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This story will be somewhat based off of Skyrim so if you've never played Skyrim before, you might be confused, and also why there will be so many cats in the allegiances. Also, because this is based off of Skyrim, there will be no monsters (cars), and other twoleg stuff besides the cities and etc. And yes, the allegiances will have names contained Bear-, Deer-, *sigh* Skeever- and the random animal names because once again--this is based off of Skyrim. So without me being boring anymore, read on and I hope you enjoy. Oh and these are very long allegiances, feel free to skip :)


Leader: Morningstar-slender, dappled dark tortoiseshell she-cat with dark amber eyes and a snow-white underbelly.

Deputy: Boulderfall-large dark gray tom with smoky-blue eyes. Apprentice-Sunpaw.

Medicine Cat: Whitelily-pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes and small, delicate paws.

Warriors: Firestorm-tom with a pelt the color of autumn leaves, bright yellow eyes and a sleek, thick pelt.

Frostpool-pale gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice-Flamepaw.

Lionfang-large dark ginger tom with amber eyes and large paws. Apprentice-Hollypaw.

Rainfall-mottled gray tom with dark blue eyes.

Shrewfur-dark brown tom with long fur and yellow eyes. Apprentice-Sparrowpaw.

Leopardsong-dark golden tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Beetletail-dark gray tom with a black tail tipped with white and blue eyes.

Nightclaw-black tom with shredded ears and amber eyes. Apprentice-Mothpaw.

Duskstream-dark tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Icestorm-white tom with ice-blue eyes. Apprentice-Deerpaw.

Featherflight-small, long-furred gray she-cat with darker tabby stripes and blue eyes.

Thornfoot-brown tabby tom with amber eyes and long, sharp claws. Apprentice-Russetpaw.

Pinewhisker-golden-brown tom with bright amber eyes.

Dawnfur-pale ginger she-cat with forest-green eyes. Apprentice-Brackenpaw.

Eaglewing-dark brown tom with black tabby stripes, white paws and amber eyes.

Whiteflame-white tom with bright amber eyes.

Lilyheart-white and gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Foxwhisper-bright ginger tom with yellow eyes and white paws, chest and underbelly.

Perchtail-pale-gray tom with blue eyes.

Tigershade-black tom with dark brown paws, tail-tip and amber eyes.

Honeyflight-dark golden she-cat with amber eyes.

Apprentices: Mosspaw-small, brown she-cat with darker tabby stripes and yellow eyes (PinewhiskerXLeopardsong)

Russetpaw-reddish-brown tom with amber eyes (PinewhiskerXLeopardsong)

Brackenpaw-golden-brown tabby tom with dark amber eyes and a white-tipped tail (PinewhiskerXLeopardsong)

Hollypaw-dark brown she-cat with white legs and amber eyes (EaglewingXLilyheart)

Sparrowpaw-dark brown-and-white tom with yellow eyes (EaglewingXLilyheart)

Deerpaw-brown she-cat with white patches and amber eyes (EaglewingXLilyheart)

Sunpaw-dark autumn-colored she-cat with dark amber eyes (FirestormXHoneyflight)

Flamepaw-pale golden tabby tom with green eyes and long fur (FirestormXHoneyflight)

Mothpaw-pale golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes (FirestormXHoneyflight)

Queens: Smokefeather-dark gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting Perchtail's kits.

Ivystep-tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Whiteflame's kits, Badgerkit (black and white tom) and Skykit (white she-kit with black paws and black-tipped tail)

Darkwing-black she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting Nightclaw's kits.

Leafsong-dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Expecting Tigershade's kits.

Elders: Petalfoot-gray she-cat with black feet and blue eyes.

Fernpelt-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Rockfur-dark gray tom with green eyes.

Molenose-black tom with a brown muzzle and amber eyes.

Rushstripe-white tom with brown tabby stripes and yellow eyes.


Leader: Hollowstar-dark tabby tom with amber eyes.

Deputy: Flintpelt-black tom with green eyes and a white tail-tip.

Medicine Cat: Emberspots-ginger tom with darker ginger patches and green eyes.

Warriors: Hawkface-large dark tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Cindercloud-gray tabby she-cat with thick fur and smoky-blue eyes. Apprentice-Goldenpaw.

Lightningfrost-black tom with white tabby stripes and amber eyes.

Sunpool-ginger and white she-cat with bright green eyes.

Icefeather-pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes. Apprentice-Mousepaw.

Voleclaw-black tom with blue eyes. Apprentice-Dovepaw.

Firepelt-pale ginger tom with green eyes.

Mudstorm-dark brown tom with amber eyes. Apprentice-Skeeverpaw.

Petalshine-pale gray she-cat with dark blue eyes.

Ashpelt-dark gray mottled tom with blue eyes.

Nettleclaw-gray tom with black tabby stripes.

Graystorm-large dark gray tom with amber eyes.

Hawkfire-dark tabby tom with yellowish-orange eyes.

Flamewhisper-bright ginger tom with green eyes.

Adderstripe-brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Honeywhisker-ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes and long, sleek fur.

Wolfclaw-large black tabby tom with amber eyes.

Cedarfrost-black tom with ice-blue eyes.

Apprentices: Goldenpaw-golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes (FlamewhisperXPetalshine)

Mousepaw-pale grayish-ginger tom with white socks and blue eyes (FlamewhisperXPetalshine)

Skeeverpaw-dark gray, ragged-pelted tom with amber eyes (WolfclawXCindercloud)

Dovepaw-dark gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes (WolfclawXCindercloud)

Queens: Frostsong-white she-cat with dark blue eyes. Mother of Ashpelt's kits, Thistlekit (light gray tabby tom) and Stormkit (dark gray-and-white tom)

Cherryfrost-ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Voleclaw's kits, Forestkit (large gray tom) Swallowkit (gray she-kit) and Ferretkit (gray-and-ginger tom)

Skyhawk-dark brown she-cat with white tail-tip, paws, underbelly and green eyes. Expecting Hawkfire's kits.

