Hello, {{{1}}}. This is my first fanfic, sorry if some of it doesn't make sense; I'm not very pleased with my writing style myself, but the plot is still good. It is placed a twenty years after SkyClan leaves the forest. I would like to place a special thanks to one of my best friends, Rainfeather. Now I present Assassin; written by Cindersky with the occasional help of Robo.

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This is part of the series Siblings.

My other fanfic is Dark Red Bloodshed.


Blueheart touched her nose to the MoonStone, it felt cold, that always meant what StarClan had for her wasn't good news. Suddenly she felt heat scorch her fur, her eyes bolted open and she started circling fire was surrounding her. She was looking for her ancestors,

"Birchstar? Flamestar? Dapplepelt? Icewisker? Shatteredice! Where are you?"

She had started yowling out their names. Her ancestors had brought her bad new before, but they had always been there to comfort her. But now, she was utterly alone. Suddenly, the fire took shape; she saw a cat prowling through the pine forest. The flames flared, and the wind howled. Rain started pouring and for a few heart beats, the flames and the storm raged at the same time, but separately, the winds dropped and the fire sizzled to a stop, the rain along with it. But the winds having not quite died, they seemed to whisper:

"The storm in the pines will rage, the water unknowingly helping the fire. The water a victim, with the wind and trees together, and the be shade being chased away. The rain will fall in and soften it, when the storm is at its peak, and both will cease together, and they will lay rest in unease."

The wind stopped and a rainbow of colors brushed past and seemed to put the last of the embers to sleep.

"RiverClan will survive. It has to!", Blueheart thought

Chapter 1

Rainbowkit wiggled next to her mother. Her brother opened his eyes already, she was afraid to, the world sounded scary. She had heard her mother talking about the battle at sunningrocks, the word blood had made her fur tingle with fear. She had felt her brother's bush up a little to, but in excitement. Maybe he just wanted to defend the clan, she did to but... she didn't really know.

"Mommy! Can I go outside now! The longer I wait the longer until I become a warrior!" Pinekit yowled.

"Shhhhh! don't wake your sister, and you aren't going out until she's ready." Cherryflower Responds.

Rainbowkit felt tiny claws digging into her pelt, She gasped and her eyes darted open. She looked around, her eye adjusted immediately. It was dim and she stood up, surprising her brother who was still sitting on her.

"Hay! You opened your eyes! Cherryflower! Rainbowkit opened her eyes!" Pinekit said.

Cherryflower opened her eyes, and stared at her kit, her eyes wide, in an odd expression on her face. Rainbowkit blinked.

"I-is something wrong?" she asked

"No." she said quickly her eyes softening, "No, your eyes are just... odd"

"How are they odd?" she ventured "Come look. Both of you, come with me."

As Rainbowkit walks out of the nursery the brightness overwhelmed her eye. she walked in a full circle to take it all in.

"There are more cats then there are in the nursery... I should have expected that though." she thought.

There were three apprentices over by a proud looking dark grey tom and a cream she-cat with golden markings. It looks like they are a family. Two cats come in carrying bundles of leaves. The larger one is ginger and blue grey while the smaller one is cream with ginger markings. Rainbowkit also saw a group of she-cat sharing tongues and eating some fish near the prey pile. Cherryflower lead her kits at a swift pace to a small pool of water. And Rainbowkit looked at her reflection. Her face looked odd, but she couldn't quite place it at first, but then Rainbowkit notices.

"My eyes! Why are they like that?"

She looked at the water; she saw two utterly different eyes. One was green like the eyes her mother had, one was a deep violet color. She felt her mother's tail sweeping over her spine

"Your eyes are very pretty." Cherryflower pointed out.

Rainbowkit straitened up a bit "Of course, I was just startled. May we and Pinekit go and play?"

Rainbowkit bounced up a little to look exited but she was trying to convince herself as much as any cat.

"Is there something wrong with me?"

Chapter 2

Pinekit looked around the circle. There was Poolstone’s new litter here. They were born two moons ago. He was three moons old now, and Echoblaze’s kits were half a moon away from being apprentices. Poolstone’s new litter had Coldkit; a small white she-kit with blue eyes, Sparrowkit; a white tom with molted brown and black markings and green eyes Lightningkit; a black tom with jagged, white tabby stripes and blue eyes, Crowkit; a smoky grey tom with amber eyes. The new queen Hollyfrost was waiting all the kits in the nursery so the others could get some fresh air and take a break from their kits.

Why would they want to take a break from us?” Pinekit thought.

They were having a kit fight toms V.S. she-cats, and he didn’t envy Hollyfrosts unborn kits

There missing out, it’s too bad; this is going to be FUN! Not to mention that Hollyfrost is so mean that she wouldn't let them anyway. Rainbowkit is next to me... yes! Her violet eye is towards me!” He thought.

His mind went back to when Rainbowkit had found out there was something wrong with her. He had learned what it was called then but he already had known something was wrong with her; she is half blind and it was something only the two of them knew there secret. Spidersky, Shadedapple, and Rosefire were telling the littermates about what blind was.

"Rainbowkit must have thought it was normal to only have one sided vision guess. Or maybe she never thought about it." Pinekit thought.

They said being blind is when you can’t see, and sometimes a cat can be half blind, so they can only see out of one eye. I saw her expression, her eyes would be green like our mothers, but one was violet, and that eye was blind.

“If everyone is ready, then go!” Hollyfrost yowled jumping up.

This snapped Pinekit back to reality and he leaped on his sister before she could turn her good eye towards him. He did some hard blows over her ears and she pushed up with surprising strength making him topple to the ground. He felt her on top of him and she was scuffling on him and implying she was bringing some scratches to his side and he felt small paw cuffing his ears. Suddenly he felt Rainbowkit’s weight lift and he lurched forward and pinned down Coldkit, who seemed to be the culprit of cuffing on his ears.

Pinekit looked behind him to see Sparrowkit, Lightningkit and Crowkit were keeping Rainbowkit occupied. But wait, where were Echoblazes kits he looks in time to see Rainkit charging towards him to help Coldkit while Brightkit and Hollykit were going to help Rainbowkit. Pinekit launches himself off of Coldkit sending her rolling backwards and hits Rainkits legs with enough force to make her fall over. She tried the go limp and burst up trick

"I didn't fall for it." he thought satisfaction lighting his gaze. " I can beat anyone"

Chapter 3

Rainbowkit was turning around frustrated, she couldn’t get any of them and her blind eye wasn’t helping. Crowkit got right on the side of her face, but it was her blind side so she didn’t see him coming, Lightnigkit is clinging to her and back slowing her down now Crowkit tried her face again but on the side of the face she can see on and she caught him and pinned him down. Sparrowkit has a grip on her tail now. Rainbowkit rolled over and stood up and step on Sparrowkit.

Oops. I let go of Crowkit, how could I?

Rainbowkit whirled around- Where did they go? Brightkit and Hollykit were fighting the three toms. Rainbowkit darts forward and grips Lightningkit and pins him down she looks around and sees Pinekit chasing Rainkit to Hollyfrost and Coldkit.

We're outnumbered" she thought.

She looked at Brightkit and Hollykit Brightkit is having a fierce battle with Crowkit.

"Wait, where’s-?

A yowl of triumph cut off her thought and she saw Hollykit chasing Sparrowkit to the outskirts of the field with the other cats who had lost went.

Rainbowkit felt herself be pushed to the ground as Pinekit crashed into her, and she see’s Brightkit being chased by Lightningkit and Crowkit. To the outskirts to, Hollykit takes down Crowkit but then it’s Lightningkit and Crowkit taking her down. And they chase her to the outskirts. She pushes up as Lightningkit and Crowkit race towards her. She turns and swipes her brother and hears her team yowling instructions, and she follows,

“Turn, swipe, roll green side, jump, turn violet-eye side, leap, pin Lightningkit, Chase him, turn swipe”

Now it’s two on one, Lightningkit is out.

“Roll green eye side!!” Rainbowkit was a heartbeat too slow and soon the two toms were on top of her.

”I give up! Let me go!” she exclaimed.

Pinekit jumped off and Rainbowkit got up shaking out her pelt.

“Good job.” Lightningkit said as he padded up

“Yes, good job” Crowkit says.

“Th-thank you!” Rainbowkit said surprised.

“You fought well, Rainbowkit. You make me proud.” Rainbowkit turns around to see Pinekit behind her.

“You did too, you were absolutely amazing!” She replied, nuzzling her brother.

He nuzzled back. “You’re not mad I fought you?” he asked.

“Of course not, it was just a game; you would never really fight me.” She replied

“Of course I would not ever fight you, I will never hurt you. I promise. You can trust me”

“I know you wouldn’t Pinekit.”

Chapter 4

Pinekit left the clearing disappointed that he hadn’t been made an apprentice. He and Rainbowkit had their own nests now. And they were six moons old, about, so he had hoped that the meeting would be his and Rainbowkit’s apprentice ceremony, but it wasn’t. He squeezed into the nursery, and noticed that Crowkit, lightningkit, and Sparrowkit talking in a cluster with Coldkit curled up nearby with her ears pricked and eyes closed, listening in. Over in the opposite corner Darkkit was sitting. She Hollyfro kit, and Ravenmist had moved into the nursery expecting Patchfur’s kits, which were do any day now. Hollypaw, Rainpaw and Brightpaw were apprentices now. Pinekit couldn’t wait to catch up to them.

Pinekit walked over to where the brothers werewhispering

"Shhhh” Crowkit said when he saw him coming.

“What are you three talking about?” he asked

“Nothing” Lightningkit said quickly.

Too quickly.” he thought

“What is it?” Pinekit pressed

“They were talking about she-cats.” Coldkit said without even opening her eyes

"What she-cats?” He asked

“Rainbowkit and Brightpaw” Coldkit replied.

“Sisters” Sparrowkit mumbled.

Coldkit, wisely, did not respond.

“Why were you talking about my sister?” he said

“She’s cute and nice” lightningkit said blinking dreamily

“And I think she likes me!” Crowkit said,

“No, she likes ME” they start arguing about it.

"I don't have any competition over Brightpaw!" Sparrowkit says.

"She will never be with you." Crowkit taunts

"Yeah, she's too pretty for you" Lightningkit agrees. All three brake into fight this time and he decided to leave them to it.

Pinekit jolted awake two days later. Today could be the day. He sat up and groomed his ruffled fur and made it smooth and sleek, he was practically an apprentice, and he couldn’t look like a kit. He wacked Rainbowkit with his tail gently to wake her up, and playfully hissing, she sat up and she started grooming herself. This was there routine, they ended about the same time and then got the spots that they had missed.

“I feel lucky today.” He said.

“Me too.” Rainbowkit replied.

They left the nursery and did some early morning fishing from the camp stream. They then shared the minnows Rainbowkit caught. Then Stonestar stood up on the tree he made announcements from and called,

“All cats old enough to swim gather beneath the fallen oak."

He and his Littermate came out and sat close to the center of the clearing. All the cats started emerging. Stickpaw sat down next to Rainbowkit, then Bolderpaw, and Mistpaw lined up next to him. There mentors were lined up behind them. Sunstep and Flampaw were right underneath Stonestar, they were the three apprentic’s mother and sister and Blueheart, the medicine cat, was sitting with them.

I feel sorry for Flamepaw, she is stuck being a medicine cat” He thought.

Stonestar started speaking, “Cats of RiverClan, today we are here to witness a very important part of the clans. The naming of new warriors”

Pinekits heart sunk.

“Stickpaw, Boulderpaw, Mistpaw, step forwards.” He continued.

“Goldenslash is Stickpaw ready to be a warrior?”

“He is.”

“Stickpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code even with the cost of your life?”

“I DO!”

“Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. From this moment forth you will be known as Stickface, StarClan honors your loyalty and ability, and we name you a newest warrior of RiverClan."

They repeated the routine with Mistpaw and Bolderpaw, naming them Mistheart and Boulderfur.

“Stickface! Boulderfur! Mistheart!” Sunstep and Flamepaw started and then the rest of the clan joined in cheering to welcome the new warriors.

All except Pinekit. He was too mad. He lashed his tail and turned towards the nursery.

"We should have become apprentices.."

Chapter 5

Rainbowkit watched as the clan was breaking up.

“Stop!” Stonetar said. “I’m not done. I have not finished yet”

The cats turned around and gathered up again.

"I have two kits that I have delayed making apprentices for too long now."

She saw Pinekit’s ears kits prick as he stood up and turned around. She did too. And they walked forward as Stonestar said

“Rainbowkit, Pinekit, come forward. Rainbowkit, from this moment forth, until you receive your warrior name you will be known as Rainbowpaw and your mentor will be Greypebble. Pinekit, from this moment forth, until you receive your warrior name you will be known as Pinepaw, and your mentor will be Watersong."

"Rainbowpaw! Pinepaw! Rainbowpaw! Pinepaw!" Their names were cheered.

They touched noses with their mentors. Rainbowpaw glanced at Pinepaw. He looked like he was about to explode with happiness.

“Where are we going first?” Rainbowpaw asked.

She was padding beside Pinepaw who were each directly behind there mentors.

“We are going to give you a tour of the territory. And if we have time after words we are going to check on the elders.” Greypebble said.

“That’s boring” Pinepaw complained, his excitement seemed lost. “Couldn’t we just do battle training?”

Watersong twisted her head around to glare at her apprentice. Pinepaw bared his short teeth.

“Would you rather search for the elders ticks all day?” she growled.

“No.” Pinepaw muttered

"Watersong is strict, I’m glad I got Greypebble, I like her. I feel sorry for Pinepaw though, having to put up with Watersong for six moons." Rainbowpaw thought.

