The Blizzard and The Rain


Leader- Silentstar: a large silver she-cat with long black claws

Deputy- Iceblaze: a black tom with white stripes

Medicine cat- Ashfrost: a light grey tom with icy blue eyes

Apprentice, Marigoldpaw

Warriors-  Amberbird: a golden brown she-cat with amber stripes  SENIOR WARRIOR

Brindleclaw: a large tabby tom with bright green eyes 

Owleyes: a huge brown tom with yellow eyes

Apprentice, Bluepaw

Thrushfang: a dark spotted tom with one blue eye and one green eye

Addershade: a muscular spotted tabby tom with huge shoulders SENIOR WARRIOR

Apprentice,  Mistypaw

Oakheart: a small tabby tom

Apprentice, Blizzardpaw

Cherrypool: a beautiful white she-cat with amber eyes

Sagefur:a small grey tabby she-cat

Ivyfoot: alight brown she-cat with black ear and tail tips SENIOR WARRIOR

Apprentice, Boulderpaw

Sunblaze: a golden she-cat

Cindersong: a white she-cat with grey spots on her face and pelt

Apprentice, Smokepaw

Creekpelt:a silver tom with brown specks  SENIOR WARRIOR

Goldenleaf: a beautiful golden brown she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice, Dewpaw

Applehaze: a dark brown she-cat

Thistleleg: a muscular light tabby tom

Darknose: a black tom with long black claws SENIOR WARRIOR

Moonstrike: a white and grey she-cat

Apprentice, Nightpaw

Flinttuft: a tom with a pelt so grey it is almost black SENIOR WARRIOR

Greenfang: a solid grey tom with green eyes  SENIOR WARRIOR

Silverlight: a silver she-cat

Apprentices: Marigoldpaw: a beautiful golden she-cat

Bluepaw: a blue/grey she-cat with big blue eyes

Blizzardpaw: a beautiful white she-cat with grey markings

Boulderpaw: a large grey tom with muscular shoulders

Nightpaw: a small black tom with reddish amber eyes

Queens: Hollywhisker- a brown she-cat with black stripes

KITS- Greykit, Bramblekit, Whiskerkit, and Spottedkit             MATE- Creekpelt

