This is a collab by Misty and Hope.

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There has been a war for a decade. ThunderClan against RiverClan. StarClan is losing faith in the war ever ending.  Then, one day, a prophecy is sent from StarClan to RiverClan.

Night is the best way to beat the darkness.

Nightpaw, an apprentice from RiverClan knows he is the cat to stop the war. 

Will he be able to do it?


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Prologue - Nightpaw (Misty)

I followed my mentor back into camp. Needletalon had drilled me to the breaking point, all for a silly war. ThunderClan just needed to learn how to give RiverClan what we want.

Sandpaw greeted me when I came in. He sniffed me over, and said, "I think you'd better rest. I guess Needletalon drilled into you again?" 

I nodded. "Thanks. Just make sure to wake me up when the war comes back,"

Before Needletalon took me training, I had heard that Vineclaw, Tawnyfeather, and Frostwillow were checking the news on ThunderClan.

I sank into my nest. It got really lonely in the apprentices' den, since there weren't any other warrior apprentices. I tried to fall asleep, but I found it hard to.

When I finally feel asleep, a starry cat greeted me. I thought, What does StarClan need from me? I recognised the leader's father, Adderclaw. He padded toward me, and was followed by his mate, Peachleaf.  "Hello, Nightpaw. I assume that ThunderClan is still warring with RiverClan, right?" Adderclaw asked. I nodded. 

"Good," Peachleaf said. "We have a prophecy. For you," 

I tilted my head, confused. "What? Why me? I'm only an apprentice,"

Peachleaf smiled. "Night is the best way to defeat the darkness, Nightpaw. Remember that and RiverClan will survive,"

I scowled. At least we were getting a prophecy.... "Nightpaw. Don't tell anybody. We have a reason to be telling you, and not Rainstar. Believe me, we wanted to tell her also. But, it's not of her concern. You must find a way to stop the war!" Adderclaw half-growled half-meowed.

I nodded. The prophecy was definitely about me. "I'll try," I firmly said.

"Good," Adderclaw' s fading voice said.

I woke to Sandpaw shaking me awake. "Nightpaw! ThunderClan is here!"

Battle yowls rang in RiverClan's camp, and I leapt out to join the fight. 

Chapter One - Whitepaw (Hope)

War cries and battle wounds. The war had lasted too long.

Generations and generations had died, fighting for their clan.

Why couldn't it just end?

I jumped onto a black tom, thinking it was the RiverClan deputy, Vineclaw.

"Get off you flea-pelt!" growled Vineclaw, his tone angry.

I snarled and held on, claws sinking deeper. He tossed and turned, struggling to get me off his back. He hissed and then jumped. My grip loosened and I went flying. I landed hard on the cold earth with a thump.

"Hello, fox heart," snarled a voice.

I looked up to see a night-black cat, his green eyes glimmering in pain. I noticed a scratch on his flank and winced.

That looks bad!

I growled and hissed at him. He leapt onto me, tackling me to the ground. I wriggled free from his strong grip. He hissed and swiped at me, claws unsheathed. I dodged swiftly and swiped back. I grazed his nose and he winced.

"Hello, I am Whitepaw. You?" I asked him.

"I don't care fox heart!" he shouted before tackling me again.

We wrestled, pinning each other to the ground for moments and preparing to swipe.

When will this war end?

Chapter Two- Nightpaw (Misty)

I swiped one last time at Whitepaw, and then ran away. I examined my wounds, and thought, They're not bad, I'll continue fighting.

I rose, only to find a blue-grey tom hissing at me. How mouse-brained! They don't even attack first, and only hiss! Both Whitepaw and this cat did just that!  I slowly, but indirectly led him to the water. StarClan only knew why we weren't by the water in the first place.

He tried to avoid the water once he realised what I was doing, but I tackled him into the water by the entrance to RiverClan's camp. He struggled with breath, and finally managed, "You hurt my apprentice. You get me," The blue-grey tom submerged again, and went limp. That's too easy. ThunderClan's main trick! I'm not falling for it! I held him down for a long time, and then Whitepaw came out of nowhere, shrieked, and leapt at me.


I raised my tail, and Whitepaw slowed to a stop. "You'll kill him!"

I hadn't realized that he wasn't faking the limp by now. As an apprentice who knew the warrior code by memory, I let the blue-grey tom go and helped him out of the water. I splashed my tail in the water, and said, "You'd better get a medicine cat if you want him to live, and you better not mess with RiverClan again,"

She looked down at her mentor, and said, "It's a war. I can't promise that it'll end tomorrow,"

"Then promise you won't fight anymore. Hang on the edges of the battle, and drag the wounded to medicine cats. But don't lay a claw on any RiverClan cat,"

She nodded, and dragged the limp body away.

"Mangy ThunderClan cats. I bet she'll be clawing again tomorrow," I said to myself. The ThunderClan cats were finally leaving for the night.

Chapter Three- Whitepaw (Hope)

It was such a nice encounter.

First, he tried to kill me. Second, he tried to kill my mentor.

I didn't even know his name!

I sighed as my clan trudged back to our camp. Drops of blood dripped onto the ground.

When will it be over?

"That was a good battle!" exclaimed Volestar proudly.

Some cats disagreed.

"I was nearly killed!"

"RiverClan has gotten stronger!"

I nodded. It was true. RiverClan's strength had grown tremendously. Especially that black cat. He was very strong!

The crowd was silent for a few moments. I looked up at the sky, wondering if more blood will be spilt tomorrow. I begged StarClan for this war to end before but it didn't seem to work. So many generations gave their lives for this war and we don't even consider this.

Mother, I hope you are okay. I hope StarClan is treating you well.

My sadness was caged up and I couldn't let it free now. I would look weak. I would look scared.

But, I am scared.

What if this war never ends?

Chapter Four- Nightpaw (Misty)

Well, a ThunderClan cat was spotted keeping their word. Honestly, I was a bit surprised. I had found Whitepaw on the sidelines of the battle this morning, and she was dragging a golden tom away. The tom had many open wounds.

My gaze involuntarily drifted to Whitepaw. She was panting heavily as she heaved the huge tom. Gosh, darn it. I smelled an apprentice creeping up on me just before he leapt. It wasn't Whitepaw, because he was ginger. I scrambled away, and left the tom splashing in the water. At least RiverClan was prepared this time. We had hidden by the river, because we knew that ThunderClan was striking soon. A couple of ThunderClan cats, including Whitepaw, stood to the side. They obviously were tired of the endless war.

I noticed the ginger tom clawing the riverbank. I bit his paws, and he fell away. The cat managed to swipe a claw at me, and hit me, missing my eye by not even half a whisker-length. Blood dribbled into my mouth.

I bounded downriver, and almost ran into Whitepaw. I hissed at her, and she started after me. "Hey!" She yowled. "Why is it that I can't fight, but you can? That's not really fair!"

"Whatever. Move," I shoved Whitepaw aside. "I'm actually trying to stop this war,"

" By fighting in it, "

I guess she had a point there. "I'm just defending myself,"

"Then why can't I? I can't believe I even followed your advice. You don't even do what you tell others to do!" Whitepaw complained.

"I never made you stop fighting. I just said it was an option," I shouldered past her, and ran into the trees. I snuck into a small hole, barely big enough for me. It led to an empty den. That was where I could think. For once.

Night is the best way to defeat the darkness.

I knew it was me. RiverClan is unknowingly depending on me. But how am I supposed to do it?

Chapter Five- Whitepaw (Hope)

I decided to run after him. I needed a few answers from him. The first question would ask for his name. I ran as fast as I could, trying to get there fast. The suttle wind blew in my white pelt, cooling it. A den came into view and I guessed he went in there. I ducked under the entrance and saw a black outline.


"What is your name? I told you mine."

I asked him that question straight away.

He growled and muttered something under his breath.

"Nightpaw," he huffed.

Nightpaw. It makes sense!

