Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

This is a collab between Lynx, and Wolfy!

Prologue - Lynx

"Please take them," The rogue begged.

Beetlenose recoiled. "Why can't you?"

She faltered. "They... they aren't... good enough."

Firedance's jaw dropped. "What?!" She snarled.

"Thank you," The rogue whispered, turning and making a run for it. 

Firedance growled, about to chase her, but Beetlenose restrained her. 

All the while, the one tom sat stoically, observing with thoughtful eyes. 

Beetlenose and Firedance gazed down at the kits.

The two kits mewled on the mossy log. They were identical, except one of them looked more vicious, her claws already unsheathed. 

"Beetlenose, what are we going to do with them?" Firedance asked. 

"I'm not sure." Beetlenose looked desperately at the third member of the party. "What about you, Strongsmoke?"

He shrugged. "Don't look at me."

Beetlenose twitched her tail in irritation, but otherwise was calm. "Should we take them?" 

Firedance hesitated, then nodded slowly. "Yes."

"They can never know of each other." Strongsmoke said quietly.

The she-cats stared at him. "What did you say?" Beetlenose asked indignatnly. 

"One is a blessing. One is a curse. The clans will either fall or rise, depending on which is which." Strongsmoke's voice didn't belong to him. This voice was deeper. Gravellier, if possible. 

Firedance was the first to recover. "Strongsmoke?" 

He looked up at her, eyes flashing with annoyance. "Yes?"

"What was that?" She murmured. 

Strongsmoke stared at her blankly. "What was what?" 

Beetlenose exchanged a wide-eyed glance with Firedance. "I believe that we just heard a prophecy," She whispered.

Firedance glanced down at the two kits. "I'll take this one." She picked up the more peaceful-looking one. As soon as it was touched, it unsheathed its claws and looked angry.

"Cursekit," She decided quietly.

Beetlenose stared down in horror at the smaller kit, the more vicious one. At least, it seemed vicious. Now it was gentle, happy. "Blessingkit," She whispered. Firedance flinched but didn't object.

Beetlenose picked up Blessingkit by her scruff. With a nod to Firedance, she padded away.

The tom settled down on his side, mulling over the events. He sighed, knowing that it would be his last few moments alive.

He closed his eyes, and let peace come. 

Chapter One - Wolfy 

Cursekit looked up, her tail lashing back and forth. Today she would become an apprentice. “Cursekit!” Came a small yowl. He looked around to see her three friends, Shadowkit, Wolfkit, and Redkit. “Come on, Graystar’s calling the meeting!”

Cursekit looked up to see Firedance. Him, Shadowkit, Wolfkit, and Redkit scampered outside the den. “You’re all a mess!” He heard Breakfire purr in amusement, one of the senior warriors.

Breakfire was nice to Cursekit. Before Cursekit could say anything, Graystar yowled, “Gather around for a Clan meeting!” Cursekit could see Redkit bristling with excitement. She knew she was excited along with her brother, Shadowkit. She looked at Wolfkit. Wolfkit was like Cursekit’s brother.

She knew she was adopted. A rogue had abandoned her and Firedance had found her in the cold, and brought him to ShadeClan. At least, that’s what she had heard.

Graystar said some words Cursekit didn’t really listen to, but she did listen when Graystar said, “From this day on, Cursekit will be known as Cursepaw.” The Clan chanted her name, “Cursepaw! Cursepaw! Cursepaw!” Happiness flooded through her.

Next went Wolfkit. Then Shadowkit and Redkit.

Cursepaw had been apprenticed to a cat named Swiftsong. He was a white cat with black splotches on him, and amber eyes. “What do we do first?” Asked Cursepaw eagerly.

Swiftsong smiled. “First we patrol the territory.”


Blessingpaw looked up at her new mentor, Firefight. Irritation welled up inside her. “When do we start?” She asked, impatiently. Firefight twitched an ear, “Be patient, Blessingpaw. You’ve just been made an apprentice.”

Blessingpaw blinked, apologetically. “Sorry.” She said, dipping her head to the older cat. Firefight smiled. “Come on, let’s patrol the border with ShadeClan.” Said the orange tom. Blessingpaw nodded, “Alright.” She said.

But when he said, “Skypaw can come with us,” her heart sank. She did not like Skypaw. Skypaw’s sister, Flowerpaw was nice but Skypaw was always worried about how he looked, and if his claws were sharp enough, or if he was walking the right way.

Skypaw did not know how to be a warrior. “Can Flowerpaw come to?” She asked, hopefully. She could at least get some good out of going on this patrol.

But to her disappointment, Firefight shook his head. “No, she’s currently hunting with Ripplefur.” Blessingpaw saw Skypaw and Blackwater come over to them.