Elders: Longwhiskers: a white tom with long whiskers

Voletooth: a brown blind tom


Leader: Foxstar: a ginger tom with a bushy tail like a fox

Deputy: Aspentree: a grey tom with brown specks

Apprentice, Leafpaw

Medicine Cat: Tallshade: a tall she-cat with black spots along her pelt

Warriors: Beechheart: a small tabby she-cat

Crowtalon: a solid black tom with golden amber eyes

Jaysong: a silver tom with dull green eyes

Apprentice, Goldpaw

Otterfur: a beautiful brown she-cat with a white under belly

Eaglefeather: a large brown tom with white spots

Poppystripe: a black she-cat with stripes down his fur

Hailstorm: a handsome grey tom with bright blue eyes

Gorsepelt: a silver tom with large black paws

Maplepool: a brown she-cat with beautiful golden eyes

Rainwhisker: a blue grey tom with icy blue eyes

Redmist: a russet she-cat with brown and white flecks

Scorchedflame: a ginger tom

Flamesong: a tortoise shell she-cat

Hickorytail: gray tabby tom

Lavenderleaf: a black she-cat with silver speckles

Apprentice, Tigerpaw

Skyfall: a pale grayish silver tom

Apprentices: Tigerpaw: tabby ginger tom

Goldpaw: a golden brown she-cat

Leafpaw: a brown she-cat with white dapples

Queens: Tulipblossom: a reddish brown she-cat

KITS:  Wolfkit, Antkit, Blossomkit, and Talonkit         MATE: Hailstorm

Ryehawk: light brown she-cat

KITS: Expecting              MATE:  Crowtalon

Elders: Raveneyes: a solid black tom with narrowed eyes

Plummist: a dark grey she-cat with a permanently broken leg

Twistpelt: a white tom with twisting tabby stripes


The rain poured outside the protected ShadowClan camp. The camp was in an underground hollow that was very well hidden and protected. Blizzardpaw sat at the entrance of the camp, watching the Clan from above. She carefully smoothed her fur down and watched as the daily tasks took place. She watched Bluepaw and Nightpaw playing with the kits outside the nursery. Blizzardpaw’s eyes wondered the camp, until she spotted Moonstrike. The grey and white she-cat was approaching her. Blizzardpaw quickly whipped around and left the camp, entering into the freezing rain. She had no intention of speaking with Moonstrike. The power hungry she-cat was her mother. She was always working Blizzardpaw to death trying to make her the best warrior. She was in no mood for a lecture or another training session. Especially from a warrior that was not her mentor. Blizzardpaw continued into the pine forest, getting deeper into the territory. The rain soaked through Blizzardpaw’s beautiful white fur. The cold water on her pelt felt like ice claws raking her skin. She sat in the middle of an opening.

“Blizzardpaw?” The deep voice of her mentor called. Blizzardpaw turned to see Oakheart, making his way towards her. “You will get sick out here,” He meowed, concern full in his voice. “I just wanted to get away,” she sighed. “Well if we are going to be out here in these conditions, you should learn to fight in these conditions,” Oakheart decided after a long pause. Blizzardpaw loved sparring with him. He pushed her to do better, but not like Moonstrike did. Blizzardpaw got to her paws and prepared herself for her mentor’s attack.  Oakheart lashed out his paws at her head, aiming for a frontal attack. Blizzardpaw immediately dove out of the way. She quickly took all of her weight to her front paws and lashed out with her back legs. She knocked the small tabby tom off balance. Using this to her advantage, she leaped onto his back, squashing him with her weight. She held him pinned down, but Oakheart was ready to give up. Suddenly Blizzardpaw felt herself flying into the air. Oakheart had kicked her up with his back paws. As soon as she landed, she tried to regain her balance. The ground was slippery from all the rain and it was hard to see. Before she knew it she felt Oakheart’s paw on her neck pinning her down. She struck out her back paws at Oakheart’s belly. To loosen his grip, she bit the paw holding her down and wiggled free. She grabbed her mentor by his tail, pulling him off balance. She leaped over him, pinning him to the cold wet ground again. The rain was coming down harder. Blizzardpaw’s entire body was shaking from the cold. She dug her claws into the ground trying to keep her balance over her mentor. “Alright, well done,” Oakheart praised, getting up from where he lay.

On the way back to camp, the two were silent. Their pelts were soaked and matted with mud. Blizzardpaw spotted blood on Oakheart’s leg. “Are you okay? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bite that hard,” Blizzardpaw meowed. She felt awful. She really didn’t think she was fighting that rough. “Blizzardpaw you are an amazing fighter, do not apologize. It’ll heal,” Oakheart meowed. She turned to look at her mud covered mentor. She could see pride in his golden eyes. “I am a great fighter because I have a great mentor,” She purred. Blizzardpaw enjoyed Oakheart’s company. He gave her the feed back that was necessary and he genuinely cared for her. He was fun to be around and made tasks not so boring.

