He say down. There he watched the sun rise. "Oh, Wavestorm, I really will miss you." He cried out into the blazing distance.

The color of the sunrise reminded him of Wavestorm and him playing. His last memory of Wavestorm was so long ago! "I could have been a better friend. I could have fixed my mistakes, spend more time with you. Now that's gone. Now it's too late." Lionfire whimpered.

"Now it's too late....."

 Chapter Nine

"Moonstripe! Where are you! It's time for the daylight competitions!" Moonstripe heard a voice say. It was Dapplestar. 

"I'm coming!" Moonstripe knew that the competition was a traditional thing the clans did every four seasons. All Moonstripe knew about the competition was that she was in one.

"Moonstripe! Are you coming or not!" Dapplestar meowed louder. 

"Of course! I just forgot," Moonstripe said. She was disappointed that she couldn't be in the same competitions as Lionfire. 

Moonstripe padded down to Dapplestar and followed her. Thymecloud, Dandelionfeather, and Moonstripe were the only contestants from OrangeClan in the 'New Warriors' group. Reedstorm was barely old enough to compete in the 'Older Warriors Competition'. 

Moonstripe and her group padded down into the meeting hollow. 

There were huge rocks set up. There were six large rocks, and each of them had a different number of leaves on it. Dapplestar told Thymecloud, Dandelionfeather, and Moonstripe to go to the one with two leaves on it. "That's the rock for the newer warriors," Dapplestar explained.

Earlier, Dapplestar had taken the apprentices there. Now she was probably going back to take the Older Warriors to the third group. 

Suddenly, the scent of YellowClan hit them. Moonstripe saw Featherstar leading Applepaw over to the apprentices' rock. Applepaw immediately started talking to Featherpaw. 

Moonstripe saw Featherstar leave then take two warriors to her group. It was Sunfur and Skyfern! "Wassup, she cats?" Sunfur meowed. 

Cinderstar was leading some warriors over to the group Moonstripe was in. GreenClan's apprentices had become warriors, so there were no apprentice representatives from GreenClan. Seedsplash and Mosstail, Moonstripe remembered, were GreenClan's newest warriors. Needlestorm was with them as they padded over.

RedClan took over their apprentices. Flamepaw, Tawnypaw, and Snakepaw started chatting with Applepaw and Featherpaw. 

GreenClan, YellowClan, and OrangeClan had taken over the rest of their cats in their respective groups. Moonstripe happened to glance over at the Older Warriors group, and she saw Lionfire looking at her. His eyes seemed to say, Should I tell her? She's my mate. I know that Dapplestar told me not to.....

Moonstripe was surprised. My mate keeping secrets from me? 

​​​​​She looked around. By the looks of it, one leaf equaled Apprentices, two was Newer Warriors, three was Older Warriors, four was for Senior Warriors, five was for Leaders and Deputies, and six was for Medicine Cats and Medicine Apprentices. 

"Attention! All clans! The daylight competitions are starting! " Cinderstar yowled. Moonstripe guessed that she had the loudest voice of them all, so she was speaking.

"Please honor our judges, they are from StarClan. Owldawn from OrangeClan!" Dapplestar started.

"Frostfur from YellowClan," Featherstar meowed proudly.

"Peartail from RedClan!" Stonestar announced.

Cinderstar meowed to finish, "And we have Wavepelt from GreenClan!"

When each StarClan cat was called, the cat appeared. Four cats were sitting down in front of all the cats.

Frostfur started speaking. "Welcome to the daylight competitions. We will start with the apprentices. There will be a tournament for each tier. Applepaw, Featherpaw, Snakepaw, Flamepaw, and Tawnypaw. Please come up as you are from tier one."

Owldawn started speaking. "There will be a tournament, as Frostfur told you. First, Flamepaw and Featherpaw have been chosen to hunt for their first contest."

The apprentices padded forward. They looked at each other with eyes that said, I'm gonna win. You're going DOWN! 

Moonstripe looked at both apprentices. They were both up for their challenges.

