Dedicated to Wetty <3

by Firey

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"You have to believe in me."

"Do you promise?"

"I promise."

"I believe in you..."

Starring Wetty as Wetstream

Firey (Me :)) as Sunspirit


For Sunspirit, Wetstream was a special she-cat. He found out that he was in love with her, but the problem was that they were in different Clans. When Sunspirit realizes that Wetstream loves him too, he promises to get them out. But when tragedy strikes, what will happen?

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This is the story of two cats in love. ^

^ This is the story of a tragedy to be unfolded.

^ This is the story where you just need to...believe. ^


It was a cold and rather windy night for a Gathering. Sunpaw remembered it clearly. He was standing on the side, shivering madly next to his brother, Smokepaw. Above their heads were stormy, dark gray clouds. It looks like it's about to rain, Sunpaw observed, though I hope it doesn't...

It was his first Gathering as an apprentice, and he was utterly excited. He had to miss the first Gathering due to an outbreak of greencough in which he had caught. The second Gathering happened when he had a major injury along his flank from a nasty fight with a badger.

So now it was his third moon being an apprentice and Sunpaw was finally allowed to attend the Gathering. Both times, he had stayed up to listen to his brother's report on how it went.

"It was overcrowded and there were so many cats talking at once. I had no one to go to but I did meet some pretty she-cat from AshClan. I was lost there, you know? I kinda wish you were there because then you'd at least help me through the crowds." Smokepaw's eyes were bright, "And before you ask, you're a lot more level-headed and you can probably fight your way through a thick crowd of badgers and still reach the camp unharmed." (Yeah look how that turned out...) That was the first time Smokepaw came back. He had been fervently talking for ten minutes straight, unable to stop. Sunpaw hadn't minded though, he wanted to know every detail about the Gathering, including the she-cat Smokepaw met.

"I think I'm getting the hang of going to Gatherings. I mean it was still a jumbled mess and I was afraid to approach anyone knew, but Minnowpaw-that she-cat I met-she helped me meet some of her friends so I introduced her to mine. She likes some cat called Stonepaw, so don't you worry about me falling in love with her..." Smokepaw was just as excited as the first time to describe his experience at the gathering to his brother.

But now, it was Sunpaw's turn to experience the Gathering. Luckily, he had his brother at his side to guide him.

"Come on," Smokepaw exclaimed, racing after their leader-Hawkstar.

Sunpaw jolted out of his stupor and hurried after his brother. He followed his dark gray pelt through the throng of cats and stopped in front of a pretty light gray she-cat.

"Are you Minnowpaw?" Sunpaw blurted out, not realizing that his brother was conversing with another she-cat that was indeed gorgeous. (But not as gorgeous as the she-cat standing in front of Sunpaw right now).

"Um, no," the she-cat looked embarrassed, "Minnowpaw's my best friend. I'm Wetpaw."

"Wetpaw?" Sunpaw repeated dumbly, gaping at the she-cat. She had captured his attention and he felt mesmerized by her. Even though Minnowpaw was indeed more noticeable with her garish pelt and bright blue eyes, Wetpaw attracted Sunpaw more with her slightly duller gray pelt and leaf-green eyes.

"Yeah, what's yours?"

Sunpaw blinked rapidly, unable to think of a response, "'I...uh..."

"Oh hey, there you are, Sunpaw!" Smokepaw's voice rang out from behind him, "I see you've met Wetpaw. I told you about her last moon, remember?"

Sunpaw definitely remembered the name Wetpaw. Smokepaw had described her as a dull gray she-cat with a quiet demeanor, but Sunpaw didn't see her like that. "Yeah, I met her," he replied swiftly, though his eyes never left Wetpaw.

Minnowpaw slipped up beside her friend. If other cats looked at the pair, they would immediately focus on Minnowpaw because of her dazzling pelt. She loved the attention, which was probably why she showed herself off to all the toms she could find.

"Sunpaw's your name?" Wetpaw asked, her voice calm and her eyes following his, "That's a nice name."

"So is Wetpaw."

Wetpaw smiled a bit, and Sunpaw found himself grinning too, "Well, normally cats don't tell me that. They usually point out that 'Wetpaw' sounds a bit strange for a gray she-cat."

Minnowpaw scoffed, "Why does your name matter anyways?"

Wetpaw shot her friend a slightly hurt look, so Sunpaw decided to step in, "Hey, that's not a nice thing to say."

Minnowpaw turned to face him. Sunpaw was a bit startled by her brilliant blue eyes that locked him into place, "What was that?"

Sunpaw tried to repeat what he had just said, "I said that wasn't very nice."

Minnowpaw shrugged indifferently, "Wetpaw's used to my sayings. I'm known for a sharp tongue and quick words. If she didn't want to handle that, she wouldn't have come to be my friend when we were kits." Sunpaw knew their friendship was different than that.

He wanted to talk more to Wetpaw, but Minnowpaw tugged her away, "Let's go find a good seat before the leaders start!"

Smokepaw waved goodbye to Minnowpaw and Sunpaw watched Wetpaw turn away and follow her best friend.

"Aren't they nice cats?"

Sunpaw disagreed with his brother about Minnowpaw, but he nodded anyways, "Yeah..."

And from that day on, he never forgot Wetpaw's face or the sound of her voice.

Chapter One

I nudge my brother playfully. "Race you to the border?" Smokeflame grins at me before taking off. I let out a groan before chasing him. An afternoon zephyr drifted by, blowing me cool, leaf-bare air. I zigzag through the trees, following the excited yowls from my brother.

Slowly, I manage to catch up to Smokeflame. He is slowing down, oblivious of my silent footsteps creeping up on him.

"I win-" Smokeflame begins, reaching with his paw to smack down on the border.

I shoot past him and skid to a halt in front of him, my hindlegs touching the border, "Correction," I purr, "I think I win."

My brother rolls his eyes and he crouches. I study his stance. When we were little, our father used to encourage us to study our opponents to understand what they were going to do. I guess that's what makes us such good fighters. Or I think I'm a good fighter. (I'm decent, really, Smokeflame's a lot better at fighting.)

As he leans back on his hindlegs, I tense. I know what he's going to do-he's my brother after all. Just as he's about to leap, a feminine voice startles me.

"And what are you doing on the border?"

I jump forward and accidentally land on my brother. I'm not known for my clumsiness, but I don't exactly have the best reflexes when I'm startled.

"There are she-cats on the border," Smokeflame mutters incredulously, "AshClan ones too."

I shoot him a glare and turn to face the pair. "What are you doing on the border?" I counter, "We were-" I find myself blinking into a pair of brilliant blue eyes.

"Minnowtail!" Smokeflame gasps.

The dazzling she-cat blinks, "Smokeflame!" she purrs, "It's been awhile since we've seen each other. How long has it been? Two moons?"

My brother seems completely relaxed with the she-cat. The other gray she-cat, a paler color and a duller frame eyes me. "Wet...paw?" I hesitate.

"Wetstream," she corrects quietly, "I suppose you weren't at the last Gathering?"