After the tour of the territory they collect moss, she is too distracted memorizing the territory in my head to concentrate. Pinepaw does well, to him it is an enemy, he is fighting it, but ragged cuts heal faster, so you want to do it smoothly.

Rainbowpaw went back and they put the moss on a rock to dry, and Greypebble told Rainbowpaw all the standards and explaining why she needed to learn that.

Greypebble is the smartest, funniest cat ever!” she thought, “I hope Pinepaw likes his mentor just as much. I doubt it though.

“You’re the best mentor ever!” Rainbowpaw said out loud this time.

“Thank you, but, it’s only your first day, there is always more to a cat then meets the eye.” Greypebble said “Don’t automatically assume anything, about any cat… even something bad. Do you understand?” she continued.

“Yes, Greypebble” she replied quietly.

“Good, remember that advice.” Greypebble said

“I will.”

“I don’t doubt it; you seem like a good cat. It seems like you will be a fine apprentice.”

"Thank you" Rainbowpaw replied.

"The way she started off" she thought "I don’t know… it seems like she as… a secret...

Chapter 6

Pinepaw circled in the training clearing, they were four moons into their training now. He knew he would win, but he would humor his sister a little bit, she could strike first, she would miss, he would pin her down and be over with it. He hated his mentor. Watersong would keep him busy and after she had seen his talent with battle, the only thing he likes to do, she never did it, it seemed like. But they were doing it now, to help Rainbowpaw with her battle training. She needed help with her timing, and really needed help with her dodging.

No surprise there” he thought looking at her blind eye.

He would admit it though, he was jealous of Rainbowpaw’s mentor.

Suddenly he recoiled at a sharp blow to his check and then Rainbowpaw was on his back. He rolled over but she leaped off and darted back midway through his roll and she did a swipe over his belly. Rainbowpaw was now behind him and by the time he had scrambled to his feet and whirled around she leaped forwarded, slashed his nose and did the half turn belly rake. He leaped backwards and met her back legs as she landed. He hit the tendon on the back leg that made your legs buckle. She couldn’t see him because she was on the wrong side. She jumped up quickly though.

Greypebble then yowled, “Stop!” They both froze.

“That’s enough! Pinepaw next time I want you to-”

Greypebble never got to finish.

“Sunningrocks are now ours!”

They heard the yowl ring clearly From Sunningrocks. “Come on!” Pinepaw yowled, and as he dashed away he glanced over his shoulder. All three cats were following. Watersong caught up and took the lead before they got to Sunningrocks.

They burst onto Sunningrocks. Cats were lying still, from both sides, he leaped into the battle. He found himself up against a black tom, the tom looked tired, as his eyes were half closed. He leaped at the tom who instantly opened his eyes, and the eyes were a stunning green color. Pinepaw stopped short for a heartbeat at the sight of them. Pinepaw leaped at the tom and felt his claws meet the tom's nose. Pinepaw could hear his clanmates yowling something to him, but he couldn’t hear through the blood roaring in his ears.

Jump, swipe roll, rake, pin.” He thought out what he was to do next, time was slowing down to Pinepaw, allowing him to plan every move.

Chapter 7

The blood sent was overwhelming! She looked around, shrinking onto the rocks. A warrior was racing towards her, it was Cobfur, she had seen him at gatherings. She turned and fled, dodging multiple cats on the way then, suddenly Rainbowpaw saw a dappled she-cat leaping, aiming for Pinepaw’s back; he skidded sideways and landed in a black toms paws.

“Greypebble, Pinepaw needs our help!” she said as Greypebble was looking around for another ThunderClan cat to claw.

Her mentor gave a warning yowl to announce Rainbowpaw and Greypebble coming to Pinepaws rescue. Landing on the she-cat.

“Are you crazy?" she asked "Taking on Foreststar and not fleeing when Dapplerock came up!”

“Foreststar and Dapplerock!” he said, looking surprised. “They look different in daylight; I didn’t know it was them.” He defended himself.

“Well help us fishbrain” Greypebble hissed from her spot fighting Foreststar.

Watersong and Cherryflower came and she left the fight to find an opponent her own size.


There he was. He was small for his age. She decided she would take that fight now. She landed silently on his back startling him to let out a yowl. Rainbowpaw scraped her claws over his back and she dug her teeth deep into his scruff. Her paw slipped and she ended up on the ground, Cobpaw next to her she put one paw on his underbelly to keep him pined while she got up. Soon she was standing over him.

“Do you give up?” she hissed.

“Never.” He croaked back from underneath her he jerked up with such force Rainbowpaw toppled over as he stood up she reached out and bit his tendon on his back leg. He shrieked with pain, he flailed his paws, she made a long cut down him. She opened up her eyes, had she done that? His stomach had a long deep cut, and his life was drained out of him. She had killed Cobfur.

“You killed Cobfur?” Greypebble hissed.

Foreststar had called retreat, and Greypebble was staring at her, her eyes glimmering with emotion. Disgust, anger, and perhaps traces of sadness and fear.

“I- I didn’t mean to.” She stammered.

“Go back to camp” Greypebble ordered.

Rainbowpaw’s tail dragged on the ground, why was that so important to Greypebble? Was Greypebble ashamed that her apprentice had killed a cat? Or was it something else. Suddenly Rainbowpaw herd leaves crunch behind her, she turned around and saw Greypebble behind her.

“I’m sorry, I overreacted. Come with me.”

With that she turned and started walking deeper into the forest. Rainbowpaw fallowed and once they were alone in the forest Greypebble turned.

“As I said before, I’m sorry I overreacted… but I have a secret, I am going to tell you.”

“A secret?” Rainbowpaw echoed.

She was heartbroken that she had broken the warrior code by killing without much honor, but she could listen to a secret.

“When I was an apprentice, I did something foolish. I fell in love.”

“How is that foolish?” Rainbowpaw asked.

“The cat I fell in love with was a ThunderrClan cat. When I was a warrior, I had his kits”

Greypebbles voice started to tremble.

“Two died at birth, and the other one I sent to their father. I couldn’t keep that kit; they would only make me want the cat I had mated with. One of those kit’s was Cobfur.” As she finished she crouched to the ground trembling with grief.

“I’m so sorry” Rainbowpaw said.

“No, don’t be, it was my mistake and I have to live with it… I want to tell you something else.” She said straightening up.


“I think you are ready to become a warrior” B-but I’m not done with training for another two moons! And I don’t want to sit vigil alone!”

“You won’t, Rainpaw, Brightpaw and Hollypaw will be made warriors at the same time.”

“But what about Pinepaw he will be lonely.”

“He’s strong he’ll be fine, and besides, he has all the other apprentices, it is getting quite full in there.”

“bu-” Rainbowpaw started

“Not another word out of you, let’s go back to camp.”

Rainbowpaw felt worse.

Chapter 8

“Pinepaw, Pinepaw!” Pinepaw herd Rainbowpaw calling his name.

“I’m in the apprentices den!” he called back Rainbowpaw looked nervice.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m being made a warrior.” She said hesitantly.

“Were being made warriors? Already? That’s great! I need to get my pelt groomed out and-”

Rainbowpaw didn't let him finish.

“No Pinepaw, just me.”

“Wh-what? I- I don’t understand, your becoming a warrior… without me!”

“Yes.” Rainbowpaw said quietly.

She’s just leaving me.” Pinepaw thought sourly.

He turned his back pointedly to talk to Dustkit, Fernkit, Minnowkit, and Heatkit, Ravenmists litter, who had come to ask him what happened at the battle.

"If she is going to leave me, let her. I don’t need her."

He brought his lips back in a silent snarl.

“Let all cats old enough to swim gather here beneath the fallen tree for a clan meeting!”

Pinepaw got up grudgingly and went outside.

“Rainpaw, Brightpaw, Hollypaw and Rainbowpaw, step forward."

First Rainfire, Hollyflight, and Brightleaf became warriors then it was Rainbowpwa's turn.

"Greypebble, is Rainbowpaw ready to be a warrior?”

“She is”

“Rainbowpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, to protect and defend the clan, even with the cost of your life?"

“I do”

"Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. From this moment forth you will be known as Rainboweyes, StarClan honors your spirit and persistent trying, and welcomes you as a full warrior of RiverClan.

"Rainfire, Hollyflight, Brightleaf, Rainboweyes!" the cats cheered.

Pinepaw couldn't take it anymore.

"You can't make her a warrior!" every cat turned to look at him, but he didn't care, jealousy and anger were burning at his claws.

"She" he said turning to Rainboweyes "is half blind. She can't see out of her violet eye! Rainboweyes is not fit to be a warrior!"

Chapter 9

A deep silence fell over the Clan.

"is this true, Rainboweyes?" Stonestar said.

Rainboweyes wished she could run away from the clan of eyes staring at her. She looked up at Stonestar but could not tell what he was thinking as he looked down back at her.

"Is it true!" he said his voice sharper this time.

"Yes." She whispered looking down at her paws.

She glanced over at Pinepaw. He looked satisfied.

"He has the right to be mad at me for becoming a warrior first. Don't be mad." she reminded herself

"I don't see what's wrong with that."

A voice behind her said she looked behind her to see Greypebble standing up

"She is as good as any apprentice that doesn't have a blind eye. And she had that!"

A ripple of agreement spread across the clan. Rainboweyes looked at Pinepaw again; He looked somewhere between shocked and angry. His look was something made of sudden hatred.

As Rainboweyes approached the fresh kill pile after the disaster warrior ceremony, she saw Stickface walking towards her. She stopped and greeted the brown tom.

"Hello, Rainboweyes." he greeted.

"Hi." she muttered awkwardly.

"Want to go hunting with me and Mistheart? We'd love your company."

"No, thank you though."Rainboweyes said.

"Are you sure?" He asked stepping in front of her as she tried to walk away.

"Yes, and I want to eat, fishbrain!" she purred as he looked down embaressed

"Oh, sorry" Stickface said stepping out of the way "Would you like to come after?" he said giving his chest a couple of licks.

"Fine, but only because you keep bugging Me." she said nudging playfully.

She proceeded to the freshkill pile and tasted the air next to it detecting a freshly caught trout. After digging it out from a couple of minnows she scented it more carefully.

"It was in good health, caught by Smokewave, nothing wrong with it, I suppose it's mine to eat!... but it is awfully big..."

She looked around to see Stickface lingering behind her.

"Hay, Fishbrain!" as she called he looked at her questioningly

"Yeah you! Get over here!"

"Yes?" he said once he was over to her

"You hungry?"

She pushed the large fish closer to him. His eyes shone and he took a bite. She did the same. While they ate she could sense him looking at her. Every time she looked up he looked down and acted like nothing happened.

"let's go on that hunt" She said when they finished.

"Okay" he said.

As they padded to the river, Mistheart left to go to a different part of the river. When they were situated her gaze was fixed on the water suddenly water hit her face. Rainboweyes whirled around to see Stickfce had splashed her and was now looking at her flirtingly. She leaped at her the tom knocking him to the ground. They tussled until they fell into the river. then they came out soaking.

"When we come back to camp with no prey; it's your fault." she said

"I know" he said rubbing his head against her shoulder affectionately.

"He likes me... but I don't, then again, how can I break his heart?" she thought.

"Let him love you, and see what happens" she decided.

she argued with herself in her head all night and into her vigil. The sun broke over the hills

"Your vigil is over." Greypebble whispered in her ear.

Rainboweyes stretched out from sitting all night.

"Rainboweyes" Stickface's mew startled her. "I made you a nest, its right next to mine."

She decided not to think about having to think about how to tell him she didn't love him.

"I will someday, but not now" that was her last though before sleep took her.

Chapter 10

Pinepaw was infuriated.

Why... Just because of that little battle... he thought.

The apprentice who was supposed to be a warrior looked up. The stars shone down at him mockingly. Pinepaw wanted to... Wanted to... He wasn't sure yet. The tom curled his tail over his nose and went into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning he woke up to congratulating yowls, but they weren't for him.

"Great job yesterday, Rainboweyes!"

"Want to go hunting?"

Pinepaw bristled and slid out of the apprentice's den, glaring at the group around Rainboweyes. He headed out of camp, ignoring his mentor's calls.

I'm supposed to be a warrior, he thought. With Rainboweyes.

"Pinepaw! PINEPAW!" Watersong screeched. Pinepaw looked up.

"Come on, we're going hunting." Watersong stormed past him.

"Control freak." he said under his breath.

"WHAT was that?" Watersong turned around, bristling as spiky as a hedgehog.

Pinepaw stepped up to his mentor's face.


Before his mentor could reply, he stormed off.

"PINEPAWWW!" went Watersong's voice, fading into the distance as he got closer to Sunningrocks.

The black tom kept going, and when he got to the riverside, he stopped. Pinepaw had an idea that could heal his anger.

Chapter 11

Rainboweyes felt miserable. Pinepaw hadn't even looked at her when he got back to camp, and still didn't for the rest of the day. The next day, Rainboweyes was determined to make up with Pinepaw.

"Was it something I did?" she thought as she padded towards the apprentice's den.

She looked inside and only saw Coldpaw and Lightningpaw sleeping, Pinepaw was gone.

Rainboweyes knew that he must be training, and decided to go find him. She knew that the senior warrior that was also Pinepaw's mentor-Watersong-would probably turn her away, but she needed at least a small sign that Pinepaw still had a friendship with her. Stickface started to pad after her, but stopped when Rainboweyes went past him out of camp. She looked over her shoulder and immediately felt guilty for passing by him without even acknowledging him. She hurried out of camp and followed the sounds of a frustrated Watersong.

"No, like THIS!" she burst into the clearing and looked around to see Pinepaw looking frustrated as Watersong showed him how to catch a big fish.

"Hay!" Rainboweyes called Pinepaw looked around bristling.

