Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Hiya! Its KittieWhiskerz! If you know me good, you will know my two fave things; Warrior cats and Avatar: The last Airbender. And, so, I was thinking of this idea; Warriors and Avatar put together! In this Fanfic, ShadowClan can Earthbend, RiverClan can waterbend, WindClan can Airbend, and ThunderClan can Firebend. For more information, read notes.

And if you don't know what Avatar is, here is the seasons in live action (Warning: If you want to watch the real show without spoilers, don't watch):

Book 1 explained: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=live+action+avatar+book+1&docid=608028066279272663&mid=804DA6DAE7C44FA4ABAB804DA6DAE7C44FA4ABAB&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

Book 2 explained: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=live+action+avatar+book+1&&view=detail&mid=292A238A6D38C39A536F292A238A6D38C39A536F&rvsmid=804DA6DAE7C44FA4ABAB804DA6DAE7C44FA4ABAB&FORM=VDRVRV

Book 3 explained: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=live+action+avatar+book+3&&view=detail&mid=08785F34EAD27526983F08785F34EAD27526983F&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dlive%2Baction%2Bavatar%2Bbook%2B3%26qs%3Dn%26form%3DQBVDMH%26sp%3D-1%26pq%3Dlive%2Baction%2Bavatar%2Bbook%2B3%26sc%3D0-25%26sk%3D%26cvid%3D193F576CE4264BF790C63CBF4267232F


Note one: Half clan cats can NOT bend both bendings their father and mother can, they can only have one bending if their is a half breed. (Example: a Waterbender and a Firbender marry, but they only have waterbending or Firebending kits, not both Fire and Water at the same time.)

Note two: Firestar in this Fanfic is NOT the Firestar from the books.

Note three: note two goes for any cats with the same name as cats in the books.

Note four: Blaize and Grey are not spelled wrong, those are just ways to spell them that I use.

All the notes for now.

~Cats of the Clans~


Leader: Firestar - Muscular orange tabby tom with green eyes

Deputy: Clawheart - Brown tom with a long scar on his chest, amber eyes

Medicine cat: Cloud-eye - half blind very light grey she-cat with one blue eye ( App: Ashpaw )


Lilyflower - Light ginger she-cat with yellow eyes

Darkheart - white she-cat with black spots, and one that looks like a heart. Green eyes ( App: Smokypaw )

Gingerfur - ginger furred tom with red eyes and a bob tail.

Tigerswirl - Dark brown she-cat cat with white a underbelly and blue eyes

Thrushtooth - Light brown tom with large teeth and yellow eyes

Flameclaw - white tom with orange patches on back and tail and red-orange eyes

Poppyflight - Sandy ginger she-cat with green eyes, white paws and underbelly

Skypelt - blue she-cat with a scar on her shoulder

Littletail - black tom with blue eyes and a bob tail

Stormpool - dark grey tom with green eyes ( App: Birchpaw )

Nightpelt - black she-cat cat with a white under belly and paws and dark green eyes

Blossomheart - tortoiseshell with yellow eyes

Brightfall - calico she with deep amber eyes

Kinkfang - white tom with blue eyes, a crooked fang sticking out of his mouth

Greylight - smoky grey tabby tom with bright yellow eyes

Fernpelt - dark grey she cat with blue eyes, white under belly

Leadoardclaw - ginger spotted white she-cat with a very sharp claws

Hawkwing - Light brown tabby tom with white under belly, paws and tail. Hazle eyes. Mate is Juniperfur


Birchpaw - white tom with black stripes, green eyes

Ashpaw - grey tom with darker specs, and yellow eyes, med app

Smokypaw - Light grey she cat with white markings, blue eyes, spitting image of Fernpelt

Ravenpaw - black she-cat with a white tail tip, chest and paws, Sky blue eyes


Juniperfur - tortoiseshell with amber eyes, a large scar on her belly. Mother to Hawkwing's kits: Hopekit (brown she-cat with blue eyes), Bumblekit (grey tabby she-kit with black stripes, hazle eyes ), Blaizekit (tortoiseshell-and-white tom with pale yellow eyes)


Harefire - mattled light brown tom with firery amber eyes, oldest cat in the clan

Amberfoot - scared white she-cat with a ginger for-leg, orange eyes


Leader: Jaystar - blue she-cat with a bob tail, white underbelly, blue eyes

Deputy: Snowsong - white she-cat with grey spots with darker grey stripes in them and blue eyes

Medicine cat: Otterleap - Light brown tom with amber eyes ( App: Lilacheart )


Barkleaf - dark brown tabby tom with darker green eyes ( App: Cloudpaw )

