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Warriors Fanfiction

Big Brother: ThunderClan is a spoof series based on Big Brother. It was created by Tanglefrost101 and features many spinoffs created by other users.


14 housemates enter a house, with two or three intruders entering at a later point in the game.

The weeks follow the ritual of: Nominations, Daily Show, Challenge, and finally, evictions.


Each week, there may be a different rule to nominations (e.g. only a specific gender may be nominated, a cat can't be nominated)

The cats have 5 points which have to be given to 2 cats. This can be for a variety of reasons unless otherwise specified.

At the end of nominations, the three cats with the most nominations (or more if there's a tie) will be placed up for eviction


This occurs at the end of the week, and the cat with the fewest amount of votes gets evicted. There can be some variants to this; either more than one cat gets evicted, or no cat gets evicted at all. The cat who has been evicted has the opportunity to give out a nominations superpower to any cat remaining in the house.


Cat                                                       Time

Daisy                                              Season 1-present

Episode Guide (Season 1)

Each episode contains 3-4 shows (one eviction, one nominations, one daily show, one challenge)

  1. Week One
  2. Week Two
  3. Week Three
  4. Week Four
  5. Week Five
  6. Week Six
  7. Week Seven
  8. Week Eight
  9. Week Nine
  10. Week Ten
  11. Week Eleven
  12. Week Twelve
  13. Week Thirteen
  14. Finale Week

Results (Warning: DO NOT read on unless you are up to the current episode!

Cat                                                   Finish
Icecloud                                             Winner
Ashfur                                                Runner-up
Cloudtail                                            3rd place
Bluestar                                            4th place
Hazeltail                                           5th place
Brambleclaw                                      6th place
Ferncloud                                           7th place
Sandstorm                                          8th place
Lionblaze                                            9th place
Berrynose                                           10th place
Hollyleaf                                              11th place
Whitestorm                                          12th place
Dovewing                                             13th place
Brackenfur                                           14th place 
Longtail                                                15th place
Squirrelflight                                         16th place

Guest Appearances

  • Sorreltail
  • Brightheart
  • Super hot ginger cat
  • Jayfeather
  • Mistybird
  • Nightshimmer
  • Mintleaf
  • Roboflight
  • Fuzzypelt
  • Niall Horan
  • Dan Kuso
  • Rainsplash
  • Jetfeather
  • Firestar
  • Spottedleaf
  • Snowfur
  • Cinderstar
  • Brokenstar
  • Scarletpaw
  • Willowbreeze
  • Crookedstar
  • Mosseye
  • Oakheart
  • Willowpelt
  • Crowfeather
  • Leafpool
  • Security Guard
  • Brighty


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