"What do you want." he growled

Rainboweye's heart sunk he is still mad at her.

"Um, I- I noticed you haven't talked to me for since my warriors ceremony..." she replied

"and?" he growled

"I-I... Never mind" she mumbled and turned to walk away.

Chapter 12

Pinepaw hated Stonestar for promoting Rainboweyes to warrior, 2 MOONS EARLY! He couldn't take it! It was a single moon since Rainboweyes became a warrior, and a single to Pinepaw joining her. She was getting closer to Stickface, who Pinepaw personally thought was ugly. Stickface was also Stonestar's son.

"Convenient" he thought.

His grand scheme was almost complete. He just needed to think of a way to perform it without getting caught. Pinepaw imagined Rainboweyes getting an apprentice, and shuddered. If that happened while he was still an apprentice, he would personally exile himself.

"Pinepaw?!" went Watersong's call.

"That little... or big I guess..." Pinepaw lashed his tail.


"Today's training is--" Watersong paused.

"Please be battle..."

Battle training was Pinepaw's best topic.

"Battle training with Crowpaw, Sparrowpaw, Lightningpaw, and Coldpaw!" Pinepaw widened his eyes, then smiled. He turned around to face the four other apprentices. He started to circle... Circling them, making it tighter and tighter, like a vulture coming in for a meal. He leaped at the smallest one, Coldpaw, easily knocking her into the 'out' area. Pinepaw immediately zeroed in on Sparrowpaw while Lightningpaw and Crowpaw tussled. He headbutted him, followed by heavy pummeling to get him into the 'out' area. Crowpaw had knocked Lightningpaw into the 'out' and realized that Pinepaw was in with him. As easily as the others, Pinepaw had put Crowpaw out.

Chapter 13

Rainboweyes was looking at Stickface.

"I still don't love him." she thought sadly "But I still don't know how to tell him."

He walked up to her, unsurprisingly. He had been talking to Pinepaw, more surprisingly.

"What were you talking to Pinepaw about?" she asked.

"Nothing important." he said, without meeting her gaze.

"Why is he acting like that?" Rainboweyes thought.

"Really?" she asked disbelievingly.

She noticed Pinepaw was giving Stickface a hard stare... What was going on?

"You can tell me if there is something wrong." she said quietly.

"There is nothing wrong!" Stickface hissed. Rainboweyes blinked.

"Maybe he just needs to be alone with his thoughts."

"Okay" she said, getting up to go.

"Wait! Where are you going?" he called.

"You obviously need to be alone right now Stickface. There is something wrong and you can come to me when you are ready to tell me. I'll be in by nest."

She tried to ignore his disbelieving stare as she stalked away.

That night Rainboweyes felt Stickface get up next to her.

"Where are you going?" she murmured.

"Nowhere important" he replies quietly "Go back to sleep."

Rainboweyes woke up the next morning. Stickface wasn't in his nest.

"He hasn't been back all night!" she realized. "I hope he's okay."

She sat up and heard Watersong's voice. "Stonestar, we found Stickface dead by the stepping-stones."

She jumped up and emerged into the clearing at the same time as Stonestar.

"I will lead a patrol with my best trackers to find how he died." Stonestar said. "Sunstep, Watersong, Pinepaw, Mistheart, and Rainboweyes. Come with me."

Chapter 14

Pinepaw walked along at the back of his patrol. Sunstep and Rainboweyes were flanking Stonestar, even though of all the warriors, Rainboweyes was the LEAST experienced. After them was Watersong and Mistheart then he was stuck at the back. When they reached the stepping stones there was Stickface stuck between the stepping stones, right in the middle of the River. Before Stonestar could say anything Rainboweyes said,

"Whatever stupid RiverClan cat was disloyal enough to do this, I will personally rip their throat out!"

This made Pinepaw exceedingly surprised.

"How does she know it's a RiverClan cat?" he thought, bristling.

Stonestar had the same thoughts.

"Why do you think it is a RiverClan cat? He asked cautiously.

"The cat was smart enough to cover up their scent." She said.

Stonestar opened his mouth to say something but Rainboweyes started talking again.

"And when he left last night, he wasn't going to make dirt, he was meeting someone, and the only cat who could have gotten a message to him would be a RiverClan cat." she continued.

"But what if it was a ThunderClan cat? That somehow got out to him?" Stonestar inquired.

"How would a ThunderClan cat get out here to the stepping stones beat him over water, and if they battled somewhere else cover the tracks on the Sunningrocks, and then pull him out to the stepping stones?" Rainboweyes said shakily "And plus, Stickface is too loyal to meet a ThunderClan cat."

This revelation shocked a silence in the patrol.

"Are you absolutely certain Rainboweyes?" Stonestar finally said.

"Yes." Rainboweyes said quietly "It's probably hard to believe someone in our clan did it, but I am positive. It has to be the truth. It's the only explaination."

"Your right" Stonestar said "We will double the guard until the murderer is found. This will not happen again."

The tom Bared his teeth obviously angry while the other cats in the patrol Bristled in shock.

"Come, we must tell the clan this news. Rainboweyes, Mistheart, and Sunstep, carry Stickface back to camp."

"My revenge will do more in its work. It is not satisfied yet" Pinepw decided as he walked back to camp. "I will be satisfied when my plan is done."

Chapter 15

Rainboweyes could feel rage puling through her. She hadn't loved the brown tom, but she still cared about him.

"He probably knows that now though." she thought regretfully "I wish I had been able to tell him myself."

Pinepaw had been silent for the entire patrol... he still seemed mad.

"I wonder if he had something to- NO he couldn't have. Pinepaw is angry, but he is still loyal!"

Stonestar and Sunstep were grieving for their kit. While Mistheart's tail dragged in the dirt. As they emerged into the camp Bolderfur, and Flamesnow, and Goldenslash were waiting. Flamesnow was his sister who had been given her medicine cat name recently, while Goldenslash was his mentor and Bolderfur, his brother. Mistheart was his sister, she and the rest of his littermates were all grieving as much as their parents.

"Am I too?" Rainboweyes wondered "I think I am, but I'm not sure."

Stonestar leaped up onto the tree.

"Let all cats old enough to swim gather beneath the fallen oak!" he called. Cat's emerged from the clearing to see what the news was on Stickface.

"Stickface was killed!" Stonestar announced "and Rainboweyes found some clues, which have led us to the conclusion that one of us has killed him."

Stonestar's gaze swept across the clearing, as if to blame every cat there, and shocked mews broke out from the crowd.

"If you turn yourself in, now, your punishment will be reduced. We will catch you though, no matter what. Until then, the guard will be doubled, and you must always have a cat know where you are. That is all."

With that Stonestar leaped down from fallen oak.

That night Rainboweyes, Stonestar, Sunstep, Mistheart, Bolderfur, Flamerock, and Goldenslsh all sat vigil for Stickface. Rainboweyes was not sure that she was close enough to him, but, every cat seemed to think they were mates. Crowpaw had even come out to tell her that he was sorry for her loss.

"I do wish I had loved you, but I didn't. I'm so sorry" Rainboweyes thought, hoping that Stickface could hear her.

Chapter 16

"Rainboweyes got over her sadness about Stickface very quickly." Pinepaw thought "Maybe she wasn't as... attached as I originally thought."

It was two moons later and he had taken his second final assessment the day before. Last moon he hadn't passed. Apparently he didn't hunt well enough.

"Let all cats old enough to swim gather here beneath the fallen oak for a Clan meeting!" Stonestar's voice rang out over the clearing.

This was his warrior ceremony. He sat next to Watersong just to look good. That was what all the other apprentice's had done that he had seen. Ravenmist's litter emerged from the nursery, bouncing in excitement. Sunstep had ad a second litter... a misfortunate fate happened to them. All but one, who was still living even after that murder in RiverClan struck there nest in the nursery.

"That murder is very clever." he thought slyly. Imagining the figure to please himself for this murder's victories.

"Pinepaw, come forward." Stonestar said "Watersong, is Pinepaw ready to become a warrior?" he asked

"He is" Watersong said looking down.

"Then, Pinepaw do you promise to uphold the warrior code? And protect and defend the Clan even at the cost of your life?"

"I do." Pinepaw said solemnly, though he honestly didn't mean it.

Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Pinepaw, from this moment forth you will be known as Pinestorm. StarClan honors your loyalty and determination, and welcomes you as a full warrior of RiverClan."

"Pinestorm! Pinestorm! Pinestorm!" the Clan cheers excitedly.

"I may be determined, but I am not so sure about loyal." Pinestorm thought... "I guess we will find out thou."

After that was Ravenmist's litter's apprenticeship. Dustpaw got Rainfire, Heatpaw got Hollyflight, and Fernpaw got Brightleaf.

"Minnowkit from now on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Minnowpaw and your mentor will be Rainboweyes..."

Pinestorm didn't hear the rest. His sister got an apprentice... and he was barley a warrior.

"This is not okay." he thought.

That night, while no one was awake, during his vigil, he snuck into the warriors den. He found Watersong's and Ravenmist's nests... his job was done quickly and quietly. Then he snuck back out. Rainboweyes wouldn't have had an apprentice if Ravenmist had had only three kits. And Watersong had hated and tormented him as an apprentice and now both had paid for their crimes. his work was done... an soon, he would be healed from his injustices.

Chapter 17

Rainboweyes woke up and stretched. She felt like she should be doing something.

"Have I been assigned dawn patrol?" she wondered "no."

The den was almost empty was something going on? Then she remembered. Her first apprentice! Yesterday she had given Minnowpaw the tour of the territory, and today was going to be her first formal swimming lesson. She entered into the clearing, surprised to see almost all the clan was gathered. She would think it was a meeting, but all the cats were murmuring to themselves and there were wails of grief rising up from the center. Rainboweyes pushed her way to the center to see Ravenmist and Watersong dead in the center. Wolfthorn and Pinestorm were gathered around Watersong, grieving for their sister and mentor. While Patchfur, Greypebble , Dustpaw, Heatpaw, Fernpaw, and Minnowpaw were grieving for their mate, sister, and mother.

Rainboweyes pushed her way back out of the crowed. Leaving them alone and went to ask Blueheart how they died.

"Blueheart, I was wondering how-"

Blueheart didn't let Rainboweyes finish.

"Watersong was suffocated and Ravenmist had deathberrys put in her mouth and was forced swallow."

Blueheart looked up, her gaze boring into Rainboweyes with great intensity. Rainboweyes stepped back in surprise at the way Blueheart was looking at her.

"What's wrong?" Rainboweyes asked hesitantly.

"Beware." Blueheart said quietly "Beware of the storm that rages on our horizons. You have the power to protect us; the pines are a danger to us all, you must not let feelings blind you from the true culprit."

Rainboweyes looked at the ginger she-cat with her eyes wide.

"I am the answer to all this?" she thought.

"B-but how can I help. I'm just a warrior... a half blind one at that" she said in disgust "How can I be the one who can save us?"

She gazed at Blueheart waiting for the answer.

"You were born with a destiny, Rainboweyes." Blueheart said after a moment. The medicine cat looked straight into Rainboweyes' eyes. "You hold the answer to all those questions inside yourself.

With that Blueheart turned and walked slowly into her den. Rainboweyes was left stunned by her words. Rainboweyes finally turned back to the center of the clearing. Cats had gone off on patrols, and only a few remained grieving by the bodies. She walked over to Minnowpaw.

"Do you want to do some training?" she asked gently.

"Yes" Minnowpaw said dully standing up.

Through the next day Raiboweyes' thought about Blueheart's words. And she couldn't shake them.

Chapter 18

Pinestorm looked around. He had been up for two nights in a row for his warrior vigil and Watersong's vigil. The black tom hadn't been grieving for Watersong, but he had to look convincing Pinestorm relished in his new warrior name... all the cats were giving him pitying looks for how he had lost his mentor. Pinestorm had an idea for who would be his next victim.

"I might want to check up on Minnowpaw's training." he thought.

He would need a proper way to get rid of the apprentice. As he stood up Rainfire walked over to him.

"Would you like to help me and Hollyflight train Dustpaw and Heatpaw?" she asked. "Hollyflight and I agreed that you would be good at teaching them some fighting moves."

Pinestorm felt like his breath was taken away. He had liked Rainfire ever since he was a kit. And the Rainfire, and her sister, was asking him to help teach her apprentice how to fight.

"Sure!" he said excitedly "And your apprentice's will have a better chance of surviving while I am tired."

He finished with a stifled yawn.

Rainfire looked instantly apologetic. "Oh that's right, you must be tired. You go ahead and get some sleep and we can just-"

Pinestorm didn't let her finish. "I'm fine." he said "Let's go"

When they got to the training clearing Dustpaw and Heatpaw were jumping up and down. He had planned out his lesson and told it to Rainfire on the way there. Rainfire approved.He sat down in front of the apprentice's as they ran around in circles.

"Dustpaw, Heatpaw, settle down." he ordered.

The two apprentice's stopped in their tracks to look at him.

"I do not wish such distractions to be going on while I am teaching you." he said "Battle training, as, I think, the most useful skill, we should not mess around."

He thought he sounded pretty good.

"Why should we listen to you?" Heatpaw said cockily.

"Yeah, you just got made a warrior three sunrises ago." Dustpaw added

Then Heatpaw started talking again, "How would you know all that much?"

Pinestorm opened his mouth for a sharp retort but Hollyflight beat him to it.

"We brought one of the best fighters in the clan for your first lesson and you should be more thankful Heatpaw! If you don't apologize right now you will be cleaning out the elders den for the rest of today and won't get any Battle training!"

Then Rainfire said, "The same goes for you Dustpaw. Apologize

"Thanks." He whispered to the sisters.