I shake my head, "Minor injury, our medicine cat didn't recommend that I go, so I stayed behind. My warrior name is-"

"Sunspirit," Wetstream nods, "I heard it from the last Gathering."

I'm startled on how much she remembers, "Well, we haven't talked since that Gathering I first met you, right?"

"Yeah," Wetstream confirms, "You weren't ever hanging out with Smokeflame at those Gatherings. But it's good to see you now."

Smokeflame and Minnowtail are talking in hushed voices and I glance around nervously, "I'm surprised you still remember me," I confess, "I always just assumed you would forget me since I never confronted you ever again."

Wetstream frowns, "You were always on my mind."

Same here. I don't tell her that. Instead, I nod, "Um, so, how's AshClan?"

Wetstream gives me a firm stare, "Fine enough. The prey's running well considering it's leaf-bare, and luckily there's no sign of snow this year. AshClan is thriving just fine. What about FireClan?"

I don't know why Wetstream is so willing to tell me about AshClan's condition, but I blurt out, "We're fine too. Kind of the same as you guys, I guess."

Wetstream and I laspse into silence and I try to cover it up, "Is Minnowtail...your only friend?"

The light gray she-cat glances at me, "Yeah, why?" She narrows her eyes at me. She looks rather defensive, as if I've insulted her friend choices. "You don't need to worry about me. I can't take care of myself."

"I don't doubt that," I answer readily, "But I've seen the relationship between you and Minnowtail. She's using you, Wetstream. She's dragging you around and throwing you away every chance she gets. She's not a real friend."

Wetstream looks away, "You don't know everything about me, Sunspirit. We've barely talked, remember? You can't just make guesses about my friend."

I frown, "I'm serious; you could be my friend."

"Your friend?" Wetstream's eyes widen, "What an incredulous idea, Sunspirit! We're from different Clans. For StarClan's sake, how could you consider that?"

I'm disappointed by her response. "You didn't say no," I say, a hopefuly tone in my voice.

"No, I didn't," Wetstream tilts her head, "I think I have a penchant for you," she admits, "You've always been on my mind these few days, and I can't stop thinking about you."

"Me too," I blink repeatedly, "I bet you five mousetails I'd be a better friend than Minnowtail."

Before she can reply, Smokeflame comes over and nudges me, "Come on, Sunspirit, we shouldn't be talking like this."

He's right, but I am loathe to go. "Bye, Wetstream," I whisper quietly so my brother can't hear me, "Can you meet me here tonight?"

She nods, so slightly that I barely catch it. I turn away and hurry after my brother, my heart pounding desperately.

Chapter Two

I wait until all my Clanmates are asleep before slipping out. I have to sneak out using my own makeshift tunnel to ensure that the guard wouldn't catch me. Quickly, I race for the AshClan border, wanting to make it there first before Wetstream did.

It turns out I left too late, and Wetstream is already there. "Sunspirit," she calls joyfully, "You came!"

"Of course I did," I purr, "I'm the one who wanted to meet you there, didn't I?" As I say this, I feel unexpected joy run through me.

"That reminds me," the gray she-cat pauses, "Why did you want to meet me tonight? We've only talked twice, Sunspirit."

I shrug, "I felt something special when I talked to you earlier today, didn't you? Plus, I told you I could be your friend since Minnowtail obviously isn't your true friend. We could meet up every few nights a moon and then you'll have a real friend."

Wetstream hesitates, "I don't need another friend," she frowns, "Minnowtail is my friend."

"No she isn't!" I nudge the AshClan warrior, "She's an ingrate who's just using you. Don't believe in her, Wetstream."

Wetstream shakes her head, "I don't want to talk about that, Sunspirit."

I open my mouth to argue even more, but Wetstream leans forward. Her sweet scent drifts over me, and I breath it in. "Is that the only reason you wanted to meet me tonight?" she asks quietly, "Because if it is, then I'm wasting my time."

"No," I say in a rush, "I'm not meeting you because I pity you, Wetstream, I...I think I'm attracted to you."

She blinks, "That's against the warrior code, Sunspirit."

"So is meeting me," I point out, "if you were worried about breaking the warrior code, you wouldn't be here with me right now."

She laughs, "Fair enough."

We fall silent again, and I wait for her next response. When she doesn't say anything, I decide to ask instead, "So, Wetstream," I begin, "Why did you come to see my tonight?"

Wetstream eyes me, her green eyes mesmerizing, "I wanted to see why you were so interested in coming here tonight. It seemed like an urgent matter."

I smile slightly, "So you wanted to come too?"

"No," she says with her own tiny smile, "I never said that."

"You implied it," I purr, "Don't think you can fool me, Wetstream."

The gray she-cat rolls her eyes, "Whatever, Sunspirit, who says you're always right? I wanted to come to see how interesting you would be. Sleeping is quite a boring matter, so why not add some fun to the night?"

My heart feels elated, "In other words, you wanted to come."

Wetstream lets out a dramatic sigh, "I guess you could put it that way."

She's so close, I can feel my heart beat faster. "Do you want to stay until most of the night is gone?" I ask, wanting to her to say yes.

"Why not?" she closes her eyes, "I have nothing better to do."

Finally, she leans against me, and a content sigh is released from me as I rest my head against her shoulder. "I don't want this moment to end," I mutter.

Wetstream pretends to jerk back, as if disgusted, though her tail remains around mine, "What? How could you say that?" she says in mock surprise, "I want this moment to end only because if I spend too much time with you, you might infect me with your crazy thoughts."

"Like what?" My whiskers twitch at her outrageous expression.

"Like meeting some random she-cat on the border."

I pretend to think about that for a moment, "Sorry to break it to you, Wetstream, but I think I've already gotten to your head then."

A smile is on her lips, "How so?"

I lean forward so my mouth brushes her ear, "Because you came tonight, didn't you?"


It's morning when my brother shakes me awake, "We're on the earliest hunting patrol, Sunspirit, come on!" Smokeflame nudges me, "Fernsong will get angry if we make her wait."

I clamber out of my nest, groaning. Fernsong was the deputy, and she would indeed get grumpy if her warriors weren't ready by the time she finished sorting patrols. We both exit the den hurriedly and manage to read the entrance before Fernsong got there.

She gives us a dirty look but leads the patrol out without a word. I follow along, but I'm extremely tired from staying for so long last night and my mind is muddled by memories of Wetstream and the moments we had while outside yesterday.

"You still awake?" Smokeflame whispers in my ear, "Fernsong is giving you the dirty look again."

I jerk my head up and find myself staring into Fernsong's poisonous green eyes. "Sunspirit," she starts, and I mentally prepare myself for one of the deputy's long rants, "With all due respect, hunting isn't about daydreaming and standing there as if you don't want to be here. We're here to feed our Clan, not to enjoy the morning."

I murmur my apology and keep my head down. Fernsong mutters something inaudible and struts away again.

"I think you really did it this time," Smokeflame teases lightly.

I'm not in the mood for Smokeflame's jokes. "Yeah, you think?" I snap back, turning away from my brother. He blinks after me, a worried and hurt look on his face.

I stay silent after that, my mind still on the pretty she-cat who I knew I could never be together with. She belongs to AshClan just like how I belong to FireClan.

