Season One

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Amberpaw and Brownpaw are from two parts of the Beauty System, yet they are best friends. Amberpaw is expected to enroll into the Beauty System and eventually pass her initiation, due to her status as a Beauty member. But Amberpaw hates the System, and when she enrolls into the Beauty System itself, her hatred grows.


Episode 1 - The Beauty System

Amberpaw is born on the "Beauty" side of FireClan, and it's a tradtion for them to enroll in the "Beauty System" and get into the System after passing initiation. When both Amberpaw and her best friend get in, new surprises meet them.

Episode 2 - Enemies and Friends

Snowpaw and Amberpaw becomes good friends, but there are some that completely despise Amberpaw. Realizing that the Beauty System is rather imperfect, Amberpaw is determined to change FireClan for the better.

Episode 3 - Stories and Tales

With each new story and tale that the warriors tell, Amberpaw gets more and more determined. With Snowpaw and Brownpaw at her side, can she do it?

Episode 4 - Fire and Lies

Lies are easy to form, and lies about Amberpaw begin to sprout. On one of the rare days Amberpaw sees Brownpaw, she's told that some cats think that Amberpaw is a danger to the Beauty System and they want ot make her fail. "You're lucky the warriors aren't on their side yet."

Episode 5 - Easy Pickings

It's Amberpaw's first round up match, and she's determined to prove her worth. The first part of her plan is to disassemble the System is to pass initiation. As the rounds continue to go on, more nad more she-cats drop out. Will Amberpaw make it?

Episode 6 - Round Off

Amberpaw makes it into the next round, and they're safe from dropping out unless they're deemed unworthy. Snowpaw tells Amberpaw that they have a free day, but the "free" day is nothing of their expectations.

Episode 7 - First Plans

Amberpaw gathers her little rebellion party, and the first plan is formed.

Episode 8 - Terrible Deeds

The group excutes the first plan. Amberpaw thinks they can make it through unharmed... but it's not so easy.

Episode 9 - Arousing Suspicion

Amberpaw and the rest of them keep low in order to try to stop arousing suspicion. One death was enough to step them off, so can Amberpaw keep out of the light?

Episode 10 - Passing All Odds

It's been eight moons since their first plan and Amberpaw and the others are finally facing their final assessment. All of them have to pass this in order to become a warrior, or everything they've done together will be in vain...

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