Elders: Snowdapple-gray and white dappled she-cat with blue eyes.

Poppyshade-white she-cat with dark tortoiseshell patches and amber eyes.

Flowertail-very pale-gray she-cat with a white tail and blue eyes.

Blackpelt-black tom with yellow eyes.

Whitestone-sturdy white tom with ice-blue eyes, retired early due to tail being bitten off by a skeever.


Leader: Snowstar-small, thick-furred white she-cat with blue eyes.

Deputy: Shadefur-gray tom with a pale-gray chest and underbelly.

Medicine Cat: Berrysplash-cream-furred she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice-Dawnpaw.

Warriors: Nightshade-black tom with dark gray ear-tips and amber eyes.

Cloudflight-white tom with a pale-gray chest and blue eyes.

Tigerlight-light brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

Silvermist-white she-cat with silver tabby stripes and green eyes.

Jayfrost-gray tabby tom with ice-blue eyes.

Hailfall-dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes.

Oakstep-large brown tom with yellow eyes. Apprentice-Amberpaw.

Rowanfang-dark tabby tom with amber eyes.

Brindlefur-golden-brown tabby tom with dark yellow eyes.

Rainbreeze-mottled gray she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice-Bearpaw.

Pebbleclaw-gray tabby tom with blue eyes.

Duskstorm-dark tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

Flameheart-ginger tabby tom with green eyes. Apprentice-Owlpaw.

Ravenwing-black tom with dark green eyes.

Dewsplash-dark gray, almost black tom with blue eyes.

Blizzardstorm-large white tom with shredded ears and blue eyes.

Fireleap-bright ginger tom with barely-visible darker stripes of fur and green eyes.

Aspenwhisker-dark golden tom with forest-green eyes.

Apprentices: Dawnpaw-dark golden tabby she-cat with yellow eyes (RowanfangXTigerlight)

Bearpaw-large dark brown tom with amber eyes(RowanfangXTigerlight)

Owlpaw-brown tabby tom with yellow eyes (RowanfangXTigerlight)

Amberpaw-dark golden she-cat with black patches and green eyes (RowanfangXTigerlight)

Queens: Littleflower-small, light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Expecting Fireleap's kits.

Willowfrost-black she-cat with pale-gray patches and ice-blue eyes. Mother of Blizzardstorm's kit, Skykit (white she-kit with black ear-tips)

Darkfern-black she-cat with amber eyes. Mother of Ravenwing's kits, Nightkit (black tom) Shadowkit (black tom with gray-tipped fur) and Shadekit (black she-kit)

Blueflame-grayish-blue she-cat with bright amber eyes. Expecting Jayfrost's kits.

Elders: Thrushpelt-sandy-brown tom with yellow eyes.

Blacksky-black tom with blue eyes.

Pinefur-dark golden-brown tom with amber eyes.

Goldenleaf-golden tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

Whiteflower-white she-cat with pale-gray chest and stomach.


Leader: Sleetstar-large white-and-gray tom with yellow eyes.

Deputy: Whiteblaze-pure-white tom with icy blue eyes and long claws.

Medicine Cat: Rainsplash-small, pale-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Warriors: Russetpelt-russet-colored she-cat with amber eyes.

Falconwing-dark tabby tom with amber eyes.

Crowtalon-black tom with green eyes.

Foxwhisker-ginger tabby tom with green eyes.

Darkpool-black she-cat with a gray chest and amber eyes.

Ashflower-gray she-cat with darker gray spots and blue eyes.

Birchheart-light brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Driftcloud-very pale-gray, almost white tom with blue eyes.

Flywing-black tom with gray paws and blue eyes.

Kestrelwing-dark tabby tom with amber eyes.

Dappledcreek-blue-gray dappled she-cat with yellow eyes.

Mapleleaf-dark tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

Patchstorm-black and white tom with green eyes.

Reedfur-dark brown tom with long fur and amber eyes.

Stoneclaw-dark gray tom with blue eyes.

Stormshadow-gray tabby tom with smoky-blue eyes.

Timberpelt-large dark tabby tom with green eyes.

Vinestripe-dark tabby tom with a white-tipped tail and amber eyes.

Apprentices: Wolfpaw-dark gray-and-black tom with blue eyes (FlywingXAshflower)

Thistlepaw-black tabby tom with amber eyes (FlywingXAshflower)

Hawkpaw-dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes (TimberpeltXMapleleaf)

Larchpaw-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes (TimberpeltXMapleleaf)

Starlingpaw-dark brown tom with lighter brown tabby stripes (TimberpeltXMapleleaf)

Queens: Vixenfur-ginger she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Stormshadow's kits, Larkkit (brown tabby she-kit) and Willowkit (gray she-kit)

Squirreltail-ginger tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes. Mother of Birchheart's kits, Bramblekit (light brown tabby tom) Sagekit (dark gray tabby tom) Sunkit (dark ginger tabby tom) and Birdkit (brown tabby she-kit)

Sandfoot-very pale-brown she-cat with ginger-brown paws. Expecting Kestrelwing's kits.

Snowfeather-white she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting Driftcloud's kits.

Elders: Cloudsong-silver she-cat with light blue eyes.

Lichenpelt-black tom with a thick, matted pelt and yellow eyes.

Speckleface-pale-brown she-cat with white spots on her muzzle.

Pounceclaw-ginger and white tom with green eyes.


