• StoneWhisker42

    There are riots heading west, straight towards my area. They are within a mile. If anyone lives near what's happening in big cities, stay safe, please. 

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  • Roselight13

    Okay, so today, I was minding my own business, and I saw that my story Dark Roses: Book 1: Scorched Roses was on the "Most Visited" tab. I was like OMG! OMG! OMG! and I want to thank all of you for reading my fanfiction. Now, a lot of the visits were probably by me, but STILL!!! Thank you all who have created name suggestions for Rosekit's brother, thank you all for your constructive feedback, thank you all for being supportive and friendly, thank you all for welcoming me with open arms. I still can't believe that my story was on the "Most Visited" tab. Thank you all SOOO much!

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  • Storkbork

    shorter title: it's gonna be pride month in two days and I'm ready for it.

    pride month seems to always bring out both the best and the worst in people. for those who live the best versions of themselves, it's a moment of celebration. it's opportunity for them to be happy with who they are. it's time for them to enjoy what life has in store for them.

    and yet, it brings out the worst in people. there's active threats of trolls planning to attack communities with lgbtq+ populations. some show intolerance if someone isn't into a male/female relationship, or if someone's attracted to multiple genders, or if someone chooses to identify as something other than what's defined between your legs. worse to me, there are people who can't be who they are…

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  • YellowfangWC

    Be Kind

    May 29, 2020 by YellowfangWC

    I don't know how many of you will read, or heck, pay attention, to this blog, but for those who do- thank you.

    Because it's tough times at the moment, and everyone deserved happiness, I've decided to propose an idea:

    Every day (or two, or multiple times a day and for as long as possible) try and leave a positive message one somebody's talk page. Even if it's someone you don't know- just let them know you care. Send them a quote, a smiley face, a 'hope you're doing okay' message. Anything to spread the love. 

    I hope y'all join me in making someone's day :D

    Who's with me?

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  • YellowfangWC

    Thank you!

    May 28, 2020 by YellowfangWC

    Heya, it's Obscure! A lot of you probably know me. 

    I think this blog post was a heck long time overdue, so I decided why not now? As you can probably guess, this blog'll be about Thank You's to all my supporters and fellow wikians :D

    First, a general Thank. Everyone on the wiki was so welcoming from the very start. I had so many generous people as to do collabs, and have them accept my own requests. Granted, a few good stories failed. But they were awesome while they lasted and those who helped me create them were just awesome too :D

    Now some individual Thank Yous. 


    You were my very first friendo on the WFW wiki, and every wiki. WFW was the first wiki I'd joined so I had no idea what to expect. You were also the first to comment on my f…

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  • Silvermoonlynx


    The spaceX launch is in 27 minutes at the time of me writing this, so, um, DON'T MISS IT!

    I swear I am SO stressed, just chewing my nails off ack-


    Hope you get to enjoy the launch!

    Goth Monkey Piece by piece I lost my sanity to the penguins 20:06, May 27, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Roselight13

    Hello, all! My name is Roselight13. You can call me Roselight13, Roselight, or Ro, but please don't call me Rose. I have come to ask a question to the community! What should I name the tom kit, or Rosekit's brother, in my fanfiction Dark Roses? I have also asked this on the page for my story, so if you have seen that, then you should know that I want you to respond to me on that page. Here is the link: Dark Roses: Book 1: Scorched Roses. I don't know what to name him! If you would like to contribute a name suggestion, please comment on my fanfiction page. I WILL NOT accept any names that are given through anything but my fanfiction page. I will reply to the comment of the name suggestion that I like best!

    Description: He will have yellow eye…

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  • Storkbork

    collab suggestions!

    May 24, 2020 by Storkbork

    hi guys!

    so I see a lot of you on the wiki are into collaborating with each other - and that's really good!! I just have a few suggestions to help make your collabs better!!