The rest of the day went smoothly.

Chapter 19

Rainboweyes and Brightleaf had trained Minnowpaw and Fernpaw together. The mentors of Ravenmist's kits had decided not to have them train alone until they had gotten over the most of their grief for their mother. Minnowpaw had been so hyper on her apprenticeship day, that you could hardly believe that this quiet apprentice was the same cat.

"I wonder how I can cheer her up." Rainboweyes thought.

"We are going to teach you how to catch fish." Brightleaf said enthusiastically, trying to cheer up her glum audience.

Rainboweyes could hardly focus on teaching them how to catch fish. She was puzzling out who the murderer was. Rainboweyes was running through all the cats in the clan.

"Sunstep? No. why would she kill her own kits? Mistheart? No, I've been sleeping next to her and she has not left once. Pinestorm? No, he couldn't, he wouldn't, just NO!"

Rainboweyes tried harder than ever to focus after that last thought.

"Pinestorm would NEVER do that." she thought "I know him"

The thought just kept coming back over and over, but she kept on pushing it away. When they got back to camp Rainboweyes went to see Stonestar. Rainboweyes wanted to know what they were going to do about all the latest murders.

"Stonestar, may I come in?" she called

"You may enter." Stonestar's voice came out of the den. He sounded tired. Sunstep, Blueheart and Flamerock were sitting around Stonestar when she entered. She had obviously interrupted them.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't relies you were doing something." she muttered and started to back out.

"No, wait." Stonestar said "Stay."

Rainboweyes sat down, aware of Blueheart's gaze burrowing straight in to her.

"What did you need?" Stonestar asked. "We can help you with anything."

"Well... I had an idea about how we could stop the murders, and perhaps catch them." Rainboweyes said, shuffling her paws.

"What would that be?" Stonestar said his eyes half closed.

"We could have two or three cats per den that take turns, each night and stay awake, but are in their nests, acting like they are asleep. If a cat stands up or leaves in the night, then they become a suspect. The cat who is watching the den could look out a little whole or something to see what the cat is doing."

Rainboweyes looked around to see approving nods.

"You may choose the cats that will do this for each den." Stonestar said. "Choose no more than three per den, and that will be their duty until they are told otherwise. Tell Sunstep and you will lead those cats on a border patrol. We will stop this madness."

Chapter 20

Pinestorm had watched while Rainboweyes had come out of Stonestar's den with Sunstep. They had gathered Minnowpaw, Crowpaw, Mistheart, and Smokewave. Then Stonestar exited his den and bounded over to the elders. Pinestorm hesitated before heading towards the camp entrance.

"Don't I have a patrol with Rainfire?" Pinestorm thought.

Pinestorm stopped. He looked around camp for the patrol, and found them gathering near the fresh-kill pile. There was Wolfthorn, Greypebble, Hazelflight, Dustpaw and... Rainfire!

With a spark of joy at the sight of the she-cat he bounded over to her.

"Hi." he said as he reached Rainfire.

"Hi." she said, her eyes brightening at the sight of him.

He stared at her as she started padding smoothly towards the camp entrance.

"Come on." Greypebble said, snapping him back from his daydream.

"Okay." he said, feeling like air as he padded over to the rest of the patrol and they headed out.

"You smell anything?" Pinestorm asked Rainfire

"I'm a mentor, not an apprentice," she said giving him a shove.

Despite her joke he felt his ears growing hot.

"Why did I ask her that!"

"Er- I mean you have a great nose so." he stammered "I mean you have a great sense of smell so..."

Pinestorm had never felt so lost for words in his life.

"I like you." the words came out of nowhere.

Pinestorm thought for sure she would burst out laughing, thinking he was joking. But she looked surprised and then frowned.

"I don't." she said he felt the world swing when she said that.

But then to his confusion her face lit up in amusement.

"I love you." she corrected.

And the world disappeared, she was the only cat in the universe, she was all that existed, all that mattered.

"Hurry up you love birds!" called Wolfthorn

"Coming!" Pinestorm and Rainfire called in unison.

They stifled laughter as the caught up with the patrol, and talked for ages after. And then that was all that mattered... Rainfire loved him!

Chapter 21

Rainboweyes woke up and stretched, looking around. Dawn light was filtering in through the branches in the den. She padded out into the clearing. It had been almost two moons since they had started the plan to stop the murdering only one murder had occurred, it had been in the middle of the day outside of camp, Minnowpaw had been murdered by the WindClan border. Crowflight, Lightningstripe, Sparrowfeather, and Coldwater had all been made warriors. Sunstep's son, Blackpaw, had been made Rainboweyes' apprentice, but, now Leaf-fall was just turning into Leaf-bare, and Blackpaw was sick with White-cough. Rainboweyes turned and saw Sunstep headed out of the leaders den.

"Did anyone leave during the night?" Sunstep asked.

"Pinestorm and... Oh! Cherryflower and Smokewave went out together." Replied Rainboweyes.

Sunstep nodded "You might as well come with me on dawn patrol."

Once they were out of camp with Mistheart, Goldenslash, and Lightningstripe. They went along the no-clan border, and then they were headed down the WindClan border. There was a patrol standing on the border. Kestrellash was in the lead with Russetfire, Mousefrost, Stormsky, Owlfur, and Blackfern.

"Greetings!" Sunstep called as they neared them.

"We found RiverClan sent in our camp, along with one of our warriors dead." Kestrellash said His eyes glowing accusingly.

Rainboweyes gasped.

"The murder went all the way to WindClan."

"Go on ahead." Sunstep said quietly as she gazed at the WindClan warriors. The rest of the patrol started to pad ahead.

"Are you going to tell them?!" Rainboweyes exclaimed.

Sunstep nodded and Rainboweyes left to catch up with the rest of the patrol. It wasn't just RiverClan's problem anymore.

Chapter 22

Pinestorm lifted his head up wearily as Sunstep nudged him.

"Come with me." she said softly.

"What does she want?" he thought narrowing his eyes "It's the middle of the night!"

He got up grudgingly and followed her out of camp. They padded out close to the stepping-stones and then they stopped.

"Why did you bring me here?" he asked, meeting her gaze.

"Are you the murderer?" she asked.

Pinestorm's world spun. He fought to stay calm.

"What if I am, then what proof would you have." he said looking her in the eye.

"You left camp yesterday night." she responded "A WindClan cat smelled RiverClan sent on a murdered body."

Pinestorm thought for a moment.

"Does anyone else know your suspicion?" he asked.

"No, I wanted to know what you would say first."

"Ah, then I know how to address this situation."

He bared his teeth.

"Fool. You caught Me." he growled "But now it's your turn!"

With that, he leaped above her and landed with his full weight on her head, knocking her out. Then he swam down in the river holding her body in his jaws, and jammed her body between the stepping-stones. Then he swam back up and shook out his pelt and sprinted back to camp, to dry himself off.

The next morning, he went hunting. After that he sat around with Rainfire, helped Hollyflight with her training, and went on patrol.

"Let all cat's old enough to swim, gather here beneath the fallen oak for a clan meeting." Stonestar yowled, but grief edged his mew. "I carry bad news." Stonestar called "Sunstep's body was found. She is dead."

Greif stricken mews followed his announcement.

Stonestar raised his tail for silence.

Some cats have been pretending to sleep in their nests but have been watching for the murderer. All of you who have been guarding from your nests are released from your duties."

Chapter 23

Surprise rippled through the clan, and Stonestar waited for it to die down before continuing.

"Now for the new deputy."

Rainboweyes looked around. Perhaps Smokewave would be the new deputy. He was strong and experienced.

"I say these words before the body of Sunstep," Stonestar said, his voice cracking "that she may hear and approve my choice. Rainboweyes will be the new deputy of RiverClan."

Rainboweyes gasped in surprise. She looked around at all the cats cheering her name.

"Rainboweyes! Rainboweyes! Rainboweyes! Rainboweyes!"

The next few moments blurred as cats came up and congratulated her. Suddenly, Pinestorm was in front of her and no one else, everyone was now paying respects to Sunstep.

Pinestorm looked down

"Congratulations." he said and he turned away.

"Wait!" Rainbpoweyes called after him as he stated to pad away.

He stopped and turned around slowly.

"Are you not mad at me anymore?" she asked

He didn't respond at first. Pinestorm shifted his paw on the ground back and forth for a moment.

"No." he said as he looked up.

With that he turned and bounded away to pay his respects to Sunstep.

Chapter 24

Pinestorm felt rage building inside him. Rainboweyes was deputy, and he hadn't even had an apprentice yet!

"How could I have been so stupid!" he thought "Everyone knows how much he trusts Rainboweyes."

He had lied to Rainboweyes about forgiving her. He figured that it would be useful to have her under his paw for I he needed information. Pinestorm looked around. His gaze stopped at Rainfire, who was talking with Boulderfur. He instantly forgot about Rainboweyes becoming deputy. She must have noticed him to because she excused herself from Boulderfur and bounded over to him.

"Hey." she said as she came up to him.

"Hi" he said meeting her gaze.

"Just a moment." she said as she bounded over to Blueheart.

After what seemed like an eternity she went inside the medicine den and then she came out again as she walked over her eyes were glowing with happiness.

"I'm expecting your kits." she murmured softly

Pinestorm felt like he was about to burst with excitement.

"That is amazing!" he said "How many?"

He started blasting her with questions

"I don't know!" she answered all at ones with an exasperated sigh

"And all I know is it is the best thing that has ever happened to Me." he said as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

Pinestorm looked behind them. Hollyflight was staring at them with an unreadable expression. he looked away quickly and focused on Rainfire and focused on her kits.

Chapter 25

Rainboweyes was still recovering from the shock of becoming deputy. She decided that she should go visit Blackpaw, he would be grieving for his mother, and plus he might not have heard the news yet.

"Hi." she said quietly as she entered.

"Hello, Rainboweyes," Blueheart said "congratulations on becoming deputy. You deserve it."

Shocked by her praise, Rainboweyes just stares. She had gotten to know Blueheart relatively well while she was visiting Blackpaw, and knew that she did not give praise lightly.

"I assume you want to see Blackpaw?" Blueheart asked "I'm sorry he's sleeping." she answered before Rainboweyes could reply.

"Blueheart I wanted to check something with you." a voice behind her said.

Rainboweyes spun around to see Rainfire. Rainfire swept past her like she was invisible, her fur bristling with contained excitement.

"I think I am expecting Pinestorm's kits, could you check to make sure?" Rainfire asked.

"Lie down so I can reach your belly." Blueheart huffed

Rainfire did as she was instructed. After a moment Blueheart looked up.

"You're expecting kits." she growled "Now stop cluttering up my space and tell the lucky tom."

Rainfire gave a bounce of excitement and brushed past Rainboweyes again, calling over her shoulder;

"Thanks Blueheart! And congratulations Rainboweyes!"

Rainboweyes watched her pad out of the den, and she started to make her way to the entrance.

"You have a bond that is withholding you." Blueheart said "Get rid of it."

Rainboweyes looked over her shoulder Blueheart had turned and was now muttering under her breath while counting a pile of herbs.

Rainboweyes emerged into the clearing, and saw Crowflight instantly come over.

"Hey. Um... so Sparrowfeather and Lightningstripe dared me to tell you how I felt about you... so, here it goes." Crowflight said "I really like you, and have for a really long time."

Crowflight looked up shyly. Rainboweyes felt a surge of affection for the tom. He had been her friend for a long time and she had recently developed a small crush, but not a big one. Rainboweyes thought for a moment for how to respond.

"Check him out!" her head was screaming, but she forced herself to stay calm.

"I'll have to see how many patrols I can get us to share." Rainboweyes responded touching her nose lightly to his.

He looked up, happiness shining in his eyes.

"Thank you." she said "Thank you so much."

Chapter 26

The next day, Pinestorm was out boasting to Sparrowfeather about his awesome unborn kits.

"I'm sure Hollyflight's jealous." Sparrowfeather said nudging Pinestorm.

"What do you mean?" Pinestorm asked cautiously.

"Are you kidding? You've never noticed her mooning over you!" Sparrowfeather looked shocked.

"Um, no... I... Really?" He asked.


"You're sure?"


Pinestorm stopped. He didn't want to talk about it anymore.

"What about you and Brightleaf?" he asked.

"We are good. She really wants to have some kits."

They padded in silence for a bit.

"Would you stay by my side no matter what?" Pinestorm asked

"Of cores, you're my best friend!" he exclaimed "Why do you want to know?"

"I was just wondering." Pinestorm said

"I'll hold you to that. I'll hold you to that."

Charter 27

Rainboweyes sat down in the middle of the clearing. Blackpaw had gotten better and she was now very busy. She had a mate now, she was deputy, she had an apprentice to train, and she needed to do her regular warrior duties. Rainfire had moved into the nursery and was going to have her kits any day now.

"Smokewave!" she called "lead a patrol to check on the borders with Hazelflight, Greypebble, Hollyflight, Heatpaw and Coldwater."

She looked around. It was hard to find enough jobs for everyone.

"Pinestorm, Brightleaf, and Patchfur!" Rainboweyes announced "Will you take all the apprentices out?"

"Hey!" she herd an indigent voice call out from the crowd.

"Except Heatpaw and Blackpaw." She corrected herself.

"Poppypool, Wolfthorn, Goldenslash, and I will take out hunting patrols." she concluded.

"Who shall we take?" Poppypool called out.

"Chose who you want." Rainboweyes said "Crowflight, Hollyfrost and Blackpaw will come with me."

"Sparrowfeather, Echoblaze, and Cherryflower, come with me!" Smokewave yowled.

"Lihtningstripe, Boulderfur, and Breezewing!" Poolstone announced beckoning with her tail.

