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The only reason I’m writing this is because, I can’t stop having dreams about it, and I’m absolutely obsessed with this new idea I’ve come up with. I’m only doing 2 other fanfics, and I’ve already planned out the rest of their plots, so that is why, I’m able to write another one.


Iced Blood is a young tom, who lives with his best friends, his brothers. They aren’t blood brothers, but they’ve lived with each other all their lives. They are, Black Hawk, Fire Eyes, and Gray Blaze. The four cats are at peace until a young she-cat comes along, Tala. She and Black Hawk grow close together, causing disruption.

When Iced Blood and Tala are alone, a terrible accident happens, and Iced Blood learns he is the descendant of Scourge, and he has power. Power that can kill any cat. Power that could make him rule the forest. He is forced to leave behind everything he knows and loves, to find the Clans. When he gets there he meets another cat that has been his family enemy for many, many years.

Every Clan, rogue, kittypet, and even Twoleg will be forced to choose. And Iced Blood will have to choose who is friend or foe, and he will have to choose to save either his friends . . . Or save his family. . . Or save the Clans.

Chapter One

Iced Blood stretched out on the ground. Someone poked him. “Ouch!” He yelped, looking around. “Black Hawk, I know it was you.” He growled. Fire Eyes and Gray Blaze watched from a distance, snickering. Iced Blood was a black tom, with a jet white leg, and ice blue eyes. Black Hawk was a black tom with streaks of white in his fur, and friendly green eyes.

Gray Blaze was a russet colored tom, with gray eyes, that seemed to blaze when he was angry. Fire Eyes was a brown tom with fire-colored eyes. They had been separated from their real families when they were very young, about five moons old. They had found each other all by fate, and had lived together, and been like brothers ever since.

Iced Blood stood up, shaking out his fur. Black Hawk then pounced on him. “Ha!” Iced Blood let out a yelped, and reared up, trying to knock him off. “This is revenge!” Said Black Hawk. “Remember last night?” Iced Blood blinked. “Oh yeah.” He had waken Black Hawk up from his so-called “amazing dream” and pounced on him, and he had been angry ever since.

Iced Blood frowned, shaking him off. “Alright, I’m sorry for waking you up from your amazing dream, and pouncing on you. But in my defense, I couldn’t sleep and I was bored!” He yowled. Black Hawk narrowed his eyes. “And I had to pay for it!” Fire Eyes then said, “But it was hilarious! You should have seen the look on your face! It was like the one on the frozen lemming we found last leaf-bare!”

Black Hawk eventually began to grin in amusement. “Really? It was that stupid?” Gray Blaze nodded. “Yep!” The four toms began howling with laughter.

More Coming Soon

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