Large talons grasped a dark tortoiseshell she-cat, flapping it's dark wings and taking off, carrying her off into the distance. The cat wailed, looking down and seeing the snowy realm of the clans. Now, it was only a tiny white speck in view. The beast carrying the she-cat higher and higher, until it finally clenched it's talons. A dark tortoiseshell she-cat woke with a piercing yowl.

"Morningstar?" A pure-white she-cat poked her head into the small, dim-lit cave. "Are you okay? I heard yowling."

Morningstar scrambled to her paws, shaking the moss off of her dark, sleek pelt. "Yes I'm fine, thanks, Whitelily," She grumbled.

"Good. May I speak to you?" Whitelily asked, her ice-blue eyes curious yet darkened with concern.

"Yes," Morningstar sighed, embarrassed her medicine cat had seen her yowling.

"The patrols have been reporting sightings of large shadows crossing the land. Should we do something about it?" Whitelily took a spot near Morningstar's nest, sitting down and wrapping her tail over her small, delicate paws.

Morningstar gazed off seemingly nowhere, recalling the shadow with wings that lifted her in its talons in her dream. "I don't know. I don't even know what it is, I've never seen it." She snapped back to reality, forgetting her dream-death. "But if it's huge, our warriors may not be able to handle it."

Whitelily blinked. "What are you saying? I think our warriors are plenty strong."

"They are strong, I've seen even Mosspaw take down a skeever and she's the smallest apprentice we've got. But what I'm saying is--if this isn't just a regular sighting of a hawk or some kind of bird, our cats may not be able to handle it," Morningstar explained.

"So you mean we need the Companions?" Whitelily asked.

Morningstar let out a sigh, fruststrated--today wasn't going to be a good day. "Yes, Whitelily. If the warriors actually see the shadow's true form, and it's something we've never seen, then yes--we need the Companions." The Companions were a large group of the strongest cats of the clans, picked and trained by StarClan. They lived in the middle of the territories, near TundraClan, secluded in a large cave.

"But won't we need to send a cat there?" Whitelily shifted her paws, trying not to make it seem like she was arguing with her leader.

Morningstar changed the subject. "Isn't this supposed to be a report Boulderfall makes?"

"Sorry." Whitelily flattened her eyes and padded out of the cave.

You better be. Coming in my cave and watching my yowl my head off! Morningstar thought angrily, scraping at the sandy floor with her claws.

Then she gave Whitelily's words a thought. What was this shadow thing? Surely it was just some shadow a hawk or falcon was casting off, confusing the warriors.

No, my warriors aren't that stupid. Morningstar gave a flick of her tail. I need to think about this though. If we need the Companions, I'll have to prepare for a long journey.

Then a loud roar split the air, and a huge shadow was cast over LakeClan's camp.

Chapter 1

Sunkit's POV.

I shifted my paws at Morningstar's announcement. The dark tortoiseshell she-cat had ordered every member of the clan to attend the meeting, as it was important. My mother, Honeyflight, stood beside me as I trembled at Morningstar's words.

"Every border patrol must consist of seven cats, and hunting patrols must have four--just to be safe in case this creature ever decides to show itself," Morningstar ordered. She glanced down at the medicine cat, Whitelily, who was sitting below the Fallen Tree--where Morningstar made her announcements. "Whitelily has suggested the Companions to go to for help. Within two moons, if the shadow hasn't revealed itself--I will choose a cat to journey to the Companion's cave and seek their help."

My heart pounded. My apprentice ceremony would be in less than a moon--in one week to be exact, would Morningstar choose an apprentice? I would be the most joyful cat in the clans if she chose me to go.

"Yes, Morningstar," Boulderfall, the deputy, meowed. Morningstar gave a quick flick of her tail to signal the ending of the meeting, then leaped off the Fallen Tree and padded to her cave.

"I bet Morningstar will choose me!" I heard an apprentice boast. It was Sparrowpaw, Eaglewing and Lilyheart's son. The dark brown-and-white tom was with the other apprentices--his sister Hollypaw, and the others--Mosspaw, Russetpaw and Brackenpaw.

I snorted. Obviously Morninstar would choose me once I was an apprentice. No she won't, a voice said in the back of my mind. What have I ever done to be recognized by her? Nothing.

"Hey, Sunkit!" My brother bounded up to me, his pale-golden tabby fur bristled with excitement.

"Hi, Flamekit," I greeted back. "What's up?"

"Who do you think Morningstar will choose to go to the Companions? That's an awfully huge honor!" Flamekit meowed.

"I don't know. I highly doubt it'll be an apprentice though." My gaze traveled to Nightclaw. The large black tom was sitting with his mate, Darkwing. His shredded ears swiveled, trying to pick up the gossip around camp. "I'm guessing Nightclaw though. He's probably the strongest warrior in LakeClan."

Flamekit snorted. "Next to Firestorm, maybe." 

I rolled my dark amber eyes. "You know our father isn't the strongest warrior. He may be strong but he's not the strongest."

"Are you talking about me behind my back?" A mock-growl sounded behind me.

I turned and faced a large autumn-colored tom. "Firestorm!" I yowled happily. Flamekit and I bowled into him, purring.

"I have great news," Firestorm meowed, shaking out his pelt as we got off.

"What is it?" Flamekit asked, his green eyes bright with curiousity.

"You know the next Gathering is in two weeks right?" Firestorm checked. "I asked Morningstar, and she said you two and Mothkit can go!"

"Yay!" I mewed cheerfully. "Wait, where is Mothkit?"

Flamekit shrugged. "Beats me. She's weird."

Firestorm's yellow eyes darkened. "That's your sister, Flamekit. You shouldn't talk about her that way."