“Where have you two been?” Iceblaze demanded as soon as the two arrived into camp. “Relax Iceblaze, I was doing my job as a mentor,” Oakheart retorted. Blizzardpaw was confused on the hostility between the two. Iceblaze and Oakheart never have gotten along. He’s just a difficult cat Blizzardpaw thought. “He was showing me some fighting skills,” Blizzardpaw added, trying to sooth the two. “Silentstar arranged a clan meeting,” He snorted before trotting off. Blizzardpaw was confused. What is his problem? Turning to Oakheart, she began cleaning the mud off his pelt. “It’s stuck in your fur,” she giggled. Blizzardpaw thought he looked so funny caked in the mud. “Stop looking at me like that,” Oak heart meowed. She tilted her head to the side slightly. “Like what?” She purred. “Like I’m a mud warrior,” He chuckled. Blizzardpaw playfully nudged his side. “We should join the clan meeting,” Oakheart meowed, gesturing towards the gathered cats. She turned around to see the Clan assembled beneath the High Rock. She spotted her sister, Marigoldpaw sitting with Ashfrost outside the medicine cat den. She wanted to join them, but when she looked back at Oakheart he seemed to be waiting on her. “Do you want to sit with me?” He asked. She saw he looked a little shy and bashful about it. She had never seen him this was. Oakheart was typically a confident cat. Blizzardpaw cast one last  glance at her sister. It had been awhile since they had spoke. She looked happy though. I’ll just catch up with her after the meeting Blizzard paw decided. Turning to Oakheart, she let him lead her to the rest of their clanmates.

“Cats of ShadowClan,” Silentstar meowed. Blizzardpaw turned her attention to her Clan leader. Suddenly she saw the deputy of RiverClan appear beside her from out of her den. She recognized Aspentree’s grey and brown pelt. Not to mention you smell his terrible scent. She noticed there was a group of RiverClan warriors at the base of the High Rock next to Iceblaze and Moonstrike. Blizzardpaw recognized the other clan’s medicine cat,  Tallshade. She also remembered the two warriors in the patrol, Maplepool and Scorchedflame.  But she didn’t recongize the third warrior. It was a blue grey tom with icy blue eyes. He was very handsome. Blizzardpaw caught herself staring at him. She had never thought of a warrior from another Clan like that. She guessed Oakheart saw her staring because his eyes turned into two golden flames. He harshly nudged her. “What in StarClan’s name is wrong with you?” She hissed. “Why are you staring at him? Are you trying to make them uncomfortable. We need to appear peaceful,” He growled. Did Oakheart think she was trying to intimidate them? Blizzardpaw tore her attention from the handsome tom and focused back on her leader. But she couldn’t help but notice that the blue grey RiverClan warrior was staring at her too.

“Aspentree has alarmed me of wolves spreading through ThunderClan territory,” Silentstar announced. Confused gasps sounded through the clearing. The buzz of talking began to fill the camp. The noise was growing louder. “Silence!” The ShadowClan leader yowled. Blizzardpaw felt her muscles tense. Why would RiverClan come across the lake to say there are wolves in ThunderClan territory? What if it was a trick? Will ShadowClan have to fight? She began growing anxious and sheathing and unsheathing her claws. Her pelt was bristled. She and Oakheart exchanged worried glances. “These wolves are no threat to our Clan yet,” Silentstar continued. “But they will be if we do not leave. RiverClan has offered a suggestion. Instead of staying here with the wolves we will travel to a safer location. It will not be far, but we will send a search party to find a new home. Ashfrost and Tallshade have had messages from StarClan telling us where it is safe. They will select the cats who will make the journey in three days, StarClan says that is when they will reveal who needs to go,” Silentstar explained. An eerie silence settled over the clearing. Most were too stunned to say anything. Others were trying to process this shocking news.

“What about ThunderClan and WindClan?” Cherrypool belowed from the center of the group. “The Clans are to split up and go to separate places. They know of the news, but they are leaving one night before us,” Silentstar replied calmly. “Why would we want to split up? The Clans have never been apart?” Addershade yowled. Murmurs of agreement followed. “Do you believe this?” Blizzardpaw whispered into Oakheart’s ear. He just looked in dismay. “Everyone be quiet!” Silentstar yowled. Everyone turned to face the large silver she-cat. “This is the fate that StarClan wants for the Clans to keep us out of harms way. We will leave in the next few days,” She announced. The Clan began to ask more questions. Blizzardpaw flattened her ears to her head. Every cat was being so loud it hurt her ears. Tallshade caught Blizzardpaw’s eye as she saw her make her way to Ashfrost and Marigoldpaw. Quickly, Blizzardpaw bounded to join them. “Blizzardpaw this is for medicine cats right now,” Ashfrost mewed gently. “I know,” she replied quickly. “But I was wondering, is this what StarClan really wants?” Ashfrost exchanged a glance with Tallshade. “Yes it is,” Marigoldpaw meowed queitly. “Now go,” Ashfrost snapped. Blizzardpaw took no offense to his tone. She could guess he was stressed enough with the situation. Not to mention there was a threat of wolves and they had to move two whole Clans somewhere new.

