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This is (the seventh) poem by Brams. Click on these links to read more of my poems.

NOTE: This contains spoilers from multiple books, ranging from Yellowfang's Secret to Bramblestar's Storm - read at your own risk!

Enjoy <33333

Black Shadows

Blackkit, Blackpaw, Blackfoot, Blackstar

The noble ShadowClan leader.

One of the sons of Hollyflower,

Brother to loyal Flintfang

And caring Fernshade.

A courageous apprentice, he was, then a noble warrior -

Then a loyal deputy -

Yet ferocious - due to Brokenstar -

Appointed against the warrior code.

Yet he was promised, and received.

When the fall of shadows began,

He fled with his leader

And loyal Clanmates,

Became a rogue, tormenting thunder,

And then finally returned to shadows,

Now deputy under Tigerstar.

But when blood ruled the forest,

Blackfoot became Blackstar.

Nine lives to lead,

Succeeding Tigerstar,

The deputies became

Brave Russetfur and then

Witty Rowanclaw.

One life went to the Dark Forest -

And the last left in lapping lake waters.

Now Blackstar watches ShadowClan,

In the stars in StarClan...

... and his paws, black as night,

Contrasting the white,

Make deep black shadows

Along the ground at night...

Black shadows.

Author's Note

This is the end of the poem - I hope you enjoyed it! Constructive criticism is appreciated - and be nice, please :)

If you want to read more of my poems, click on the links above the poem.

Until next time,

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