Chapter Ten

Featherpaw was led into the forest by Owldawn. "I'm gonna win this competition tournament!" Featherpaw said the entire way. 

Owldawn folded his ears. "You don't know that," He told the apprentice for the fifth time.

Featherpaw retorted, "Watch me win. I'll get to say I told you so!" Owldawn rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Your first task is to find exactly three starlings, three voles, and two mice. No more, no less."

Featherpaw meowed, "That'll be easy. When do I start?"

Owldawn counted down. "Three, two, one, Now!"

Featherpaw raced away. She scanned the trees for birds as she flew by. She skidded to a halt when she scented voles. "That'll do," she meowed quietly to herself and planned herself in a hunter's stalk. Featherpaw looked around, and found a family of voles. 

There were five, so Featherpaw picked the biggest, juiciest, fattest ones to kill. She snagged one on a claw and quickly gave the killing bite. The other voles didn't notice her or that their friends were gone. 

Featherpaw repeated her tactic two more times. Owldawn leapt out of the trees to collect Featherpaw's prey. "I'll take that!"

Once again, Featherpaw raced of scanning the trees for birds. She slowed to a stop. A mouse was scuttling in the bushes. Two more came out. Featherpaw stalked the first one, and quickly killed it. She was going for another when Flamepaw jumped on the one she was stalking. Flamepaw quickly killed the other. 

"That was my kill!" Featherpaw pouted. 

Flamepaw stuck his tongue out at her. "To bad. I killed it first! "

Just then Peartail came to collect his mice. "You need one more mouse. You snooze, you lose," Flamepaw taunted.

Featherpaw growled. Luckily, after Flamepaw raced away, another mouse came to investigate. Featherpaw killed it with glee. "I'll get you, Flamepaw," Featherpaw vowed. "I'll beat you."

Owldawn came and collected the mice. For the last time, she sped off and looked in the trees. Featherpaw spotted a nest and skidded to a halt. Hastily, Featherpaw climbed the tree to peer inside. A small sparrow was inside, and squawked loudly when it saw her, and tried to fly away. 

Featherpaw growled. It wasn't a startling! She leapt off the tree and cautiously continued. Where there was one bird nest, there were more. 

Featherpaw found more nests, but all of them were sparrow nests. Then, Featherpaw had an idea. Starlings were usually in OrangeClan territory, but they appear on YellowClan territory! Featherpaw lifted her nose and scented. She was right now in GreenClan territory, but if she went left, she would enter the territory for YellowClan. She ran left, and found she was near to the border. Featherpaw cautiously padded on, looking for nests.

She lifted her nose up, and smelled the flight trail of a family of starlings. "Oh, Flamepaw is definitely going Down!" She whispered excitedly. 

Featherpaw followed the scent until she found a startling, resting on the branch of a tree. Looking around, Featherpaw noticed other starlings on the branches of other trees. She slowly climbed a maple tree, where a starling was perched on a low hanging branch. Another bird was up above.

Featherpaw reached a paw out, claws extended, and snatched the starling. She promptly killed it, and the flutters of the starling subsided. Next, Featherpaw reached her paw up to the other starling and grabbed it by the foot. It squawked loudly, alerting all the other starlings, which started squacking loudly in panic. Featherpaw killed the on she had, and glared at the starling. 

"Great! You just took my last kill!" Featherpaw growled at the dead bird.

Featherpaw buried her prey and pursued one of the starlings. "If it just flies low enough for me to jump and claw at it....." 

As if it could understand her, the starling flew higher. "Stupid bird," Featherpaw glared. She moved to pursue another one. 

The starling moved higher as Featherpaw neared. "Ugh," Featherpaw moaned. 

She gave a third one a try, but she ran to it faster than she had been, and jumped up and hooked a claw in its wing and dragged it down before it could fly higher. 

She pulled, and pulled, and pulled, but the stubborn bird stayed airborne. ​​​​​​Featherpaw then leapt up and got a hold on the other wing so it couldn't flap. Bringing her hard earned starling down, Featherpaw killed it with a bite. 