Silentstar dismissed the meeting, leaping down to join the RiverClan cats. Blizzardpaw had overheard that they would be staying in their camp until Dawn since it was getting dark and they wanted to avoid the wolves. “Blizzardpaw!” Iceblaze called. Blizzardpaw turned to see the ShadowClan deputy standing with their visitors. He motioned with tail to join them. Blizzardpaw saw that the tom was staring at her again. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Why do I feel this way about him? He is from RiverClan! She thought. She shook her head trying to push away the thought. She quickly bounded over to them. “Yes?” she meowed. “Will you please get some moss from Ashfrost for them to sleep on?” He asked. “I can help,” The blue grey tom offered. “I would appreciate that very much,” Blizzardpaw purred. The two padded off together, heading to the cave where Ashfrost’s den was. “I’m Rainwhisker by the way,” He meowed. “I was wondering what your name was,” Blizzardpaw meowed amused. “What do you need Blizzardpaw?” Ashfrost meowed meeting them at the entrance of the den. “Moss for bedding for our visitors,” she replied. “Tell Silentstar to just split them up between the dens I do not have enough to spare,” the light grey tom replied. Blizzardpaw could hear the stress in his voice. She felt a pang of sympathy for him. “What if I went and got some outside of camp?” She offered. She could see Ashfrost’s annoyed glare. “It is probably soaking wet Blizzardpaw. If you hadn’t notice it has been raining. Oh wait I think you did considering you were acting like a mouse brained fool out there with Oakheart instead of being here to help your Clan with the new transition,” He snapped. Blizzardpaw flattened her ears to her head in shame and embarrassment. She felt very angry that he would see it that way. She dug her claws into the ground. “Maybe if you were more responsible you would be a warrior by now,” he mumbled. Blizzardpaw had never seen him so grumpy and hostile. The anger built up inside of her. “Oakheart was actually being a good mentor and helping me perfect my fighting skills. He is a good warrior and mentor and he was helping me prepare for being a warrior like mentors should so back off!” She hissed storming away.

She felt so angry. How could Ashfrost be so rude and hostile to her, especially in front of Rainwhisker. ShadowClan needed to show a strong, united front. Her skin burned with angry. “Blizzardpaw! Wait,” Rainwhisker called as he bounded after her. Suddenly Blizzardpaw felt mortified. She had just disrespected her clan’s medicine cat in front of a warrior from another Clan. “I’m so sorry you had to see that,” She meowed ashamed. “Don’t worry about it. This is a very stressful time,” he meowed. His understanding warmed Blizzardpaw’s heart. “So I do have one question for you,” He continued. She perked her ears showing her interest. “Why are you covered in mud?” He chuckled, lapping some off her shoulder. She giggled, a little more embarrassed but she decided to act confident. “My mentor and I trained out in the rain,” she explained. “He sounds like a good mentor,” Rainwhisker meowed. “He is a great mentor,” she purred. “Who’s a great mentor?” Blizzardpaw turned around to see Oakheart approaching them. “I was just bragging about you,” she purred. She pressed her muzzle against hers and purred. He purred too rubbing his head on her shoulder. “Well I’m going to go join my clan mates,” Rainwhisker meowed awkwardly. Blizzardpaw saw him put his head down as he walked away. Was he upset? He’s probably just stressed like the rest of us she figured. “Silentstar asked a few of the warriors to sleep in the apprentice den so the RiverClan warriors could fit in the warrior’s den,” Oakheart began. “Let me guess: you’re one of them,” Blizzardpaw meowed with amusement in her voice. Oakheart nodded his head and chuckled. “Besides I wouldn’t mind sleeping close to you making sure you’re safe with these RiverClan cats here,” He added. For a moment the two cats stared into each others’ eyes. Blizzardpaw couldn’t deny there was something between Oakheart and her. “I would like that,” She meowed.