    • don't be afraid to use cliches! many people are super critical about the use of them, but the best thing about them is that it allows you to put your own personal idea and spin on it!
    • planning is good, but don't be afraid of taking it as it comes! the best part about writing stories, for me, is getting lost in the story and letting whatever is on my mind take over! and this isn't to discourage planning either! whatever works for you will work for the story :)
    • adding variety in your stories will help you avoid burnout! sometimes it helps to have characters you've never writte…

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  • Hopefur09

    Thank you!

    May 19, 2020 by Hopefur09

    Hello, if you don't know me, my name is Hope. 

    I would like to say thank you.

    I have only been here for a little more than two months and the amount of support I have gotten is amazing! Everyone who has supported me and my fanfics, I don't know how to thank you! You are brilliant and I don't know what else to say! It is nice to see that other people like my work and can give me feedback. This always makes my day.

    I have no words to describe how thankful I am for your support!

    Thank you so much everyone!

    Your support means so much to me!


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  • StoneWhisker42

    I’m back!

    May 12, 2020 by StoneWhisker42

    Hi, I'm going to be active again! I took a break from fandom altogether because I had other things occupying me (yeah, surprisingly). But I'm going to continue to write fanfictions and edit. Thanks.

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  • Lunarkitsunee

    roleplays are fun

    April 28, 2020 by Lunarkitsunee

    hey did this get your attention?

    ok so just a lil' thing before i get into the actual, y'know, blog

    i do indeed have permission for this. stork gave me permission to advertise this. just wanted to make that clear because i'm super nervous about doing this in the first place aha.

    so i think i mentioned earlier that i have my own warrior cat roleplay discord server, but if i didn't, well i have one. it's rather new and small, so our roleplay hasn't started yet. i was interested in knowing if all ya'll would like to participate in it.

    we have five clans, and you can check our current, up-to-date allegiances in that "warriors: eternal moon - dark secrets" story i have.

    we have a few fun bots for people to mess around with, i might add pokecord in a …

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  • Silvermoonlynx

    Oh boy...

    April 27, 2020 by Silvermoonlynx

    So, my birthday passed a while ago, and I decided I'd get this out there, because I'm super nervous about it. But anyways...

    I'm underage. 

    I'm twelve. My birthday is this week, and then I'll be allowed to be on FANDOM for real. So yeah.

    If you want to ban me, you can do that. My birthday will have passed by the first of may, so I can come back then. Or you can ban me permanently, and I'll understand. It's my fault for joining when I was too young.

    I wanted to get this off my chest because sometimes, I act really immature, and I'd rather people find out this way than any other way.

    Thank you for understanding. WFW has been such a large part of my life, and I'll really miss the friends I made on this wiki. 

    Admins, I apologize for all of this. Yo…

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  • Hollytuft

    Tornado Warning

    April 23, 2020 by Hollytuft

    Okay, I'm just going to cut to the chase - my county just got issued a tornado warning. A thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was spotted a place just about 15 miles away from me, moving my way at 45 miles an hour. I'm hoping I get a pretty got storm (because I love storms), but not a tornado. The sky's going dark. It legitimately looks like dusk, right before the sun sets, despite it only being 3:18 where I live. The warning is issued until 3:30 my time, so I've got about 12 more minutes at the time of me writing this. 

    If any of you are under a tornado warning as well, stay safe. The rain just started right as I'm typing this. Stay safe, please

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  • Lunarkitsunee

    heyy yall i lost my old account hooray me

    yeah but besides that it's me, night/nighty/that annoying little kid

    nightstartheleader. that's me. don't look at my old stories i want to rewrite them one day they are cringefests

    so i've changed a lot since i left here. first things first i might aswell reintroduce myself.

    i'm night/nighty/jay. most people just call me jay. they/them. i started writing a book using all the stuff i learned from here and it's actually going along better than most things i do, seeing as i just finished the tenth chapter. i recently joined the discord serv (i'm the one with the dm dokuro pfp) and it's pretty cool seeing everybody again.

    i was a brat back then and i'm sorry for that, i was just really inconsiderate and new…

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  • Forestpaw13


    I think I have bugged in and out of this community since 2008, when I was in middle school. Now it's 20freaking20 and I'm a real adult, when I want to be.

