The Bloodline

Leader: Lightning Tree (black she-cat with ginger streaks and pine-green eyes)

Deputies: Windstorm (dark gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes), Shadow (black tom with a white chest)


Drift (big white tom)

Adder (small calico she-cat) Trainee, Branch (brown tabby tom)

Creek (reddish-brown tabby tom)

Night (sleek, small black tom with green eyes)

Reed (pale ginger tom) Trainee, Sparrow (very pale brown she-cat)

Feather (thick-furred white she-cat)

Sand (golden-striped tom)

Sleek (sleek silver tabby she-cat)

Falcon (white tom with black flecks) Trainee, Thunderclap (black tom with cream speckles)

Fang (longhaired russet tom)

Burn (dark grayish-brown tom)

Bird (tortoiseshell she-cat, formerly Birdpaw)

Leaf (reddish brown she-cat with a white chest, formerly Leafpaw)

Storm (gray tabby she-cat with green eyes, formerly Stormwind)

Water (pale gray she-cat with blue eyes, formerly Waterwillow)

Strike (brown-and-white tom, formerly Brownbird)

Scorch (dark gray she-cat, formerly Scorchfire)


Thorn (golden-brown she-cat with amber eyes, Shadow’s mate) mother of Breeze (black she-cat) and Bark (brown-and-white tabby tom), fostering Crystal (white she-cat) and Kestrel (pale brown tom)

Cloud (small white she-cat, Burn’s mate)

Stone (blue-gray tabby she-cat, Falcon’s mate)


Leader: Willowstar (pale brown tabby she-cat)

Deputy: Whitefire (white tom with amber eyes)

Medicine Cat: Blackwater (black-and-silver tom)

Warriors (only listing a few):

Frostwind (white she-cat)

Birchtail (ginger tom with a tabby-striped tail)

Darkfeather (black tom)


Clearfeather (cool gray she-cat with a white chest and green eyes, Darkfeather’s mate) mother of Ravenkit (longhaired black she-kit with pale green eyes)


Leader: Sunstar (golden tom)

Deputy: Snowcloud (white tom with brown paws)

Medicine Cat: Moon (black-and-white she-cat, former loner)


Falconpelt (pale gray-and-white she-cat with golden eyes) Apprentice, Woodpaw (brown tabby tom)

Redsplash (white tom with ginger patches)

Firethorn (ginger she-cat)


Sparrowhawk (ginger-brown she-cat, Sunstar’s mate)

Dewfrost (silver-and-white she-cat with pale amber eyes, Redsplash’s mate) mother of Squirrelkit (russet-and-white tom), Rainkit (white she-kit with gray patches), and Cherrykit (ginger she-kit)


Leader: Wingstar (longhaired white tom)

Deputy: Blazefeather (bright ginger she-cat with white legs)

Medicine Cat: Cloudwater (partially deaf white tom with blue eyes) Apprentice, Poppypaw (tortoiseshell she-cat)


Rainbird (gray-and-white tom with faded blue eyes)

Treefall (brown tabby she-cat)

Swoopbird (orange-and-white she-cat)

Night (large black tom)


Iceblaze (white she-cat with amber eyes, Night’s mate) mother of Featherkit (snowy white tom)


Leader: Rainstar (dark gray she-cat)

Deputy: Duskstorm (russet she-cat)

Medicine Cat: Bluecloud (blue-gray and white tom with blue eyes) Apprentice, Songpaw (calico she-cat with green eyes)


Goldenleaf (golden-brown tom with lighter patches)

Palepelt (pale golden tom with brown flecks) Apprentice, Reedpaw (tortoiseshell she-cat)

Driftcloud (black-and-white she-cat)

Pebblespot (mottled gray-and-white tom with green eyes)

Stonefall (brown-striped tom with a white tail)


Grayclaw (gray she-cat with a ginger underbelly, Goldenleaf’s mate) mother of Frostkit (pale silver she-kit), Lightkit (pale golden she-kit), Sandkit (golden tom with a ginger underbelly), and Flowerkit (gray-and-ginger tom)


Featherdrift (pale brown tom)


Leader: Crowstar (black tabby tom)

Deputy: Eagle (mottled brown tom)


Palefeather (cream tabby tom with amber eyes)

Sparrowclaw (brown tabby she-cat)

Bristlewind (white tom)

Sunstone (golden tabby tom)

Darkbird (black she-cat)

Flamebird (ginger tom)

Willowleaf (black tom with small white stripes)

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