Flamekit shuffled his paws. "I know, but it's true!"

Firestorm rolled his yellow eyes, then flicked Flamekit's ear and gave me a quick lick on the head. "I've got to go. Tigershade's wanting me on border patrol." He bounded off quickly, approaching a dark tabby tom.

Be careful, I thought, thinking of the possible new threat that patrolled both the skies and ground below.

Chapter 2

I paced restlessly across the front of the nursery, waiting for tomorrow--my apprentice ceremony. A pale-golden tabby she-cat came out from the nursery, yellow eyes dark.

"Hey, Mothkit," I meowed.

Mothkit just nodded to me, then padded away. Like usual, I thought coldly. If she's acting like she resents everything about Flamekit and I, then I know there's no problem with her. I watched her small shape get smaller as she went to the far side of camp.

I flicked an autumn-colored leaf the floated next to my ear. The trees around LakeClan's territory always seemed to be the same color, with a few exceptions. Not that I minded it--it was beautiful, like it's always leaf-fall.

Then my mind got me onto the subject of the menace that lurked, but never showed its true form. I'd never seen the shadow myself, but from what the warriors had been chatting about--it seemed to be gigantic and a danger. Whatever it was, I tried to reassure myself that it was just a misunderstanding about maybe a large skeever or wolf. Those were common around the lake and forest nearby.

"Having fun?" A voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Hi, Skykit." I turned to see my friend, a white she-kit with a black-tipped tail and black paws.

"Whatcha doing?" Skykit asked, sitting down beside a pile of fallen leaves.

"Waiting." I gritted my teeth. I'd been waiting for my apprentice ceremony, and here I am so close to it!

"Well you're a lot closer to your ceremony than I am," Skykit meowed, as if reading my thoughts.

I grunted, then my whiskers twitched in amusement. "I guess you're right."

Then, feeling bored, I leaped onto Skykit. I pinned her under my larger paws, and nipped at her forepaw.

"Hey! That's unfair!" Skykit mewled, batting at my face in an effort to get me off.

"A warrior is always ready!" I meowed, rolling off. I shook my autumn-colored pelt off of dust and dirt.

"Fine, fine," Skykit grumbled. "You have a point."

I stood triumphant, chest puffed out proudly--like I had just won the greatest battle between kits ever. I gazed up at the pinkish-gray sky. Nighttime was not far off, then I'd wake to my ceremony! My sight traveled over the mountain-tops in the distance, then the opposite direction to the pine forest that was home to MarshClan.

Honeyflight padded out of the nursery. "Hi, Sunkit." She flicked my ear with her tail. "Are you hungry?"

My amber eyes brightened. "Yeah!" I left Skykit, and followed my mother to the fresh-kill pile.

She tossed me a small mouse, big enough to only fill me up. "You need to be ready for your ceremony tomorrow!" She meowed.

"I know," I said, taking a big mouthful of the mouse. "It seems so far away!"

Honeyflight purred, her whiskers twitching. "It's not. I was the same way when I was an apprentice not too long ago."

"Who was your mentor?" I asked, curious.

"Rockfur," Honeyflight replied.

"Really?" I swallowed my food. "But he's an elder."

"He wasn't that young when I became an apprentice!" Honeyflight joked.

Then Mothkit joined us, which was odd. She only approached Honeyflight and Firestorm--or any other cat--when Flamekit and I weren't around.

"Hi, Mothkit," Honeyflight purred. "How are you?"

"Fine," Mothkit mumbled. She sat down and curled her tail over her paws.

I became silent after her approach, and so did Honeyflight. Mothkit seemed to ruin everybody's mood. I was almost positive she would get Nightclaw as her mentor, he was short-tempered and grumpy just like her.

"Well," I meowed, shoving the remains of my mouse over to Honeyflight. "I'm going to sleep. The faster I get to sleep, the quicker my ceremony will come."

"Okay." Honeyflight nodded goodnight to me. "I'll be there in a minute."

I left the fresh-kill pile, and went into the nursery. I located my nest--which was Honeyflight's as well, and my siblings--and flopped down inside the bracken. I gave off a sigh of relief as I closed my eyes, welcoming the darkness of my dreams.

Chapter 3

"Sunkit, Mothkit, and Flamekit--you have reached the age of six moons and it is time for you to be apprenticed." Morningstar drew her gaze over the three of us as she stalked along the Fallen Tree. "Your names will now be Sunpaw, Mothpaw, and Flamepaw."

Then the dark tortoiseshell made a motion with her tail, beckoning to three warriors. Only two approached. Morningstar looked down at Boulderfall, who stood at the bottom of the Fallen Tree. My heart began to race. "Boulderfall, you are ready for your second apprentice. You received excellent training from Molenose and you have shown yourself to be brave and strong. Your apprentice will be Sunpaw, I expect you to pass on all you know to her."

My eyes brightened as the LakeClan deputy was announced as my mentor. I padded forward and had to stretch up on my paws to rub noses with him, then took my place back in the crowd. I watched as Mothpaw received Nightclaw--as guessed--and Flamepaw received Frostpool.

I rushed forward to ask Boulderfall the plans for today. "What are you taking me to do today?" I asked excitedly.

Boulderfall's whiskers twitched in amusement. His smoky-blue eyes were shining with pride. "First, let me sort out the patrols for today, then how about I take you on a trip around the territory?"

"Okay!" It didn't beat battle-training, but it would be my first time out of camp. I waited impatiently by the camp exit--a very low-set tunnel of bramble and thorn bushes--as Boulderfall took Morningstar's place on the Fallen Tree and sorted out patrols.