"Sunspirit," Fernsong's impatient voice cuts into my daydreaming again, "I have half a mind to put you on apprentice duty. You've been so distant today, and you haven't moved from your spot for five minutes. We've already started hunting in case you haven't noticed."

I'm slightly embarrassed now, and I mumble my apology again. Fernsong eyes me and sighs, " attention, okay?"

"Okay," I nod, not wanting to draw more attention to myself.

Smokeflame glances over at me. I can see that he's a bit hesitant to talk to me, but he still asks, "Hey, are you okay?"

I rack my brain for possible answers that could explain my distant appearance. Finally, I settle with "I'm just feeling a bit sick".

Smokeflame looks sympathetic. Of the two of us, I was always the one to get white-cough or green-cough. Smokeflame always remained healthy.

"Get better soon," he tells me, "You won't want to miss the event later."

"What event?"

Smokeflame snorts, "You really weren't listening to Fernsong, were you?"

I give him a scathing look and he gives a low laugh before continuing. "It's pretty important, and you'll probably be disappointed to miss it."

"What is it?"

My brother glances around us, then whispers in my ear.

"FireClan is going to wage war on AshClan."

Chapter Three

I stare at Smokeflame in astonishment. I can't differentiate if his expression was excited or nervous. He's staring back at me, waiting for my response. I gulp and mew, "Really?"

He nods, "Yeah," he purrs - he's definitely excited, "Isn't it great news? Those arrogant AshClan cats have been put off for too long. Hazelstar is probably going to announce it soon. Fernsong told me yesterday though."

"Fernsong?" I arch an eyebrow, "Why would she do that?"

My brother shifts on his paw, glancing over at where the deputy is, "We've started to have affairs," he admits, "I think she likes me."

"And you?" I mutter, knowing perfectly well how many times Smokeflame had led a she-cat into thinking they were going to be mates.

Smokeflame shrugs, "We'll see," he grins, "She is cute after all."

"I don't mean to disparage your relationship with Fernsong," I start, "But last time I checked, you were into Creamflower."

"Yeah," my brother laughs, "but she's a medicine cat, remember? I can't be mates with a medicine cat. Plus, Creamflower didn't even like me."

I shake my head and turn away, "Well, we better continue hunting." But truthfully, my thoughts were even more focused on Wetstream than they had been. I have to warn her soon, before it's too late to stop the tide of pain and sorrow.


When I return to camp, Creamflower is fervently shouting at her apprentice. "You dissipated the moss supply without thinking about what else we might need it for! It's not just for bedding or to give it to the kits to play, we need it for mouse bile, cleaning up wounds-"

"Something wrong, Creamflower?" Smokeflame asks politely as we file into camp quietly.

Creamflower looks up and she shakes her head, "No, nothing's wrong," she says stiffly, "My apprentice and I are just...going over things."

Sparrowpaw is shaking slightly, but he follows his mentor silently as we stare at them. "The upcoming battle is agitating our medicine cat," Fernsong observes dryly.

"Indeed, my deputy, perhaps we need to discuss our plan more," Hazelstar materialized behind us, "Come, Fernsong."

Fernsong turns and whispers something in my brother's ear and walks away. "That's crazy," my brother murmurs to no one in particular, "It'll cause an altercation if they do that."

"What?" I ask, blinking at him.

Smokeflame hesitates before saying, "Apparently Hazelstar has plans...Fernsong didn't elaborate, but she says there's a date change. The Clan isn't prepared though..."

I don't quite get what Smokeflame's saying, but I nod anyways. "Well, hopefully the Clan will keep it to a minumun."

"Very funny," Smokeflame mutters.

We rest for a bit and Fernsong calls out to me, "Sunspirit, can you lead a border patrol out? You can take whoever you like!"

I nod to the deputy and turn to Smokeflame, "Do you want to come?"

Smokeflame shrugs, "Why not?"

Together, the two of us set out to find a few more cats. After we round up three more warriors, we all head out. My heart is pounding, and I'm wondering if Wetstream will be there.

We walk towards the border in no hurry. I'm dreading the announcement that Hazelstar is going to make and I pray that nobody will get seriously injured from both Clans (though I know that's impossible; this is war, somebody will get killed).

Because I'm not paying much attention to where I'm going, I'm thoroughly surprised when I look up to see Wetstream.

"What are you-?"

"Stay away from the border AshClan scum!" My Clanmate, Flametail, snarls, "Don't you even think about stealing our territory!"

Wetstream shoots me a hurt look as she takes a step back, "We're on a border patrol," she mews sharply at Flameheart, "Just like you are. We have every right to be at the border."

Flameheart flattens his ears and he looks like he's about to attack the gray she-cat. Smokeflame holds him back, "Don't," he murmurs, "We don't need to pick a fight with weaklings like them."

Wetstream curls her lip, "We can hear that, you know? We're not stupid, unlike you guys."

She doesn't even look at me as she says it. I feel a little hurt that she would say that, but I try to reassure myself that she said it to look hostile. After all, I am FireClan.

This time even Smokeflame needs to held back. "I think you need to leave," I mew quietly, staring at her. Her gaze is unfathomable.

"We're only doing a border patrol," she says lightly as her patrol turns away. I don't say anything else as they leave.

My brother lets out a relieved sigh, "Thank StarClan they're gone. If they stayed for a moment longer, I would have clawed off their pelts for being so arrogant. Honestly, who do they think they are?"

"AshClan cats," I mutter.

Thankfully, Smokeflame doesn't catch what I said. "Let's finish the border patrol," I mew instead, "and head back to camp."


As I relax back at camp, I realize some of the senior warriors are talking nearby. I perk my ears and listen, curious to know what Hazelstar had discussed with them.

"What do you think about the new plan?"

"It's okay I guess, I'm not too excited about the date change."

"Yeah, we're not ready yet."

"Well, she is our leader after all, she probably thinks it's the best. We should just go along with it, right? Surely it won't be too bad."

"We were scheduled to train until next moon. Now she's moved it to tomorrow and we don't have time to prepare."

"As if we're going to have problems beating those weaklings."

I turn my head away, feeling cold. Were they talking about the battle that Smokeflame had been so excited about? Surely Hazelstar isn't planning to move the date of the battle?

There is no more time to ponder over that, however, Hazelstar has stepped up onto the High Rock to make her speech.

"Cats of FireClan, today, I will tell you my decision with our problem with AshClan." Cheers meets her sentence, and I sit back, worried.

"AshClan has been pressing our borders for too long. It's obvious they want to declare war on FireClan. So instead of waiting for them to attack us, we will attack them first! The first battle will be our declaration of war, and we will defeat those AshClan vermin once and for all!"

The cheers are defeaning. Smokeflame sits next to me, his eyes alight with excitement. Flameheart lashes his tail and claws the dirt, his eyes full of fire and hatred. Warriors and apprentices alike around me pound the earth and shout their joy.

What will become of AshClan and FireClan?

When is this battle?

"I have been discussing this issue with my senior warriors for a long time now. We had at first decided to wait a moon to train and prepare. But AshClan is becoming more and more arrogant, so we cannot afford to wait."