Featherpaw then sniffed the air and followed her scent trail back to where she had buried the other starlings. But a different scent was mingled with her own-- The scent of Flamepaw. Featherpaw dug up where her starlings were, and there was only one. 

Only one of her hard earned starlings. Featherpaw screamed and yowled and exploded in rage. 

Owldawn came to her and said, "Stop it! Your scaring off all the prey!" 

Featherpaw growled. "Flamepaw stole my hard earned starling,"

Owldawn frowned. "I'll tell Peartail about this. Also Frostfur and Wavepelt. If you can, catch another starling. Then make your way back to the meeting hollow. I'll take your starlings," 

" Okay, " Featherpaw said and raced off once more.

Owldawn sighed. "One day she's going to be a great Hunter."


Owldawn slowly made his way back to the meeting hollow. He placed Featherpaw's other starlings in the prey pile from the rest of the challenge. 

Owldawn assumed that Flamepaw was getting back, as he only had his starlings left.  Featherpaw also only had her starlings left, but she only had one. And then again, Featherpaw had scared off all the prey in the forest in her rage. 

He caught the scent of Peartail. She was holding a starling. At the same time, Owldawn smelled Flamepaw and Featherpaw coming back. They were both racing as fast as they could down to the hollow. 

"C'mon! You know I got here first!" Flamepaw meowed through his starling.

Featherpaw said nothing. She was looking ahead to where Owldawn and her prey pile was. Flamepaw didn't look where he was putting his paws and tripped on a rock.

Owldawn watched Featherpaw do something unexpected. She dropped her starling and raced over to Flamepaw. "Help! Medicine cat! Someone!"

Tawnypool, the nearest medicine cat, came over. She felt around for wounds. "Sandlight or Tinyfern! Would you come take a look at this? Deertail, too!"

Featherpaw looked frightened. She's never looked or behaved like this before, Owldawn thought.

Chapter Eleven

Moonstripe checked out what all the fuss was about. All of the medicine cats were crowded around a body that Moonstripe recognised as Flamepaw's. "Look at this," Tinyfern whispered. She raked a claw through Flamepaw's pelt, and Moonstripe leaned in closer to see. 

The wound on Flamepaw was closing quickly. Quicker than any wound would've been healing. 

"What kind of magic is this? Is StarClan blessing us?" Sandlight murmured. 

Two cats came out of the bushes. "No," the bracken-colored tom said.

"Thorn! You came back! And you brought Snow!" Moonstripe exclaimed in delight. 

"Hi, Moon," Snow said.

"I'm not Moon anymore. I'm Moonstripe now." Moonstripe purred. 

"You became a warrior in the clans? Now the knowledge I passed down will come to use!" Snow exclaimed. 

Moonstripe nodded down to where Flamepaw was scrawled on the ground. "It's been a while since I've seen Blue Moon magic," she meowed.

" Wait. Did you say Blue Moon magic? Not from StarClan, or the Dark Forest? " Sandlight was astonished.

"That's what I said. A couple of moons before the Blue Moon shows its face is when it's magic starts working. Every open wound is healed to prepare us for our worst enemies." Moonstripe explained.

"Like whom?" Tinyfern asked.

Dapplestar came over. "I think Moonstripe means that the cats from The Place of No Stars will come back and attack us like they did to our ancestors, back when Thymestar was leader of OrangeClan."

Snow suddenly looked over at Moonstripe. "Is it just me or does your belly look rounder then usual? I thought being in a clan made you skinnier," 

Moonstripe looked confused. "What do you mean?" 

"I mean you might be carrying kits. Why didn't you tell me? Who's their father?" Snow meowed.

Moonstripe's eyes widened. "Kits?! They must be Lionfire's," 

Featherpaw came over. "Is Flamepaw alright?" Her starlings were under her paws. 

"Yes," Sandlight told her. Just then, Flamepaw jerked up and asked, "What's going on? Why are you looking at me like I grew wings?"

