This is a collab series of the wiki. The users involved are Zaffie, Birchy, Arti, Maple, Wildy, Bird and .... Original idea by Zaffie.

The characters of the series can be found here.

The plot of the series is as follows;

The four Clans are living in peace and harmony... mostly. Of course, there are the occasional border scuffles, and those mouse-brained apprentices with their claws out at Gatherings, but nothing serious has happened since the time of Bramblestar, the legendary ancient leader of ThunderClan, the one who led them to their home by the lake.

Meanwhile, there are battles to be fought and won within every Clan. Bramblepaw, aThunderClan apprentice, has finally made it to her warrior ceremony, while Birdsong of WindClan has become deputy, achieving a lifelong ambition. Sunkit, a new 'warrior' of ShadowClan, is waiting anxiously for her four-moon results. And all over the Clans, there are similar stories.

But peace never lasts forever. This time though, the enemy does not come from within the Clans themselves. With a roar and a crackle of fire, a blaze is let loose that will tear their world apart. With the fire and the floods, cats of all Clans are scattered. And a predator waits out in the darkness, picking them off one by one. Can any cat survive life Beyond?

Set 1

Hidden In Fire - Complete.

Whispers In The Dark - In progress.

Floods Of Fear

Burning Shadows

Winter's Touch

Waiting List



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