Season Three


With a certain mission and an strong alliance with the rebels, Amberfrost and the others are determined to strike down the Beauty. But little do they know that their enemy has a lot more resources than they realize and that not everyone can be trusted.

As the story unravels and the squad faces new and old enemies, they must realize that they must be stronger than they are now in order to defeat the System.


Episode 1 - Paired Up

The squad is separated once again. Amberfrost, Scarlet, Brownhare, and Appleleaf are sent to join up with Stonefall's squad. The others have a free day in which turns out to be chaotic.

Episode 2 - Hard to Say

Scarlet is loyal but Amberfrost doesn't know whether to trust her or not. She's also been developing solid feelings for Brownhare but refuses to tell him. The others are still stuck in their awkward situation.

Episdoe 3 - Let Off

To Amberfrost's relief, their work is done with Stonefall. Because her squad specialized in rooting out rebels, her help was needed for a few raids. They go back and find out that the others are imprisoned and have to try to go save them.

Episode 4 - Save or Destroy

Amberfrost has to make a decision. Her squad is told to destroy a rebel camp. but the rebel leader wants them to spare the camp. Other squads are joining up, however, and Amberfrost knows what she has to do.

Episode 5 - Trial and Duty

After the other squads leave, Amberfrost's squad is ambushed and imprisoned by the rebels. They are put on trial for betrayal but Rainstorm speaks out for them. Is she enough?

Episode 6 - Prison Camp

Amberfrost sends Scarlet to tell Redstar that one of them is fatally injured and cannot do missions for awhile. Amberfrost and the others are placed in a prison camp and are treated like prisoners.

Episode 7 - Not Letting Up

Rainstorm isn't ready to give up hope that the others can't be saved. She argues with the leaders of the rebels and tries to get them to release the others. Can she do it?

Episode 8 - Back on the Field

Amberfrost needs to go into the poor and spy on the rebels. Then, they receive another mission that is urgent and even more dangerous for the squad.

Episode 9 - Flash of Suspicion

Flareheart's squad confronts Amberfrost's. It's not for a mission or anything or to settle scores. It's on "important matters". Amberfrost and the others are wary and before they know it, a mole has dug them into a deep hole.

Episode 10 - Scarlet Streak

Scarlet has always been shady. But Amberfrost had been so familiar with her and didn't think she would betray them. Except that's not all. There's more to Scarlet than what meets the eye.

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