She quiets down and so does the crowd.

Then Hazelstar raises her voice, "We will strike tomorrow!"

Screams fill the air once more as the Clan shout for their leader. I sit there in stunned silence, numbness spreading through me.

Tomorrow? How can I save her if it's tomorrow?

Chapter Four

I turn my paws towards the entrance before I get ahold of myself. "Where are you going?" Smokeflame pulls me back urgently, "Hazelstar is explaining the battle plan," he hisses, "You should listen too, after all you're a decent fighter."

"I'm going hunting," I mutter, "With all the cats listening to Hazelstar, someone needs to stock up the fresh-kill pile." I thank StarClan for the fact that the fresh-kill pile isn't already filled with prey.

Smokeflame looks worried, but I put on my stubborn face: eyes narrowed slightly, chin jutted out, head tilted ever so slightly to show that I'm impatient. I wait with hesitantly, willing him to let me go. Smokeflame usually relents whenever he sees my agitated expression; he can't resist holding me back when I seem to have something important to do.

My brother lets out a sigh and pats me on the back, "I'll tell you what she says when you come back," he murmurs, "Don't hunt too near the Ashclan border, yeah?"

"Yeah," I smile faintly, "I'll be fine, don't worry."

I plunge forward through the crowd, slipping through like fish gliding in water until I reach the entrance. I rush out, wanting to escape the chants and cheers of my Clanmates. How could they wish for such a bloody battle? I pray fervently that the AshClan cats are prepared.

Without knowing where I am going, I find myself standing at the AshClan border. Stupid, I berate myself, You have to be more careful. After all, you don't want to be that cat who starts a border skirmish for no reason. Especially not so soon before the battle.

I snort a little, thinking about how I could spoil my Clan's excitement by spilling the beans to AshClan. I won't mind obviously, but I can imagine the disapproving looks from my Clanmates.

Hazelstar might even exile me or something.

"What's so funny?" an amused mew shocks me out of my stupor.

I jerk back, as if stung or wounded. I don't know why, but I didn't expect to see any cats at the border. In my mind, I envisioned the AshClan cats having their own meeting on how they would strike first rather than let us attack.

"Oh hey, Wetstream," I murmur, "Why are you here?"

"Why are you here?" she purrs, eyes amused, "You're not usually the type to come stir up trouble around the border."

"I'm here to warn you," I blurt out, even though I don't know my true intentions for racing out of camp, "There's going to be a huge battle tomorrow and I don't want you to get hurt."

Wetstream nods, as if she had been there at the announcement, "Miststar is planning an attack too," she explains when she sees my confused look, "and I came out to warn you."

We stand there, on opposite sides of the border, staring into each other's eyes. "You came to warn me?" I echo, my eyes softening, "Why?"

The gray she-cat frowns and she paws at the dirt nervously. This surprises me too. Wetstream was usually quiet, but she was never, ever nervous. She always said things with certainty, and she always knew what she would say or do next.

"I don't know," she confesses, "It's weird. I thought I was really loyal to AshClan, but then I decided to see if I could warn you about the upcoming battle."

I silently agree with her.

"I-I think I have a penchant for you," Wetstream ducks her head, looking quite embarrassed. "I can't really describe what it's like, but ever since that Gathering..."

She looks at me expectantly, as if I'm supposed to say something. I've always been awkward around others, and none of the she-cats in FireClan has appealed to me before. What was I supposed to do? I blink, finding myself mesmerized by her leaf-green eyes.

"Uh," I mumble, "You're all I think about."

That came out way too stalker-ish like. Thankfully, Wetstream doesn't seem to notice and her blush deepens.

"I think we may have something in common," she murmurs softly.

I nod fervently.

"You know, I've been trying to say this to you since that Gathering, but I haven't worked up the courage until now." Words flow out of my mouth before I can stop them.

Wetstream raises her head to look at me, her eyes lightened by hope and something I can't define. Are those emotions in my eyes too? Am I...?

I don't finish the thought in my head as I find myself gasping slightly for breath. I don't know why I'm so flustered.

"I..." I start again, trying to form a coherant thought that didn't sound stupid, "I love you." I blurt out.

A series of emotion flash across Wetstream's eyes and I wait with bated breath for her response. She's averted her gaze again, and she won't look at me. I can't tell what she's thinking, but she seems to be shaking. Had I caught her off guard? Was this the wrong thing to say?

It takes me awhile to realize I'm staring at the ground too.

Then I realize I've been waiting a few minutes for her answer.

I open my mouth to tell her it's okay, to reassure her that that was just the heat of the moment and that I didn't-

"I love you too," came the whisper.

My heartrate accelerates and I break into a smile. "Meet me tonight," I whisper back, feeling giddy and overjoyed, "Okay?"

She's purring too.


Chapter Five

I trudge back towards camp, my heart heavy. This is the worst time to be falling in love with an AshClan she-cat. What am I thinking? But I couldn't resist telling her in the heat of the moment, my cheeks flaring, my ears hot with embarrassment.

She loves me.

It seems like too much of a dream to be true. Sure, I have always known that I've had some sort of affection for the gray she-cat, but I never imagined that she would love me back.

I am completely overjoyed...

...and a bit crushed.

How can I truly love her when all of my thoughts should be focused on the war? I can't go into battle without fearing that I will end up hurting Wetstream instead. I can't face her and pretend to injure her. It will shatter my heart.

So what should I do?

I reach camp before I know it and Smokeflame rushes at me, "I've made up a story for you," he mumbles, "You noticed how the fresh-kill pile was low so you decided to hunt. If they ask you, tell them you made me promise to tell you everything when you got back."

I stare after him as he suddenly disappears. Isn't that what I told him? Why should my brother, or anyone, have a need to be suspicious of me?

Then I realize I don't even have any prey on me.

Fear rushes through me but I remain calm. Fernsong catches sight of me and strides over. "The warrior returns with no prey I see," she frowns, "Where were you?"

"I was going to go hunting but I thought I saw a cat near the border so I went to check it out," I lie easily, calming my nerves, "Smokeflame'll tell me everything though."

Fernsong nods, but she doesn't look convinced, "You shouldn't have ran out anyways. I'm sure hunting can wait until after the war plans. In fact, I was going to send out a patrol just now, but Smokeflame informed me that you were hunting so I postponed the patrol." She glares pointedly at me. "And now you don't even bring back prey!"

"Sorry," I mumble, "I'll go out again if you want."

The deputy shakes her head, "I ought to keep an eye out for you," she lowers her voice, "Hazelstar was furious to find you missing so soon after her statement. She thought you were a spy for AshClan and you were giving the enemy information about the attack."

Oh no, Hazelstar is going to realize I did meet Wetstream, I thought numbly, Wetstream told me that AshClan was already going to attack tomorrow.

"Actually," I blurt out, apologizing profusely to Wetstream in my head, "While I was investigating the border, I overheard two AshClan cats talking. It seems AshClan was planning on attacking tomorrow too."

Fernsong's eyes flashes, "Hazelstar will want to know that," she murmurs, "That you for telling me this. I didn't want you to be the spy anyways."