"Poolstone, Mistheart, and Coldwater." Goldenslash said, nodding briskly before bounding towards the entrance.

Rainboweyes waited until all the other patrols had left, and then looked around at hers, which was waiting patiently for her to leave.

"Let's go!" she called.

Just then Stonestar came out of his den.

"Let all cat's still here gather beneath the fallen oak for a meeting!"

Stonestar had modified the words. That couldn't be good. Stonestar sat down as Rainfire hobbled out of the nursery, and Rosefire came out of the elders den, followed by Spidersky and Shadedapple. Wolfthorn moved closer to the fallen oak along with Petalfall and Hollyfrost, while Blackpaw and Crowflight came over to where Rainboweyes had sat down.

"I want at least one patrol of warriors keeping guard in and around camp at all times." Stonestar announced "Rainboweyes, see to it."

Stonestar turned slowly around and slunk into his den. Worry pierced Rainboweyes like a thorn.

"I'll need to talk to him." she thought.

"I guess we will all staying to guard camp." Rainboweyes said.

Rainboweyes looked around camp, and then slipped into Stonestar's den.

"Why are you keeping an entire patrol in camp to guard it?" she asked challengingly to her leader.

"We need to keep our camp safe from the murders." Stonestar said

"Yes but-"

Stonestar didn't let her finish.

"Do not challenge me." Stonestar hissed.

Startled, Rainboweyes backed out of the den.

Suddenly Smokewave's patrol came bursting through the entrance.

"ThunderClan is taking Sunningrocks!"

"Blackpaw," Stonestar's voice startled Rainboweyes "Find Pinestorm, where ever he is, he is our best fighter. Rainboweyes, Blackpaw, Crowflight, Wolfthorn, Hazelflight, Greypebble, Hollyflight, Heatpaw and Coldwater come with me."

Chapter 28

Pinestorm burst onto Sunningrocks. Cats were tussling and screeching all over he leaped onto one of two ThunderClan scums holding down Hollyflight and brought him down with a hefty swipe. He sent the tom speeding away into the bushes and whirled around to find another opponent. Suddenly he felt himself being smashed into the ground as claws dug into his pelt. Pinestorm pushed up with all his might but could hardly budge the attacker.

"The filthy ThunderClan scum is beating me!" he thought and anger shot through him.

Pinestorm went limp after a few more struggles to make it realistic. The claws were digging into his shoulders and he felt hind claws on his back. At that moment he burst up with all his might and leaped into the air and landed on the opponents belly as they toppled over. He recognized Rowenbush at once but didn't take much notice. He dug his claws into her pelt and leaped of once he knew she was beaten. She fled of into the bushes as fast as her legs could carry her.

"Retreat!" Pinestorm herd the call.

At first he thought it was Foreststar, but then he realized the call had come from Stonestar. He followed as his clan as they tore away from Sunningrocks. There were yowls of triumph coming from the ThunderClan Fleabags. Once they were back at camp Stonestar leaped onto the fallen oak, and didn't even have to call a meeting, because everyone was already there.

"I have a very important announcement!" Stonestar called.

Pinestorm squeezed through the crowd to sit by Rainfire.

"We will move to fourtrees to live with WindClan for a time!"

Murmurs rippled through the clan, but no one got to protest before Stonestar continued speaking.

"This is to protect both us and WindClan from the killer! If we do not act, this will continue on, so we must act!"

Stonestar leaped down from the fallen oak

"We leave now!" He called.

Pinestorm turned to look at Rainfire concern darkened her gaze.

"What if the murderer strikes our kits?" she asked searching his gaze.

Pinestorm's breath caught in his throat. How could he tell her without giving away his secret?

"I won't let it." he forced out.

"I swear by StarClan" he thought "I won't ever touch anything that matters to Rainfire, no matter what."

Chapter 29

Rainboweyes hurried and hustled along with the clan. She was weaving through the cats making sure they were all okay. She finally reached the back of the group where she saw Pinestrom supporting Rinfire as she staggered along trying to keep up. Even Rosefire had been keeping up, and there was no way Rainfire and Pinestorm had fallen this far behind without something being terribly wrong.

"Are you alri-"

Rainboweyes never got to finish her sentence. Rainfire collapsed to the ground, her belly rippling. Rainfire was having her kits!

"W-we need t-to get to four trees." Rainfire panted as she struggled to her feet.

Rainboweyes pushed her back down instantly.

"You're not going anywhere." she said fiercely "Pinestorm go get the clan back here."

"But-" he started to protest.

"NOW!" she yelled.

Pinestorm cast a fleeting glance at Rainfire before he sprinting off at top speed. Rainboweyes pressed against Rainfire and hoped that Blueheart and Flamesnow would be here soon. Suddenly a spasm gripped Rainfire and she held her breath

"Please be okay!" Rainboweyes thought.

A small bundle slipped out, and Rainboweyes broke that sack and licked hard. The kit started struggling almost instantly and flailing its tiny paws.

"It's a tom." Rainboweyes said.

She heard paw-steps pounding towards them.

"The clan is here." She thought, relief swamping her.

Chapter 30

Pinestorm burst through the bushes. There was one kit by Rainfire already. He skidded to a stop by his beloved mate and crouched down.

"If you die... I will... I will..."

He didn't know.

After a small eternity there were two kits wriggling next to Rainfire. It was all over. They were two mini versions of them. A silver and ginger she-kit and a Black tabby tom with ginger stripes.

"What shall we call them?" he breathed.

"I want this one," Rainfire said motioning to the tom, "to be Pinekit. And maybe this one could be," she said motioning to the she-kit, "Stormkit."

Pinestorm purred, pleased that she loved him enough to name both after him.

"'Pinekit' is okay," he said "But I think the other one doesn't really look like a 'Stromkit'"

Pinestorm coked his head at the she-k it.

"She looks more like a Rainkit or Firekit to me."

"How about Flamekt?"

"I don't know..."


"If you insist."

They made it to fourtrees by moon-high. WindClan was already there. Timberstar looked up at their arrival and bounded over to meet them.

"What took so long?" he asked.

"A queen started giving birth when we were about half way here." Stonestar responded.

"Ah," Timberstar replied "I suppose those things can't be stopped."

"That 'queen' has a name you know." Pinestorm growled setting Flamekit down "And if you're wondering what it is then I'll tell you. It's Rainfire."

Pinestorm bristled. Rainfire wasn't just 'a queen'. He felt Rainfire's soft fur and her sweet breath close to his ear.

"Just ignore it." she whispered

He didn't want to just ignore it. But he forced his fur to lie flat, picked up Flamekit and turned around.

"Where is Pinekit?" he asked around the bundle of fur in his mouth.

"Rainboweyes is watching him."

"Let's go get him then." He said as he hurried of.

Chapter 31

"He is so cute."

Rainboweyes was having fun with Pinekit. He had opened his eyes just after Rainfire had walked away, and she had tried to call her back but she was already to far away too hear her. She had challenged Pinekit to collect as many leaves as he could for a nest and they had a medium sized nest under a root of a great oak for Rainfire and Pinestorm. It had been announced that you would sleep with whoever you want.

"Not that it makes much of a difference." she thought

All cats were sticking to their own clans. Except Rosefire who had joined the other elders, and all the apprentices had gotten cozy near each other.

"Could we join you?" a small voice squeaked behind her.

She turned around. There was a fluffy white WindClan kit behind her. A light brown and white she-cat hustled over to the kit with a kit in her mouth and a speckled grey tom right behind her with another one.

"Sorry about him," The she-cat said the she-cat "My name is Willowstream. This is my mate Pebbletalon, and my kits Fluffkit, Sandkit, and Driftkit."

Just then Rainfire and Pinestorm came over.

"Pinekit opened his eyes!" she said delighted.

She looked at the WindClan cats.

"Who are these?" she asked

"We wanted to know if our families could stay together." Willowstream said shifting her paws.

"Of cores!" Rainfire said.

Pinestorm had looked like he was about to say otherwise but he had closed his mouth now. Rainboweyes thought she leave them all to getting to know each other so she backs up and went over to Crowflight.

"Come on in!" he said when he saw her and her repositioned himself and she slid into the nest next to him. He started licking her and she fell asleep to the rhythmic strokes of his tongue.

Chapter 32

Pinestorm gazed absently across the clearing. It was a half a moon later and Rainboweyes was expecting kits now.

"More play-things to play with." he thought gleefully.

Pinestorm looked at Stonestar. He just realized he was on a hunting patrol with one of the two cats he hated most. There were four cats on the hunting patrol, him, Hollyflight, Stonestar, and Mistheart. He was technically leading the patrol; Stonestar had tagged along last-minute.

"Okay lets split up." he said, "Hollyflight and Mistheart you head down closer to sunningrocks, but not a that far, Stonestar and I will go to the WindClan stream." he said.

They were above the gorge walking on the edge. Pinestorm halted abruptly. Stonestar stopped to.

"I have some information on the murderer." he said

"Really?" Stonestar said "Tell!"

"I know who the murderer is."


Pinestorm stepped closer.

"Me!" he hissed before knocking down Stonestar over the edge of the gorge. Pinestorm glanced behind him. He saw a squirrel a few tail lengths away and he jumped and landed on it in one leap, before dropping it in the gorge.

"Just for safety of this 'accident'." he thought.

He collected his patrol and went back to fourtrees. Tonight was a full moon and the sun was setting, so they needed to get back quickly. Pinestorm told everyone what 'happened' and finished just before ThunderClan came over the ridge.

"It looks like you to have your whole clan here." Foreststar said sneering "Where is Stonestar?"

Rainboweyes didn't answer right away.

"He died today." she said after a moment

Foreststar, surprisingly, had the dignity to put on a look of pity.

"I'm very sorry. He was a fine leader."

Rainboweyes gave Foreststar a rotten glare before turning around and stalking away. ShadowClan came over the ridge, and the gathering begun. RiverClan was last to go.

"Prey is running well. We have a new litter of kits, and we are staying here because of a murder on the loose, as you all know. I have not yet named a new deputy, so I shall now."

Rainboweyes shifted her paws.

"I say these words before the body of Stonestar, that he may hear and approve my choice;"

She scanned the crowed for a moment.

"Maybe she will chose me!" Pinestorm thought for a fleeting moment "No. I haven't had an apprentice." he thought rottenly.

"Greypebble will be the new deputy of RiverClan." she finished.

Chapter 33

Rainboweyes had reached the Moonstone with Blueheart at her side the next night. She settled down beside the glowing stone and pressed her nose to it. After a moment she opened her eyes and gasped at the sight. Hundreds of starry cats lined the hollow. First Spidersky stepped out of the group Spidersky had died of green cough when it had hit camp, but now he was young and fit.

“With this life I give you Wisdom to choose the right path when your clan needs it.”

He touched her nose and she felt a jolt of panic as she felt like her heart would break in two from the rush of emotions. Suddenly Sunstep was before her.

“With this life I give you determination to keep you going when it seems too hard.”

Rainboweyes felt a strong urge to swim the fastest, run the longest, and fight the hardest. Rainboweyes looked down and saw Minnowpaw.

“Minnowpaw,” She said “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologies.” She responded “I give you the life of optimism. To find the hope you need when you are in the deepest pit of despair.”

Rainboweyes felt all her troubles lift, and for a moment nothing could touch her.

“I give you the life of loyalty.”

Rainboweyes snapped back and looked at the tom in front of her. It was Stickface. Rainboweyes opened her mouth. Where would she start? Where could she start? Stickface shook his head.

“We were never meant to be together.” he said before touching her nose and sending her into a spasm of pain of the pressure of the loyalty his life brought. Watersong was in front of her now.

“I give you the life of Justice.” She said

Rainboweyes felt sadness swamp her and nervousness fall of her like waves. For a moment it looked like Sunstep was there again, but then she figured out it was one of the kits the murderer had killed from Sunstep’s litter. It was Mintkit.

“I give you the life of compassion. Have justice but be compassionate with your rulings.”

Rainboweyes felt a softness encase her like she was back in the nursery; with nothing to worry about. Now Ravenmist was there.

“Have love as strong as a mother’s for her kits. For now your clan is your kits.”

Agonizing pain scorched through her as she crumpled to the ground. Cobfur had taken a position in front of her and Rainboweyes felt a pang of regret. It was her fault he was dead and here to give her this life now.

“I give you the life of strength. Be strong for your clan.”

Rainboweyes felt energy surge through her like she could run forever. Stonestar looked at the ground as he came forward out of the crowd.

“I give you a life for confidence. I wish I had had more in myself and in my clan. But you will need it all the more during your leadership.”

"What is that supposed to mean?” Rainboweyes thought

“Rainbowstar! Rainbowstar! Rainbowstar!”

StarClan was cheering for her with her new name. It felt good. Stickface stepped out of the crowd and moved forward until he was standing in front of Rainbowstar.

“I am here to tell you who the murderer is.”

“Who is it?!?” she squeaked.

“Pinestorm.” He said meeting her gaze. “Go, go save your clan.”

The StarClan cats all faded and left Rainbowstar in shock.

Pinestorm is the murderer” she thought with a jolt as she woke up, shaking her head. Greif filled her, quickly followed by a bolt of rage.

"How could he!"

Chapter 34

Pinestorm Padded to his nest wearily. He had been keeping watch with two WindClan cats and Hollyflight. Sparrowfeather’s revelation kept coming back to him that she loved him.

If Rainfire hadn’t been there first I might have loved her.” He thought.

Pinekit was mewling and keeping Flamekit and Rainfire up. As Pinestorm neared Pinekit jumped to his feet and sprinted towards him.

“I thought the murderer got you!” he exclaimed as they trotted to the nest.