"Thank you Night-" I was stopped when he pushed me out the way.

"What is your problem?" I asked him, a little irritation sparking in my tone.

"This war is my problem and are you just going to sit there or do you want to help stop it?" Nightpaw growled.

Good point!

I stood up and licked my paw.

"What did I just say?" Nightpaw spat.

"I needed to clean my paw!" I sighed.

Nightpaw rolled his eyes and I was a little offended.

"You aren't the boss of me!" I snapped at him.

He glared at me before padding out of the cave. I followed, making sure to not step out of line.

Chapter Six- Nightpaw (Misty)

I shrugged Whitepaw off when I was out. "Go away," I growled. "I'm stopping this war,"  She repeated herself. "You aren't the boss of me. I'm going wherever you're going, and I'll help stop the war,"

"I didn't ask for your help. Go away," She was so annoying! I ran out, fast as the wind was carrying me. Suddenly, I turned around and batted at Whitepaw. She held a paw up quickly, and then I realized my mistake. Duh! ThunderClan gets reflects. That's not really nice....

Whitepaw followed after me, and batted back at me. I don't stand a chance against her without the water! The river was nearing, and I jumped into the river, and swam across. I only looked back once at Whitepaw, who was staring at me in shock.

"I only wanted to help," she muttered, and walked away.

The next morning was uneventful. ThunderClan didn't attack. Not really surprising, since they wanted their strength up. We also used this time to our advantage. I trained a little harder, and Sandpaw started learning battle moves.

I was on the border one morning, checking war statuses, when a WindClan patrol scent reached my nose. I was surprised to see them this far from the border. They're trespassing! I realized. And this close to the ThunderClan border too!

A grey tom with a large tail stepped out of the bushes. Four other cats followed. A golden tom, a spotted brown she-cat, a rusty ginger tom, and a smaller but sturdy brown tom, who was obviously an apprentice.

The grey tom hissed out. "Hello, Nightpaw,"

The golden tom smiled. "We heard about the war. I am-" He was cut off by the grey tom.

"He doesn't need to know our names,"

Goldie rolled his eyes. I hissed. "Why are you on RiverClan's territory?"

"To say we've joined the war. Tomorrow, you'll have two clans against you," My eyes widened. I tried to run away, but the brown tom hit me down with one paw. I cried out, and then everything went black.

Chapter Seven- Whitepaw (Hope)

I heard a cry and I didn't think twice. I ran, as fast as I could to try and find where it was coming from. I searched everywhere. I climbed up trees to see if I could find where the cry was coming from.

What if it is a ThunderClan cat?

Many thoughts were buzzing in my mind like bees.

Then, I got to RiverClan's border. I could see a faint outline of something on the ground. I rushed across the RiverClan border, hoping that this cat wasn't injured. Once I got closer, I realised who it was.

It is Nightpaw!

"Oh no!" I cried, my eyes sparking with sadness.

How can you be sad? This is Nightpaw?

I pushed those thoughts out of my mind. I needed to make sure he was breathing. I placed a paw on his back, seeing if his chest was rising. It was but slowly.

Thank StarClan!

"Nightpaw," I whispered.

He didn't answer.

"I need to get him to the medicine cat!" I told myself.

I looked at him again, wondering if I could drag his body. He was bigger than me and much stronger. It would be hard but I had to.

"Nightpaw, please, wake up!" I begged him.

He didn't stir.

Why am I so sad? He was mean to you! What if I-

Then it hit me.

Could I have feelings for Nightpaw?

Chapter Eight- Nightpaw (Misty)

I woke up to something dragging me, nudging me across the ground. It hurt. A lot. My entire body ached, and I felt many bruises on my skin.

"Let me go," I groaned, not caring who was pushing me.

"You need a medicine cat," the cat retorted. It sounded feminine, and I thought I recognised Whitepaw's voice. It can't be. You're dreaming. Whitepaw is planning with WindClan to destroy us....

"At least let me walk, " I sat up and looked around. My eyes blurred, but I noticed Whitepaw staring at me. I shook my head, and suddenly everything erupted in pain. I tried to hide my wince, but Whitepaw noticed it. "Then lean on me. I think that ThunderClan's camp is nearer than RiverClan's,"

"No," I firmly said. "ThunderClan cats will think you're crazy, helping the enemy. RiverClan will wonder the same thing. Our best bet is probably ShadowClan. I hate to admit it, but it makes the most sense,"

"Alright," Whitepaw relented. I reluctantly let her lead me to the ShadowClan camp.

The walk felt like moons. I felt ready to collapse with exhaustion. When I finally almost collapsed, Whitepaw announced quietly, "We're here," Whitepaw helped me get to the medicine cat. Once again, I thought of the prophecy. What if ShadowClan can't be trusted?

Chapter Nine- Whitepaw (Hope)

I thought Nightpaw and I were thinking the same thing.

Are we able to trust ShadowClan?

I was quite worried about Nightpaw. He seemed quite hurt. I hoped it wasn't too bad.

"Honeyspots?" I called her.

A white she-cat with ginger spots came rushing out. She tilted her head then snarled, "ThunderClan and-"

She stopped.

"RiverClan?" Honeyspots asked.

"Yes, I know. Nightpaw needs help!" I told her.

Her gaze was already on Nightpaw.

"I will be back with some herbs. Can you take him off ShadowClan territory? I don't want to be seen helping another cat, not from our clan."

Great! More walking!

I heard Nightpaw groan and I helped him walked. He was still a little weak.

"Nightpaw, what actually happened?" I questioned him.

What if that made him uncomfortable? What if he hates me? Oh, wait, he probably hates me anyway seeing as I am a ThunderClan cat.

I sighed as we continued to walk. Nightpaw seemed to stay quiet.

I guess he doesn't want to tell me. Understandable.

Chapter Ten- Nightpaw (Misty)

Why would Whitepaw want to know what happened? What was her deal? Doesn't she know that her own clan teamed up with WindClan?

I don't like walking. Having to lean on her. I can walk on my own, not needing her help. I refuse to admit that something is stopping Whitepaw from learning ThunderClan's news. Okay, okay. Something has blocked Whitepaw. Or she's up to something that her clan doesn't know where she is...

A stabbing pain in my flank, burning like fire, took me away from my thoughts. I stumbled, and Whitepaw caught me.

I felt like hissing, though it wasn't fair to Whitepaw.She's just helping a cat that she probably assumes is her friend. Whitepaw helped me up, and we slowly resumed.

The walk took even more time than the previous journey to ShadowClan. That was, of course, because we were going uphill now. I tried to walk on, as tired as I was. My paws are aching. I'm tempted to ask Whitepaw how much longer.

The murky mud worsens my ache, and I scramble up the hill. I hate being this vulnerable. At any time, Whitepaw could betray me and tackle me to the ground, or leave me here to die.

I'm convinced that I'll heal. But now.... I'm not so sure I'll even make it to a medicine cat.

Chapter Eleven- Whitepaw (Hope)

My paws start to ache. Nightpaw is a strong tom but him leaning against me hurts. But I'll continue for him.

I knew we are on different sides of the war and I was probably be punished if my clan ever found out but Nightpaw was in need. They can't stop me from helping an injured cat.

Nightpaw's breathing was steady which was a relief but I felt ever so sorry for him.

"Nightpaw, are you okay?" I asked him.

He groans which I guess means no.

"Want to rest?" I asked again.

He nods his head and the winces.

I helped him down so he could rest his legs. He must have been in so much pain.

I sat down next to him, making sure he was alright. I glanced at him and questioned, "Do you want me to clean your pelt? It is a bit dirty."

He looked at me with a confused look on his face. I tilted my head, waiting for an answer. There was silence for a moment.

It felt like ages.

"I am sorry for asking so many questions!" I sighed, my eyes glistening.

I wonder if we could be friends?

If this war ever ends, I would love to get to know Nightpaw better!