"Is there a spy though?" I ask nervously, hoping that nobody was jeapardizing my relationship with Wetstream.

The deputy is hesitant to answer my question, "Hazelstar thinks so," she admits, "and it's likely there is."

I'm not exactly reassured by that idea, but I nod stiffly and thank Fernsong for informing me so. I turn and excuse myself before going off to find my brother.

He's sitting in his nest, his eyes distant. He's muttering, but I can't make out his words. He's drawing a few figures in his nest, but as I draw closer, he covers it up and looks up to meet my gaze. "Oh hey," he says easily, "I was wondering where you went."

I don't comment about his strange behavior, he's probably just worried over the war. "Well, what else did Hazelstar say?"

Smokeflame flops over on his nest and stretches, "She explained in detail how the battle plans would go. Nothing big."

I don't have the strength to do anything but nod. "I'm going to sleep," I mumble, curling up in my nest, wanting to get a bit of rest before the night.


That night, I slip out once more to meet Wetstream at the border. She's already there, waiting for me. I pause to admire her slim figure, and then berate myself quietly before continuing.

"Hey," I call to her.

Wetstream turns and purrs, "Sunspirit! I was waiting for you to come."

I touch noses with her and curl my tail around her. "Of course I came," I murmur, "I'd come every night if I could."

Wetstream sighs, "I'm so scared for tomorrow," she admits, "I'm scared for what's going to happen between us. We can't continue like this if a war starts..."

I know she's right, but it hurts to hear her say it. "We're going to be alright," I reassure her, "I know it will be." I tell her on a whim. I don't know where that crazy thought came from, but it seems to make Wetstream relax.

"We're going to be okay," she repeats.

I nod, "I'll get us out of here alive; we'll live a peaceful life together out of the warring Clans. We can't stay here after all."

She doesn't reply, so I say, "You have to believe in me," I whisper in her ear.

"Do you promise?"

"I promise."

"I believe in you..."

We linger there for a few moments, fantasizing about how we'll be safe when I find a way to get us both out. We can't go tonight, it's too sudden and I need to go back before someone notices I'm missing again. Plus, Wetstream tells me she can't leave her Clan just yet. "There's something fishy going on," she explains, "I want to root it out to protect my Clan."

And so we part, our hearts broken by the possibility of facing one another tomorrow in the battle.


The next morning, there's a lot of commotion outside. I blink and turn hazily to Smokeflame. "What's going on?"

"She's choosing the battle patrol, sleepyhead," my brother mews, excited, "I hope I'm chosen."

I nod in agreement, though I'm dreading to be chosen. What if Hazelstar chooses me and I have to fight Wetstream? I had many nightmares last night about her dying in the battle today.

"...Smokeflame..." my brother stands and leaves. "...Sunspirit..." My heart sinks and turns gray as I stand to follow my brother's dark gray pelt.

"Let's go!" Hazelstar calls out and we pound out of the camp and towards the first battle that would ignite a full-scale war.

Chapter Six

I'm nervous. Really nervous. I'm about to charge into a battle that I don't want to fight. Smokeflame and Flameheart flank me, and we run at the pace Hazelstar is going. She's not going very fast, and not very steathlity either. Fernsong must have told her what I had learned from Wetstream.

When the border comes into view, AshClan is already lined up there.

Hazelstar doesn't slow down. She reaches the border and stops. The two leaders glare at each other, and the rest of our Clan fans out behind our leader.

Almost immediately, I see her. She's standing next to Minnowtail, looking at Miststar with a slight disinterest. Minnowtail is glancing across the border at us. Wetstream looks awkward and she's shifting from paw to paw. She hasn't noticed me yet, but I fear we will see each other during the battle.

It takes me awhile to pull my gaze away from her and listen in on the two leaders.

"What are you doing out here, Miststar," Hazelstar asks coolly, "Why have you gathered a battle patrol at the border? Surely you aren't thinking about invading are you?"

Miststar smirks, "I shouldn't have to answer that question because I think you know."

"How would I know?"

The gray leader of AshClan waves her tail. "You would know," she pauses and let's the words hang in the air, "because you've gathered your own battle patrol here. I see you already knew I would come, so there must be a spy, correct?" Her eyes glint as her eyes sweep over her Clan and FireClan.

I try not to wince, but I see Wetstream flinch. Minnowtail shoves her lightly, her eyes glinting. Oh no, I think, is Wetstream going to be found out?

Slowly, she lifts her head and she meets my gaze. There's a flash of shock when she sees me, and then I see anger and hurt in her eyes.

I try to apologize with my eyes, to tell her I'm sorry for telling her about what she told me. I had to tell Fernsong to save my own pelt, Wetstream, I plead to her, Please understand...

But she looks away and I focus on the leaders again.

"Yes," Hazelstar purrs mirthlessly, "a spy."

Again, there's a pause and fear seizes me. Who does Hazelstar suspect? Does she really suspect me? Fernsong had seem geniune about protecting me because she believed that I was truly innocent. After all, I had given her valuable information.

The deputy of FireClan glances at me. There's a question in her eyes, and I feel momentary guilt weigh me down. Are you the spy for FireClan? Her eyes seem to say.

I want to say no, but I don't. I stare back at her, letting nothing flow over my eyes. She turns away and I realize Hazelstar is growling at Miststar now.

"I will not let AshClan push the border any further," she hisses, "Today will start the war. At the end of this war, only one Clan will stand."

Miststar narrows her eyes and growls, "I suppose I don't need to wait any further for this now."

"FireClan, attack!"

"MistClan, forward!"

I rush forward with my Clanmates, making sure Wetstream is far away from me. I cannot risk battling her. I don't know if she'll harm me, but I don't want to harm her.

An AshClan soldier, I recognize him as Blackpelt, looms in front of me. He leers at me and I slash at him, slicing open his nose. He howls but doesn't back away.

I duck under his attack and lunged forward, bowling into him. He grunts, but to my surprise he doesn't fall over. I groan as he suddenly crushes me due to the fact that I'm stuck at his belly anyways. "Get off me," I mutter, trying to push him off.

"As if, FireClan scum-" he starts to hiss.

Suddenly his weight vanishes and I look up to see my brother fighting him off. "Let's drive him away together, Sunspirit!" I hear Smokeflame call.

I jump up and leap at Blackpelt, latching onto his back and digging my claws in. He rolls over, but I jump off at the last second and Smokeflame claws his stomach. Blackpelt lets out a shriek and darts off like a scared mouse.

Smokeflame purrs in satisfaction, eyes bright. "Let's find another opponent and show them what we've got," my brother suggests.

I nod and follow him as we weave our way to find a threatening opponent. I spot Wetstream a few times with Minnowtail, but thankfully Smokeflame doesn't target them. (He seems to be avoiding Minnowtail for some reason. One time we nearly bump into them, but he veers away at the last second.)

Before I can ponder any further, I crash into a huge white tom. It was Whiteshadow. Smokeflame is struggling with another cat, so I'm on my own.