Mothfoot - very light grey she-cat with blue eyes, a white tipped tail and ears

Badgerstrike - black tom with a white under belly and a white stripe down back ( app: Emberpaw )

Blueheart - small blue tabby she-cat

Twigfall - battle scarred calico she-cat

Oakstorm - reddish brown tom with green eyes

Breezepool - blue-grey tom with light blue eyes ( App: Sparrowpaw )

Goldenheart - pale ginger she-cat, bendless

Yellowfur - dark grey tom with amber eyes, mattled fur

Olivepelt - Light brown she with white markings

Sunfur - orange tom with blazing eyes (App: Harepaw )

Stoneslash - grey tom with darker grey spots

Applefur - calico she with yellow eyes

Ivypelt - white tom with deep yellow eyes, tangled fur

Pinebark - reddish tom with amber eyes


Lilacheart - cream colered she-cat, medicine cat apprentice

Cloudpaw - white tom with yellow eyes, bushy tail

Sparrowpaw - Black she-cat with white markings

Harepaw - reddish brown tom with a large scar on shoulder

Emberpaw - red she-cat with amber eyes


Troutfur - brown she-cat with relish brown markings. Mother of Stoneslashes Kits: Minnowkit (grey she-kit), Littlekit (dark brown tiny tom)

Pinestream - light red she-cat with white markings. Mate to Ivypelt. Her kit is Whitekit (small white tom with mattled, long fur)


Brightberry - tortoiseshell she-cat, slite hearing lost

Bramblefur- very dark brown tom, mattled fur and scarred body, oldest cat in clan

Redfire - orange tom


Leader: Sagestar - white she-cat with cyan eyes

Deputy: Frogpelt - mottled brown-and-gray tom

Medicine Cat: Quailwing - dark gray tom (app: Shadepaw)


Lionstrike - fluffy ginger tom

Birdfeather - gray tabby she-cat

Applesun - cream colored tom with green eyes

Swiftheart - siamese colored tom (app: Lizardpaw)

Redbranch - reddish tom

Rowanwhisper - brown-and-white tabby she-cat

Snaketooth - pale brown tabby tom

Scorchfire - thick-furred gray tom with blue eyes

Larkdawn - black she-cat

Deerdapple - tortoiseshell she-cat with tiny white flecks

Mistycloud - long-furred pale gray she-cat

Sparrowflight - dark brown tom


Shadepaw - dark gray, almost black, she-cat

Lizardpaw - long-furred white tom


Vixencloud - dark tortoiseshell she-cat. Mother to Scorchfire’s kits, Lilykit (small pale gray-and-white she-kit), Stormkit (gray tom), Ivykit ( small tortoiseshell-and-white she-kit), and Stonekit - (mottled gray tom)


Yellowsky - old, blind ginger she-cat

Toadfur - light brown tabby tom


Leader: Runningstar - pale ginger tom with green eyes

Deputy: Heatherfoot - Light brown she-cat, blue eyes

Medicine cat: Blossomfang - tortoiseshell and white she-cat


Grasspool - fluffy dark brown tom ( App: Sunpaw )

Berryheart - tortoiseshell with light yellow eyes

Pollentuft - blue she-cat with spiky fur

Tallshine - tall white tom with blue eyes ( App: Willowpaw )

Bramblefoot - spiky haired black she-cat

Pouncepool - White tom with green eyes ( App: Rainpaw )

Pitchfang - calico she-cat, half blind

Acornhert - heather colored tom with amber eyes

Honeyfur - ginger she-cat with green eyes

Dapplepelt - tall, fluffy tortoiseshell

Darkfrost - dark furred tom with icy blue eyes

Deadjaw - white tom with a twisted jaw ( App: Spiderpaw )

Flashfire - sandy orange she-cat

Moonstrike - grey shecat with blue eyes


Willowpaw - light grey she-cat, sister to Rainpaw

Rainpaw - blue-grey tom, bother to Willopaw

Spiderpaw - black tom with dark blue eyes

Sunpaw - ginger tom with yellow eyes


Squirrelwhisker - reddish she-cat with amber eyes, expecting


Wrenfeather - silky light brown she-cat with white markings

Duskshade - fluffy scarred light brown tom


A flash of dark fur stirred the quietness of the forest. The panting of a running silhouette in the darkness made the mice scurry and the squirrels wake. All the forest quivered in fear as water whips broke branches and bramble stems. The silhouette turned and shot scarlet flames of fire out of her mouth, putting out the water whips. A low growl came from the throat of the cat who made the water whips.