He didn't take long though, as he soon followed the patrols to the camp exit and no further, stopping beside me. "Ready?" He asked.

"Yep!" I was quivering with excitement. I would actually see the forest beyond camp, and the lake--for which my clan was named for--for the first time.

I stalked underneath the tunnel, then emerged into a beautiful, autumn-colored forest, free of camp walls. "Whoa..." I breathed. Birds chirped, and the prey was so plentiful that I could hear mice and squirrels scuttling around the dirt.

"What are those?" I asked, seeing a small, stone path in the distance.

Boulderfall's eyes darkened. "Those are twoleg paths." He thrust his nose into the air, pointing in another direction. "There's a whole bunch of them living somewhere that way. They have large stone walls that hide their dens, and wooden paths that expand out onto the water. You never see many coming down this way, but you must be careful in the future."

"Why?" My eyes widened. "Are they dangerous?"

"Some can be. Some twolegs hunt down our prey, some hunt our enemies like the fox, and some come riding through the forest on their horses." Boulderfall began leading me down deep into the forest. 

It wasn't a thick forest--thank StarClan--as the bright, sun-high sky was very much visible through the yellow-orange tree-tops. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"The Hill where apprentices train," Boulderfall answered over his shoulder.

I didn't answer, but I followed as my mentor--and deputy--broke out into a run. Eventually, the grassy ground began to slope slightly upwards, until there was a medium-sized clearing atop a large hill, surrounded by trees. A few of the apprentices were training here with their mentors.

"Let's not disturb them," Boulderfall whispered. "But tomorrow I'll bring you here for battle-training."

I nodded, then we took off back down the hill. "Where to now?"

"The lake." Boulderfall led me through a maze in the forest, and I spotted a few of the stone paths on the way. Then the large dark gray tom slowed as the ground underpaw slowly changed to sand and pebbles. I nudged my way under a bramble bush and emerged on the other side. The sun's rays shined on the lake, and the waves gently lapped at the shore.

"See that?" Boulderfall motioned at the other side towards a large stone structure. Odd wooden hollowed-tree looking objects were outside of it, wooden paths leading to them on the water. Strange, I thought.

"Yeah." I gazed at the walls. I could barely see the movement of a bunch of twolegs as they mingled with each other and carried things in their paws.

"Beyond that wall are their dens. Be wary of that place, and never stray too far from here," Boulderfall warned.

"Okay. I would never go near twolegs anyway!" I meowed.

"I know, I'm just telling you." Boulderfall pulled away from the lake, going back into the cover of the forest. "Now, are you ready to see the borders?"

"Ready as ever," I said. This is going to be a long tour.

Chapter 4

The freezing wind from TundraClan chilled me to the bone, but I tried not to let it show. We neared their border, and I gazed out in awe at their barren--yet beautiful--snowy land covered with patches of dull yellow grass and a few ponds. I spotted a large, furry brown thing with something sprouting from its head.

"What's that?" I asked Boulderfall in wonder, watching as the creature trotted away down a hill.

"Those are elk. There's also deer, which are somewhat similar but are smaller. We don't hunt them, we leave that to the sabre cats and wolves," Boulderfall explained.

"Why not?"

"Because, they're too large and they're hooves can kill a cat with a single strike." I shuddered at how that might feel.

"Come on," Boulderfall meowed. "Let's see StormClan's border. It's much farther, so be ready. And I'll leave MarshClan's territory for tomorrow, you'll be exhausted by then." He bounded off back towards the direction of camp, spraying leaves and grass in my face.

I spat and followed my mentor. He stayed near TundraClan's border, but never too close, and eventually veered away from their territory, going up a large slope. The winds were much stronger here, as StormClan's territory was almost at the very tip of the land, and beyond that--freezing waters. I'd heard from the elders that there was a huge twolegplace near their territory surrounded by thick, towering snowy stone walls. I would love to see that, but StormClan's territory was the coldest and windiest of all, I wasn't looking forward to going near it.

Once we were away from TundraClan's and my clan's territory, the land became marshy and humid. The ground underpaw was thick, compacted dirt with only a few grassy areas. Small, dark swirling pools threatened us if we missed a step.

"Are we almost there?" I asked, trying to ignore my aching paws.

"Not quiet," Boulderfall replied.

I groaned in annoyance. This trip had been tedious, yet the sun was still high overhead. I saw a twoleg camp near a pool, and they were playing with fire. Stupid twolegs, why would you play with fire? Boulderfall saw it, but he just continued on like normal.

The ground began sloping downwards, and the land in the distance was snowy once again.

Yes! I thought. We're almost there!

A river blocked our path at the bottom, and Boulderfall easily scaled it. I stood at the edge of the dark water, fearing if I might fall.

"Just jump!" Boulderfall prompted. "You won't fall, I promise."

I closed my eyes, and felt my paws leave the ground. At first I squealed in fright, fearing hard ground beneath--thinking it was water. Then I relaxed and noticed I was on the other side, and that the river wasn't too wide.

"Was there slaughterfish in there?" I asked, pelt twitching.

"Probably not," Boulderfall said. "It's not big enough."

I glanced back at the water, relief flooding through me. At least I would know when we crossed back. Slaughterfish were the worst--huge, long fish with thick scales and a long, narrow face with extremely sharp teeth that could rip the pelt and skin off of anyone who crosses their path in the water. I shivered.

"What if we come across that giant shadow-thing?" I asked once more, frightened by the sudden dangers of the world.

"We won't!" Boulderfall promised. He flicked my ear with his tail. "Stop being so scared!" He teased.

I flattened my ears. "Sorry," I meowed. "It's just my first day out, and I'm tired."

"I know. But it gets better," Boulderfall said.

