This is my new series (and my first one). I hope you like it. Please comment on this if you like it!

Right now I am working on making allegiances for it, which you can view and/or contribute to here.

Season 1

The clans around the lake have lived in peace for many moons. Other than the occasional fight over borders. All is peaceful, and it can get boring. Two apprentices, Darkpaw and Snowpaw, wish that there was more action. However, they get more than they ask for when cats start getting killed by an unknown enemy. Darkpaw and Snowpaw must solve the mystery of the murders... without getting killed themselves.

Episode 1 (Pilot): The Prophecy

It seems like there is something wrong in Starclan...

Episode 2: A Mysterious Death

A patrol has been attacked by a gang of rogues, leaving a cat dead. However, there may be more to the death than there originally seems to be.

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