The allegiances for a seemingly endless war....



Leader: Rainstar- blue-grey she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy: Vineclaw- black tom with twisting, overlapping, brown stripes and blue eyes

Medicine cat: Mintwing- light brown she-cat with white and a black spot on her belly fur

Apprentice: Sandpaw

Warriors: Lynxtuft- black she-cat with golden spots and dark, dark grey ear tufts

Greencloud- (named after her loner grandma, so please don't comment on how I'm not supposed to name cats after their eye color) White she-cat with brown tabby stripes and amber eyes

Littleclaw- small, grey tom with orange eyes and black spots

Ratfang- dark grey tom with yellow eyes

Needletalon- light brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Apprentice: Nightpaw

Kinkstorm- dark brown she-cat with blue eyes

Graywhisker- ginger tom with blue eyes

Berryclaw- white tom with ginger splotches of fur, and green eyes

Fishpool- dark grey tom with yellow eyes

Frostwillow- blue-grey she-cat with green eyes

Tawnyfeather- light brown she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentices: Sandpaw- yellow tom with green eyes and brown stripes

Nightpaw- a black tom with bright green eyes and has a white paw.

Lightningpaw- ginger she-cat with two brown paws and blue eyes

Queens: Rosestream- ginger she-cat with white spots and brown eyes, expecting Graywhisker's kits

Kits: none (yet)

Elders: Dawnfoot- yellow she-cat with a white paw and blue eyes

Hawkstrike- brown tom with one yellow eye and one amber eye, is dead in one clawed ear


Leader: Volestar- brown tom with orange eyes and black stripes

Deputy: Jaystripe- white tom with a blue-grey stripe on his back, and green eyes

Medicine cat: Heatherfox- brown she-cat with blue eyes and a black tailtip

Warriors: Flameleaf- dark ginger tom with white belly fur

Mothfrost- dark grey she-cat with dark blue eyes

Oakfrost- light brown tom with dark brown tabby stripes and yellow eyes

Poppyshine- ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Oliverain- black tom with light grey underfur and brown eyes

Duskfire- blue-grey tom with orange eyes

Apprentice: Whitepaw

Crowpelt- black tom with a white shape in his belly

Lionpool- golden tom with green eyes

Feathertuft- light grey she-cat with black ear tufts and cheek tufts

Sorrelfeather- black she-cat with occasional white stripes and green eyes

Apprentice: Irispaw

Lilycloud- dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Briarstripe- white she-cat with brown stripes and dark grey errs

Meadowblaze- yellow she-cat with amber eyes and a ginger paw

Apprentice: Maplepaw

Wildclaw- dark brown tom with yellow eyes

Apprentices: Whitepaw- white she-cat with dark green eyes and a dark grey cape

Irispaw- silver she-cat with orange eyes

Maplepaw- ginger tom with light blue eyes

Queens: Mosswing- light grey she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Stormkit and Quietkit

Kits: Stormkit- dark grey tom with green eyes

Quietkit- white she-kit with blue eyes and silver underfur

Elders: Brackentail- dark brown tom with orange eyes


Leader: Coralstar- cream she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Leafwillow- light brown she-cat with amber eyes 

Medicine cat: Honeyspots- white she-cat with ginger spots

Warriors: Echotail- light grey she-cat with orange eyes

Badgertoe- black tom with green eyes

Firecrystal- dark ginger tom with brown eyes

Foxcreek- dark ginger tom with blue eyes

Hailflight- blue-grey she-cat with green eyes

Darkfur- black she-cat with yellow eyes

Ivytuft- black she-cat with Silver stripes and a silver tailtip

Ferretclaw- dark brown tom with orange eyes

Stormscar- ginger she-cat with green eyes and a black tailtip

Apprentice: Weedpaw

Raintalon- dark grey tom with light grey paws and blue eyes 

Doecry- brown tom with orange eyes 

Frogleap- dark brown she-cat with amber eyes

Blossomtail- dark ginger she-cat with orange eyes 

Alderblaze- dark grey tom with light blue eyes 

Pigeonfoot- white tom with yellow eyes 

Apprentices: Weedpaw- light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Queens: Dapplepatch- light brown she-cat with green eyes 

Kits: Cherrykit- dark ginger she-kit with unopened eyes 

Bouncekit- light grey she-kit with unopened eyes

Cloudkit- white tom with unopened eyes 

Owlkit- brown tabby tom with unopened eyes and a black paw

Elders: Yellowfawn- dark grey she-cat with black paws and orange eyes

Robintuft- black tom with blind, blue eyes and a white paw


Leader: Smokestar- a fluffy gray tom with large, green eyes

Deputy: Snowsong- a white she-cat with blue eyes and a long pelt

Medicine cat: Eaglewing- a dark brown tom with large paws

Warriors: Deerspots- a brown she-cat with white spots on her back

Lionfur- a golden tom with two white paws.

Apprentice: Tigerpaw

Dustscar- a grey she-cat with a large scar on her eye

Apprentice: Fawnpaw

Mistyflight- a blue she-cat with blue eyes

Cooperfoot- a rusty ginger tom with green eyes

Apprentice: Rainpaw

Ashbranch- a gray tom with a large tail

Redfall- a red tom with a bushy tail

Softheart- a beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Ashenpaw

Mousenose- a gray tom with a pale pink nose

Apprentices: Aspenpaw- a gray tom with green eyes

Tigerpaw- a sturdy brown tom with hazel eyes

Fawnpaw- a small brown she-cat with green eyes

Rainpaw- a blue she-cat with a white paw

Queens: Cloudtuft- a snow-white she-cat with blue eyes

Kits: Foxkit- a ginger tom with a black paw.

Specklekit- a calico she-cat with green eyes

Elders: Cloverheart- a brown she-cat with a crooked tail

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