Pinestorm flinched. Whenever he was on watch no one could get murdered. The murderer was occupied. Rainfire nuzzled him when he lied down beside her and Flamekit trampled over him squeaking indecisively.

“I’m glad you’re back safely.” She said

“I don’t think the murderer wants to get into a fight with me.” He lied, swallowing the guilt.

Rainfire nodded and started grooming his pelt. Pinestrom fell asleep to the rhythmic strokes of her tongue.

Pinestorm woke up from the clamoring of cats in the clearing. He left under the root just in time to see a furious Rainboweyes- Rainbowstar now- leaping up onto the great rock.

“Pinestorm!” she yowled

She spotted him with eyes like a hawk.

“You’re the murderer.” She said “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Pinestorm felt cats jump away from him like it was contagious. He whirled around and dashed out of the crowed and raced into RiverClan territory. He felt most cats jump out of the way, but one cat followed. Hollyflight had followed him. Pinestorm heard a crash somewhere behind him and dared to look back. Rainbowstar had jumped from the great rock and was gaining on him. Hollyflight caught up to him right then and shoved him into some brambles.

“Stay there.” Hollyflight said before running through the brambles that were in front of them that he had failed to notice.

To Pinestorm’s surprise, Rainboweyes barreled past him and after Hollyflight into the brambles. After an eternity Hollyflight came back.

“We lost her.” she said.

We lost her?” mewed startledly.

"I- I love you and-"

"I know that, but..."

"I want to come with you."

Pinestorm met her gaze. He knew what she meant. She wanted to be his mate.

"Okay." he said.

"If I can't have you, Rainfire, I will have your sister."

Pinestorm felt his heart break. He would never have Rainfire again. And he had lost his kits as well.

"What have I done?"

Chapter 35

Rainbowstar felt rage puling through her as she trudged back to camp. She couldn't find Pinestorm and Hollyflight had disappeared to who knows where. She reached four-trees and broke into a sprint to the opposite side where Rainfire was.

"Did you know?" she growled.

Rainfires head jerked up.

"No. I didn't. I can't believe that- that no good, slimy, mouse-dung eater... EXCUSE for a CAT!" She practically screamed with such ferocity it almost knocked Rainbowstar over. "That cheating- lizard faced f-fox heart! I can't believe I loved him!"

"Calm dow-" Rainbowstar started.

Rainfire didn't seem to hear her.

"The murderer is probably too scared to come out and face ME." Rainfire mimicked mockingly "That two faced liar sat on his tail and was like 'oh, don't worry; I'll protect our kits.'"

Rainboweyes stroked Rainfire with her tail while Rainefire insulted and mimicked and and cursed her former mate. After a long time Rainfire collapsed onto the ground and started sobing.

---(Point of view change)---

"I hate him, I hate him, I HATE HIM!" Rainfire thought as she spat out every insult she could think of at Pinestorm.

"No you don't" a little voce snaked its way into her head "You love him. You would die for him if you have to."

"I don't want to love him that much." she responded to herself "I WANT to hate him."

Rainfire realized how cruel that thought was. She fought to back tears of how much she loved him against her will, how she was lying to Rainbowstar about how much she hated PInestorm- no matter how much she wanted it to be true, her kits and how she would raise them without a father, and everything else. The tears came anyway.

"Come on, I'll take you to see Blueheart."

It took a moment for Rainfire to register what Rainbowstar just said. After she did she jerked away from Rainbowstar and hurried over to her kits. She felt many eyes burning into her pelt. She didn't care she curled around her kit's and let silent tears flow. Her kits had slept through all the commotion and they had no idea they were fatherless. Pinekit started to stir.

"What is going on? Why are they all looking at us like this?"

Rainfire's voice caught in her thought.

"Wake up Flamekit and meet me by the high rock."

"Okay" Pinekit said cheerfully and started shaking Flamekit.

Rainfire sprinted over to Rainbowstar.

Chapter 36

Pinestorm sat up and looked around groggily. He blinked the sleep out of his eyes and jumped to his paws. He needed to get a move on. Pinestorm glanced behind him.

"Perhaps I should just leave her behind..." he thought.

For some reason guilt pierced his heart when he started of alone. So he turned around and shook Hollyfight awake. She looked up and wrinkled her nose.

"What?" she snorted as she stood up and stretched.

"Let's go." he said jerking his head to the entrance of the makeshift den.

"Fine." Hollyflight mumbled.

Suddenly a shadow flicked across the entrance and Pinestorm and Hollyflight both froze. Sparrowfeather pocked his head in.

"Pinestorm I have been looking for you everywhere!" he exclaimed.

He slipped in.

"I promise I'm alone." he said as he stepped a little closer "I want to come with you."

"What about Brightleaf?" Pinestorm asked.

"She is ranting about how much she hates you and I couldn't bare it-"

"But isn't she expecting your kits?"

"I- I don't know what happened."

PInestorm tensed.

"I- I killed her. I d-don't know wh-what hap- happened I j- just..."

Sparrowfeather crumpled to the ground but after a moment he looked up.

"I can't stay with the clan. Not after that. I- I don't know what it was but somehow I just...snapped."

He looked on his friend. Yes- Pinestorm would believe him; for now anyway. He gave Sparrowfeather a nod and they all headed out.

They had crossed the WindClan moor and a few thunderpaths.

"Help!" a shriek pierced the air following the cry.

As if Pinestorm, Hollyflight, and Spparowfeather were one they all raced through a tall bush and burst into a clearing in-between a twoleg nest and the bush. There four cats were attacking one kit.

"We need to help it!"

Quick as lightning the trio barreled into the attackers and sent them screeching as they scrambled away.

"Who are you?" demanded Pinestorm.

"Smoke." the tiny tom-kit whispered.

"We'll take you home." Pinestorm said as he flicked his tail to Hollyflight motioning for her to pick him up.

They followed his sent trail back to a barn (This is not Barley's in the future- it is a different one a waysish away) where They squeezed through the entrance. Immediately two she-cats raced out of the shadows. One of them grabbed Smoke and liked him roughly. The other stood before them.

"Who are you and what were you doing with Smoke?" she challenged.

"They saved me Tinder." Smoke said.

The she-cat- Tinder apparently, softened her gaze at the revelation of that.

"Tell me your names." she said.

"I am Pinestorm and these are my friends; Hollyflight and Sparrowfeather."

"Clan cats then?" she asked.

"Former clan cats- yes."

She nodded.

"You may stay with us for a while." she said and turned to talk to the other she-cat.

"We have safety for now." he said to his companions... no friends.

He said to his friends!

Chapter 37

Rainbowstar felt something bump into her. She whirled around Rainfire was staring at her.

"Help me! My kits are asking questions and I don't know what to do!" Her eyes were wide and panicked.

Rainbowstar looked past Rainfire to see Pinekit and Flamekit trotting towards them. Suddenly a ginger she-cat leaped forward onto the kits screeching. She sprinted forward and pushed the cat off of the kits.

"Rowenfire" Rainbowstar recognized her.

"What are you doing?" Rainbowstar demanded

Rowenfire looked up in defiance.

"Those kits are traders. Their father was a trader; they are to."

To Rainbowstar's amazement and shock; ripples of agreement went through the watching cats.

"These kits have done nothing wrong!" Rainbowstar growled "And you will not hurt them!"

"What did our Pinestorm do?" Pinekit asked looking up with wide curious eyes.

"I'll tell you in a moment darling." Rainbowstar said before looking up to glare at her audience.

"Their father was the murderer!" Rowenfire yowled accusingly.

She heard a gasp and looked down and saw Pinestorm's kits wide eyed and even more startled then they were before.

"Is it true?" Flamekit whispered.

"Yes!" the she-cat screamed "He killed cats! His kits will to!"

"That is the most screwed up logic I have ever heard!" Rainbowstar felt anger burning at her claw-tips.

"Get over here and tell that to my face you murderer protector!"

"What did you call me?"

"You probably knew all along that Pinestorm was the murderer! You protected him because he was your brother!"

Rainbowstar felt her hackles rising. She whipped around and stalked over to the great rock.

"RiverClan will go back to our camp at sun high!" she called "you may head back early if you wish!"

Sunhigh had soon come and RiverClan was going back to their camp. Rainbowstar moved into her own den and settled down.

"Everything will be fine." Crowflight said as he settled beside her.

Night had fallen and the first chill of Leaf-fall had come. It had also made her feel terrible; like it had left a whole in her heart. She had decided something -she missed Pinestorm. That is why she had been restless. She had lost all hope of them being close again...

"Yes; I miss him."

Chapter 38

Pinestorm and his friends had been welcomed by the rouges. Steel was mates with the she-cat Flint. They had three kits; Smoke, Fire, and Coal. Yhe she-cat that had talked to them when they first arrived, Tinder, had four kits; Ash, Scorch, Heat, and Blaze. Smoke, the one that they saved, was Pinestorm's favorite, even though all the kits seemed to like him. Tinder had been flirting with him.

Oh great, this is just what I need, a second she-cat with a crush on me.

He hadn’t been acting like a mate to Hollyflight. He didn’t want to have a new mate. She had picked up that they were friends and only friends. Tinder padded up and dropped a vole at his paws.

“Wanna share? You don’t fine one of these two often.”


“I thought I should let you know something.”

“Yeah?” Pinestorm mumbled through a mouthful of vole.

“Steel’s littermates are coming over tomorrow.”


They finished eating in silence

“Were you mates with someone before you left your clan because of the ‘topic you wish not to talk about’?” Tinder asked


“Did you have kits?”

“…Yes? How did you know?”

“I saw the way you look at mine and Flint’s kits. You look like your longing something..." she trailed of.

The next day Pinestorm woke to a clamor in the barn.

"Sea! Forest! Welcome!"

"Steel's littermates."

"We have some visitors, this is Hollyflight and Sparrowfeather. Our other visitor is still asleep, but we'll introduce you when he wakes up."

"I'm awake!" Pinestorm called "It's impossible to sleep with that racket."

He leaped down from the Area where the nests were gracefully and landed inbetween Hollyflight and Sparrowfeather with Tinder on Hollyflights other side with her kits. Steel was inbitween the two cats with Flint and her kits behind them. He examined the two rouges that were in front of him. The tom was lean and sleek. He had rippling muscles that exclaimed power; despite his smaller frame. The she-cat was gorgeous; with long fluffy fur, and beautiful green eyes.

"Hello." said the she-cat sweetly; shifting her paws from his sarcastic comment.

"Hi." he said.

He glanced two his side. Hollyflight was staring at the tom with wideish eyes, and Tinder had her back pointedly turned to Steel's littermates. Sparrowfeather was looking down on his other side.

"I'm Pinestorm." he said

"I'm Forest and this is Sea." The tom said.

Pinestorm nodded. Hollyleaf sighed. Tinder grunted disapprovingly. Sparrowfeather did nothing.

"I wonder what's wrong. With all of them."

He would find out.

Chapter 39

Rainbowstar padded out of her den. There was a lot of noise, and a huge crowd of cats all yowling and talking; trying to be heard. Greypebble spotted her and squeezed through the crowed to her side.

"Brightleaf and Sparrowfeather are missing." she said "They never came to camp with us; they left and didn't come back when we were at fourtrees."

Rainbowstar stared at Greypebble for a moment before remembering that she was clan leader. That information was given to her to and deal with; not just as a news update.

"I'll figure it ou-" she never got to finish.

"We found her!" a voice called.

It was Darkpaw, Heatpaw, Fernpaw, and Dustpaw.

"She's dead."

Darkpaw had been the one talking. The other three apprentices were behind her holding the limp body of Brightleaf.

"She's dead! Brightleaf's dead!"

After a long time Rainbowstar finally came to her senses. She had dismissed her clan mate to StarClan but there was one more thing she should do. Everyone was already gathered so there was no need to call.

"I have postponed something that we must do for a long time. Darkpaw, Heatpaw, Fernpaw, and Dustpaw come forward."

Murmurs of approval rippled through the clan. After she had finished she had four new warriors standing in front of her.

"Darkfrost! Heatspark! Blackfur! Fernstream!" the clan cheered.

"You will sit vigil tonight." Rainbowstar concluded before leaping off of the fallen oak.

Rainbowstar felt a kick at her belly and she gazed at it. She had known she was expecting kits but her belly was getting rounder and would probably have them in about half a moon. She felt like her kits were telling her something; but she couldn't quite place it. Suddenly a sent hit her nose and she saw Pinekit in front of her.

"I can't believe my father is a murderer." He said.

Pinekit was wide eyed and, for once, not hyper.

"Will anyone ever trust me?" he asked.

Rainbowstar wanted to tell him how everything would be okay, the memory of Pinekit's father would disappear, and everyone would trust him... but that wasn't true. Just staring at him made her think of her brother. And when she thought of Pinestorm she thought of all the cats he killed, and distrust started burning.

"I don't know." she answered.

She answered honestly. Would he be mad at her? Pinekit just nodded, turned and walked away.

Chapter 40

Pinestorm looked at Hollyflight. She seemed to be mooning over Forest. Forest was handsome; so he could see why she was doing that. Forest had been flirting with her in return while Tinder glared at Forest. Tinder's and Sparrowfeather's behavior was still a mystery.

"I'll check with Tinder first."Pinestrorm decided.

"Are you okay?" he asked

"Yeah." she hissed; with unmistakable aggression.

"I don't believe you."

"Fine." Tinder growled "Forest was my mate; and then he left me! Just like that! Poof! Gone!"

"Wow." Pinestorm said.

"I want to shred him, but I won't. I don't want to hurt Sea or Steel. They are both really nice."

"I know how you feel."

"You do?"

"Not exactly, but something along those lines."