"You think you can beat me, Avatar Longfang?" The waterbender sneered, "I've beaten more warriors than you've bended before!" The waterbender pounced on the Avatar, slashing at her throat.

Avatar Longfang twisted out of the way, clawing the waterbender's sides and she ran. "Did you forget? I'm the Avatar! I have all the powers of the benders on my side!" THe waterbender growled, making a water whip circle around themselves. The Avatar made a suit of rock around her body. Longfang charged at the strange waterbender. The water whip circle slashed at Avatar Longfang's strong suit, but didn't break it. Their eyes grow big as Longfang ramed into the waterbender, making them crash into a tree. A loud crack in the forest made bird flutter up in the dawn light.

Longfang gasped as she realized that the crack was the sound of the waterbender's leg hitting the tree very hard, so hard that it broke. The waterbender moaned and yowled in pain. The Avatar couldnt stand the look of pain on the RiverClan cat's face, even though they were evil. She sighed as she slowly walked up to them.

"Look, I have Water healing powers. I can help you." Longfang looked at the nearest stream, bending water to come to her side. She could see the look on the waterbender's face, as if Longfang had grew two heads.

"Heal me? Your the one who hurt me in the first place!" They scoffed, flicking their tail. The waterbender tried to look strong, though Longfang could tell they were in pain. They finally sighed. "All right, but this doesn't mean we are freinds."

Longfang purred, moving her forepaw to bend the water over the waterbender's leg, therefore healing it. "You know," She began, "healing this is slow, so don't try any tricks. I surprised you said yes in the first place." Longfang reasoned, waving her tail back and forth. "You chase me all the time. I don't see why you just don't quit it and find a life for yourself. A mate... kits..."

"Shut it, blabber mouth! I don't need you to judge me. StarClan has already, giving my power, my personality. I think of it as a curse, already. Bloodbending and waterbending are my life, and so is trying to kill the Avatar." The waterbender looked up and growled, "and you were a fool to trust me!"

The waterbender jumped up, throwing Longfang off. As soon as their leg was healed, they turned their back on the Avatar. Longfangs eyes grew big, and she quickly got up and airslashed at the waterbender. She turned and didn't look back, fleeing into the forest. She knew how strong the waterbender can be if they ended up bloodbending her. As she ran, she noticed that her legs became stiff, and she stopped in her tracks, unwillingly.

I'm being bloodbended!

She tried her best to squirm out of the grasp of the waterbender, but failed as she turned around to face the dark coated Riverclan cat. They pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, "time for the Avatar to say 'bye bye'!" Longfang gasped as water whips slashed at her chest, ripping it open. She tried to mobe her forelegs to bend, but she was stuck.

Panic rose in Longfang chest as she was dropped to the ground, week and bloody. Her chest felt like fire, and she closed her eyes. She felt breath hot on her cheek, "You should be carefull on whow you trust!" She heard pawsteps walking away, and she gasped for breath.

Don't fight it, Longfang, A voice sounded in her head, the voice of the Avatar before her, Spashpool, It's the time for a new Avatar, you've had your turn.

No! She fought back, hanging onto life, I can't go, not yet!

You will not be gone. You will live inside of the new Avatar, guiding them as I did you. Spashpool responded, voice calm.

Longfang sighed. Maybe it was time for a new Avatar? She looked up into the sky. May the Avatar spirit live inside of the new Avatar, guiding them through their harsh journey.

She lowered her head to the ground, closing her eyes forever.

Chapter One

Blaizekit opened his tiny pink mouth. He was a few days old, and today his mother said they would be able to go outside the nursery, and he was thrilled! Its not often they can go outside, since they were so young. Beside him, his two sisters, Bumblekit and Hopekit, scuffed, pretending they were Fire Bending at each other.

"You will never catch me, Bumblekit! You're to slow!" Hopekit bounced up and ran around the nursery, where she bumped into their mother, Juniperfur. The queen just chuckled and picked Hopekit up by the scruff, putting her down next to Blaizekit and Bumblekit.

"You three are getting more restless everyday. Oh well, I guess its time you can go outside, but be careful!" Juniperfur warned, "The warriors will get grumpy if you disturb them."

Blaizekit, eyes glowing, quickly ran out without saying anything, while behind him his sisters stayed to say "Yes ma'am". As the three kits stepped out into the clearing, they were amazed by the new smells and the hugeness of the camp clearing before them. Many cats were up and awake, getting ready to go on patrols or sharing tongues.

Woah! Blaizekit thought, This camp goes on forever!

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw three cats talking. He didn't know what their names were, but the leaned in earshot to hear what they were saying.