Chapter Twelve- Nightpaw (Misty)

I don't know what Whitepaw was aiming for. I mean, she was asking a lot of questions, but..... I guess that that's what's good about her.

I quickly said, "No, it fine. Um....." I swiveled my head back, and sure enough, there was a small layer of dust on my pelt. "I didn't notice the dust," Whitepaw smiled slightly at me. She asked again, "Can you clean it? Some of those spots are hard to reach,"

I thought for a moment. I-I mean.... I did kinda want to get to know her better. It was just...... Didn't RiverClan need me? If I'm the best way to defeat the darkness, what is Whitepaw? She's from the opposite clan! But she was a trustworthy friend. "Um... Sure..." I managed. I didn't notice that my mouth was dry until now.

Whitepaw licked me down, and I tried to believe it was from one of my clanmates. What if she becomes a clanmate? What if..... What if there is some kind of connection, not spoken in the prophecy?

Whitepaw finished licking. The sun was setting, and I felt an urge to get back to RiverClan. They'll be missing me! Sending out search parties in the dark!

Whitepaw's fur seemed to glow. Her white patches became silver, and the grey into a light black. She looked beautiful. I tried to hide it. "We really should get to Honeyspots now," she said, green eyes glowing eerily in the dimming light. I nodded, and we slowly rose. But something was different. I didn't get tired, even though I was still leaning on Whitepaw. I.... Do I like her? I tried not to dwell on it. Sometimes Whitepaw would look back at me, as if making sure I was actually there, and not some kind of black weight. I resisted purring. That would give me away!

Suddenly, Honeyspots hauled me and Whitepaw up. I lay on a flat rock, and she started treating me. Scents mingled with each other, and I faintly heard Whitepaw saying, "Do you think the war will be over soon?"

"I don't know," Honeyspots answered quietly. "All I know is that RiverClan and ThunderClan are fighting,"

"And WindClan," I weakly managed.

"Sure," Honeyspots meowed. "And soon ShadowClan will be involved. Once I finish treating you, I'll have been involving my clan in this,"

I listened to Whitepaw's slow, steady breathing. I lay my head down, and rested, removing thought from my head temporarily, and fell asleep.

Chapter Thirteen- Whitepaw (Hope)

I watched Nightpaw's steady breathing. I then realised he was asleep.

Don't wake him!

"Do you know what happened?" asked Honeyspots, assessing the sleeping tom.

I shook my head, "No,"

Honeyspots nodded and the questioned, "Is he bleeding?"

I shrugged. I didn't know but I wish I did. That would make things a lot easier.

Honeyspots sighed before turning her gaze to the pile of herbs. She picked out a few things and then brought them back to Nightpaw.

I sat down next to Nightpaw, glancing at him from time to time.

He really is-

Stop it Whitepaw! He is a RiverClan apprentice. Even if the war ends it is forbidden. And a tom like him could never like me.

I sighed, wondering if Nightpaw could ever feel the same. It was impossible. He couldn't like me.

Then, my thoughts drifted to the war.

Will it ever end?

If the war ended it would be perfect.

No more battles.

No more deaths.

Just peace.

Then, I thought about my mother. I was three moons old when she was killed. She gave her life for her clan. For me. I will never forget her courage, bravery and love.

I miss you mother. Every day.

Chapter Fourteen- Nightpaw (Misty)

I heard some hushed talking. I felt...... rested. Rested like never before. I realized that no cat could focus for lack of sleep, because ThunderClan would always attack when we were sleeping.

My flank ached, and my ears ringed. But I could rest. I opened my eyes slowly. I was temporarily blinded by the sudden sunlight. I was asleep that long? I quickly shut, then opened my eyes.

As they adjusted, I could see a white and grey shape and a white and ginger shape, both looking at me. For a moment, I didn't know where I was. Then the events of last night came back to me. I heard Whitepaw exhale loudly.

"Nightpaw, do you know what happened?" Honeyspots asked.

I groaned, and tried to sit up. To my delight, I could prop myself up in the nest. I guess they had made me this, because the rock wasn't comfortable. All I said was, "WindClan,"

"And what did WindClan do?"

"Ally...... RiverClan. Joined the..... war and attacked me," I could at least think straight. I hadn't talked in so long, it was hard to speak.

My stomach grumbled. I hadn't realised how hungry I was. Whitepaw's eyes looked at the scab on my flank, and she said, "Do you want me to hunt for you?"

I chuckled. "If you can catch fish in the woods, be my guest,"

Whitepaw giggled. "No, I can fish. I've watched you guys long enough to know,"

I abruptly sat up. "Did you leak information to ThunderClan?" She shook her head. "I've never tried to catch a fish, but I might be able to. If I can't, then you better go catch one yourself," I smiled, and she wandered over to the river.  Wait. When were we by the river? I tasted the air. We were on the river by the ThunderClan - RiverClan border! Honeyspots smiled sadly, and said to me, "I'd best get going. I wouldn't want to get caught on two raging sides of the war,"

"Not unless you're allies with us,"

"Are you....... Are you asking my clan to join the war? And for me to work harder?"

"I'm just saying that I don't have a false backup story. I'm serious. I'll ask Rainstar. The opposite side has two clans. We only have one. What would happen if ThunderClan and WindClan teamed up with ShadowClan?" I pointed out.

Honeyspots didn't answer. "I'll get word to Coralstar. At least she won't question me for being gone the whole night,"

Whitepaw came back up as Honeyspots left. She had a fish and a water vole in her jaws. She gave me the fish, and left without a word.

I knew that liking her wouldn't do anything. For StarClan's sake, she's in a different clan! But I was still surprised that she just...... left. Without a word.

I pondered for a moment, then left to get back to RiverClan.

Chapter Fifteen- Whitepaw (Hope)

I regretted leaving. Every step I took made me think of Nightpaw.

I hoped he was alright and nothing hurt. I wished him a safe journey back to RiverClan.

Should I have told him my feelings?

That probably would have been a bad idea.

The breeze starts to pick up. It was quite cold and it sent a shiver down my back. My paws keep going, guiding me back to ThunderClan. No matter what, somehow, I will always end up back there.

Then it hits me.

I didn't even say goodbye to Nightpaw.

I turned and ran back, hoping my paws will accept the new journey. Surprisingly, they did.

I dodged a few leaves that were flying at me.

I am a terrible friend! I didn't even say goodbye! I left without saying anything.

Those thoughts encouraged me to go faster. Which was good because he may have already left the spot.

When I got there, Honeyspots wasn't there. Nor was Nightpaw.

Arg, I am a mouse-brain!

I sighed, cursing under my breath.

"NIghtpaw?" I called, wondering if he could hear me from wherever I was.

Then, I heard a rustle in the bush behind me. Then a spot of ginger. I smiled, realising Honeyspots was here. Honeyspots lept out of the bush and walked over to me.

"You like him don't you?" she asked, her whiskers twitched with amusement,

"Yeah." I sighed, looking at my paws.

"I am not sure about this but I think he likes you too,"

Chapter Sixteen- Nightpaw (Misty)

I swam into the RiverClan camp. I heard Hawkstrike snoring in the elder's den. I crept into the apprentice's den, and definitely didn't expect a visitor in my den.

Tawnyfeather was sitting in the den, sobbing into the corner near my nest. "Stop that, or my nest will get wet!" I playfully meowed.  How can you be playful in a time of war! I scolded myself. Tawnyfeather turned around. "Nightpaw?" She asked, tears blurring her vision.

I nodded. Tears were coming in my eyes, and I stumbled into my mother's warm pelt. "My strong Nightpaw. I was so worried! But somehow, I knew you were alive," Tawnyfeather smiled, her words slightly muffled in my fur. I buried my head in her fur. "I thought you were dead," Tawnyfeather continued. It won't be long before you or I actually are... I sadly thought. This war had to be stopped. I want to tell my mother about the prophecy badly. Unfortunately, I couldn't.

