Comment any cats you want in my series here! (Any cats that do not have descriptions next to their names are waiting on it). You can comment as many cats as you would like. For each clan, there is a maximum of 18 warriors, 9 apprentices (including medicine cat apprentices), 3 queens, and 4 elders.


Leader - Blazestar - Black tom with an orange tail

Deputy - Cherrypelt - Reddish brown she-cat with green eyes Apprentice, Snowpaw

Medicine Cat - Fallensong - Silver, lithe, feather-soft she-cat with dark gray spots and light yellow eyes

Warriors - Appleheart - Golden brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Lightningtail - Ginger tom with amber eyes and a yellow tail tip

Lightningstrike - Brown tabby tom with brown eyes, white chest and belly, white paws

Fireblaze - Red tom with an orange tail tip and blue eyes Apprentice, Darkpaw

Goldenpelt - Golden-brown she-cat with a brown front paw

Queens (Closed) - Dawnstripe - Light brown she-cat with dark brown tabby stripes and a black tail tip (Mother of Leafkit, Thrushkit, and Sandkit; foster mother of Sagekit and Mosskit)

Moonshine - Silver tabby she-cat with green eyes and a scar on her chest

Apprentices (Closed) - Darkpaw - Black tom with yellow eyes

Snowpaw - White she-cat with a fluffy tail

Emberpaw - Dark ginger she-cat with silver eyes

Lightpaw - Pale brown she-cat with green eyes

Sunpaw - Ginger tom with black stripes

Elders - Open


Leader - Silverstar - Fluffy smoky black tom with deep blue eyes

Deputy - Seaclaw - Mottled brown and white she-cat

Medicine Cat - Open

Warriors - Robinfur - Red-brown tom with red ears and tail, one white paw

Oakfang - Light brown tom with dark brown stripes

Olivesong - Blue-grey tom with tiny silver spots and dark brown tail tip

Wavesong - Dark grey she-cat with silver ear tips and dark brown eyes

Streamclaw - Blue-gray tom with icy blue eyes

Queens - Sandpelt - Brown tabby she-cat with a gray tail tip (Mother of Brookkit and Icekit)

Snowsong - Small white she-cat with blue eyes (Mother of Firekit, Oakkit, and Sweetkit)

Apprentices - Irispaw - Silver she-cat with yellow eyes and black tail tip

Bluepaw - Dark grey tom with light blue eyes


Elders - Open


Leader - Duskstar - Gray she-cat with 3 white paws

Deputy - Tangledleg - Black tom with amber eyes and dark brown long legs

Medicine Cat - Pikeleap - White tom with dark ginger splotches and green eyes

Warriors - Nightfoot - Black tom with green eyes and light grey tail rings

Shadefur - Gray tabby tom with a black tail tip

Queens - Open

Apprentices - Open

Elders - Open


Leader - Strikestar - Gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Deputy - Oakclaw - Reddish-brown tom with white paws and green eyes

Medicine Cat - Elderflower - lithe dark brown tabby she-cat with a left white front paw and amber eyes

Warriors - Brownwind - Light brown curly-haired she-cat with dark brown stripes

Nightfire - Black tom with ice blue eyes and a pure white front leg

Queens - Open

Apprentices - Open

Elders - Open

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