"Did you hear the news? Avatar Longfang id dead!" One of them said, a huge white tom with a crooked tooth, "And you know what that means; the next Avatar will be one of Juniperfur's new litter!"

Blaizekit gasped. Was he special? Was he going to be the next Avatar? No... he thought, It could be one of my sisters... and I can't wait to tell them! But before he ran off, he listened in on the conversion the three warriors were having.

"I know Kinkfang." A calico she-cat said, "I bet three mousetails it's Hopekit. She's the most energetic one in the Nursery!"

"And thats where you're wrong, Brightfall. It's sure to be Bumblekit. She's the most cunning kit I've ever seen." Said another, a ginger tom.

Kinkfang scoffed, "What about Blaizekit? Yes, he has a rare color pelt, but is there anything special about him?" And at that moment, Blaizekit realized something. He realized that he could never be the Avatar, he was not as special.

As he lowered his head, he heard the orange tom growl, "Blaizekit is young. He just... hasn't found his talent yet. Give it time." Then the tom's eyes sparkled like his pelt, "I bet its Blaizekit. Just watch, he could be a fine hunter and fighter."

With a hop, he ran away quickly, going to find Hopekit and Bumblekit. I must tell them! He thought, One of us could be the Avatar!

When he finally found them, his sisters were next to Amberfoot, an elder, listening to her story.

"The Avatar knew what he must do to kill the monster, Chin the Conqueror. With a slash of earth, she disconnected RiverClan from the main land, and turned it into a island. Chin the Conqueror, being as cunning was he was, was too stubborn to move. As the Avatar Earthbended the land out, Chin fell into the water, never to be seen again." With a smile, Amberfoot said, head high, "And that's how RiverClan became disconnected from the mainland."

Blaizekit look at the elder with wonder. Its hard to imagine one of us did that so long ago, in a different body. He thought. With a nod, Blaizekit stood up and said, "We three are the Avatar! You gatta deal with it!" Blaizekit could feel the gaze of Hopekit an Bumblekit, confused yet playful. I was as if he was making a game, in their minds. Blaiekit then lowered his head in embarrassment, feeling the gaze of many cats on his pelt.

"Do you have bees in your brain, kit?" The other elder, Harefire, scoffed, "No group of cats can be the Avatar. Only one can. Were Avatar Longfang and her brother both Avatars? I think not!"

Blaizekit lowered his head, saying, "But... if my sisters and I can't be the Avatar together, I-i... don't want to be! I don't want Hopekit or Bumblekit to be! I want to be normal, together!" Blaizekit yowled. This was no fair! What if he was the Avatar? What about Hopekit? Bumblekit? What would they feel like, being thrown out over him?

Harefire just shook his head, "Kits these days. Don't know nothin' about spirits and Avatars." HE grumbled and went back into the den. Amberfoot just lowered her ears to her head.

"Cats can get cranky if you don't know much stuff about the Avatar. We all know one of you could be it, but... you're just to young to know yet, kits." Amberfoot pushed Hopekit off of her leg, "I think it's time you run alone now, kits."

BLaizekit sighed. He hated being treated like dirt. Being less loved because he doesn't have a talent. As he walked into the nursery, his heart sank even more. Their mother, Juniperfur, was already asleep with his two sisters in the curve of her belly. He had taken a long time to walk over here, but they could have waited!

BLaizekit rolled his eyes. He must find a way to become more respected.

Whatever it takes.

Chapter 2

"Take that!" Hopekit meowed. She was playing with a moss ball in the corner of the clearing, flinging it at an unreal enemy. Two moons had passed since they had learned about their fate in the Elder's den. There would soon be more kits in the nursery. Poppyflight and Thrushtooth had mated, and are now having kits. Poppyflight is fun, but her mate just scares her. He's so intense and huge, towering over Hopekit.

Meanwhile, Blaizekit everyday would try something new, whether it be trying to leap the furthest or best at catching moss-balls. He had changed much since they learned their fate, and Hopekit had, too. She tried her best to be the strongest in the clan. She trained herself everyday on spare hours.

Bumblekit, on the other hand, barely ever came out of the nursery or elder's den. All day she would ask questions and listen to stories, learning as much as she could. Hopekit figures she is one of the smartest cats in the clan! Bumblekit doesn't just have wits, but cunning. She could trick anyone into doing her bidding. If she wanted pray, she would get someone for it. If she wanted water, she would always have it at her right paw.

"Hey, Hopekit." A voice sounded from behind her. It was a ThunderClan warrior, Kingfang. He was a large white tom with a crooked tooth sticking out, "Mind if i train with you?"

Hopekit's tail went strait up.