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~Guest list~

  1. Brairwing.Loves.Roleplay
  2. Peroncat
  3. LightstormWarrior
  4. Speckledkit
  5. Featherlynx
  6. Wolfleap

Scene 1(Directed by Firey(Peroncat))

This is Warriors Hotel. Speckledkit(Kit name:Speckledkit), Brairwing.Loves.Roleplay(Warrior name:Brairwing), Peroncat(Warrior name:Firestorm), Featherlynx(Warrior name:Featherlynx) and LightstormWarrior(Warrior name:Lightstorm), Wolfleap(Warrior name: Wolfleap)enters the hotel as honored guests.

"Whaaaa!" Icecloud slips on the wet floor. Brairwing sighes.

"Guess I'll nominate you first," Firestorm meows.

Icecloud stands up quickly and bows.


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