The two padded over to the apprentice den. Silentstar had just announced a search party that would go with a RiverClan patrol to find the temperary place the two Clans would stay while the selected warriors made their journey to find their new home. She had selected a few senior warriors and some regular. She chose Amberbird, Creekpelt, Greenfang, Owleyes, Sagefur, Silverlight, and Thistleleg. They were with Ashfrost now getting traveling herbs.

Blizzardpaw curled up in her nest next to Oakheart. She truly enjoyed sleeping next to him. It made the butterflies in her stomach go wild. “Oakheart?” She whispered. She hoped he was still awake. “Yes Blizzardpaw?” He meowed back quietly. “I’m really glad Silentstar didn’t send you with the search patrol. I would hate to be away from you,” she meowed. She rose her head to look him in the eyes. She could make out his figure in the dark and see his glowing golden eyes. “I am too Blizzardpaw. I really care about you,” He whispered. She could hear the care in his voice. She scooted closer to him to where their pelts brushed against eachothers.

Blizzardpaw woke up early the next morning. She carefully got to her paws. “Where are you going?” Oakheart muttered, still half asleep. “I’ll be back soon,” She whispered, licking him on the ear. She crept out of the den. The sky was pale as the light of dawn began to shine. Blizzardpaw saw the RiverClan patrol heading out to leave. She bounded over to join them. “Did you need something Blizzardpaw?” Aspentree meowed. “Yes. I need to speak with Rainwhisker,” She mewed, looking at the handsome blue grey tom. Every time he looked into her eyes she felt chills down her spine. He had this affect on her. She had no idea how to explain it. My heart lies with Oakheart She reminded herself. “Alright,” Rainwhisker purred. The two walked aside out of ear shot from any other cat. “What is it Blizzardpaw?” He asked kindly. His voice relaxed Blizzardpaw in every possible way, but something about him seemed dangerous. He was dangerous in a good way. Not too clean on the rules, enough rebel to see what’s best not what’s right. He was independent. “What’s going on with the search patrol in RiverClan?” she asked. “Well we are going to go back and talk with Foxstar and he is going to select the warriors he wants to go with the ShadowClan patrol. Apparently they are all suppose to meet at Four Trees at Sunhigh,” Rainwhisker explained quickly. “I was just wondering. Do you think you will be part of the patrol?” She asked. Rainwhisker quickly shook his head. “No. I was just made a warrior not too long ago,” he meowed. Nodding, Blizzardpaw let him go.

She was heading towards the nursery. She loved playing with the kits. She also loved the scent of the nursery. It was warm and cozy and she loved the familiar milky scent from when she was a kit. She saw Spottedkit and Greykit playing with a moss ball outside the nursery. She examined the two balls of fluff. They were getting big. Blizzardpaw guessed that their siblings were inside with their mother. Looking around, she guessed Creekpelt would be keeping an eye on them. Just as she thought, she spotted the silver tom padding towards them with more moss. Blizzardpaw figured he wanted to spend quality time with his family before he had to leave for the search patrol later. She padded into the nursery to find Hollywhisker curled up with her two sleeping kits.