"Where's Vineclaw?" I asked Tawnyfeather. My father was an emotional cat, and I would expect him here if Tawnyfeather was also here.  Tawnyfeather shrugged. "I don't think he knows. He's probably sleeping right now, which is for the best," Seeing my glance, she added, "I think Sandpaw is also up. And Rainstar as well,"

I nodded. Despite my sleep by Honeyspots and Whitepaw, I felt tired. I lay down in my nest, and the only thoughts in mind were of my kin, and Whitepaw.

I admit to myself I liked her. 'It's no use lying to yourself,' my mother would say. I heard Tawnyfeather leave the den. But I have to let Whitepaw go, so I better get over her now, while I still can, before it gets out of control. The prophecy came to mind. I started thinking of ways to persuade Volestar to call off the war.

Chapter Seventeen- Whitepaw (Hope)

I padded back to camp, thoughts were ringing in my head.

I am not sure about this but I think he likes you too.

He couldn't like me! Honeyspots must have gotten it wrong. I mean a handsome tom like him wouldn't like a cat like me!

The leaves rustled and I kept walking, lost in my thoughts.

Before I knew it, I was back at camp. I padded in.

"Whitepaw?" asked a voice behind me.

"Maplepaw?" I questioned as I turned around.

Maplepaw grinned before tackling me. I feel to the ground, laughing as we wrestled.

"Get off me!" I laughed.

"I missed you! Where were you? The whole of ThunderClan thought you were dead!" giggled Maplepaw.

"I don't see how that is funny!" I joked.

Maplepaw sat up, smiling.

Now I have to explain why I was gone!

Maplepaw's ginger pelt shone in the sunlight. He was a good looking tom but we were best friends and he wasn't my type. Irispaw, on the other paw, had a huge crush on Maplepaw.

"Well, I got lost!" I lied.

"I find that hard to believe!" laughed Maplepaw, his blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

I rolled my eyes and walked away. Maplepaw ran after me.

"Can you tell me the truth? I promise not to tell anyone!" he asked.

"Maybe later," I said.

Chapter Eighteen- Nightpaw (Misty)

Before long, I found myself being shaken awake. "Huh?" I groaned. My nest was so comfy!

My eyes focused and I saw Sandpaw standing over me. "Roll over. I can see your scab. Let me see,"

I shook my head and complied. He scanned the scab, and said, "Wow. Whoever treated it did it well," I grimaced. I didn't want the secret to get out.  I stood and walked out of the den, Sandpaw following me. The sun was already setting! That was when I noticed two things at once. I smelled ThunderClan and ShadowClan. Rainstar must be talking to Volestar and Coralstar.

Sandpaw noticed my look, and smiled. "There seems to be a leader thingy. Also, a masked WindClan scent is here. The leaders are talking in Rainstar's den,"

"I knew it," I said. 

"Nightpaw! I want you to find some other cats to go on a hunting patrol! With ThunderClan's leader here, we have no attacking to worry about!" Vineclaw yowled.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I noticed Kinkstorm, and asked, "Hey, do you want to come hunting?"

She nodded. "Can I ask other cats to come?" I smiled and nodded. On my way past the elders den, Dawnfoot called from inside. "I don't have time to clean out your bedding," I called.

"It's not about bedding. Just want to say, it's a basically normal day. But listen to your mind, Nightpaw. And your heart. Those are the two most powerful things in a cat,"

I sharply inhaled. Did she know? I hoped not. I continued, and Kinkstorm came back with Frostwillow, Needletalon, Ratfang, and Lynxtuft in tow.

"Great!" I called. Vineclaw came over. He looked at the cats, and nodded for Kinkstorm to lead the patrol.

We wandered to the river, and adjusted our positions to change our shadow's position. Altogether, I caught two fish. As we headed back, I thought I spotted some white fur on a twig.  Stop that. It's probably from Berryclaw or Greencloud or somecat. You don't have proof it's from Whitepaw. We entered the camp, and I dropped my fish on the pile. I kept one, and shared it with Sandpaw. I didn't feel tired, so I wandered out of camp. I didn't know where I was going. All I knew was that I knew the territory. Dawnfoot kept repeating herself in my head. I sat down on a particularly large rock, and watched the stars come out. Which one of you could be Lightningpaw?  My sister had died almost as soon as we had become apprentices. Sandpaw was my only company my age.

Then Whitepaw came into mind. I ignored the thought, and watched the moon rise and set.

Chapter Nineteen- Whitepaw (Hope)

Maplepaw and I sat in the Apprentice's den, wondering what to do.

"Want to go hunting? We can restock the fresh-kill pile?" Maplepaw questioned.

"Alright!" I replied before standing up.

I shook my pelt before padding out of the den. Maplepaw followed. He walked beside me and I smiled. I am very lucky to have a friend like him. We walked in silence until we were out of camp.

"So, are you going to tell me what happened?" Maplepaw asked, a sly smile spreading across his face.

"I'll think about it!" I laughed.

"Hey! Whitepaw, you are like a sister to me. Siblings tell each other everything!" he argued.

"True! Okay, fine! I'll tell you when we are further away from camp." I gave in.

"Thanks Whitepaw!" Maplepaw smiled.

As we walked further away, the sounds of camp became more distant. I couldn't hear my clanmate's voices. Then, my ears twitched. My first instinct was to jump into a hunter's crouch. Maplepaw must have heard it too because he did the same.

I heard the rustle again. It was coming from a nearby bush. Maplepaw nodded to me, signalling that I should go get it. I nodded my head briefly before stalking over to the bush. Once I got closer I could smell what it was.

A mouse!

I licked my lips. I wanted the mouse to come out from the bush so it would be easier to catch. I waited, wondering what the mouse's next move would be. A moment later the mouse ran out of the bush. It was fast but it wasn't fast enough. I lept onto it, swiping it with my front paws. Then, the mouse's body went limp. I picked it up in my jaw before walking back to Maplepaw.

"Good catch!" Maplepaw exclaimed.

I placed the mouse on the ground and dug a hole. I then put the mouse in and buried it.

"Thanks," I meowed.

He smiled before asking, "Now?"

I nodded, "Okay!"

He sat down, waiting for me to tell him what happened.

"So, I heard this yowl when I was out of camp. I had to help that cat. When I arrived I found Night-"

I stopped because he shouldn't know that I know his name.

"A RiverClan apprentice, limp on the ground. What could I do? Leave him there to die? I took him to a medicine cat and he was then healed. I stayed with them overnight and then made my way back here,"

"Wow, it seems like you had quite a day. So, do you have a crush on the Nightpaw?" grinned Maplepaw.

"H-how do you know?" I asked, my eyes wide.

"When we were battling I saw you go off with him. Then you helped him. I think you have feelings for him!" explained Maplepaw.

"Will you tell anyone?" I questioned, my breathing becoming heavier.

"No. I promise. But, I can try and help you see him. I know it is against the Warrior code but in my opinion, love comes first!" smiled Maplepaw.

I nodded, grinning. I brushed against Maplepaw.

"Thank you!"

Chapter Twenty- Nightpaw (Misty)

I knew I should get back to camp, but something stopped me from going back. I looked back up at the stars, and two of them seemed to shine brighter than usual.

"Nightpaw," One of the stars seemed to say.

"Your love for Whitepaw isn't a bad thing as long as you stop the war!" The other exclaimed. I looked down. "How? How am I supposed to stop the war?"

"Remember that there are four clans in the forest. But, don't forget that the stars will pick the right side," This time, a third star spoke. 

I smiled. I knew that my sister would help the war stop. First, I had a leader or two to catch! I ran back to camp, and tasted the air. I caught a whiff of RiverClan like normal, and I smelled ShadowClan and ThunderClan as well. The meeting thing wasn't over yet.

Soon, a brown cat walked out of Rainstar's den. I recognised Volestar. Good.  I blended into the shadows of the wet rock, and hid my white paw.

