Season Four


Scarlet has her own secrets, and she knows that things are about to get much worse. She must face her choices and do what's best for the world. When she realizes that her decision to help Redstar has made things even worse than it should have been, Scarlet tries to undo the damage.

Meeting someone who has the power and the persuasion to change Scarlet's point of view, the young she-cat strives to save the friends she thought she would stand by forever.


Episode 1 - Thin Line

Cherrypaw - or Scarlet - has crossed the thin line of betrayal. She knows she shouldn't have, but she had no other choice. Amberfrost and the others are now in prison because of her decision.

Episode 2 - Dutiful

Scarlet has a new mission and she's supposed to join the rebels and encourage them to save Amberfrost and the others and be a spy for the Beauty. As Scarlet does as she is told, she meets someone who can change her mind.

Episode 3 - Death Trial

It's Amberfrost and her group's trial. They already know what their sentence is going to be, and while they are attending their trial, Scarlet joins up with the rebels and faces a testing of her own.

Episode 4 - Dark Chambers

The squad is forced to wake labor as they wait out their days. Scarlet is trapped in an underground tunnel, trying to complete her mission as a double agent.

Episode 5 - Pay Your Prices

Scarlet is trapped. There's no way out except to tell the rebels who she is and what side she's on. For the squad, it's time for Redstar's final verdict.

Episode 6 - Mission of Truth

Scarlet must prove her loyalty. She undergoes a series of tests to save herself, and to save her former friends.

Episode 7 - Rushed Order

Redstar has moved up the squad's execution date. The rebels - and Scarlet - have to rush in order to save them.

Episode 8 - Dirty Way to Play

Since Redstar can't do a proper execution, she prevents the rebels from saving them all. There are dirtier ways to play after all.

Episode 9 - Landslide of Emotions

Rainstorm has already lost Hawkpelt once when she was eliminated. She doesn't want to lose him again, but...too many things stand in their way.

Episode 10 - Costs of Freedom

Freedom comes with a price. Amberfrost and the others learned this the hard way. But they know that no matter how much loss they suffer, they have to push through to freedom.

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