Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there

I’m looking out at the crowd, you’re everywhere

I’m watching you from the stage yeah

You’re smile is on every face now

But every time you wake up

You’re hearing me say



Back for You

"So where are you from?"

"I, uh.."

"You sound hesitant. Frightened, almost. Is it somewhere dark? Somewhere dangerous? Somewhere scarring?"

"Somewhere lovely. Somewhere I loved with all of my heart"

"That hardly explains why you left."

"I left because I had to."

"You wouldn't just leave somewhere you loved with all your heart because you had to. If you really loved it nothing could have made you leave."

"What would you know about that?"

"You think I came from nowhere? That I was born out here on my own and i lived that way my whole life?"

"Why did you leave wherever it is you are from."

"I stopped loving it. You, it seems, have not?"

"I can't go back. Not even for a visit."

"You're the only one telling yourself that, poppy."

❅ ❅ ❅

This was a mistake. This was a mistake. This was a huge mistake. Undoubtedly this was a mistake.

A mistake I had been such a fool to make.

I glanced behind me, quickly and hesitantly. I could still turn around but after all the courage I had worked up to even set foot on the border... I wasn't sure I had the heart to throw all that courage away. In fact, I was sure I didn't have the heart.

So I put another step forward. And another paw. And another paw. Just as I was preparing myself to mentally count down another paw, I found that paw flying upwards, alongside my three others, as my body hit the ground with a thump.

"Who are you-"

I didn't dare look into the eyes of that voice I recognized so well. I didn't dare look up, didn't dare look in, didn't dare look deep into whatever emotion would be openly resting there.

And so as I kept my eyes closed all I could feel was a loud buzzing silence, occasionally decorated with a heavy breathe from one of us.


"No," I breathed, my lungs heavy, oxygen hardly there, "No. No. No impostors. No. I-" There was a moment during which I stumbled over words, my eyes still glued together, "No."

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