Two more shapes came out of the den. I crawled forward, and saw Coralstar and Smokestar speaking.  "RiverClan has all rights to call the war cuts," Coralstar was speaking. "But I'm not joining unless there is a huge persuade, then I might,"

I crawled forward. I whispered so quiet that only Coralstar should be able to hear. "Hey," I whispered. "You should help end the war,"

Coralstar looked down, and back up. "I'll think about it," she whispered back.

I smiled. We had a clan possibly convinced!

Chapter Twenty-one- Whitepaw (Hope)

I looked up at the stars through the den entrance. They seemed to shine brightly. Brighter than I had ever seen before.

Maplepaw was curled up next to me. He was already sound asleep.

I think I was the only one still awake.

I let my thoughts flood my mind.


He was the only thing I could think about.

Nightpaw's soft pelt and his beautiful structure.

But what shone out to me is his personality. He was funny, kind and had this mischievous thing about him. I wanted to stay with him.

I wanted so badly to be able to stay with him.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a snore. It was Maplepaw!

I giggled quietly and whispered in his ear, "Could you snore any louder?"

"Yes, I could!" laughed Maplepaw.

"Oh, you are awake!" 

I wondered if I had woke him up.

He laughed again and I smiled.

I looked back at the stars. Now, they were even brighter. Does StarClan approve of me?

Chapter Twenty-two- Nightpaw (Misty)

I padded out of the apprentice's den, the sun warming my pelt. I was excited more than usual. Today was my warrior assessment! I was very excited, even though as a warrior, I'd still be doing apprentice duties. The newest kits, Stormkit, Sagekit, and Echokit wouldn't be apprentices until six moons had passed since now. I was told that the kits were born last night. I was surprised, since I was awake most of the night. I knew I'd fallen asleep, but I didn't know that I would sleep through kits being born!

Needletalon greeted me as I walked out. "Hello," she said. "Do you think you're ready for today? Or do I have to postpone your assessment...." She teased. I smiled. The sun was bright, and I was happy. I didn't even think of the war. "Nah," I giggled . "I think I'll pass,"

Needletalon smiled. "Alright. Rainstar said that I can do it today..... I'll be watching," I ran out of the den after her. She led me to Willow Point, a small lake surrounded by trees, especially willows. This was the best place to hunt for minnows.

"Alright," Needletalon said. "First is hunting. You know very well that this is the best place for minnows. I want you to get two fish that aren't minnows, and then catch three minnows. You can start now!"

I scanned the pond. It was lucky that almost right away, I spotted the pink color of salmon. Wow! Right off the bat!

It was moving pretty fast. I wasn't sure I could get it. There were many minnows in the way. I adjusted my shadow, and reached a paw over. It was my white paw. A random thought stopped me from hooking the fish. White. White. A White paw. What's happening to Whitepaw? Is she in trouble? I seized the fish and ran off. I smelled Needletalon running after me. She yelled, "Nightpaw! What are you doing?!" I ignored her. Something was coming. I could smell Whitepaw, even though she couldn't be here. My blood pounded in my head. 

A thought came to me. I realized what was happening a second before it happened. "ThunderClan is attacking!" I screeched to Needletalon. I adjusted my direction until I was heading toward camp.

Many cats came tumbling out of the undergrowth. I recognized the ginger apprentice who attacked me last time. I smelled WindClan and the moor. We don't stand a chance!

I veered over into the river. I tumbled into the current, and used my strong paws to swim over to a limp, white body that was caught against a tree. Several cats tried to follow me, and were swept away by the current. I knew the white body was Whitepaw. I had to somehow get her out of the river! I picked up Whitepaw by the scruff of her neck and paddled strongly to the bank on the other side. I hoped I would make it. Whitepaw's fur was so waterlogged that she started dragging me down.

My paws scraped the shallow end, and I think my pads were cracked or sliced by rocks. But I dragged Whitepaw on. Black spots filled my view, and I felt a cat dragging me and Whitepaw up. I turned around and saw Coralstar barely standing up against the river. They came!

I helped push Whitepaw against the bank. Honeyspots was there, waiting. Exhausted, I flopped on the bank, panting. For some reason, the only two thoughts I could manage were, Is Whitepaw alright? and I dropped my salmon.

I dragged Whitepaw closer to Honeyspots. I've blacked out way too often this moon..... I thought before the black spots completely filled my vision, and I blacked out.

Chapter Twenty-three- Whitepaw (Hope)

My eyelids fluttered and I felt wet. Really wet. I opened my eyes fully and light immediately filled them. I winced and then shut them again.

Everything hurt. 

But why?

I opened my eyes again, hoping they would adjust. They did and I looked around. I winced again, my neck aching.

This can't be good!

I then saw a familiar cat.


"Honeyspots?" I asked, a little confused.

"Stay still!" she ordered.

"What happened? What is going on?" I questioned, panic setting in.

"I said, stay still!" Honeyspots growled.

I did what she asked this time.

She was right. I should have stayed still.

"Your fur is really waterlogged," Honeyspots told me.

How did that happen?

"Good thing Nightpaw got there in time!" 


I was shocked.

"He saved you Whitepaw. He saved you from drowning!"

Chapter Twenty-four- Nightpaw (Misty)

I knew I had only blacked out, but I still struggled to open my eyes. My eyelids were heavy, and it was pretty cold.  There was a breeze going, and at least my fur wasn't so wet. I bet Whitepaw is shivering. I felt strong paws grip me, and the action made me jump. I tried and successfully opened my eyes. Everything was blurry as it had in the past.

Due to the coldness, I estimated it to be around sunset. When the blur cleared, I found I was right. I noticed Honeyspots and Whitepaw around, talking to another cat. No, it wasn't Whitepaw. It was Coralstar. Her fur was drenched, and her fur was more creamy than white.

The other cat was Vineclaw. I was sorta surprised. But not that surprised, since I knew it was just past a battle, and he's the deputy. I just thought he would send another cat.

I was glad ShadowClan came. We had a chance to end the war! I knew that only I could stop it, but help was good. Maybe I could convince WindClan to come on our side. I wasn't certain, though, since ThunderClan had gotten to them first.

I thought about the clans' abilities. ThunderClan had pretty fast reflexes, WindClan could run fast. Which, in my opinion, is better for running away than fighting. ShadowClan cats can blend in with the shadows and stalk, quieter than a whisper from the wind. RiverClan cats can swim.

We use water for our everything. We eat from it, we use it to attack, we use it to protect our camp. What would happen if a cat from another clan learned to swim? It wouldn't be good for us.

I noticed that Coralstar and Honeyspots were gone. Vineclaw was beckoning me over. "Look," he whispered. "I'm gonna talk to Rainstar and Needletalon for you to become a warrior. You're strong, and I'm proud of you, Nightpaw,"

I smiled and followed him back to camp. I imagined what my name would be. There were many possibilities.

When I got back to camp, Sandpaw was in the medicine den, treating Berryclaw's wounds. He looked up. "Hi, Nightpaw!" Sandpaw smiled. "Good to see you! I heard you might be becoming a warrior soon,"

I nodded. "That's right!" I said. "I know what I want my name to be. But I can't tell you. It's a secret,"

Sandpaw smirked. "I see how it is. Off you go, then. Berryclaw is waiting for me to treat him," I nodded and walked out.

Rainstar called a clan meeting. I quickly smoothed my fur and sat down next to Needletalon. "Some of you know how great Nightpaw did in the battle, and throughout the war. He has fought bravely, and I grant him the title of a warrior. Nightpaw, please step forward," Rainstar meowed.

I complied, buzzing with excitement. "Do you promise to uphold the warrior code as a warrior, even at the cost of your life?" Rainstar asked.

"I do," I firmly said, trying to hide my excitement, but not doing very good.