Firefight nodded to them. “Good thing you’re here. We were just discussing about going on a patrol.” Blackwater nodded. “Alright, we’ll come with yo.” He said. “But I just groomed myself.” Complained Skypaw. “I don’t want to go.” Blackwater gave him a stern look. “You’re coming whether you like it or not.” He snapped. Skypaw rolled his eyes. “Fine.”

As they neared the border, the scent of ShadeClan got stronger. Blessingpaw wrinkled her muzzle. “A patrol’s coming this way.” Said Blackwater, shaking his fur out.

Sure enough a patrol of four cats emerged. “Hello, Firefight.” Said one of the cats. “Hello, Swiftsong.” Firefight replied. A young black and white she-cat, similar to Blessingpaw, with green eyes was standing beside Swiftsong. There was a gray tabby tom with yellow eyes standing beside a full grown black she-cat with blue eyes.

Swiftsong nodded to the apprentices. “These two were just made apprentices. Cursepaw and Wolfpaw.” He said. Firefight nodded. “So were these two. Blessingpaw and Skypaw. We were just patrolling the border.” It disgusted Blessingpaw to see how nice they were to each other.

As they padded back to camp, disgust continued to roil inside of her. If I ever become leader of ReedClan, the first thing I would do is get rid of ShadeClan.

Chapter Two - Lynx

Blessingpaw thought of Beetlenose, the one cat she'd actually been able to stand, who also happened to be her mother. She was kind, but not pushy, and she didn't have good opinions of ShadeClan.

Beetlenose had died a few moons before Blessingpaw became an apprentice. No one blamed her. But Blossomwish and Bloompetal's mysterious disappearance a few days later was highly unlikely. Especially since they were going to visit Blessingpaw. Well, Blessingkit, then.

She rolled her eyes. She didn't care if others thought she was a curse. Let them think so! Weak mousehearts. She scoffed, seeing Skypaw yelp after tripping over a root. She glared at him, not offering him help and stalking back into camp.

ShadeClan was another matter althogether. Weak, soft, they were a clan of kittypets! She growled to herself, attracting stares. She fixed them with a glare so deadly one of them actually stumbled back. Yellowstar was weak for not attacking them and driving them out.

If she became leader of ReedClan, she would not make that mistake.


Wolfpaw hissed. Cursepaw looked over her shoulder at the gray tom. "Are you okay?" She asked, turning and padding over. "I stepped on a bramble." Cursepaw winced. "This is going to hurt," She warned. "What's going to-- yeow!" He shrieked.

Cursepaw sat up, the bramble in her jaws. Wolfpaw licked his paw. "Told you it would hurt." She said. He nodded, licking it again. "Thanks," He said. She smiled, remembering something Brightmoon had done to her when she had trod on a thorn.

She looked around, eyes sweeping the bushes. She found a clump of marigold, and slid it under Wolfpaw's paw. He sighed, shoulders slumping in relief. "Thanks, Cursepaw!" He murmured. "Maybe you should have been a medicine cat."

Cursepaw shrugged. "Maybe. I like being a warrior though." Wolfpaw grinned, eyes still closed. "I thought you'd say that." Cursepaw inspected the bloody thorn that lay at her paws. "No training tomorrow," She advised. Wolfpaw opened his eyes. "How do you know?"

Cursepaw shrugged. "The thorn is big and narrow, meaning it'll take longer to heal." Wolfpaw laughed. "Let's head back." He glanced at the mentors, who were a few fox-tails behind them, chatting, most likely exchanging advice.

Cursepaw nodded, allowing him to lean on her as they made their way back to camp. It took a while, seeing as Wolfpaw was limping, but nowhere near as long as it would have taken if Cursepaw hadn't removed the thorn. As they talked, she wondered if Wolfpaw was right: should she have become a medicine cat?

Chapter Three - Wolfy

Cursepaw couldn’t stop thinking about what Wolfpaw had said. Was he right? Should she become a medicine cat? Should she talk to the medicine cat, Brightmoon? Perhaps even Graystar? No. She shook herself. She was a warrior and always would be. “You okay?” She heard someone ask. “Don’t worry, Wolfpaw, I’m fine.” She assured him.

He twitched an ear, looking at her. “Are you sure? You were looking kind of troubled.” Cursepaw lashed her tail. “I’m fine.” She growled, standing up. “Alright, alright, calm down.” Said Wolfpaw. “I was just making sure.” He said, innocently. “Sorry.” She apologized. “I’m just wondering if you were right and I should become a medicine cat.”