Tinder leaned into Pinestorm, and he almost flinched away before standing rigid before relaxing a few heartbeats later. Sea and Steel were playing with the kits, with Sparrowfeather shodowing them like he wanted to be part of the group but didn't know how. Forest and Hollyflight were talking and laughing as they were lying close to each other. Pinestorm zoned into their conversation.

"mates with him?" Forest had asked something.

"No, he mated with my sister and I wanted to but for some reason I'm not so sure anymore." Hollyflight replied.

"Their talking about me!"

"Why not?"

"Well it was just that... never mind."

"Oh, it wasn't another tom was it?" he asked inching closer to her

"I don't know." her mew sounded distant, like she wasn't really there.

Forest leaned over to her ear and whispered something before the pair raced off out of the barn. For some reason Pinestorm got mad at Hollyflighht.

"love at first sight isn't real!" he thought "I can't believe she is just going off and doing that!"

Pinestorm glanced at Tinder. Her eyes were narrowed and glaring at the spot Forest and Hollyflight had left.

"She's an idiot if she thinks he really loves her."

"I know."

Chapter 41

Rainbowstar had been getting heavier by the day and her kits were due any day now. Sparrowfeather was still missing and Hollyflight had never come back from her hunt for Pinestorm. Rainfire was extra protective of her kits, never leaving their side. Hollyfrost had moved into the nursery expecting kits again. Hollyfrost was going to have hers any day to.

"How are you doing?"

Rainbowstar stretched her head around so her green eye was facing Crowflight, who she had identified by his voice.

"Good." she responded "I was just about to go out."

"I hope you mean out of the den, not out of camp."

"What's wrong if I did mean out of camp?"

"I don't want you to have your kits while away." he said, stretching forward to lick her ear.

"Okay, I'll stay in camp." she stood up but a spasm of pain followed by a ripple on her belly stopped her and she collapsed back into her nest groaning.

"Rainbowstar's kits are coming!" Crowflight yowled.

After an eternity that seemed to last a few seconds at the same time, she was done. Rainbowstar lifted her head and looked down. There was one kit paddling at her stomach feebly.

"I didn't only have one!"

Flamesnow was beside her. No one else was in the den.

"Where are...?"

She was too out of breath to finish the question but Flamesnow knew what she meant.

"The other two didn't make it." she said gently.

It took Rainbowstar a moment to presses what she had just said.


Rainbowstar started to get up but Flamesnow held her down firmly.

"Your remaining kit needs you." she reminded her.

Rainbowstar looked at the squirming bundle of fur.

"Can I see them?" she whispered

"Of cores."

Flamesnow left and returned with two limp sets of fur in her jaws. There was a black she-cat and a ginger tabby tom. Crowflight came into the den.

"Stormkit" she said pointing to the black one "and... Sunkit."

"And how about this one is Rainbowkit." Crowflight said, his tail lying over the only living kit.

"That's perfect."

Chapter 42

Pinestorm padded over to where Sparrowfeather was hovering by Sea and Steel.

"Are you okay?"

Sparrowfeather jumped at his voice.

"Um, er what? I mean, Yeah! I'm fine! I'm great! Perfect!"

Pinestorm's gaze must have betrayed his disbelief because Sparrowfeather sighed and motioned with his tail to follow him. The went and climbed up to the elevated place where they slept.

"I hate them!" Sparrowfeather said suddenly.


"The clans! Their petty rules make outsiders like us flee for our lives! We need to destroy them!"

"That's what's wrong?" Pinestorm said "I thought you were only coming with me because-"

Sparrowfeather froze. He didn't finish his sentence.

"Brining up stuff like this is never a good idea." Pinestorm reminded himself.

"Pinestorm! Sparrowfeather!" Steel's voice sounded from inside.

The got back down to the floor of the barn.

"There you are!" Tinder exclaimed.

Tinder was not looking upset for once since Forest had gotten here. Hollyflight was sitting close to Forest, while Sea was next to him. Steel was next then Tinder, while Flint was just heading off to take the kits outside. Pinestorm looked at Hollyflight, and she just shrugged.

"We decided that since you were going to stay with us for a while," Steel said "presumably through leaf-bare, that you had better find out our... Special thing."

"We will demonstrate for you." Sea said.

Just then Pinestorm noticed at Tinder's and Sea's paws were an object. Both She-cats picked up what they had and started trotting outside. Everyone followed. They jogged until the reached a cleared spot behind the barn. It was surrounded by bushes and there were only a few scents of birds and the group of cats but nothing else. Flint and the kits were already there and bouncing excitedly. Sea and Tinder leaned over a pit in the center and made a horrible scraping sound with the objects.

"What are they doing?"

Flint brought a stick up and stirred what was in there. Soon there was smoke lifting up and a crackling. Everyone stayed silent, even the kits as Pinestorm, Sparrowfeather, and Hollyflight stepped forward to look. It was fire.

"Fire!" Sparrowfeather exclaimed.

"Wow." Hollyflight breathed.

"Amazing." Pinestorm thought.

Chapter 43

Rainbowstar stared at Rainbowkit. It was two days later and Hollyflight had had her kits to. Hollyflight only had, like last time, one kit. Her kit was Mudkit. She was brown with green eyes, and she and Rainbowkit had become fast friends, an inseparable pair.

"Mommy?" Rainbowkit looked up with her large green eyes.

Rainbowkit looked exactly like Rainbowstar, but Rainbowkit had both of her eyes green.

"Yes darling?" Rainbowstar asked.

"Daddy was looking for you."

"Could you go get him for me?"


Rainbowkit sprinted off with uncontainable energy, Mudkit on her heels. Crowflight squeezed through the entrance soon after.

"Hi." He said.

"Hi." She responded.

There was a moment of silence.

"What did you want me for?" She asked

“Nothing, I just wanted to talk to my mate.”

Seriously!” She thought.

“Oh, then le-"

“Fire in ThunderClan territory!” Greypebble yowled, skidding into camp.

Mistheart, Darkfrost, and Lightningstripe followed Greypebble.

“Greypebble, you take Coldwater, Blackpaw, Poppypool, Cherryflower, Crowflight, and both medicine cats to help the ThunderClan cats across the river and make sure they are okay!”

“What! We’re going to help them?” Greypebble asked.

“Yes, then they will be in our debt and forced to repay us. But more importantly that we are saving cats lives!” Rainbowstar responded “Hazelflight, Breezewing, Echoblaze, Lightningstripe, and Darksnow! Come with me to make sure all the cats get out okay!”

“May I come with you?”

Rainbowstar whirled around. Rainfire was standing behind her.

“I want a chance to prove I’m loyal… That I’m not like Pinestorm.”

“I understand. Of course you can come. Let’s GO!”

Chapter 44

Pinestorm sprinted towards the trench with the stream. He and Sparrowfeather had decided to try out the fire on ThunderClan. Sparrowfeather had said the fire was a perfect way to get revenge on the clans.

“It will weaken all of the clans, one clan lost the most but it puts borders in danger, and weakens all the clans for whatever else we want to do.” Sparrowfeather had said.

“Okay, let’s do ThunderClan.” Pinestorm had replied.

“Why not RiverClan?”

“Too damp. The fire will never light.”

Sparrowfeather had agreed to this, but only because he didn’t know the whole reason Pinestorm didn’t want to set the fire on RiverClan; Rainfire and his kits were in RiverClan. He wouldn’t, he couldn’t ever hurt them. ThunderClan cats were fleeing in terror. After a while all the cats were stumbling forward.

“The loyalty to the group is ruining then.” Sparrowfeather said sneering “They’ll all die.”

Suddenly RiverClan cats burst into the clearing. Pinestorm froze. Rainfire was there. In the fire. It took all of his self-control to stay put as the Fire roared around the hiding spot starting to block the group from his sight.

I have to help her!

“I’m going to get a closer look,” Pinestorm said “I’ll meet you at our meeting place.”


He scurried along the river trying to find out how Rainfire was. He finally caught up with the group. He ducked below the surface, soaking himself as he leaped out onto the bank. Pinestorm gazed over them. Rainfire wasn’t there! He left back along their trail.

“Come on!” He heard her voice “You and your kits will make it!”

“But my other kit!” a muffled voice responded.

“I’ll get your other kit! Move!”

Pinestorm saw the she-cat scurry past. Then a tom with the other kit.

No! She’s looking for a kit that isn’t there!

Without thinking he launched himself past the flams and caught up to her.


Rainfire whirled around. She looked relieved, then confused, then sad, then angry. She finally seemed to settle on happy.

“Pinestorm!” she yelled landing on him licking his face.

“Help me find a kit; a-”

“I saw the kit being carried out; I came to tell you.”

“I need to go.” She said pulling away.

Greif lingered in her eyes before she turned and darted of. Only then did he relies his throat was sore from the smoke. Suddenly a crash sounded in front of him followed by a shriek.

“Rainfire! I’m coming!”

He sprinted forward and landed next to a burning branch Rainfire beneath it.

“No. No! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” he cried.

He pushed as hard as he could on the branch. It wouldn’t move.

“P-pinest-storm.” Rainfire croaked.

“Yes! I’m here! You’re going to be okay! Just hang on! I-I’ll get... I’ll get someone!”

“I forgive you. I love you. Save yourself.”

“Thank you. I love you more. No.”

Pinestorm closed his eyes and curled around her; as well as he could with the branch.

“I’ll never leave you.” Pinestorm said “Never again.”


Someone is looking for her.

Rainfire looked up.

“Go.” She whispered.

Her eyes went blank. Her head dropped. He laid his head on hers.

“I love you.”

He turned and sprinted away.

I will never love again.

Chapter 45

Rainbowstar felt her eyes streaming from the smoke. The last ThunderClan cats were out of the river.

“Is everyone here?” Rainbowstar asked as she padded up to Foreststar.

“I think so.” He said “I’ll go check.”

Foreststar padded up and started weaving through the two clans, stopping to mummer encouragement to his clan. Suddenly there was splashing and Rainbowstar whirled around there was a She-cat carrying a kit who had jumped into the river. Rainbowstar jumped in and swam to their side where she grabbed the she-cat’s scruff. Blueheart showed up on the other side. The medicine cat helped pull her out of the river on the other side.

“Are you alright?” Blueheart demanded, crouching beside the she-cat.

The she-cat coughed then shook her head vigorously as if to clear it.

“My other kit!” she said jumping up and raced to the edge of the river.

A tom burst from the burning bushes carrying a kit and jumped into the river after a moment’s hesitation.

Greypebble and Flamesnow leaped into the water and assisted him across. The tom set the kit he was carrying and nuzzled the she-cat as soon as he got out.

“Where was that RiverClan cat that went to get Nightkit?” she asked.

“What? A RiverClan cat? Where?”

“She was ginger and silver, she said she was getting my kit.”

Rainfire!” Rainbowstar thought.

“Echoblaze, Blueheart!”

Both looked at here.

“We need to fetch Rainfire!” Rainbowstar called.

Both sprinted over her and all three swam across the river and burst through the flame’s, using the water to protect them. They were halfway between the ThunderClan camp the river when Echoblaze spotted her.

“There!” Echoblaze called.

Rainfire was crushed underneath a large branch.

“We need to get her!” Echoblaze called.

Lightning flashed, lighting up everything the fire wasn’t, and casting an eerie glow of the charred wood while the fire roared around them.

“There is nothing we can do.” Blueheart said.

“We need to get out of here!” Rainbowstar said.

Echoblaze nodded, her eyes filled with grief. They all ran, Blueheart in the lead. Suddenly a bush in front of Blueheart burst into flames and Blueheart ran into it. Rainbowstar jerked to a stop and Echoblaze did to.

Rainbowstar grabbed her tail and pulled her back. Her fur was singed but she looked mostly okay.

“Hurry!” Echoblaze called.

Rainbowstar let a coughing Blueheart lean on her. After a small eternity, they emerged onto the riverbank and leaped in, Rainbowstar giving Blueheart a shove. Echoblaze and her pulled Blueheart across the river. Blueheart pulled herself out of the river and padded over to the herbs that she and Flamesnow had out. Blueheart lapped at some honey, then picked up some leaves and chewed them quickly before putting the poultice on her burns.

“Where is Rainfire?” Flamesnow asked.

Rainbowstar hadn’t noticed her approach.

“She died.” Rainbowstar said dully.

Flamesnow gasped. Then lowered her head and padded away towards Mistheart and Bolderfur.

We shouldn’t have helped them!

Chapter 46

Pinestorm hardly felt the burn of the fire as he raced through it. Rainfire was dead. Rainfire was dead and it was his fault.

No. It is Rainbowstar’s fault. She is the one that brought Rainfire into the fire.

Somehow he couldn’t convince himself that it was Rainbowstar’s fault. It was nagging at his heart, he had started the fire, and she had died in what he started. It was his fault. His mate. His love. She was dead. Pinestorm crossed the stream near four-trees. Sparrowfeather scanned him.

“What happened?” Sparrowfeather asked.

“Rainfire died.” Pinestorm responded.

Sparrowfeather’s face went blank with an unreadable expression. He nodded and took an unsure step forward and put his head on Pinestorm’s shoulder. Sobs shook Pinestorm’s body and he crumpled to the ground.

“I killed her! I started the fire! She is dead! I… I…”

“I know. I know how much it hurts. You’ll live though.”

He helped start the fire… It was his idea… No! I know it’s my fault.

No matter how hard he tried to stop them, the tears kept coming. Sparrowfeather crouched down tensely next to him and stroked his tail over his back.

“How do you live with it?” Pinestorm asked “H-how do you ever feel… okay? How do you live with it?”

Sparrowfeather stayed silent for a moment.