"Then by the power of StarClan, I give this apprentice his warrior name. Nightpaw, from now on, you will be known as Nightwhisker. StarClan honors your strength, trustworthiness, and reliability in this endless war. We hope it will end soon," Rainstar finished.

I proudly sat up straighter and listened to my clanmates cheering my new name. "Nightwhisker! Nightwhisker! Nightwhisker!"

When the cheers subsided, I padded over to the entrance of the camp, ready to start my silent vigil. Needletalon came over and said, "Congratulations on your new name, Nightwhisker. Tonight, we will be put in capable paws to protect us. I will tell you in the morning when your vigil is over and you can speak,"

I nodded and listened to the sounds of the night. I looked up at the stars. Nightwhisker, they seemed to say. We're proud of you. But don't forget. Night is the best way to defeat the darkness....

Chapter Twenty-five- Whitepaw (Hope)

The chants grew louder. 

Whitemist! Maplepelt" 

I was grinning even though it hurt. How could I not have grinned? I was now a warrior. 

Maplepelt brushed against me, purring. I purred as well, even though it hurt, as the crowd of ThunderClan continues to cheer. It echoed throughout the camp. I looked down at the cats below. They were either chanting or smiling. Well, except for Irispaw. She was frowning and muttering something under her breath. She was obviously jealous that she wan't a warrior like Maplepelt and I. 

The chanting began to die down and then Volestar called of the meeting. Cats slowly exited and made their way to the dens. 

It was late and the stars were already shining. It was a stunning night and it reminded me of Nightpaw. 

Voletstar walked up to us and said, "Make sure you don't injure yourself more than you already have Whitemist!" 

"I'll try not to Volestar!" I promised him 

"Good! Maplepelt, keep an eye on her!" smiled Volestar. 

I giggled as Maplepelt laughed, "I wish I could," 

Volestar purred is amusement and turned his back. 

"You two will be great warriors. Two of the greatest ThunderClan has seen in years. Whitemist, you remind me so much of your mother. Mossfall was as brave as you. She also seemed to get injured a lot." Volestar told us. 

That was the best compliment I had ever been given. 

I was like my mother. 

Brave. Always getting hurt and a great warrior. 

"Sleep well Maplepelt," smiled Volestar. Maplepelt nodded, grinning. 

"And sleep well Whitemist. You are an amazing daughter and I am ever so proud of you!" 

Chapter Twenty-six- Nightwhisker (Misty)

It was easy to stay awake the whole night. I watched the sun rise, and Needletalon came over to me. "You can speak now," she said. "I'd suggest putting up a nest and resting,"

"Yeah," I sleepily said. What I was really excited about was that Sandpaw would most likely get his medicine cat name tonight, because it's the night of the half-moon! I went over to the medicine den to collect some moss. I took some and also some bracken outside the den for the outline of my nest.

I yawned and Tawnyfeather greeted me inside the warriors' den. "Hello, Nightwhisker," she said with a smile. "Right here is an open spot,"

The spot was next to Frostwillow's nest and Berryclaw's. It was near the edge of the den, but I didn't mind. After sleeping in the apprentice's den alone, I was glad to have at least some cats by me.

I thought of Whitepaw while I rounded my nest. Is she a warrior? What's her name? I placed the moss in my nest, and circled in it to see if it was good enough. It was.

I found it hard to fall asleep, even as tired as I was. A small shape prodded me awake. It was Echokit. What? Isn't she a little young to be out of the nursery?

"I brought you some feathers, " Echokit asked in a sweet voice. I looked down at her. She looked a lot like Lightningpaw. I was happy for the memory.

"Thanks," I said. I stood and placed the feathers in my nest. Circling around once more, I tested my nest. It was still comfortable. I promptly feel asleep after most things were cleared from my mind.

Chapter Twenty-seven- Whitemist (Hope)

Sunlight shone on my pelt and I yawned.

It was a long night. Every sound I heard, I jumped. It was hard to not drift off to sleep as well. My eyes were aching and I had to force them awake at times.

Maplepelt was better at keeping himself awake. I never saw him drop his head or close his eyes for a while.

I stood up and stretched, my muscles tingling. My body still hurt but it wasn't as bad as last night.

"We did it!" exclaimed Maplepelt.

"Yes, we did," I meowed.

I was now a warrior and had a lot more responsibility.

"So how is it with you and that Nightpaw?" Maplepelt asked me.

"Well, he saved me from drowning," I stuttered.

"Is that how you got your injuries?"

I nodded.

"Want to go to the Warriors Den?" asked Maplepelt, "That means we could get some rest!"


I said, "I need sleep!"

Maplepelt laughed and we walked together. That would have been my first time in the Warrior's den. I was very excited. My whiskers twitched and I purred. Being a warrior was my dream.

Finally, one of my dreams, was coming true.

Chapter Twenty-eight- Nightwhisker (Misty)

When I woke up, I smelled something that shouldn't be here. I was sure. I knew that ThunderClan's scent was clearly here.  Is the war continuing? No, then there would be battle cries and the such. What is it then?  I faintly smelled their scent. But what they were doing here was weird. I was confused, because I thought that the other cats would smell it by now. I searched for Sandpaw, and when I found him, I asked, "Hey Sandpaw? Do you smell that?"

He sniffed and answered quietly, "The ThunderClan scent? Yeah. Mintwing thought it was stale, and I did as well. I thought it was from ThunderClan attacking yesterday. What's going on?" I didn't answer and walked away, stomping towards the bushes. Once I reached them, I stopped stomping and quietly continued.

While Sandpaw was talking, I recognised the smell of a medicine cat with some warriors. The herb scent still lingered around a small brown ball of fluff, poised to leap forward, but still stationary. Their hushed whispers became audible once I got closer. My black pelt was proving well, as it was good for spying or something. "I can't believe they accused me of killing him," growled a voice to my right. "I didn't do it! Dumb clan. Now they kick me out because I know who did it!"

Suddenly, I realized that the scent wasn't from ThunderClan cats. It was WindClan, disguised as three ThunderClan cats! The medicine cat stiffened. "Then you should be grateful Smokestar let you live. He could've killed you right on the spot,"

The left cat growled. The cat hissed, "Don't say his name in public, on enemy territory! You don't know who could be listening, mousebrain!" I froze. The medicine cat started at that cat. "How dare you call your medicine cat a mousebrain!" She forgot to quiet her voice, and whispered, "Foxdung. Now they definitely know we're here! Quick, away from the water!" The three cats scampered away. I recognized Eaglewing, Redfall, and Mistyflight. I ran in front of them, and stopped them in their tracks. "I've known you were here for a long time! WindClan,"

Redfall hissed. "Get out of my way. We've got work to do,"

"Like what?" I taunted. "You're on my territory. I'll escort you to your border," Mistyflight glanced at both Redfall and Eaglewing. "We could fight it off," I heard her whisper. "Two well trained warriors against Nightpaw, that apprentice,"

"No. Two ugly warriors and a medicine cat against a warrior destined for greatness. Also, RiverClan reinforcements are on the way," I smiled, smugly enjoying their anger. "Obviously, you haven't seen how well I can fight now. What would Smokestar say if you were beaten by a small warrior who was last night an apprentice?"

Eaglewing narrowed his eyes at me. "Get away now, before we beat you up," 

I laughed. "You're not fighting. I don't care how much training you have. Medicine cats would be ashamed that you started fighting a new warrior in an uneven fight,"

"But you said reinforcements are on the way," Redfall growled. "Besides, they're not by water. We can win anytime. WindClan, attack!"

I smiled. In a fight that isn't by the water, RiverClan cats do a special trick. "It's time to test how fast you can run!" My advantages were that I was small, and I knew this part of the forest fairly well. I shifted my position until I was facing away from the river. I didn't attack. Redfall came running at me, and I sidestepped so he ran straight into a tree. Mistyflight did a running swipe at me, and once again, a warrior slammed headfirst into a tree. I walked backwards until I could faintly hear the river. Eaglewing ran to Redfall and helped him out of the tree. I couldn't hear their whispers, but that was fine. Eaglewing proceeded to help Mistyflight.