    Idk man. A little bit about me: I am Fork, aka Forestpaw13. I was the head admin here from like 2009-2013ish. I wrote some stories sometimes but really I just hung around and chatted. This was an outlet for my creativity and I felt safe enough here to really talk to people and get to know them. When high school ended and I started college in 2014, I got too busy. Sometimes I circle back through and smile at my writing style back then. I literally have no idea what "Erin Hunter" and her gaggle of gals are doing at the moment, but I know what I've been up to and if anyone remembers me,…

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  • Hollytuft

    Coding Issue???

    April 15, 2020 by Hollytuft

    I know this probably isn't the place for it, but if anyone would like to help or knows how, I'm just putting this here. So, basically, I've been trying to code a new signature. You'd think the text would just turn out normal, like how I'm typing right now, right? No. Instead, it's going downwards. For example: 

    This is how coding/text would normally turn out.

    Instead, whenever I add a space between the text, for example, if I were to do this: 

    This is how coding/text would normally turn out. This is how coding/text would normally turn out.

    It's turning out like this: 

    This is how coding/text would normally turn out.

    This is how coding/text would normally turn out.

    So my sig looks like this: 

    If anyone knows how to fix this, you are welcome to edit…

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  • Hauntingmelodies

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask TBF.

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  • Storkbork

    Since we didn't get enough featured story requests in the last request pool, we'll take them again here!

    The same rules apply, as implied in Wetty's blog (see here). We will switch every two weeks on Saturdays, and this blog will take featured story requests for the upcoming one until Saturday, April 18. Any stories requested after this date will be saved for the following round. Requests for that round will end on Saturday, May 2, and will be put up on Sunday, May 3.

    Only five requests will be taken for this week; another five may be submitted for later! Please place your requests in the comments below, and an admin will approve it soon!

    Rules when Submitting

    1. Only 5 fanfics per round
    2. You may only request one story
    3. You can only have a story feature…
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  • Hopefur09

    Characters Wanted!

    April 11, 2020 by Hopefur09

    Hello, my name is Hopefur09 but call me Hope. I am working on a fanfiction called Moonwake. It is about two loners but I would like it if you can name some of the clan cats. Most of them need to be ThunderClan cats. RiverClan, WindClan and ShadowClan have limited spots but you can still request cats. Thanks! ~Hope

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  • 1Thunderstar2

    Chapter three

    ”All cats old enough to catch their on prey, gather beneath Sun Rock for a clan meeting.” Duskpaw gave Lilypaw a swift lick on the ear and then drew away from her. ”We have to go, otherwise Sunstar will be mad.” She looked at him with with her big loving eyes. ”Okay. Your right, we should go.” Once they gathered with the others, Sunstar gave him a look. ”I have made a mistake. When I named Duskpaw, I forgot to give him a mentor. So who will mentor him? Ah, Nightwing will mentor him.” Nightwing was a blackish-blue tom-cat with a glowing blue shine around him. Nightwing walked up to him and gave him a boop on the nose. Duskpaw returned the nose boop. ”Nightwing, will you train Duskpaw to be a warrior, just as Cloudshade has taug…

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  • 1Thunderstar2

    Chapter Two

    Duskpaw jerked awake. Lilypaw was still asleep next to him. He didn’t want anything to happen to her. She reminded him so much of Lily back at the two-walker place. He was so afraid of losing her even though they met yesterday. A soft purr startled him. ”Good morning Duskpaw.” Lilypaw yawned. ”Oh. You startled me.” Duskpaw stammered. ”Is there something wrong?” She questioned. ’’No. Nothing at all.’’ He responded. ”Nobody can get any sleep with you two in the den!” Spritepaw grumbled. ”Sorry, but with you yelling like that, no cat can get any sleep!” Lilypaw retorted. ”Oh yeah. Speak for yourself.” Spritepaw sneered. Now that Lilypaw was triggered, Spritepaw went on! ’’What are you going to do when Sunstar finds out you were yel…

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  • 1Thunderstar2

    Chapter One

    This is now it all began:

    ¨Don´t do it, Bumble.¨ A beautiful she-cat mewed.  ¨Why not? You don´t know whats out there. Don´t worry. Lily, you know you could come with me.¨ He suggested. ¨You know I would never.¨she insisted.   ¨Then I guess this is good bye.¨   Bumble was a house cat. He wanted to know what it was like to be a wild cat. ¨You can´t be serious. After all we have been through.¨   Bumble drank in her sweet, familiar, sent for the last time. ¨I love you, Lily. I hope you know that.¨ And without hearing her response, he padded off, without looking back, beyond the two-walker wall. ¨I know. And I love you too. More than you will ever know.¨ And with that she padded in to the two-walker nest.

    By the time Bumble found the …

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  • Hollowstorm9872


    March 24, 2020 by Hollowstorm9872

    ok, pretty sure nobody cares about this, but I am putting "A Sharp Thorn On A Soft Rose" and "Petal's Vengeance" on hold.

    both of them are WIPS currently, and I don't even have a full storyline for "A Sharp Thorn On A Soft Rose" yet.

    so, I am putting both stories on hold until I finish Hollowstorm's Doubt, which might take a while since I want it to be a super editon FanFic.

    and I probably will continue "Petal's Vengeance" after I finish Hollowstorm's Dobut, so I am sorry for the people who wanted to see more of it.

    I'll try to finish Hollowstorm's Doubt as soon as possible, but writing a story this long takes time, and I probably won't even have it done by the end of this year. 

    sorry to those of you who read my stories, or WIPS. Hollowstorm's…

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  • Hollowstorm9872


    March 22, 2020 by Hollowstorm9872

    I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Hopefur09, SomeDumbGirlWithIdeas and Yellowfang WC for supporting my WIP stories!

    You guys keep me going, and with their support, I might be able to finish my stories faster. 

    Love ya'll, even though we only met like, 3 days ago, just wanted to say thank you!


    (and also another thanks to We.Kill.The.Earth.And.Do.Nothing.To.Save.It for being the first person to notice Hollowstorm's Doubt. You'll be remembered for noticing that disaster of a story!)

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  • Hollowstorm9872


    March 22, 2020 by Hollowstorm9872


    is it allowed to currently be writing one FanFic Super Edition, One Mapleshade AU AND A FanFic Novella?

    and all of them are currently WIPS?

    idk, man. 

    im new here, so i don't know if im not allowed to be writing 3 stories at once.


    i'll finish them one day...


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  • YellowfangWC

    My Fanfictions

    March 21, 2020 by YellowfangWC

    Okay so, I have a few fanfics that I've been neglecting and, well, I guess you guys can decide which you want me to continue!

    1. Brokentail's Vow

    2. Echo in the Darkness

    3. Fallen Faith

    Comment on which ones you want me to continue and WHY.


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  • Wetstream

    Hello! We are reincorporating the Featured Stories list back into the wikia. Stories on the list with be featured on the front page and the sidebar. 

    We will be switching out stories every two weeks, with the first round starting on March 22 until April 4. This blog post will be for the first 3 rounds. 

    For each round we will be taking 5 requests for stories to be featured. Once all fifteen for these three rounds are filled up, I will close off comments until the next three rounds. Have fun! :)

    1. Only 5 fanfics per round
    2. You may only request one story
    3. You can only have a story featured every third round
    4. 3 rounds will be up for request on each blogpost
    5. Give the story title and a brief 1-2 sentence description

    March 22 to April 4

    1. Seven Walls by Yellow…

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  • Silvermoonlynx

    This is all my thoughts about coronavirus. I haven't left my house in 4 days. And... I'm not okay. I need to get out. I have to get out. But I can't.

    Don't read this, it'll scare you away from me probably. I'm a little scared to post this. It's horrifying. But it's true. 

    If you really want to, though...

    My house is a prison. A terrible prison. Free to leave and die or stay and die slowly. I can't take it anymore. I'm alone. Me and my mind. My companion. My sworn enemy. I need humans. People. My family acts offended, but they really don't mind. They need other people as much as I do. Help. My parents say that it's for the good of everyone around me.
    Let them die, what do I care? Oh yeah. Another thing about me. I'm probably a sociopath. I need…

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  • Storkbork

    a reintroduction!