After countless steps, I felt the cold snow beneath my paws again, and it felt good. The ground went slightly downwards, a relief from the hard ground sloping up. Suddenly Boulderfall darted out of sight and into the snowberry bushes nearby. 

Fine then, leave me here! I thought negatively, then brightened up as he reappeared, a small, furry gray mouse in his jaws.

"Sorry," He meowed, muffled by the fresh-kill. "I saw it flash by and thought I'd catch it. Eat up."

I bent down, taking a welcomed bite of warm mouse, savoring the taste. Boulderfall crouched down and ate the other half, while I finished in a few swift bites. I licked the remains off my whiskers and then followed as my mentor set off.

This was like a journey, going to the other borders. But it ended as Boulderfall stopped by a small, snowy cliff-side.

"This is it," He meowed. "This is StormClan's border. Feel the winds? It's easily recognizable as their territory, they're the only ones that can withstand it. Hurry up and burn it into your mind, I'm freezing!" The dark gray tom's tail was quivering slightly, and his dark gray fur was fluffed against the chilling winds that battled against us.

He was right, it was definitely stronger here. I gazed quickly out at the snowy, barren landscape beyond, wondering how a clan could live out there with nothing but snow, many small mountains and cold wind. We turned tail to head back home, but a hostile snarl quickly turned us back around.

Chapter 5

"What are you doing so close to our border, Boulderfall?" A dark tabby tom with a white-tipped tail met our eyes as Boulderfall and I spun around. Behind him, two cats stood growling--A black tom and a tortoiseshell she-cat.

"Showing one of LakeClan's new apprentices the borders, Vinestripe." Boulderfall's hackles twitched. "Do you have a problem with that?" He growled. I sulked behind my mentor, wary of these StormClan strangers. I took notice of them--how they're pelts were very thick and sleek, their large paws that were good for trudging through snow and their sharp, piercing eyes that were good for spotting prey even in the strongest of snowstorms.

Vinestripe made a low, quick growling snap. His dark tabby tail lashed. "I'll report this to Sleetstar. It's never good when another clan's warrior is so near the others' border." He peeked around Boulderfall, amber eyes gleaming with hatred. "Never cross StormClan's borders or we will give you wounds to seriously think about!" He snapped.

I nodded quickly.

Vinestripe turned to his clanmates. "Crowtalon, Mapleleaf. Let's go!" With that, a flurry of snow was thrown up into mine and Boulderfall's faces as the trio sped off in the opposite direction.

"Fox-hearted StormClan!" Boulderfall hissed as we padded off.

"Are they always like that?" I asked in disgust.

"Not all of them," Boulderfall answered. "But some are more arrogant than others, that's for sure."

"Why is Vinestripe like that though?" I thought back to the dark tabby's snap at me, and how he said he'd report us to Sleetstar.

"Vinestripe has had his problems in life. I was barely a kit when he was made a warrior, but I do know that he and Mapleleaf are mates. After their son, Redpaw was killed--Vinestripe changed to a challenging, hostile cat," Boulderfall explained.

"Oh, I see." I bounded after my mentor as he took off in a run.

I flopped down onto the leaf-covered ground at camp, letting out a breath of exhaustion. I blended into the leaves with my autumn-colored pelt, and only my amber eyes seemed to peek through.

"There's Sunpaw!" Flamepaw's voice rang out from the opposite side of the camp. My brother trotted towards me, green eyes bright with joy.

"How was it?" He asked. "Frostpool is the most amazing mentor ever! She let me climb a tree, see that huge twolegplace--from a distance of course--and even let me try to catch prey!"

"Great!" I purred half-heartedly. "Boulderfall took me all the way to see TundraClan and StormClan's borders. We met up with three StormClan warriors, one of them--Vinestripe--isn't nice at all. He snapped at me!"

Flamepaw flattened his ears, tail brushing the ground. "How dare he snap at my little sister! I'll rip him to shreds!" He growled playfully.

"I can handle him myself," I meowed. My ears then perked as I noticed Honeyflight returning from a border patrol behind Duskstream and Shrewfur. "Honeyflight!" I darted forward, greeting my mother with a strong purr.

"Hi, Sunpaw!" She meowed. "How was your first day as an apprentice?"

"It was great! Well, my legs are really tired but other than that it was fun!" I told her, leaping into a story about what I saw, heard and about Vinestripe.

"Yeah," Honeyflight said. "Watch out for him, he's got a tongue, that's for sure!"

Then I noticed Morningstar emerging from her cave, her dark dappled pelt shining in the sunlight as she came out.

"Honeyflight, may I speak to you?" She asked in that commanding tone of hers. She gave a nod of greeting to me, then padded away with Honeyflight.

I swiveled my ears, trying to hear what they were saying or why Morningstar wanted to speak with my mother for.

Suddenly the ground began shaking, and everything went black as a huge shadow revealed itself in the sky, letting out a deafening roar that shook the ground.

Chapter 6

I wailed in fear. It was nothing like I'd ever seen. Huge, black wings blocked out the sunlight, and the body of the creature looked demonic. It had black scales, with spiky scales protruding from its head down its spine. It let out a magnificent yet terrifying roar, its reddish-amber eyes glowing with hatred.

"What is that?" I asked frantically, rushing straight for Boulderfall. The cats in camp began panicking, and the kits hurled themselves into the safety of their mother's chest.

"Morningstar!" Boulderfall called, leaving me behind and dashing for the leader's den. I followed, ignoring my clanmates that ran out in front of me.

"We're going to die!" Duskstream wailed, her dark tortoiseshell pelt fluffed in alarm.

"Shut up!" Thornfoot snapped. His brown tabby tail swished the ground, but even through his confidence, his amber eyes showed fear. "You're scaring the kits and apprentices!"