The rest of the way to the river was grassy and muddy. I knew they'd slip into the river if they were fast enough. Redfall came rushing at me, I sidestepped at the last moment possible. He slipped and fell headfirst into the water. Realizing her mistake, Mistyflight tried to stop, but kept coming at me. I sidestepped again, and a loud splash followed. Eaglewing opened his eyes wide, and rushed back in the direction of WindClan, abandoning his warriors. I left them in there. Walking towards camp, I smelled a scent of ThunderClan cat in the river. By now, WindClan's disguises would be washed away, so I ran to see. Whitepaw was standing on her side of the river, waving me over with her tail. I narrowed my eyes, but went over. I asked, "What do you want?"

She answered, "Are you a warrior too? I want to help you stop the war. I can say I'm hunting now. I don't have apprentice duties,"

"Yeah," I said, head down. Part of me wanted to ignore her and swim away, part wanted to tell her my warrior name, part wanted to talk, but not telling her my name.

"Mine's Whitemist," She said. "I was wondering, at sunset, do you want to come with me to discover ways to end the war?"

I nodded my head. "Nightwhisker," I finally said. Then I walked away, and while I was, I said, "Meet me here by sunset. Or I'll meet you here," I looked back, and Whitemist was gone.

You can't fall in love with Whitemist and stop the war. Choose one. RiverClan, or love? When the camp came in view, I thought to myself, I'll find a way to choose both. I walked into the camp. Vineclaw was assigning war patrols. "Are we attacking them first?" I asked.

"Nightwhisker! We noticed you were gone and we smelled ThunderClan, so we thought they had you!" Vineclaw exclaimed.

"I'm tougher than that," I smiled.

Vineclaw returned the smile. "That's my warrior," 

Chapter Twenty-nine- Whitemist (Hope)

I was shaking with happiness. I was going to meet Nightwhisker at sunset. Then, I could tell him my feelings!

I raced back to ThunderClan, excited to tell Maplepelt the news.

Maybe he could help me figure out something to say!

The wind ruffled my white pelt as I ran through the forest. It would have seemed like I was running from a fox if you were just passing by.

I felt like I needed to run faster. I needed a boost of speed. But soon, the camp came into sight. I grinned, realising how fast I had run.

It was probably the fastest I had ever run!

Then, I was exhausted. I started puffing as I walked into camp. I took deep breaths, filling my lungs with air. Air was just what I needed.

Maplepelt walked out of the Warriors den, yawning. He must have slept. He immediately noticed me and rushed over.

"What is wrong?" he asked, his tone filling with fear.

"I am meeting Nightwhisker at sunset tonight!" I puffed.

Maplepelt grinned and said, "Good job!"

"I need your help to figure out what to say!" I told him.

"I thought you'd ask that!" laughed Maplepelt.

We walked to the Warriors den. No cat was currently there which made it a perfect spot to talk about Nightwhisker.

I sat down on the den's floor, the cold of the stone spreading through my body.

Maplepelt and I talked for a while, tossing ideas at each other.

Nightwhisker, I love you.

Chapter Thirty- Nightwhisker (Misty)

I slowly walked towards the place I had seen Whitemist. What if she doesn't like me? What if she gets mad at me? What should I say?

I swam across the river, deep in thought. I must've been so absorbed in what to say, because I bumped into a tree. Sitting down, I hid behind the tree in hope of sneaking up on Whitemist.

Should I have told her my warrior name? The darn question kept haunting me. My reply was always, Yes. Be quiet. But it would always come back. I finally thought, For StarClan's sake, shut up! I heard a shuffling in the undergrowth. I know it's her.

Preparing to leap, Whitemist looked around and said, "Hmm. I thought he would be here first. Oh well, I'll just wait for him,"

I giggled to myself. I jumped out and said, "Surprise! I'm here already!"

Whitemist jumped up and said, "Oh hi!" I smiled.

"So you want to help me stop the war, 'eh? First, we need to convince WindClan to either join our side, or leave the war," I said.

Whitemist nodded. "Well, um, before we begin, I want to tell you something. Um,"

I thought about what she was going to say. Maybe, Um, Nightwhisker, I've decided I don't want to help. No, that couldn't be it. Maybe, Nightwhisker, I have an idea! If we ask Volestar to back off, and that doesn't work, ask loners and rogues to join the war?

Whitemist started talking, and I silenced my thoughts. "Well, um, Nightwhisker, you see, I have a thing for you......"

I jumped. I never thought that she would ever say something like that! "Well, I kinda have..... Um...... Me too," I settled on saying.

Whitemist's eyes opened wide. "I- I was scared that you'd say something like, 'I don't like you! Scram! Next time I see you, I'm attacking! ' or something like that,"

I smiled. "If you hadn't brought it up, I was going to go the exact same thing,"

Whitemist sat next to me. "Now, about the war. If WindClan stay on my side, what should we do?"

"Maybe invite other cats to fight? Like, loners and rogues?" I silently thanked my brain for having that thought.

Whitemist nodded. "I'll see if I can find some willing. Come here tomorrow at sun-high with the cats that are willing?"

I smiled. "First, all of RiverClan and ShadowClan will see if Volestar retreats. We need to surround him and the deputy for it to work,"

"That's a good idea," Whitemist said. "Oooh! How about you station several cats in trees and in the water, and I lead Volestar into the trap?"

"Hmm," I meowed. "That might work. Don't lead him yourself, just tell him that you saw some unloyal cats on your side, and they need a lesson?"

"Okay. You tell your clan, I'll tell Volestar, and when tomorrow would we activate it?" Whitemist asked. "I'm thinking tomorrow at sunset, because cats in water wouldn't be seen then. What should the 'unloyal' cats be doing?" 

"I was thinking about telling him that they were hunting and feeding ShadowClan cats with our prey. I mean, unless RiverClan cats eat mice and squirrels,"

I gagged. "ShadowClan is a better idea. Volestar will know it's a lie if you tell him it's for RiverClan,"

Whitemist nodded. "See you tomorrow then,"

I smiled. "See you tomorrow,"

Chapter Thirty-one- Whitemist (Hope)

That was the best day of my life.

Nightwhisker likes me too!

I bounced all the way back to ThunderClan camp. Happiness was fluttering around my stomach like moths. I couldn't stop thinking about Nightwhisker.

My thoughts all were about him.

Nightwhisker. Nightwhisker. Nightwhisker.

I thought I am in love with him.

I tried to block that thought out of my mind but it wouldn't leave. It kept coming back.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a prickle in paw. I winced and my paw started to throb.

I continued to walk. Actually, I limped. My back paw was aching and I was finding it hard to walk. I was close to camp so I just had to continue on my journey back.

I was soon tackled by Maplepelt.

I laughed and he smiled as we stopped tackling.

"How did it go?" he asked, his whiskers twitching.

"I'll tell you somewhere else. It is too close to other cats here!" I told Maplepelt.

He nodded and I went to walk forward but I winced. I forgot about my paw!

"Oh, I am sorry! I forgot! I have a thorn in my paw!" I sighed.

"Oh, you better to Heatherfox!" frowned Maplepelt.

I nodded and Maplepelt supported me when I walked. We made our way over to the medicine cat den and he placed me down on a nest, already set up. It wasn't for me but it was free so we thought it would be alright.

A few moments later, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Chapter Thirty-two- Nightwhiker (Misty)

I got back to camp, and I didn't realize that the moon was almost gone! Wow! I was gone a long time!  I didn't feel any need to sleep, but I settled down in my nest because I knew I would need rest.

Falling asleep, I dreamt of Whitemist. I love her. Somehow, I will stop the war and get to spend more time with Whitemist. The truth kept hitting me. She's from a different clan though. 

I keep ignoring the thoughts, and fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

"Nightwhisker! Nightwhisker!" I recognized the voice as Sandpaw. 