I tackle him before he can make his first move. We both tumble backwards and I see him curl his lip in disgust. In seconds, he's before me and his paw hits the side of my head. I groan and blink the stars out of my eyes. My vision is blurry now, and I brace myself for another blow to come.

There's a female voice talking now. I frown and try to focus, but I can't think straight. I hear some of it, but most of it doesn't make sense.

" it..."

Finally, my vision clears and I find myself blinking into the blue eyes of Minnowtail. The gorgeous she-cat has a devil-ish grin painted on her face and she looks about ready to kill me. "Well," she purrs, "sadly Wetstream is fighting someone else, so I get to deal with you alone." Does she know about me and Wetstream?

I struggle to stand, but Minnowtail kicks me down again. I growl but I'm too weak to defend myself.

"Oh," Minnowtail says brightly, almost too brightly. She sounds sadistic and I shiver slightly at the vemon and excitement in her voice, "Wetstream is here."

Dread fills my heart and I see Wetstream from the corner of my eyes. Minnowtail waves at her and suddenly a burning pain fills my stomach and I'm gasping for air...I can't breathe...the pain is taking me it's too much-

Her face, a complete mask of shock, is the last thing I see before everything fades into darkness.

Chapter Seven

It's been half a moon since that first battle that ignited the war. I've been in the medicine cat den since then because of the major side wound that Minnowtail gave me during that battle. Lots of things have been happening in the past half moon and I can't say anything's been really peaceful. Even the little meetings I manage to get with Wetstream have been tense and moody.

There's been several battles since the first one, but every single one of them were predicted by AshClan. We could never get the upper hand.

Hazelstar was furious about that.

For days, I couldn't sneak out because she practically quarantined the camp. She then attacked AshClan after that but they still knew about the attack. Hazelstar was instantly suspicious on how the spy got out and sent all the guards on elder duty and kept a watchful eye on them. Perhaps she thought they were the spies.

I don't really think that's the case. I think it's someone in Hazelstar's senior council. After all, I think they knew about the last battle before the quarantine, so anyone could have easily slipped out of camp to inform AshClan about it.

I'm glad Hazelstar doesn't know I've been sneaking out too, but I'm afraid she'll find out and accuse me of being the spy.

I'm no traitor, at least not in that way.

It's time for one of my nightly meetings with Wetstream. I glance over at where the medicine cat, Creamflower and her apprentice, Sparrowpaw, sleep. They are sound alseep and I let out a sigh of relief and slowly haul myself out of my nest.

Hurrying in order to avoid waking up anyone or arousing suspicion, I slip out of camp and head towards the AshClan border. I can't run yet, or I'll reopen my wound according to Creamflower.

"Plus there's no need for you to run," Creamflower had chided me, "Because you're going to rest for a moon and let your Clanmates fight the battles for you."

But she didn't know the more important thing on my mind.

"Sunspirit!" I hear Wetstream call, "You came!"

"I got away today," I purr, grateful that she had managed to escape the confinements of her camp also. "Have you found any clues about a spy?"

Wetstream shakes her head, "Are you positive there's one? Miststar just tells us that she's come up with a date to strike FlameClan and then somehow we're always the ones who anticipate whatever attack FlameClan was going to do."

"There's a spy in FlameClan," I mutter grimly, "But I don't know who and I fear it'll jeapordize our relationship."

The gray she-cat deflates a bit, "I'm sorry about what Minnowtail did," she gestures to my side, something we haven't talked about yet, "I didn't realize she was going to be so harsh with me."

"Did she...reprimand you?"

Wetstream frowns, "She's not my mother," she mews, "But she did yell at me for befriending you. I have to be more careful now, Sunspirit, Minnowtail likes to keep an eye on"

"Properties?" i furrow my brow, "Is she insane?"

"I don't want to talk about this anymore," Wetstream mutters, "How have you been?"

"Wetstream," I mew sternly, "You have to stop being friends with Minnowtail. Honestly, she's the worst you can ask for. Why are you so insistent on being friends with a sorry she-cat like her? She's only hurting you, Wetstream."

"It's none of your business-"

"It's all of my business! I care for you, okay?"

Wetstream sighs, "Alright, fine. I'll tell you. It's because I owe her."

"You owe her?"

The gray she-cat grimaces, "Yeah. She saved me from embarrassment and practically a life of shame and solitude. My parents were...traitors. All the kits and practically most of the warriors were pretty hostile towards me. Minnowtail found this as a chance to gain some servant so she told me I could join her popular group. Only I didn't really join as one of them."

"She's using you," I mew simply.

Wetstream turns away, "I can't leave her, even if I wanted to. Minnowtail is the only reason I'm somewhat liked in my Clan now. No matter what, I'm hers."

I shake my head fervently, "No. Not if we run away together."

She looks up, "You'll really do that for me?"

I touch my nose to hers, "Of course."

She sighs, "I have to go, Sunspirit. I'll see you soon?" She looks hopeful and I try to think of when I could sneak out again.

"Maybe the day after tomorrow."

She nods, "Bye."

She's already leaving and I call out. "I love you." She gives me one last smile and I turn away too, heading back to camp.


Next morning I wake up to a loud of commotion. I peer outside and see normal things. "What's going on?" I mutter as I pad towards Smokeflame.

He turns to me, his eyes dark. "Just watch and see, Sunspirit."

I wait, my heart heavy. Was it something I didn't want to see?

There's a shout and I freeze. I could recognize that voice anywhere. I stare in panic at the tunnel. First comes in Fernsong, dragging a kicking she-cat. She's being tied down by brambles and I flinch without thinking.

"Let me go!"

It's Wetstream.

Chapter Eight

I can't stop the look of horror and shock that slides over my face. Smokeflame is peering at me, probably because I had stopped so abruptly.

"Aha!" he suddenly crows, "I knew it!"

Knew what? But there's a mad glint in his eyes as he looks at me, and then Wetstream. I can almost see the pieces fall in place in his eyes. I flinch away from my brother, my eyes wide. Everyone was staring at me and I could hear Wetstream's distraught cries. But only one gaze attracted my attention. I look up to see Hazelstar's unfathomable gaze.

She flicks her tail and Fernsong rushes to call out orders. "Bring both prisoners into the bramble den and we will deal with them later!"

Both prisoners...

Smokeflame shoves me roughly towards the den. He looks like he's gloating, but there's some uncertainty in his eyes. "Hazelstar!" he calls out, "is Sunspirit the spy we've been looking for?"

Hazelstar narrows her eyes. "Perhaps so, but I can sense some other...relationship going on between these two scum. Sunspirit, what do you have to say in your own defense? Though surely you understand that we have you cornered now."

"Yes, I love Wetstream," I begin. Several cats gasp and I can sense them struggling to grasp this situation. "But I am not the spy. I didn't even know about any of the battles. I was in the medicine cat den. Someone else is the spy."

Hazelstar waves her tail, her air of importance and arrogance annoying me now. "We'll see about that," she purrs, which only infuriates me even more.

Wetstream and I are hauled into a den whose interior was full of thorns. Another bramble screen is pulled across and we're trapped in.

"You shouldn't have done that for me," she whispers, "you should have kept your emotions for yourself. I can deal with this without you."

