Remember my blog? The one Rainy had a heart attack over? I had a lot of trouble deciding the worst name. This will be Red's name: Beautydream. Now, let the horridness begin. P.S. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my story, feel free to share them! "Go hunting with me, Beautydream!"

"No! I want to be her mate!"



Those echoes ring out as I leave my personal den. The leader, Brownstar, let me have my own den because I wanted it. Because I was the most beautiful cat in the clan whose parents had died, she agreed.

"SHUT UP!" I roared.

Now, if anyone else had yelled "Shut up" at the clan deputy, Skyfeather, they would have a moon of cleaning the elders' bedding out. But not me. I was special.

"I'm going hunting on my own," I told them. I started to hunt, and caught 1,000,000,000 rabbits. A ShadowClan warrior wandered onto the border, and I fought him off easily, my siver pelt gleaming in the sunlight and my beautiful blue eyes shining with happiness.

I brought the rabbits back to camp and slept in my den while everyone else mooned over me.


When I woke up, I felt as if there was something missing. Turned out, both Brownstar and Skyfeather had commited suicide so I could be leader.

Instantly, StarClan flew down from the sky to give me my nine lives - no, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lives - and my name. Now I was Beautystar. I changed RiverClan's name to BeautyClan and I cancelled the whole warrior code. No one protested because I was beautiful. I lived happily ever after.

Special Edition: Daisypaw Speaks

It was so annoying! Beautystar changed all warriors' last part of their names to -worthless, -ugly, or -idiot, just because she wanted to. I needed a plan.

I decided to talk to my mother, Goldenworthless (formerly Goldencloud) and her brothers, Spottedugly (formerly Spottedfoot) and Tigeridiot (formerly Tigerfang). (A/N: If you've read "A Cat Named Rubbish, you'll get this.) Gorldenworthless, of course, told me that I needed a plan, and we all planned it out.


I crept along. Mapleshade of the Dark Forest had given me one of her fangs, and she had told me that I could use it to instantly kill Beautystar. So I killed her in the middle of the night, Goldencloud became leader, and normalness (A/N: Canon) was restored forever.

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