Tawnypool gave a lopsided smile. "I don't believe you've heard of Blue Moon magic, have you? Because that's what has healed you." 

Flamepaw scrunched his eyes. "Wait. Blue Moon magic? How did that heal me? When was I hurt?" 

" You tumbled down into the hollow, " Tinyfern said. And then, guilty, she added, "And some of us were clawing you to test the magic..."

Flamepaw smiled. "No worries! Did Featherpaw win?"

Featherpaw came up and said to him, "No, I was worried about you," 

" Oh. Who's going to win then? " Flamepaw asked, scrunching up his forehead. 

Owldawn came up and said, "You have to bring your prey back like usual, but we've decided to give you both a point because if the inconvenience,"

Featherpaw and Flamepaw both picked up their prey and walked it over to their piles. 

The rest of the contests went like this. Minus the injuries, one cat got a point. Moonstripe held her breath as the judges counted points.

Chapter Twelve

Peartail looked from one clan to another. "I don't know how to say this...."

Frostfur looked up and said, "YellowClan was in first place with 12 points,"

Owldawn awkwardly smiled and said, "OrangeClan was in first place with 12 points,"

" What? " Moonstripe asked. As far as she knew, only one clan could be in first place. How was this possible?

Peartail shook his head and said, "RedClan is in first place with 12 points,"

Wavepelt looked from a judge to another to another. "How is this possible? GreenClan won with 12 points. Why are all of the clans in joint first?"

The sky opened up and a cat came out. Owldawn looked up and said, "Look! It's Brackenspring!"

Brackenspring smiled and said, "Did every cat have fun?"

Nodding cats were crying happily. "That was the best competition ever! But who's the winner?"

Brackenspring looked down to the cat who spoke. "Every cat won. I am here to teach you a valuable lesson. If you had fun in a game, then you win. It doesn't matter in a game of mossball if the other cat gets and 'catches' the moss. If you had fun, then you certainly have great skill, good sports, and you win!"

Yowles of approval could be heard all around. Moonstripe was cheering the loudest. But, suddenly, she shook so bad she fell over. "I'm okay!" Moonstripe yowled when cats stopped cheering to take a look. 

Every cat began congratulating each other. Moonstripe heard many conversations that went a little like this:

Cat one: Congratulations on winning!

Cat two: You too! I had fun!

Cat one: Me too! That was fun! 

Cat two: Congratulations on winning!


Moonstripe smiled and shook her head. Then, the leaders called their clans back.

Chapter Thirteen

Time jump 3 moons

Moonstripe padded out of the medicine den and went to find Lionfire. He was talking to Willowsong about patrols. "Hey Lionfire! Can we talk for a minute? Alone?"

He nodded and said, "Just a minute,"

Moonstripe nodded. Lionfire led her over to the sunspot. "What is it?"

Moonstripe looked down and said, "The kits are due in about a half moon. Tinyfern said,"

" That's great! Why do you look so worried? " Lionfire meowed.

"Because that's when the blue moon is scheduled to happen,"

"Oh," Lionfire looked troubled. "Hopefully they are early?"

Moonstripe shook her head. "There's a prophecy. Tinyfern says it's about me, "

"That prophecy. Oh. Well, you can hide to have them born?" He said. "But I still don't understand the fuss. What type of enemies?"

Moonstripe looked to him. "Enemies like Gron, the rogue you guys fought two moons ago. Except even worse."

Lionfire was silent for a moment. OrangeClan had lost Thymecloud in that battle. And Reedstorm was badly wounded. 

"Um. We can run away from the territories for a while?" Lionfire desperately meowed.

"If we do, I have a place in mind," Moonstripe said. 

"Then we can go and live there for a while. We can go in the next quarter moon," he said. 

Moonstripe nodded. "I just hope that we don't get attacked there,"


"Dapplestar?!" A panicked voice screeched. "Dapplestar?! Tinyfern?! Some cat?" 

Tinyfern rushed out of the medicine den. "What is it, Brokenlight?" 