Wolfpaw cocked his head. “Well, you don’t have to, Cursepaw. You’re a great warrior. It’s up to you whether you do become a medicine cat or not. Plus you just remembered how to pull a thorn out of a paw. When I got back Brightmoon treated it with goldenrod and horsetail as well. But if you do want to become a medicine cat that’s great too.” He said.

Cursepaw smiled at him, and playfully batted him over the ear. Wolfpaw smiled. “Look here comes Swiftsong and Brackenpelt. The mentors.”


Blessingpaw looked at Skypaw through narrowed eyes. The young tom was currently smoothing his pelt, completely ignoring Blackwater, as he tried to teach his apprentice battle moves. She looked at Firefight. Skypaw was really getting on her nerves with ignoring everyone and focusing on his looks.

She was going to teach him a lesson. “Can we practice battle moves with Blackwater and Skypaw?” She asked. Firefight looked surprised. “You never want to practice with Skypaw.” He said. She smiled, deviously. “Well I guess I’ve just had a change of heart.”


Cursepaw stretched out, yawning, when she saw Firedance pad into Graystar’s den, looking around as if to make sure no one saw her go in, or overheard. Curious, Cursepaw decided to eavesdrop on the two cats. She knew if she got caught she would be put on tick duty for a moon.

Cursepaw crouched at the entrance of the den, pricking her ears to listen to the two cats talk. She heard Graystar’s rough voice, “What do you mean, Firedance?” He asked. “What do you mean, what do I mean?” She hissed at him. “I’m talking about Cursepaw.” Cursepaw flinched. What did they want to talk about her for?

“Remember, Graystar? I told you about Strongsmoke’s prophecy about Blessingpaw and Cursepaw.” Cursepaw had to strain her ears to hear Firedance, because her voice was so low. “And with our kits coming I’m not sure what we should do with her. There’s a reason she was named Cursepaw.”

Cursepaw was confused. She knew the two cats were mates, and that Firedance was expecting, but she was confused about nearly everything else. Who was Strongsmoke? What prophecy? Why was she named Cursepaw? And... What did this have to do with Blessingpaw from ReedClan?

Chapter Four - Lynx

"Blessingpaw!" Firefight shrieked. "Enough!" Rolling her eyes, Blessingpaw got off Skypaw. His pelt was matted and he was filthy. She smirked. That should teach him. Firefight stormed over. "Come on, Blessingpaw! Yellowstar will hear about this." Blessingpaw shrugged. "I couldn't care less." Growling, Firefight stormed away, presumably to rat her out to Yellowstar.

Blessingpaw sighed as Skypaw backed away from her. "Pity you're so weak," She commented, her voice a half-handed mew. Skypaw growled. "You messed up my pelt!" She rolled her eyes. "Too bad."


"Wolfpaw!" Cursepaw mewed, looking around. "Wolfpaw! Where are you?" She asked, raising her voice. She peered at the deserted camp. But why was it empty? She didn't understand. The scent of ShadeClan cats was stale, the camp a seemingly abandoned settlement.

She blinked for a moment. "Firedance!" She yowled suddenly. But the ginger she-cat didn't show her face. She shivered, eyes welling with tears. Where had they gone?

"Cursefire." Someone mewed. Cursepaw hesitated, then looked up. "What- Who are you?" She demanded. "And why did you call me Cursefire?" The blue-gray cat that Cursepaw presumed had called her shrugged. "Not important. Listen closely."

The cat lowered their voice. "You have a great destiny, Cursefire. You will free the clans." The cat paused, then mewed; "But, if you choose fate... you will die."


"Blessingpaw, is this true?" Yellowstar asked sharply, eyes darting from Firefight to the black-and-white apprentice. She rolled her eyes. "Yes. Skypaw was asking for it," She muttered. "He's so lazy!"

Yellowstar sighed. "Very well. Blessingpaw, you won't go to tonight's gathering, and you'll be doing the elder's ticks every other day until I say so." He sighed again. "But Skypaw must be punished too. He will aide Blessingpaw with the ticks, and he will be on dawn patrol every morning for three moons."

"What?" Someone whined from the outside of the den. Blessingpaw smirked as Skypaw limped in. Yellowstar raised an eyebrow. "Make that four moons." The apprentice's shoulders slumped, and Blessingpaw smiled smugly at him before turning and padding softly out of the den.

She curled up in her den and her eyelids fluttered closed. She let out a sigh as the tension in her shoulders relaxed and she drifted off towards sleep. Except peaceful sleep didn't come.

"Who's Blessingwig?" She asked sharply, glowering at the white she-cat in front of her. "Not important. Listen closely." She mewed, shrugging. The cat lowered her voice. "You have a great destiny, Blessingwing. You will free the clans." The cat paused, then mewed; "But, if you choose fate... you will die."

Chapter Five - Wolfy

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