“Hello Blizzardpaw,” The brown she-cat greeted kindly. Her voice was smooth and full of love. “I just wanted to see how you were doing since you found out about Creekpelt having to leave today,” Blizzardpaw meowed quietly, trying not to disturb the sleeping kits. “I’m okay. It’s not suppose to be a very long journey. Silentstar and Ashfrost thought it would be three or four days at the most,” Hollywhisker replied. Blizzardpaw noticed her forced tone. She was trying to sound okay, but Blizzardpaw recognized the hidden pain and worry in her voice. She gently rested her tail tip on the queen’s shoulder for comfort. “He will be okay,” She reassured her. “You are very kind Blizzardpaw,” Hollywhisker complimented. Just then, Blizzardpaw heard tiny yawns and meows. She watched as Whiskerkit and Bramblekit got to their tiny paws. Whiskerkit shook his silver and white pelt and stretched his legs. Bramblekit arched his back in a stretch and began smoothing down his tabby fur. “Your sisters are outside playing moss ball with Creekpelt if you want to join,” Blizzardpaw purred. “Only if Hollywhisker plays with us,” Whiskerkit mewed. Whiskerkit was named after his mother and also because he had unusually long whiskers. “Alright let’s go,” Hollywhisker mewed with amusement. The three of them left, leaving Blizzardpaw all alone in the nursery.

“Blizzardpaw wake up,” mewed a soft voice. Stretching her legs out, she blinked sleepily. She had fallen asleep in the nursery. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes and parted her jaws in a huge yawn. “You took a nap in the nursery silly,” Oakheart purred. “I’m sorry it’s just so cozy and safe in here. It was reminding back when I was a kit,” Blizzardpaw explained. She got to her paws and shook the moss from her pelt. “Well the search patrol just left. Hollywhisker took her kits up to Silentstar’s den,” Oakheart meowed. Blizzardpaw slightly tilted her head, showing she was confused. “Her kits had never seen Silentstar’s den so to distract them from Creekpelt leaving she took them up there for the day,” he explained. “Oh that makes since,” she replied, smoothing down her pelt. “I was wondering if you would like to go on the next hunting patrol? I’m leading it but I understand if you don’t want to leave camp,” Oakheart asked. “Why wouldn’t I want to leave camp?” Oakheart looked hesitant. “The wolves are spreading through the territory faster than we thought they would. They seem to be more active at night but we picked up their scent on our border,” he meowed. “Wolves do not scare me,” Blizzardpaw growled stalking off. “They should,” Oakheart called running after her. Blizzardpaw looked back to see her mentor scrambling to catch up with her. She really wasn’t scared of wolves. They were just big mouse brained flea pelts. Blizzardpaw made her way up the hill to the entrance of camp. There she saw Ivyfoot sitting against the wall. She jumped in front of Blizzardpaw, stopping her for leaving. “Silentstar has instructed that no one can leave without being in a patrol,” She meowed. “Oakheart is getting the rest of the patrol,” Blizzardpaw replied dryly. Inside Blizzardpaw was really scared to go out there alone with wolves. But she knew she was one of the Clan’s best fighters. “Well wait with me until they join you,” Ivyfoot chirped, settling back down in her spot by the wall. “It’s crazy we will be leaving our home soon,” Blizzardpaw sighed, plopping down next to the senior warrior. Ivyfoot murmured in agreemnt. Soon Blizzardpaw spotted Oakheart padding up the hill to join her. With him he brought Cherrypool and Brindleclaw. Blizzardpaw meowed a greeting to them once they were with her. Before they could head out, Ivyfoot stopped them. “Will you take Boulderpaw with you?” She asked. “I have to stand guard of camp and I would like him to go with you,” She added. “Of course. Blizzardpaw go get him, we will wait here,” Oakheart purred. Blizzardpaw got to her paws and quickly bounded down the hill into the clearing of the camp. She made her way to the apprentice den to find the large grey tom asleep. She prodded him in the side harshly with her paw. She let a giggle out to see him jump up really fast, his claws unsheathed. “What was that for?” He whined, sheathing his claws and smoothing his pelt. “Ivyfoot wants you to come on the hunting patrol,” She explained. “So that means you have to hit me in the side?” He growled, stumbling out of the den. Blizzardpaw quickened her speed to catch up with him giggling. “I’m sorry,” she purred, lapping his ear. “It’s okay. I’m glad you woke me I would like to enjoy hunting in our territory while I can,” he sighed. Blizzardpaw felt sadness hit her like a wave on the shore. Soon they would be saying good bye to their home. StarClan knows if they will ever come back! Blizzardpaw didn’t want to leave. This had been her home forever. “Let’s try not to think about it,” Blizzardpaw meowed, trying to sound cheerful. Boulderpaw looked over her. She knew she wasn’t fooling him.