"Sharpwhisker is dead! Blue moon magic has worn off! Cuts are all over her body!" Brokenlight rushed in. "We found her by the water pool. Only OrangeClan scents are around her! We have a traitor in our clan!"

" I'm coming! " screeched Tinyfern. 

Moonstripe and Lionfire ran after Tinyfern and Brokenlight. Sure enough, by the pool, there was a body. With cuts all around the cape area. 

"Not again!!" Tinyfern wailed in agony. "Why can't I ever be there when a cat is dying?!"

Suddenly, a ginger and yellow blur came out of the brush. "What happened?" Dapplestar asked.

"We don't know," Brokenlight said.

"Good. Because I do," Dapplestar said, her voice suddenly darker.

Every cat turned around to face their leader. "What?" Moonstripe asked.

"I know who the murderer was. But I'm not telling you who. Sharpwhisker and Dandelionfeather died to them today. I watched them," Dapplestar explained. "They were going to kill Brokenlight,"

"Oh." Tinyfern said. 

"But why pick on me? I never did anything to the murderers!" Brokenlight cried.

"Or so you all thought. It looks like OrangeClan gets to die because of loss of cats," Dapplestar turned to them. "Just kidding. I killed Emberlight, Sharpwhisker, Dandelionfeather, Wavestorm, whichever cats died. I'm only making Gron's job easier with only three clans to kill. And today, I finish you off. I'm the murderer,"

And Dapplestar leapt at Tinyfern first. 

Chapter Fourteen

Moonstripe was frozen in place, watching as Dapplestar killed Tinyfern. "Need.... To kill....... any possible healing...... device. DIE!!" Roared Dapplestar. 

"Move! You don't want to die, do you?" Lionfire hissed to Moonstripe. "I still can't believe that Dapplestar was the traitor. It makes no sense!"

Moonstripe choked back a sob. "Why did she have to do it? Why don't we just work together?" 

Lionfire shook his head. "I don't know. I recently heard that Willowsong is helping her, as well as many cats from RedClan. The only cats not helping her are their apprentices, Lilywhisker, and Juniperfoot. Deertail has been taken slave for trying to run away. Now, if you don't move, we'll end up like him!"

"Gah! " Moonstripe ran and followed Lionfire. "I can't run that fast! I'm carrying kits!" 

"Sorry! I forgot! Lead me to the place you were talking about," then, lowering his voice, Lionfire meowed, "to stay when the blue moon comes,"

" We should stay up in a tree before then, and climb down the day of the blue moon, but are you going to help me with my kitting? " Moonstripe asked.

"Oh, um...."

" We should find a medicine cat. I'd recommend us finding Sandlight, because the YellowClan border is near to the place, " Moonstripe said. "But not right now, "

"Just lead me there," Lionfire meowed. 

"Oh, hold on there, cats. You aren't going anywhere without our permission," 

"Ay! Why are you here, Willowsong? You aren't working for that traitor, are you?" Lionfire said, despite the fact that he knew the answer.

"Traitor? Dapplestar is not a traitor! Why would our own leader be a traitor?" Willowsong asked. "I didn't know I was working for a traitor,"

"You didn't? She was making you work for her on a blind slate?" Moonstripe asked.

"Oh. Okay. You can go," Willowsong meowed.

Lionfire rolled his eyes at Moonstripe, and they seemed to say, Sometimes some cats are weird......

Moonstripe nodded her head on agreement.

Chapter Fifteen

About a sixth of a moon later

Moonstripe climbed down the tree to where Lionfire was waiting with a pair of mice in his jaws. 

"The prey was hiding, as if it knew the threats coming. I managed to get these out to eat," he said after putting the mice down. 

"After this, I need a stretch. I was cramped in that tree," Moonstripe remarked in between bites. 

Lionfire nodded. "Soon we move to your den. I'll get Sandlight after we move," 


"I'm done. Do you want to walk with me, or by yourself?" Lionfire meowed. 

"I'm okay by myself," she replied. "Don't be sad. It's only for fresh air, after all, because we both need time alone," Moonstripe quickly added.