    March 16, 2020 by Storkbork

    so, I haven't exactly been seen around too much here~

    my name's stork! I'm a senior user and known for some of my fanfictions (such as king, nebula, and surrender) and my signatures. more recently I have been seen as the owner of the discord here and working on The Lost Migration! I'm also non-binary and use she/her or they/them pronouns!

    I'm currently a busy student in school, likely further along than most of you, and an avid fan of nintendo, among other things. I've got too many OCs as well, many of which are very fleshed out and would take actual hours to explain everything with them as well. in most ways, I sound like a typical user, except for one thing:

    I've been promoted to an admin on here! thanks wetty that means I hold some bit of h…

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  • Silvermoonlynx

    This is a GIANT Collab! feel free to present characters and any plot ideas. 

    People involved - 

    Moon - 

    Ratty - 

    Night -

    Echo -

    Yellow - 

    Main  Characters -

    Lynxspirit - Lynx 

    Ambrosia - Ratty Storm - Yellow

    Plot - 

    [Insert good plot here]

    Ideas - 

    Maybe [insert number of cats] are each from different backgrounds [kittypet, loner, rogue, etc] and each have one skill [endurance, speed, strength, intelligence, etc]

    Character sheet (to make things organized) - 

    Name -- Gender -- Background -- Talent -- What they use their talent for -- Looks -- Personality -- Other

    Talents - 





    Fighting Trade Charm

    Background - 

    Former loner

    Former Tribe

    Former Rogue 

    Former Kittypet

    Current Clan cat Loner Tribe Rogue Kittypet Former Clan cat

    Bold - Tak…

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  • We.Kill.The.Earth.And.Do.Nothing.To.Save.It

    Yes. It happened. I finally bothered to write a blog post. This is a big deal. And of course, I decided to do it on something completely pointless. Eh. It's a blog post. Better then nothing.

    For your prefix, find the day you were born on.

    1 - Hazel

    2 - Black

    3 - Leaf

    4 - Frost

    5 - Flame

    6 - Swift

    7 - White

    8 - Long

    9 - Echo

    10 - Berry

    11 - Mouse

    12 - Grey

    13 - Briar

    14 - Blue

    15 - Crow

    16 - Willow

    17 - Ivy

    18 - Hawk

    19 - Blossom

    20 - Thrush

    21 - Sun

    22 - Yellow

    23 - Red

    24 - Birch

    25 - Badger

    26 - Maple

    27 - Fern

    28 - Wren

    29 - Apple

    30 - Spotted

    31 - Wasp

    For your suffix, find the last letter of your middle name (your last name if you don’t have a middle one).

    A - Foot

    B - Stripe

    C - Nose

    D - Song

    E - Tail

    F - Fall

    G - Moon

    H - Ear

    I - Face

    J - Whisker

    K - Bird

    L - Heart

    M - Fur

    N - Pel…

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  • Silvermoonlynx

    So I wrote a story called Pebblepaw's Choice (although i might change it) and there's two guys she can choose from. Any preferences? The toms are Stormpaw and Darkpaw. I don't know who to choose ;-; 

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  • Flameheart2004

    W o w-

    March 2, 2020 by Flameheart2004

    H o l y-

    You know, when I first came here, I figured that everyone was being dramatic about their old works. But now I'm older- And jeez! I think I wanna kill it all with fire. Haha!

    How's everyone been? I know I've been doing great! Life's been doing me well. Like, really well. My paranoid self finds it a little suspicious sometimes, but eh.

    This place has a lot more memories than I expected it to, honestly. As of right now the only thing weighing me down is the embarrassment that was the 2017 Flameheart. Surrounding myself with fellow edgy-phase people probably didn't help. I already had Brams commit blog genocide, and I deleted alot of messages I sent of me whining about stuff. I've come to notice that I exaggerated things to a horrible poi…

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  • Hopefur09

    A Collab

    February 29, 2020 by Hopefur09

    Hey Everyone! Quick announcement. Check out sometime on March 2nd (preferably later on in the day) to see a collab that YellowfangWC and I are doing. Thanks!