I looked back to Boulderfall, who's dark gray tail had just disappeared, slithering into Morningstar's den. I looked back to the center of camp, scanning for my littermates. I spotted Mothpaw with Firestorm and Flamepaw with Frostpool. They both cowered underneath the larger cats.

I twitched my ear, and then followed my mentor in without hesitation. The creature was roaring even louder now, and sharp sticks were shot from the air, piercing its thick scales. What are those? I thought, landing in Morningstar's dark, sandy cave. I've never seen that creature, or those sticks being shot.

"Sunpaw?" Morninstar looked at me in confusion, voice calm as smooth-flowing lake water. "What are you doing in here?"

"Sorry," I swallowed back my fear. "I-I just followed Boulderfall in, I wasn't sure-"

"It's fine," Morningstar purred. "You can stay in here."

"What is that giant flying bird?" Boulderfall asked the leader, tail swishing across the sandy stone floor.

"I don't know, and I don't want to know," Morningstar said with narrowed amber eyes. "But it poses a serious danger to the clans."

The ground shook as the beast gave one last mighty roar, then the sound of wind blowing as its powerful, dark wings flapped, letting it take off into the sky. I opened my eyes, not realizing they were squeezed shut, and I relaxed. It was gone. Luckily it hadn't neared camp ground.

Outside, there was snarls and growls of hostility, and some confused meows. I stepped outside, adjusting my eyes to the bright sunlight once again. Two strange cats were standing near the entrance of camp. I called Morningstar and Boulderfall, and the two came padding out, climbing down the slope of rocks.

"Who are you?" Morningstar questioned, looking to the two strangers. One was a large black-and-white tom with blue eyes, and the other was a small white she-cat with silver-tipped ears and icy-blue eyes. 

"I'm Ash," the black-and-white tom said through a deep, confident voice. He looked to the she-cat beside him. "This is Ice-"

"Why are you here?" Beetletail interrupted, baring his sharp fangs.

"Leave the questioning for me, Beetletail," Morningstar warned, shooting a sharp glare at the dark gray tom with a black-tipped tail. "Why did you two come here?" She asked, looking back to the two loners.

"We have heard of the clans," Ash began. "We know what that creature is you saw. And the stuff being fired at it."

"What are they then?" Morningstar cocked her head. "And how do you know what they are?"

"That creature is called a dragon, the twolegs thought them to be gone, but I guess not. I've only heard tales about them from my father and grandfather," Ash explained. "The sharp sticks? Those are arrows, twoleg weapons."

"It's amazing just to be able to see one," Ice put in, looking back to the darkening grayish-golden sky.

"Why?" Beetletail snorted. "They could ki--"

"Beetletail!" Boulderfall snapped.

"Sorry," Beetletail muttered. He flattened his ears against his head.

"What do you want from us now?" Morningstar asked, beginning to pace around the two.

I padded forward to stand beside Flamepaw, who was watching anxiously as Ash spoke. "We would like to join your clan, we could help you on how to deal with and avoid twolegs. We know what other dangers there are, and we could save your life someday," Ash explained.

Morningstar thought long and hard. Is she really going to let them? I thought. They're loners for StarClan's sake!

"Sure," Morningstar meowed. "On one condition."

Chapter 7

"You must take my deputy and a patrol of warriors to the Twolegplace to prove your point. And if you're going to stay, your actions will be monitored for the first two weeks," Morningstar stated.

My heart pounded. If Boulderfall was going, surely that meant I had to join him in Twolegplace? I swallowed back a growl.

"Sure," Ice meowed. "I lived in that Twolegplace for a few moons, I know my way around!" Her tail was waving in the air, like she was excited about going back.

"Good," Morningstar said smoothly. "We'll leave at sunrise." The dark tortoiseshell turned to Boulderfall, and told him to pick his patrol.

After everyone had calmed down, or a bit anyway, I padded up to Boulderfall once he finished picking his cats. "Am I going with you?" I asked.

My mentor nodded. "Yeah, I think you'll gain some experience from it. But first, even though it's sun-down, I'll teach you the first basic defenses, in case anything happens."

Boulderfall led me to a less populated area of camp, and began demonstrating a roll to get away from an enemy. "It may seem pretty self-explanatory, but really, you want to land a certain way to keep from harming yourself." He lay on the grass, and tilted on one shoulder. "Don't roll on you neck, it could snap. So always roll on your shoulders and follow it up. It should help you dodge a swipe or two."

After Boulderfall made me try it--to which I succeeded--he then taught me three other things, how to perfect my swipe so it was more lethal, sweeping my enemy off-balance, and then for more extreme measures--how to target one's throat.

Once the mini training session was over, I was led to the apprentice's den by Mosspaw. The brown tabby she-cat was only older than me by two moons, but that didn't stop me from wanting to exceed her skill. The apprentice's den was made from brambles, and ferns softened the entrance. "Sparrowpaw and I made nests for all three of you, our welcoming gift!" She purred.

"Thanks," I meowed, padding over to one of the nests. Mosspaw's brothers, Russetpaw and Brackenpaw, were already snoring in their nests, exhausted from hard training sessions. I planned on waiting for my siblings, but my eyes were heavy and almost the second that I lay down on the feathery nest, I gave in to sleep.


A paw prodded my side. I blinked open my eyes, and saw Boulderfall standing in front of me.

"Are you ready to leave?" He whispered, careful not to wake the other apprentices, except for Sparrowpaw, who was joining us with his mentor, Shrewfur.

"Yeah," I murmured, still tired. I crawled out of the den behind the two. The sun was barely peeking above the horizon, the sky still dark with a small mix of pinkish-gray.