The whole time hunting Blizzardpaw couldn’t shake the thought of leaving from her head. She had gone off on her own. She wasn’t straying too far away from the patrol, but she didn’t want to be around anyone right now. Don’t think about it she reminded herself. Avoiding the thought, she parted her jaws to drink in all the scents around her. Among them she caught the scent of a mouse. She carefully followed it, keeping her steps light and belly to the ground. She finally spotted it. It was sitting at the base of a tree washing itself. She kept her body completely still, her eyes were locked on her target. She inched closer silently, careful to make sure the small creature didn’t see her. Tensing her muscles, she was about to pounce. She leaped grabbing the small creature with her front two paws, digging her claws into it. She quickly ended it’s life with a killing bite to the neck.

“Nice catch,” Oakheart admired. Blizzardpaw turned around to see him sitting with two mice of his own at his paws. “Thanks,” She meowed, her voice muffled by her prey. She was curious to know how long he had been watching her. It always made her nervous when he watched her. She wasn’t scared she would mess up it was just uncomfortable for her. “We are heading back soon. Let’s wait for the others here,” Oakheart meowed, neatly wrapping his tail around his paws. “We could keep hunting until they return,” Blizzardpaw suggested. She was thinking of the Clan. She wanted them to be well fed. Also, she believed when you go on a hunting patrol you should catch as much as you can. “Blizzardpaw we have plenty of prey. I was just with Brindleclaw and his prey combined with ours is enough. Also Cherrypool and Boulderpaw will be bringing some. I believe Iceblaze will be very pleased with our outcome,” Oakheart reported formerly. Blizzardpaw sighed but nodded. She always obeyed her mentor even when she didn’t want to,

Soon the rest of the patrol met up with them. Brindleclaw had caught a thrush, vole, two mice, and even a water shrew. “How did he catch all of that?” Blizzardpaw asked, astonished. Brindleclaw was by far the Clan’s best hunter. He always came back with a good share of prey. “I can teach you some time,” He meowed, dropping his prey. Cherrypool returned with a squirrel and a mouse, and Bouldpaw was carrying a plump mouse between his jaws. “Looks like you got lucky,” Cherrypool purred setting her prey down. “He always get’s lucky,” Boulderpaw mumbled under his breath. Blizzardpaw nodded in agreement. She bent her head down to sniff Brindleclaw’s prey. It smelled strange, but she couldn’t figure out why “Let’s head back,” Oakheart meowed, picking up his prey. Blizzardpaw padded close behind him. Their pelts brushed against eachother. His pelt against hers made her mind swirl and her tummy fill with butterflies. She cared deeply for Oakheart. She had for a while, she just never realized it.

As the patrol was on there way back to camp, the sky was turning grey with rainclouds. Soon, Blizzardpaw felt a cold drop of water seep through her pelt. Not long after the first drop the rain came pouring. The patrol was soaked. Blizzardpaw’s beautiful white fur was soaked completely. Her fur was weighing down on her.

Once at camp, she was relieved for the shelter of the rain. The patrol deposited their prey on the fresh kill pile. Blizzardpaw began shaking her pelt, trying to remove any water droplets. She rapidly licked her fur trying to dry off. She didn’t mind getting wet but she was annoyed with her heavy fur. “Let me help,” Oakheart meowed, lapping at her pelt.