"I didn't do it for you," I mutter bluntly, "but I care about you enough to not be able to hide how I really feel in front of the entire Clan. But only one thing really troubles me right now..."

"What is it?"

I frown. Smokeflame had been acting strange for the past few days, but perhaps he had really suspected my love for Wetstream. When she had been hauled in, he had seen the expression on my face and shouted "Aha! I knew it!" almost as if he expected me to react that way. He had also been desperate to prove that I was the spy.

Something was amiss.

"Something to do with my brother," I tell her, "But I guess I don't need to worry much about it now, huh?"

Wetstream shakes her head. "We should still try to figure something out. We can help your Clan greatly by finding the real spy."

I fluff out my fur. "You want to help FlameClan find the spy? The spy that is helping AshClan?"

The gray she-cat stares calmly back at me. "I'd do anything for you. If this will prove your innocence and perhaps bring the peace we want, then so be it. AshClan is no longer my Clan anyways, I have nothing to lose now."

I lean forward so my nose brushes her cheek. I feel her stiffen, and then relax. "I love you so much, Wetstream."

She turns her head so our noses touch. "I love you too, Sunspirit," she breathes out.

I smile and I sit back on my haunches. "I promise I'll get us out. Don't you worry about it, okay? You have to believe in me."

Wetstream doesn't shake her head or try to tell me that's an impossible promise. All she does is nod and say, "I believe in you. I'll always believe in you."

I turn my attention back to the bramble wall. "We have to start with finding the spy. Maybe if we can help them figure out the mystery, then Hazelstar will only banish us for our crimes."

It turns out I didn't need to say any of that. The bramble screen was already opening and Smokeflame walks in. There's a grim expression on his face and he's watching me closely. The bramble screen closes again and Smokeflame smirks.

"Well, well, well," he purrs mirthlessly, "My favorite cats."

"What are you doing here?" I ask, confused, "Are you here to help us?"

Smokeflame laughs, a sharp sound contrast to what I'm used to. "Help you? No, Sunspirit, I'm here to gloat."

"Gloat?" Wetstream furrows her brow.

My brother narrows his eyes at her. "I suppose I must thank you though, brother, for turning traitor and loving this she-cat. Minnowtail told me all about her. Some useless traitor scum, aren't you?" Wetstream hisses but Smokeflame shakes it off and continues. "You did help though. Honestly, if Wetstream and you hadn't been captured, then Hazelstar would still have a reason to search for the spy. You covered up my tracks for me."

My blood ran cold. Smokeflame had been visiting Minnowtail.

Smokeflame was the spy.

"Don't you want to hear about it all?" he sneers, "I'll tell you exactly what."

Chapter Nine

The tale Smokeflame tells me twists my heart.

"Minnowtail and I have been...together for awhile now. You obviously don't know this, or else you probably would have confronted me about this. At first, it was a silly relationship like yours was, Sunspirit. But then we realized together, with the right connections, we could dissolve the Clans. It's a nightmare here, Sunspirit, don't you understand? I want to get rid of this entire place.

"So I befriended Fernsong. I had noticed her constant desiring looks and the way she lingered around me more than needed. I could tell she was infatuated with me, so I used that to my advantage. I played with her heartstrings, acting like she meant the world to me. She trusted me whole-heartedly, believing that our relationship was real and that she really had me. So whenever Hazelstar told her a plan, she would tell me, as we promised. This way, I could relay the information to Minnowtail and tip AshClan off. Our plan to destroy the Clans through war had been ignited.

"It worked well, but when rumor went around that there was a spy, I panicked. Obviously I realized this would happen, but even Fernsong was whispering about it around me. I was afraid she would realize that telling me might result in AshClan knowing about our plans. But she never knew. Still, I had to take precautions.

"I spotted you sneaking out a few nights ago and got suspicious. I wanted to sneak out after you, but Fernsong was too close. I couldn't get out of my nest without waking her. So I thought about why you were going out instead. I knew you weren't the spy. Then I remembered those times we had actually seen Wetstream. After those days, you were always moony and dreamy.

"It never occurred to me to wake up Fernsong and tell her that you had left camp. You didn't know any of the plans though, so good thing I didn't. It would only seem like I was trying to cover my own tracks. So I planned to capture Wetstream instead.

"I convinced Fernsong that I could figure out who the spy was. I had a special patrol and we scoured day and night for an AshClan cat who would hang around the border. I knew she would be there one of those nights, because I knew you would try to see her. We found her right after you had left and I had kept her at the border until morning came. To my delight, we managed to successfully bring her back to camp to show Hazelstar.

"So I must thank you, Sunspirit, for doing me this deed. Now you're probably wondering why I'm telling you all this. Well, it's because I want to prove to you how useless you are and so you can melt in your guilt before your execution date."

I stare at him in utter shock. Wetstream is outraged, but she refrains from attacking him. "You're not the same sibling I used to play with."

Smokeflame shakes his head, "Of course not. I found that the Clan is a terrible home. It's ruining my life. I want freedom. I don't want Hazelstar ordering me around. I want to be able to control my own will of even control an army myself. Minnowtail wants that too. By sparking this war, we're going to have the Clans destroy each other entirely."

"Why not just leave?" Wetstream asks, "Like we were going to?"

My brother lets out another sharp laugh, this time in disbelief. "To just leave and let the Clans prosper? Never. I want it to disappear entirely."

I look away from him. He had changed. "Well, lucky for you it's probably going to work. I don't see what that has to do with us."

"I despise you," Smokeflame hisses, "You're on the edge of perfection. All the she-cats swoon over you. I may be the one who flirts with them and seems to be the attractive one, but it's because you ignore them all. They can't capture your attention so they turn their eyes on the more active brother. I want you gone so I can have everything my way. Once you disappear I'll make everyone else pay for the injustices they've done on me."

And then I realize why Smokeflame hates this life so much. The whole Clan had put him down. Sure, he seemed to have a much better life than I did, with all the she-cats swarming over him. But he had definitely been put down more than once. This was a nightmare to him.

But what he had done is still unacceptable. "You're despicable," I say in outrage, "You're a sick, twisted, sadistic-"

"Say that to me again when you're dead," Smokeflame interrupts me, turning away, "By the way, your execution date is in two days."

Then, leaving me and Wetstream shaking in rage, he left the den.

Chapter Ten

"Excuse me?" I call out, trying to catch a guard's attention, "If you don't open this screen so I can talk to you, I'll rip it open myself."

They ignore me, which is to be expected. I'm not stupid enough to try ripping open the bramble screen that has millions of prickly thorn ready to tear my skin open. Plus, I doubt the guards would give me much time to speak before they...I don't know what they would do to me.

"Or at least ask Fernsong or Hazelstar if I can speak to them!" I add, "Just relay that message please."

Nobody responds from the outside, but I hear some shuffling and a shadow moves across the screen. "Success," I grunt and I sit back next to Wetstream.

She doesn't offer any words of encouragement, but her body pressed against mine is enough. We sit in silence, and I hope one of the two - or both - will respond to my call.

FlameClan and AshClan depends on it.