Leopardsong and Pinewhisker were chosen by Boulderfall to join Shrewfur, Sparrowpaw and I. They stood shivering in the cold morning breeze.

"Alright, Ice, you know how to get there?" Boulderfall asked the white she-cat. His tail-tip twitched in anticipation. I knew he was wary of these two rogues, and probably itching to prove Morningstar that they weren't good.

"Of course!" Ice answered, and took the lead as we left camp.

We trekked through the forest for a while, Twolegplace was across the territory.

"So are you and Ash siblings?" Shrewfur asked awkwardly. Sparrowpaw chuckled beside his mentor. The dark brown tom's pelt prickled slightly in embarrassment--he wasn't one to ask questions.

Ash looked over his shoulder at Shrewfur. His whiskers twitched in amusement. "No, we're mates."

Shrewfur didn't respond.

I trotted up to Boulderfall. "Do you think we'll get in a fight there?" I asked. I was nervous about my first skirmish, but I anticipated it so I could be the first of my siblings to get in a fight.

"I'm not sure. I've never been inside Twolegplace so I wouldn't know," Boulderfall said.

We reached the edge of the forest, and stood at the edge of the twoleg path. A horse was walking down it, attached to a big box thing with a twoleg up front and four in the back of the box.

"What is that?" I asked in disgust. Twolegs were so weird, what was up with their minds?

"It's a carriage," Ice answered, "They use it as transportation between cities and villages." When no one replied, she took it as confusion. "Twolegplace, is what you call it."

We ran across the path, the horse was just walking, and we weren't in any danger. There was few trees to escape into, just grass. The place where twolegs had wood over water and those hollowed-out tree logs was where Ice and Ash were directing us to.

"We're going in through there?" Boulderfall growled. His hackles raised in hostility. "There's too many twolegs!"

"They'll catch us and then we'll become kittypets!" I whimpered.

"Chill out," Ash meowed. "We've come and gone through here many times. They just ignore us."

"Just watch for the twoleg kits, they like to grab at dogs and cats," Ice warned. "There's not many on the docks though, it's mainly the place where twolegs trade and leave on boats."

"What?" Sparrowpaw huffed.

Ice shook her head. "Nevermind." She padded to the water's edge. "There's rocks in the water, and it's shallow. We'll cross here and go up to that platform." Her tail-tip pointed to a wood platform a few fox-lengths away.

She cautiously stepped into the water. It only went up to her tail-tip, so I assumed it was safe. I followed after Boulderfall, and Sparrowpaw filed in behind me. I hissed in terror at the swirling water, even though I was perfectly fine on the rocks.

In no time we were across. I hauled myself up the wooden platform, and shook the water out of my pelt.

"You look stupid!" Sparrowpaw laughed.

I looked down at myself. My pelt from the shoulder down clung to my bones. "Shut up, you look the same!" I teased back. I forgot about the humor, and then looked up at the looming stone walls. We were about to enter Twolegplace.

A place normally forbidden by Morningstar.

Chapter 8

"So how do we get in?" Boulderfall asked Ice.

The white she-cat's eyes narrowed as she scanned her surroundings. "There's a door that way by the..twolegs. Or we can try and climb the wall if that's what you forest cats prefer?"

"Door?" Sparrowpaw questioned.

"Like the entrance to your den," Ash answered, "But with something you push open to get through. It's for twolegs, but you can slip through it."

"So that means we have to go through all those twolegs then?" Sparrowpaw curled his lips in disgust. He lashed his tail, glaring at the clumps of twolegs.

"They ignore us. It's mostly just the twoleg kits that try to pick us up or pet us," Ice reassured. "Come on, we can't stand here talking all day. Stay close." She led the way, and I fell in line between Boulderfall and Leopardsong.

I tried not to show how scared I was, because I knew Sparrowpaw would return to camp and tell everyone of how much of a coward I was. I'd never been this close to twolegs before, I'd only ever seen them from a distance, and now here I was--weaving between them, dodging their paws. They wore what seemed to be cloth, a material I'd learned from the elder, Petalfoot, she'd once stolen a piece of it and now kept it as a souvenir in the elder's den.

We reached the doorway, to which I learned it was just a slab of wood on the stone wall. Ash padded through it, checking that there wasn't any dogs or rogues. He looked back through, and gave us the okay. I sighed in relief, and realized how hard my heart was pounding.

Ice must've heard me, because she said, "Sorry to ruin your mood, but there's more twolegs inside." She followed Ash, leading us through.

Twolegplace was so weird. There was so many of these weird wooden shelter places. There was twolegs standing behind a box and a few that were hitting a shiny object. "What are they doing?" I asked, extremely confused by their behaviour.

"Those are their houses," Ash said, flicking his tail the shelters. "The ones standing there are at the market stalls, I'm not sure what that means, but that's what I was told."

Ice finished, since Ash didn't know the rest. "The ones with the shiny objects are making weapons, they're called swords and axes. It's the way twolegs fight." Ice and her brother led us around Twolegplace, confidence in each pawstep. "So anything specific your leader wanted us to do?"

Boulderfall shook his head. "I don't think so. I think she just wanted to see if you had the confidence to go here. Most cats don't. Or so we could see for ourselves that you two weren't lying."

Ash snorted. "Plenty of cats live here. I don't see how that's a problem?" His gray tail flicked in irritation. "I haven't lived here long, but I don't see what's so bad about it."

While the older cats talked amongst themselves, Sparrowpaw and I padded off a bit.

"Where should we go?" Sparrowpaw asked excitedly. The brown-and-white tom was so happy about being here that it made me think he wanted to be a kittypet.

"I'm not sure we should leave the group, we've never been here."

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