“Taking anger out on the clan’s seemed to work… But it feel’s wrong that it accidentally hurt you…”

Pinestorm didn’t say anything. That didn’t help at all. It made him feel worse. At least as long as they didn’t hurt RiverClan everything else he cared about would be safe. Somehow, he didn’t feel that was true. Did he care about the rest of his family? Did he care about Cherryflower and Smokewave? Did he care about… Rainbowstar? No he- he hated her!

I hate her… don’t I?

They left across the moor to get back to the barn. They stayed moistly silent until they crossed the border.

“What will we tell all of them?” Pinestorm asked.

“That we went to check out a fire that had started in ThunderClan territory, and if you want that RiverClan came to help, and… Rainfire…”

“Yeah, okay, let’s tell them as close to the truth as we dare.” Pinestorm said nodding.

When they reached the barn, Sea, Forest, and Hollyflight were leaving the barn.

“We were about to go find you.” Hollyflight said “Where were you?”

Sparrowfeather told the story, even all the Rainfire stuff. Hollyflight looked crestfallen at the news of her sister’s death. Forest had been the one who had comforted her. Pinestorm felt a surge of anger.

Am I jealous? NO! I mean, I probably only want Rainfire back, I want what they have.” He decided.

Tinder had come out and listened to the story.

“I’m sorry about you mate.” Tinder said.

She’s sorry? What is she sorry about? What makes her think she can help me?

Pinestorm grunted in response. He had nothing to say to her. Tinder brushed her fur to his. He stood up abruptly and stomped inside the barn. Tinder followed but stopped as soon as they got in the barn.

“I was only trying to help!” she called.

“You weren’t!” He replied.

Chapter 47

Rainbowstar padded back to camp with a fish in her jaws. All the other cats had gone ahead, all of ThunderClan with them. Echoblaze had come with her but had stared at the water disturbing it sometimes.

“Rainbowstar?” she called


“Why did we help them?”

“I didn’t relies it would come at the expense of our own cats. I thought it would benefit us, you know, ThunderClan in our debt and stuff.”

“That makes sense. I guess that’s what leaders have to do sometimes.”

Rainbowstar nodded. She didn’t like all of her experiences as leader, not even most of them.

That’s just what leaders have to do sometimes.

“How are you?” Rainbowstar asked

“Fine.” Echoblaze said as she looked away.

Rainbowstar fell back to walk next to Echoblaze.

“I know it hurt’s. I don’t know what it feels like to lose an entire litter. I only lost two, but it probably hurts more, for you knew them… or had a chance to.”

“I don’t know how you felt. But I think we feel the same. They have a brother. He was stillborn. It hurt like this when I saw him. But besides, I don’t know what I’m complaining about. You’ve lost a brother, two kits', your first mate…”

“My brother was the murderer! Why should I care about him?”

“I don’t know why you should, but don’t you?”

No, of course I hate him!

That was her first thought, but that didn’t feel right.

She’s right. I don’t hate him.


They went the rest of the way in silence. When they reached camp there were cats everywhere.

“Settle down everyone!” she called leaping up onto the fallen oak.

Foreststar was sitting on it.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m just watching my clan.” He said.

Suddenly a fat raindrop landed on Rainbowstar’s nose. She looked up. The smoke was in the sky, but so were some clouds. The raindrops were falling harder. This was the best of luck, rain to put out the fire!

Rainfire.” Rainbowstar thought. She looked down.

“Thank you.”

Rainbowstar looked at Foreststar. There was true sincerity in the usually emotionless eyes.

“I don’t know how my clan would have survived if you hadn’t come to help… I know you lost a cat in the fire… I am truly sorry, and truly thankful.”


Rainbowstar didn’t know what to say.

“My clan is all I have; I don’t know what I would be able to do if you hadn’t come. They’re the only family I have left.”

“Your welcome, I guess.”

Foreststar nodded and jumped down to see to his clan.

I never knew he had that side to him. I guess there is more then you see to every cat.” Rainbowstar thought “Like Pinestorm.” Some voice in her head said “Was he a murderer for no reason? Of course not.


Rainbowstar snapped out of her thoughts. Pinekit and Flamekit were in front of her.

“Yes?” Rainbowstar said.

“Where’s Rainfire?”

Nobody’s told them!

“Come with me to my den.” She said as she led them into her den.

Rainbowkit was in the den, so were Mudkit and Hollyfrost.

“I’m sorry, they wanted to play, I thought I should watch them. Mudkit and I will go now.” Hollyfrost said.

“No.” Rainbowstar said quickly.

Hollyflight spotted Pinekit and Flamekit. She wrinkled her nose at them. Rainbowstar waited till they were all settled.

“Rainfire died in the fire.” Rainbowstar said.

“What!” Flamekit squeaked.

“NO!” Pinekit yowled “Are you sure…”

“I’m sorry.”

Flamekit was breathing hard, Pinekit looked like he was about to fall over. Rainbowstar moved closer to them and curled her tail around them. Rainbowkit climbed over her tail and nuzzled her cousins.

“You can sleep with me now.” Rainbowkit said “Right?”

Rainbowkit’s eyes were wide and pleading.

“Of course.” Rainbowstar answered “Of course they can sleep in here with us.”

Hollyflight took Mudkit out while Rainbowkit talked to Pinekit and Flamekit, trying to cheer them up. Rainbowstar went outside and told Greypebble that she was going to have Rainfire’s kits stay with her.

“Is that wise?” Greypebble asked.

“What do you mean?” Rainbowstar replied.

“I mean, what if they do what they do what their father did? They could try to kill you!”

“Are you kidding? There kits! And I am his sister, that doesn’t mean I am going to do what he did!”

“Look, that’s different, you-”

“Am his kin to! No! That’s not right! When you come to your senses come talk to me!”

Rainbowstar stalked away. Greypebble was insane! They were not going to be like their father! That was the most insane idea ever!

They are not like their father. They cannot be judged for what their father did!

Chapter 48

Tinder had been trying to cheer up Pinestorm all day. It was getting annoying.

I wish I had my kits.” he thought.

“I am going on a walk.” Pinestorm announced.

“But it’s almost dusk.” Hollyflight said from her traditional spot next to Forest.

“I know. I’ll be back by moon-high.” Pinestorm said before slipping out.

Pinestorm grabbed a piece of flint and steel before heading off.

He hurried and reached the RiverClan camp just after the sun past the horizon line. The entrance was unguarded. He was about to go inside the camp but he heard a rustle and thought twice. He went around to the dirt-place tunnel and went in. He froze. Someone was entering from the other side.

"Pinekit! My son!"

“Pinekit!” he whispered.

Pinekit came out into the open.

“Dad!” Pinekit exclaimed.



Pinestorm flicked his tail as a motion to follow him. Pinekit followed him to the ThunderClan border where he carried Pinekit across to the charred trees.

“Watch closely. I want to teach you something.”

He grabbed a pile of uncharred small sticks and dead leaves from the RiverClan side and rubbed the flint and steel together. Sparks lighted on the pile. And it burst into flames.

“Wow.” Pinekit said.

“Here.” Pinestorm said “Hide these somewhere so you can use them whenever you want.”

“Okay! And I won’t tell anybody I saw you!” Pinekit said just before going into the tunnel

They had buried the flint and steel under a reed patch just outside of the dirt-place tunnel and now Pinestorm was leaving his son.

“Thank you, and good-bye.”


Pinestorm watched Pinekit go through the tunnel before racing off to get back to the barn.

The next morning Hollyflight woke him up. Forest wasn’t with her.

“Come on.” She said.

“Two things: One; where’s your new set of fur? And two; why do I need to come?”

“Just come!” Hollyflight responded exasperatedly.

“Okay.” He grumbled.

“Goodbye!” Steel said.

“I have an announcement!” Hollyflight said.

Steel looked at her oddly but nodded.

“I will be going with them.” Hollyflight said taking her place next to Forest.

“Are you sure?” Pinestorm said.

“I found a cat that cared about me, and I want to be with him.” She said “But I will always be your friend.”

“Goodbye Hollyflight.” Sparrowfeather said.

“Goodbye.” Pinestorm echoed.

Sea, Forest, and Hollyflight left the barn. It suddenly felt quiet, until the kits started rampaging around. Tinder’s kits; Ash, Scorch, Heat, and Blaze were going today to. They were old enough now. They were 4 moons, and they knew how to hunt so they were all going to move out, but probably stick together still. They left. Now It was quiet.

“Pinestorm.” Sparrowfeather said “Are you in a flarey mood right now?”


“Let’s go.”

Chapter 49

ThunderClan went back to their territory the next day. Foreststar was very thankful, although he did not act like it towards the rest of RiverClan. Greypebble hadn’t talked to Rainbowstar since their fight. Mudkit, Rainbowkit, Flamekit, and Pinekit were playing outside, and Rainbowstar noticed quite a few cats agreed with Greypebble. Hollyfrost glared at Pinekit and Flamekit as they played, Rosefire hissed at them when they ran near her, Mistheart had looked at them like they were going to kill Rainbowkit and Mudkit when they were playing, and almost all of the cat’s looked at them like they had green-cough and then went to whisper two a cat or two while glancing at them.

How come no matter how hard I try, the clan still judges them for what their father did!

“Kits!” Rainbowstar called to them “Come into the den.”

“Okay!” Rainbowkit, Pinekit, and Flamekit called in unison.

“Rainbowstar!” Crowflight called.


“There’s a fire on WindClan!”


“On WindClan, but yes.”

“Flamerock, Cherryflower, Lightningstripe and Echoblaze help cats across the river; I will go in with anyone willing to help me.”

Crowflight, Greypebble, Mistheart, Blackpaw, Smokewave, and Poppypool wanted to come.

The patrol started ran at a quick pace to the border were the assigned cats stopped. WindClan was close to the border so the retrieval patrol didn’t have to go far. They were herding the last of the cats out when a She-cat started running back.

“Where are Iceflower and my kit!”

“I’ll go get them!” Rainbowstar said. She turned and ran towards the camp Greypebble caught up to her.

“I’m coming with you.” She said

Rainbowstar just nodded. The flames were closing around them; they ran as fast as they could. Suddenly they burst into a clearing with no plants, and no fire. Only two cats; only Pinestorm and Sparrowfeather.

“Greypebble, go find the two missing cats. I’ll deal with them.”



Pinestorm said something to Sparrowfeather and Sparrowfeather turned and ran.



“Surprised to see me?”


“How nice, too bad this reunion won’t be that peaceful though.”

His face twisted in a snarl.

Why do I feel so uncertain?” Rainbowstar wondered.

“I… I can’t hurt you.” She blurted out.

Pinestorm froze.

“Why? Don’t you hate me?”

“I still love you… I still care.”

Chapter 50

Pinestorm looked at his sister. Did she really mean that?

She hates me. She doesn’t really care. She ruined my life. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts. I need to kill her. I need to right the wrongs done to me.

“You broke my heart when you became a warrior before me.” He said “You need to pay.”

“Don’t you care at all?” she asked

YES!” his heart screamed

“No.” he said as coldly as he could.

Rainbowstar looked broken.

It serves her right.

“Now you get to pay.” He said as he launched himself at her.

She leaped up into the air and he hit the ground instead of her and she landed on him. He rolled over and backed up into the fire. She let go and landed farther into the fire. She launched herself out of the fire collapsing on the ground.

“Go burn.” He said pushing her back in.

To his surprise she grabbed him and pulled him in with her.

“Not without you!”

Pain flared through him as the fire scorched his fur. Both pulled themselves out of the fire and lay there panting on the ground. Rainbowstar pulled herself and Pinestorm stood up to. He leaped at her and ripped her throat. At the same moment she struck his belly and ripped a gash in it. She fell to the ground

“You’ll never hurt me, huh?” She said.

Guilt scored through him as he started clawing her. He had said he would never hurt her. But here he was he tried to push it away and when it wouldn’t he did his best to ignore it.

“You’ll never get up again.” He said as he finished all the clawing he could do.

Not even StarClan could patch that up.

“I forgive you.” She said.

Her head dropped to the ground.

“Thank you” he whispered.

His legs gave way and his vision started to blur from the blood loss.

Why do I want her to forgive me? I got my revenge, but I doesn’t feel good. My heart is broken, how could I have done this? I… I wish I could do my life over again. But it’s done now… I’m sorry!


Sparrowfeather leaped into the clearing Pinestorm was dead, on top of a dead Rainbowstar. He heard a cat coming at leaped backwards through the flames and into a puddle

Greypebble had come into the clearing.

“No!” She yowled.

Sparrowfeather felt a wave of grief for his friend.

“I’ll get over it.” He told himself.

Greypebble had leaped over to Rainbowstar and Pinestorm and pushed Pinestorm of Rainbowstar. She looked horrified at the sight. She was right to be, there was no way anyone could have survived that, even with nine lives. Greypebble looked like she could not believe what she was seeing.

Good,” Sparrowfeather thought “Suffering in the clans.

Sparrowfeather now knew he was alone, yes, he would not go back to the barn; he was a complete loner.

---(Point of view change)---

Greypebble felt numb with grief. She hadn’t even had a chance to talk to her about the dangerous descendants of Pinestorm. She gripped Rainbowstar in her jaws and ran towards the river. She made it and collapsed to the ground on the other side.

“We found Pinestorm and he died with Rainbowstar in a fight. Sparrowfeather was there, he got away.” Greypebble announced her head hanging.

Yowls of grief came from the cats.

“But she had nine lives!”

“Look at her wounds though!”

“Silence!” Greypebble called “WindClan cats can stay here until the fire goes out on your territory.”

“Thank you for your help.” Tinderstar said bowing his head “We will be in your debt.”

Greypebble nodded. She would lead this clan right. Pinekit and Flamekit would never be the way their father was. She would monitor them closely and make sure of that.

This clan will be better than ever before.

The End

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