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  • DJ Wolfy7

    The Warriors Series

    February 24, 2020 by DJ Wolfy7

    At first, the Warriors series was just a regular series to other kids in my fourth grade that was popular. I paid no attention to it because I was new at the school at the time and thought that the books that I were reading at the time were fine. But, when I picked up one of those books, my life basically changed. I love the Warriors series to this day, and wouldn't be into reading as much as I am now if it weren't for that series.

    I created this blog because this is a warriors fanfiction wiki and I just wanted to express how much of an impact the Warriors series has had on my life. Also, I love cats now, because of that series. SO THANK YOU!

    ~ Live Long and Prosper! ~

    - Lieutenant Commander Nightay Wolf

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  • YellowfangWC

    Changing my username?

    February 21, 2020 by YellowfangWC

    Ok, so I don't know. Maybe I will. If I DID change my username, then I would probably change it to one of the following.

    1. Bluemist07
    2. Willowsong

    Any ideas are welcome. It's not final, but I hope for people to comment ideas! 

    1. I want my OWN name, and don't get me wrong- I LOVE YELLOWFANG. I just don't want to be known as her anymore. 

    2. Well, the above is pretty much the only reason. Oop. 

    I'm not sure if I even will, but please tell me what you think! It's just a maybe!

    Thank you, and goodbye for now.

    The future belongs to those who take it 23:47, February 21, 2020 (UTC)

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  • YellowfangWC


    February 21, 2020 by YellowfangWC

    This is a random blog post. I would appreciate any comments to my fanfictions, and the collab I am doing with Echo, Night and Golden. The links are in my profile. 

    Ummm thats probably all. Goodbye.

    P.S. If you want to do a collab, I'm open to that!

    The future belongs to those who take it 23:37, February 21, 2020 (UTC)

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  • DJ Wolfy7

    Why Star Trek?

    February 20, 2020 by DJ Wolfy7

    I have had a lot of my friends ask me this question (including my parents and my brother): Why Star Trek? For others out there who have a similar question for me, here is my detailed answer, which I was planning on talking about any ways:

    In the beginning, I wasn't into Star Trek as much as I am now. I liked watching the shows for the origional series from 8 to 9, only when my parents would let me because then I had to go to bed. Then, I began to watch it more often. I wrote down more observations, more questions. Until finally, I was obsessed.

    It wasn't because of the amazing, breathtaking, and daring missions that the crew of Starfleet take to complete their prime directive, even if sometimes they don't. It's because it's what I want to do…

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  • DJ Wolfy7

    Shadows of the Past

    February 20, 2020 by DJ Wolfy7

    I think this is my first blog, and honestly, I looked up what to write in one. So... I will follow those requirements and continue.

    The reason the title is called Shadows of the Past is because my past is very twisted for me. Many things have happened that I wish I could have changed, and people are gone and I wish with all of my heart, mind, and soul that they are still here.

    The memory is a tricky thing. Memories will come back when you don't expect it. They come in dreams, visions, and sometimes the familiar tone of someone's voice will make you second guess yourself. I think, "what is wrong with me?!" when these things happen. Then I realize I really can't stop them from happening. They're memories. They keep coming back.

    I lost someone c…

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  • Bramblefire3118

    yes, it's that time of the year when brams sees that it's her wikiversary and writes a blog post. so yeeee

    So it has been six years sinch a considerably-younger me made her first edit here on WFW. Now, six years and some 5,300 edits later, I'm still here. Who would've thought I'd stick around here this long? no I totally knew this was going to happen... (jkjk)

    So I'm here just to do my usual thank yous! To all the amazing users here, thank you for making WFW such a good place to be - I really appreciate your help! It really makes my life easier, especially as nowadays I'm the main active admin around here. (Don't worry other admins, I love you guys I promise

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  • YellowfangWC

    My Fanfiction

    February 3, 2020 by YellowfangWC

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  • Hollytuft

    Um it's 2020 now-

    January 19, 2020 by Hollytuft

    I just hopped on here and wanted to say: 


    And new decade??? 0.0

    That's kinda shocking-

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  • Hollowstorm9872


    January 11, 2020 by Hollowstorm9872

    HELP. I think I'm... A MothPool shipper?