Lionfire slowly nodded his head. They parted ways and padded away. Moonstripe bumped into him more than once. 

The next time Moonstripe bumped into Lionfire, she said, "I think it's time to move into the den,"

"Alright," he said. "Put the nests in the den. I'll get Sandlight," Lionfire said.

Nodding, the striped she-cat padded in the direction of the den. Moonstripe felt the kits squirm. 

After a while, Lionfire poked his ginger nose in, and held aside the hanging vines aside so Sandlight could come in.

"Hello, Moonstripe," Sandlight greeted. "I see your kits are due soon. By the looks of it, tomorrow. Do you want to know how many? I could find out,"

"Nah," Moonstripe meowed. "I already know there's three,"

Sandlight looked surprised. Then, she calmed down and said, "Tinyfern probably told you,"

Lionfire looked like he was about to say something, but didn't because Moonstripe glared at him. 

"I'll go make myself a nest, if that's alright," Sandlight said.

Moonstripe curled up in her nest. "Yeah," she yawned. "I'm tired," 

Sandlight gave a knowing smile. "Kits can do that to you," 

Now Moonstripe smiled. "I can't wait until they're born. They'll be so cute!"

Lionfire twinned his tail with hers. "They definitely will,"

 Chapter Sixteen

Dapplestar growled. Why did it always have to be her most trusted ally that betrays her? Don't worry, Gron, I'll weaken them somehow. The only survivors of OrangeClan are hiding away in a forest. she thought. 

Dapplestar had hated to kill Willowsong. She was such a useful cat. Oh well. At least the blue moon was this night. Then Dapplestar would have better cats to hang out with.

A Bluegrey she cat with silver eyes came up to her. "Hi, Dapplestar," she said. "It's been a while, hasn't it, my friend?"

Dapplestar nodded. "Finally the blue moon is bringing wise cats back, Xern. My best friend, for one,"

Xern smiled. "Stor is here to see you," 

"Is he? He's been gone longer than you, Xern!"

A dark grey tom came up. "Hi, Xern and Dapplestar. Long time no see! The Dark Forest has been a boring place," 

Xern meowed, "We should get back now. I bet Quor will have a good place to hang out," 

Dapplestar had to agree with Xern. Stor did too.


Lionfire whispered to the two she-cats huddled in the corner. "I see Gron. And a mean-looking tom. Dark grey fur. If you look directly below where the moon is now, you see a she-cat on the lookout. It's a good thing you thought of covering the den in ferns, Sandlight,"

Moonstripe had to agree. Sandlight was so smart! She had earlier gotten a bundle of herbs and a large stick for Moonstripe's kitting. 

Another spasm hit Moonstripe. "They're coming!" She said panicked. "I don't know if I can do this!"

"You'll be alright," Sandlight soothed. 

Lionfire and Moonstripe had decided to tell Sandlight about the prophecy. 

"Here's the first kit," Sandlight quietly warned. "A tom. Lick it, Lionfire," 

Lionfire started licking the tom. It's fur was a dark ginger, like his father's. Moonstripe bit harder on the stick to avoid crying out as the second kit came out. Sandlight purred. "A she-kit. She looks just like her brother," 

It was true. Moonstripe leaned over to lick her. The kit squirmed more and mewed quietly, but indignantly. 

Before Moonstripe was ready for the next kit, a searing pain hit her. Sandlight's expression changed from delighted to worried. "Are you alright?" 

Moonstripe wasn't able to respond. She had blacked out. 


Moonstripe slowly blinked her eyes into focus. "Sandlight?" 

Lionfire padded over. "She went back to her camp. She knew that some cats would need her help healing," 

" That makes sense, " Moonstripe said. For the first time, she looked down at her kits. "They're beautiful," she remarked.

But something was wrong. "Why are there........ Four kits?" 

 Last Remarks

Aha! Cliffhanger! I hoped you liked this book! The next book is Moon's Fire. Rise of the kits!

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