It turns out Hazelstar hates us more than I had first assumed. "Your request for Hazelstar has been refused." A guard tells me when she gives me our daily meal, "She doesn't want anything to do with you unless it concerns your execution."

I sigh and sit back. "But," the guard continues, "Fernsong disagreed with Hazelstar."

Wetstream nudges me excitedly and I can't help but grin. "When is she coming?"

"Right now," a brisk voice says as the deputy strolls in, her eyes flinty and hard. The guard shuts the screen behind her and Fernsong sits down. We have a staring contest for about a few seconds before Fernsong clears her throat.

"So, Sunspirit, what did you want to talk to me about?"

I take a deep breath and then explains to her everything Smokeflame had told me.

It takes awhile, but finally, I finish. I watch Fernsong, trying to gauge her expression. At first she doesn't respond, but then, Fernsong says slowly. "And why should I trust your word?"

I stiffen. I had been expecting this. Fernsong is after all, in love with Smokeflame. A prisoner's word can't change her mind.

"I don't have any real evidence other than Wetstream. She was here when he came in to talk to us and to gloat. But I guess you wouldn't trust her word either." I shrug.

Fernsong stretches nonchalantly, like none of this matters. "You're right, I can't really just take your word for it. Do you think there's a way I can...confirm this?"

I'm surprised she even wants to try to trust what I say. For all she knows, I could be wasting her time so I can escape while she's distracted. "Pretend to be asleep and just follow him one night. Or if that doesn't work, follow him everywhere. Just don't let him know it. And tell him a fake battle plan or something. He'll go scurrying to Minnowtail to inform her if you do that."

Fernsong nods slowly. "Alright, I'll do it because you were a noble warrior, Sunspirit. If you're right...well, FlameClan will be safe I suppose."

"And AshClan," Wetstream adds quietly.

The FlameClan deputy shoots her a strange look and she stands. "Thank you for telling me this, Sunspirit, I hope you are...telling the true."


"Because in truth...I don't really like Smokeflame," Fernsong ducks her head, "He was an alternative to who I really wanted. But I guess I can't have that cat anymore..."

I'm confused. Fernsong doesn't like Smokeflame at all? He was just a replacement for whoever she loved? Who did she love?

"You want to know now, don't you?" Fernsong mews bitterly. She has a forlorn look and I realized how lonely the deputy was. Hazelstar was no company, and Smokeflame was a traitor.

"If you want to tell me."

Fernsong glances at Wetstream, and some form of jealousy flashes over her eyes. "You're a lucky she-cat," she tells her, "Except it's too late to celebrate huh? Because you're going to be executed as traitors..."

Wetstream blinks, but she doesn't respond.

Fernsong stares at her for a bit longer before finally turning to me. "I wanted to tell you a long time ago, but you weren't really open to she-cats."

I just stare at her, waiting for her to continue.

She's nearly at the entrance and she's about to ask the guards to pull open the screen. "I love you, Sunspirit," she whispers brokenly, "That's the truth."

I take in a sharp breath but then she's gone.

Wetstream lays a tail on my shoulder. I turn and my wide eyes find her calm ones. She's being understanding but she doesn't truly understand what I'm going through right now. I had always knew Fernsong and she was a good friend of mine but I never imagined...

"I'm going to sleep," I mutter.


The deputy comes back pretty quickly. "You were right, Smokeflame met up with an AshClan she-cat to relay the fake battle message I told him. I caught him on the way back and dragged him back and put him in prison where he belongs."

She's not looking at me, as if ashamed that she admitted that she loved me. I nod, "So we're...good?"

Fernsong averts her gaze. "I can't save you, Sunspirit. Even if you aren't the spy, Hazelstar will still execute you and Wetstream because you each other."

"Oh," I feel stupid. I should have known I couldn't prevent this from happening, not if I'm a traitor by loving Wetstream.

"I'm sorry by the way," Fernsong adds, "For dumping that information when you obviously don't feel anything for me." She gestures at Wetstream.

"No don't be," I blurt out, "you're a good friend and deputy."

Fernsong sighs, "But it's not enough, Sunspirit. I'll always be alone with my duties, just like Hazelstar was. I'll never be able to have a happy life."

"You'll find someone," I whisper.

She shakes her head, "I don't think so, Sunspirit, but thanks anyways."

I don't get a chance to say 'You're welcome' before she disappears again. But she shouldn't have to thank me. Because I've already hurt her once by not loving her back. And I will hurt her again when Hazelstar executes me.


It's the day of the execution. Sunspirit and Wetstream are being dragged out of their prison den. It's been two days since the entire thing has happened. Fernsong had half-heartedly asked Hazelstar if they could just exile the lovers instead of killing them, but Hazelstar refused.

Smokeflame was still in his prison den, and he would be executed tomorrow. Fernsong tried to delay Sunspirit and Wetstream's execution in an attempt to allow Sunspirit to see his treacherous brother die. It hadn't worked out either.

Now they are being hauled towards the center of the camp. Fernsong sits where she normally sits, in the deputy area. It's right next to where Hazelstar usually stands to make her speeches.

Hazelstar is indeed perched on her Leader's Rock, gazing down at the condemned cats.

"Sunspirit, you were a loyal warrior but something changed," she addresses the handsome young tom, "You fell in love with an AshClan she-cat and wanted to run away with her. Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

"I loved her because she was always who she is," Sunspirit says softly, "Nothing, not even borders, can stop me from being with her."

Hazelstar rustles her fur, "I take that as a no then."

She turns to Wetstream, the distrust and hatred shining plainly in her eyes. "And you, AshClan warrior? Do you have anything to say in your defense? I should send you back to AshClan so you can be tried in your home Clan, but I want to be the one telling AshClan that one of their warriors had been captured by us and we killed them."

Wetstream doesn't lift her head or say anything.

Hazelstar is practically shaking in glee. "Alright then, let's proceed."

Fernsong's heart aches for the couple. Despite the fact that she was jealous Wetstream had such a fine tom, she wishes they could have had a happy ending.

"I'm so sorry," Sunspirit whispers to Wetstream, his heartbroken tone breaking Fernsong's heart.

"Don't be," Wetstream sighs as she leans against him.

They're pressed down into the dirt and Sunspirit faces Wetstream. He stares into her calm, green eyes. "I love you," those words pierces Fernsong's heart but she knows she should be mourning the poor couple that deserved more.

She couldn't have Sunspirit, so she should let Wetstream have him.

"I love you too," Wetstream has tears in her eyes now.

"I'm still sorry that I couldn't keep my promise to you."

"It's okay," Wetstream smiles faintly, "I believed in you."

"But I didn't get you out of this nightmare. We're still here, and we're going to die for it." Sunspirit looks so sad.

Wetstream shakes her head.

"That's okay, being in StarClan with you is enough."

The End.

Author's Note

This was a story dedicated to Wetty. In case you didn't read the top part, Sunspirit was me and Wetstream was Wetty. Shipping us together does not mean to act like I'm like her crush or something. It just symbolizes our friendship.

Anyways, I kind of loved writing this story. It's a bit short for my taste but I ran out of plot so I had to end it there. I hoped you liked it.

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