    • something grabs leg


    • gets dragged toward hole


    • hears faint chanting

    MothPool.. MothPool.. One of us.. One of us..

    • eyes widen

    No.. NO! NOOOO!!!!

    • gets fully dragged into hole*


    • pops out

    MothPool.. MothPool..

    And.. thats how I became a MothPool shipper. True story.

    • hears faint chanting again

    What is it now?

    JayBriar.. JayBriar..

    Here we go again..

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  • Wolfy10

    Hi People

    January 11, 2020 by Wolfy10

    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to say to those who have read my fanfics, I’m abandoning them all, EXCEPT for Rhythm of the War Drums and Apocalypse - The Stalker

    So y’all can adopt or edit any of them, except for those two. Just wanted to say that!

    P.S. I’m getting a new sig

    —-Fight Like All of LionClan 17:29, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Silverwhisker

    Seeking Roleplays?

    January 1, 2020 by Silverwhisker

    While i have a roleplay wiki of my own, it's relatively literate and most seem disinterested in that. However, I still value it and basically use it as, well, a giant "fanfiction" and character storage for when I have muse.

    While I'm also extremely active on the Proboards roleplay I have linked on my user profile, I'm looking for another roleplay to participate in while I'm still on break! I'm a literate roleplayer that typically writes multiple paragraphs per a reply, but I'm perfectly happy with roleplay partners that only reply with a sentence or so.

    No discord roleplays, please!

    Warrior cat roleplays only, Wiki only (for now).

    Roleplay must be active, with a few members and posts that are only a few days old. I can be extremely active when …

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  • Hollywhisker


    January 1, 2020 by Hollywhisker

    heya guys!! Happy new year c: hope yall had an amazing decade and that this year will be just as great for you guys!

    as 2020 comes up, I will try to be more active here and work on more of my fanfics, but that may not happen since I've been stuck in a little writers block recently

    but anyway happy 2020 to you all :)

    You're so down to earth, and I'm up in the stars,

    so show me the sea, and I'll take you to mars. 14:38, January 1, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Choco.lilypastel


    December 22, 2019 by Choco.lilypastel

    Oh my gosh, I've literally come back after like a million years and KABLOOSH my mind is blownnnnnnnnnn -- this is still active and lots of brilliant stories are popping up! I'll hopefully get back to writing fanfiction, but i'm afraid I've kiiiiiinda lost track of the Warriors series (my mom has confiscated all but one of the books i have of Warriors). Can anyone help me fill in the gaps! XD

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  • Pastelpill

    hey fellas

    December 6, 2019 by Pastelpill


    long time no see huh

    idk if im coming back? probably. me and another user whos inactive rn have been working on a little project of our own that will hopefully see the light soon

    so yea just kinda popping in to say hey i know i kind of went out with a bang the last time i posted anything here. well what can i say i used to be very hotheaded and hopefully ive learned, so for those people that the blog was addressed to, im sorry

    that aside im hoping to catch up with some people , meet new ones, stuff like that. that or this place has changed completely and no one here will recognize me in which case, whats up new guys

    oh and also yall can call me kara now cause thats my real name heh

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  • Sandstorm1823


    December 5, 2019 by Sandstorm1823

    Well then.

    It's been a very long time since I've been on here, and I'm looking for a fresh start. I have nine weeks off, which gives me plenty of time to be writing on here, alongside my own original novel. 

    Never thought I'd be back, but here we are.

    I promise that my writing has greatly improved since I first set foot in this WIKI, way back in 2016. 

    Have a good day/night,


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  • Shadepoolcats

    Snakebreath's Promise

    November 27, 2019 by Shadepoolcats

    Snakebreath's promise related things:

    Panic Room part 8

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