“Your patrol did well,” Iceblaze noticed. Blizzardpaw hadn’t even noticed the black tom sitting within a fox tail lengths of them. “Thanks, Brindleclaw brought in the most,” Oakheart replied. Iceblaze flicked his tail in acknowledgment, padding closer to Blizzardpaw. “How is her training coming along?” he asked. His eyes wondered over Blizzardpaw. “Very well actual,” her mentor began. “She is by far one of the best fighters we have in the Clan. Also, her hunting skills are amazing.” “You think she is the best fighter in the Clan?” meowed a different voice. The three cats turned around to see Silentstar. “Yes indeed I do,” Oakheart meowed confidently. Blizzardpaw stared up at him. She felt her heart warmed at how highly he was speaking of her. She wondered if he really thought that or if he was just saying it. Blizzardpaw always considered herself the best fighter in ShadowClan, but she never would’ve said so to the clan leader and deputy. “Well I would love to see her go against a few of ShadowClan’s strongest warriors,” The ShadowClan leader meowed challengingly. Her eyes were narrowed on Blizzardpaw. Blizzardpaw knew this was her chance to prove herself. Oakheart glanced back at her. “I believe Blizzardpaw would be up for that,” he meowed. Blizzardpaw nodded in agreement. “Great,” Silentstar chirped, rising to her paws. “Tonight I will call the Clan to watch,” she meowed padding away. Blizzardpaw felt anxious. She didn’t know how she would do against the other warriors. Her paws itched with excitement and nerves.

“Again,” Oakheart ordered. Him and Blizzardpaw had been training since Silentstar challenged Blizzardpaw’s fighting skills. Blizzardpaw’s muscles burned from training. She was feeling exhausted. “Oakheart I need to save my energy,” she insisted. Her eyes were begging him to let her stop. “Alright you are right. Go eat and stretch then rest,” He meowed. Blizzardpaw relaxed. She had been training for a while. The two padded back to camp with their tails entwined.

Blizzardpaw was stretched out in the apprentice den. It felt weird laying there without Oakheart. He always made her feel complete. Her stomach was full from the plump mouse she had eaten. She tried to sleep but her nerves kept her awake.

“Hey Blizzardpaw,” meowed a familiar voice. Blizzardpaw raised her head to see Nightpaw. She grunted in acknowledgment, plopping her head back down into her moss nest. He chuckled at her. “So I heard you were going to be going against some of ShadowClan’s strongest warriors,” he meowed. “Mhm,” she responded. “I guess Oakheart worked you to death to prepare you,” he laughed. Blizzardpaw just waved her tail in acknowledgment. She was so tired she just wanted to sleep. “Can you go get Oakheart?” She finally asked, looking up at Nightpaw. The small black tom nodded and darted off. She waited for them to return. The only way she knew how to sleep was if Oakheart was laying next to her. He just made her feel so safe and relaxed. Everything with him was perfect. Soon, Nightpaw returned with Oakheart. “I would stay and hang out with you two, but Moonstrike wants me to clean out the nursery while the kits are in Silentstar’s den,” Nightpaw sighed. You could hear the annoyance in his voice. Since Nightpaw was one of the newer apprentices, he got some of the tedious jobs. Blizzardpaw nodded, sitting up. “Have fun,” she meowed amused. She was so happy Oakheart didn’t make her do that as much anymore.

After Nightpaw left, Oakheart began gently lapping her between her ears. “Is there something you needed?” he asked softly. Blizzardpaw purred looking up into his golden eyes. “I needed you here so I could sleep,” she meowed. “Anything for you,” he purred, settling down next to her. Soon Blizzardpaw felt sleep tugging at her mind. She knew Oakheart would help her. She nuzzled his side before letting sleep take over. She felt so at peace. She tried to enjoy it because soon she would have to fight some of ShadowClan’s strongest warriors and she knew it would be a tough battle.  


coming July 13-15

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