"What is it?" 

"I'm a full medicine cat now!"

"That's great! What's your new name?" I purred.

"Try to guess,"

"Hmm," I wondered. "Sandcloud? Sandnose? Sandflight? Sandsplash? What is it?"

"None. It's Sandtail!"

"That's great!" I exclaimed. "Sandtail..... It's amazing!"

Then I remembered my conversion with Whitemist and how to stop the war. I swung my head out of the den. The sun was almost at sun-rise, and it will take a long time to hide every cat!

I ran over to Rainstar. "Rainstar? I think I know how to stop the war,"

She looked at me. "Quick! Tell me! I think almost everycat is here. Wait, Nightwhisker. Does it include ShadowClan?"

I nodded. She continued, "Vineclaw, go get ShadowClan!" He nodded.

I started explaining, "If we can surround Volestar and maybe Jaystripe, we might be able to get them to surrender. We'll go now if we can. We can hide in the river, ShadowClan cats in trees. It'll be an ambush. Don't attack, but if he doesn't yield, we start attacking,"

Rainstar nodded thoughtfully. "But what's the excuse for him to go there? Who's going to tell him to?"

"Um, I've recruited cats who want to stop the war as well. From ThunderClan," I said. It wasn't a lie.

Rainstar nodded again. "How many?"

I thought for a moment. "A lot,"

She smiled. "Very practical. Look, here ShadowClan comes!"

ShadowClan cats came pouring into the camp. When all of them settled, Rainstar called for a clan meeting. Two RiverClan cats returned to their spots. 

Rainstar started with, "The war could be coming to an end. Our friend Nightwhisker shared a plan that might work. I need all of you to hide in suitable places around a certain area. Don't attack. Remember, this is to try to stop the war. We will surround Volestar and Jaystripe. If they don't yield immediately, some cats, give them some scratches to remember. If they still hold up, we attack them. If they still don't yield, we'll think of a different way," She nodded for me to lead.

"Okay, clans. Follow me and we will hide. Ideal places are in the river and up in trees, sometimes even just behind trees. C'mon!" I led them upstream. I kept an eye out for Volestar, and also sometimes tasted the air.

I stopped at the place. "Here it is," I whispered. I helped cats hide. It's hard to hide one clan in one spot, let alone two! I was glad the queens and kits were absent. 

Where two clans had stood, only one cat was visible. I dove silently into the water, and waited for Volestar to arrive.

Chapter Thirty-three - Whitemist (Hope)

I knew it was time to lead Volestar and Jaystripe into the trap. I had to. It may have been the only way to stop the war.

I asked Maplepelt to help me. It may make my plan a little easier.

Maplepelt and I went out to hunt earlier in the day. Hunt meaning figure out what to do.

My idea which Maplepelt agreed with was we ask for Jaystripe and Volestar to come with us because there was a scent of fox on ThunderClan territory. We had once had a fox problem before and Volestar and Jaystripe wanted to handle it themselves. This was the plan that hopefully wouldn't backfire.

I ran into Volestar's den, trying to pretend I was panting.

"Volestar, there was a fox scent on our territory! Can you come see?" I begged him.

"Of course! Let me get Jaystripe!" meowed Volestar.

I nodded quickly and smiled.

So far, so good!

Volestar then asked, "Do you know where Jaystripe is?"

"I last saw him in the Elder's den. He was checking on Yellowfawn," I told my father.

He nodded and we rushed off to the elder's den.

"Jaystripe!" called Volestar as we entered the Elder's den.

"What is it?" questioned Jaystripe as he walked over to us from Yellowfawn.

"Fox scent on the border," I exclaimed, "come!"

Jaystripe nodded quickly and said, "I'll be back Yellowfawn!"

"Take your time Jaystripe! Sort that fox out for me will you?"

Jaystripe smiled, "Of course!"

The three of us ran out of the Elder's den and I led them.

Hopefully, this plan will work!

Chapter Thirty-four- Nightwhisker (Misty)

It felt like ages under the water. I kept getting swept down by the current. Every now and then, some RiverClan cats came up for air.

One time, when I was up for air, I thought I smelled ThunderClan. I whispered, "Everyone under! I think they're here!" I heard several quiet splashes of water that meant cats going under. I stayed up for a bit longer, holding onto the edge of the bank.

Two cats came padding in, sniffing as if a badger was smelled and they were checking it out. I took a deep breath and slipped underwater.

I heard one of them say, "I don't smell any fox yet. Are you sure that Whitemist was being sane?" I assumed that was Jaystripe talking.

Volestar said, "I think we will find out if we cross the river. If we ever find a fox, let RiverClan deal with it,"

I peeked up above the water ever so slightly, blending in with the shadows of the riverbank. Jaystripe was nodding thoughtfully, and I smiled. It might work!

Suddenly, Volestar stiffened. "I smell ShadowClan!"

Crap! We forgot to hide ShadowClan's scent! I thought. I leapt out of the water and yowled, "Surround them!"

It was a crazy sight. Cats jumping out of trees, and sliding out of the water. If I was Volestar, I'd be frozen by the sight. Thankfully, Volestar did freeze. But Jaystripe did not. He pulled Volestar away, and then Volestar unfroze and followed the deputy.

I was a bit sad. There was a chance to end this war, and I have just ruined it. Coralstar and Rainstar sat down, talking. I listened to what they were saying, but didn't make it obvious.

"We were so happy about maybe winning, we forgot to cover our scents!" Coralstar said.

Rainstar smiled. "I guess we'll just have to find another way...." She sighed.

I shook my head. "We really should be getting home," I said to everycat. "I bet that Jaystripe and Volestar will start getting patrols ready to attack. We should get ready for that!"

They started nodding and heading back to two camps. I thought of the beauty of two clans coming out of hiding. If only Volestar or Jaystripe had come closer! We could've successfully surrounded one!

When we all got home, the sun was setting. We spent a lot of time there! Two kits came out of the nursery to see us. It was Echokit and Stormkit.

"Hi!" I stopped by to say. Kits are always so cute! "Where's Sagekit?"

"She's sleeping!" Echokit said.

Stormkit nodded. "Why was every cat gone?"

I thought a moment. Should I tell him? I think he'll be fine. No harm.

"We were trying to stop the war. It didn't work though, " I said.

Stormkit cocked his head. "Did you try yielding yourself? What was the war for? If it's important, then try that!"

Echokit nodded and yawned. "Let's go to sleep, Stormkit," she complained. Stormkit reluctantly followed.

I smiled. I ran over to Rainstar's den and requested to go in. "Come in," Rainstar said.

I walked in. "What do you need?" She asked.

"I have a different way to possibly stop the war. But first, what was it about anyway? Why are ThunderClan and RiverClan fighting?" I said. There might be hope in winning! Although I felt silly that I didn't think of it before...

"Well, the war was because of an assassin massacre. A cat in RiverClan attacked many cats and even killed some. In return, ThunderClan did the same. We have been fighting ever since," Rainstar explained.

"Well what happens to the winner?" I asked.

"The winner gets to take one cat from the opposing clan to be with them. The cat chosen by that clan will arrive on the RiverClan-ThunderClan border by sunset the day after one clan won. None of us want that, especially because of the food,"

I thought a moment. "What if we surrendered and I offered myself to go? I'm willing, although I'll have a tough time with the prey,"

Rainstar smiled, tears running down her face. "Are you sure? We can still win the war. You're our best fighter, probably inherited from Vineclaw. But are you sure?"

I also started letting tears freely down my face. Some were of joy. Some were because I'll miss my clanmates. I nodded. Whitemist. We might actually be able to become mates!

Rainstar looked down, and said, "As you wish. We will surrender to ThunderClan tomorrow at sun-high," 

I nodded. Then I ran out of camp, hoping Whitemist was on a walk. Whitemist! I'm coming!

Sequel Time

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