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Inspired by Darkstar0WarriorCats' Ask Bluestar anything!

Hello- I am ~Cotton :3 So-


~Cotton : First question... from Feathercloud479... What do you most regret in your leadership?

Firestar: I regret... I regret... I regret...

~Cotton : HURRY UP-

Firestar: Killing Scourge... BUT JUST A BIT- only bc he was my half-brother.

~Cotton : That is ridiculous-

Firestar: So are you-

~Cotton : Anyways... next question is also from Feathercloud479. She asks you who would've been deputy if not Graystripe or Brambleclaw.

Firestar: Sandstorm. oBvIoUsLy-

~Cotton : Next question is from Foxlover55-

Firestar: A FOX LOVER?!?! WHAT A MOUSEBRAIN (just for the story no offense foxlover55 ~Cotton )

~Cotton : FIRESTAR!!! DON'T BE MEAN!!!! Anyway the question is why did you choose brambleclaw to be your deputy- YOU DO REALIZE HIS DAD WAS TIGERSTAR AND HE WAS TRAINING IN THE DARK FOREST RIGHT- he abuses squirrelflight and is so incapable PLUS the dark forest has faked signs about deputies


~Cotton : Okay next question is from Firewind0111... he says he's the second Firestar... what do you think of him?

Firestar: *thinks* I think he's a good fanfiction writer. He's oKaY

~Cotton : HaY don't be rudeeee-

Firestar: The question was what did I think of him U-U

~Cotton : Fine. Next question is from Darkstar0WarriorCats. She asks who you would mate if Sandstorm wasn't included.

Firestar: If Cinderpelt became a warrior, her. But if not then probably Ferncloud... hopefully Dustpelt isn't mad at me-

~Cotton : Oop he's reading this rn-


~Cotton : Dewdragon asks how you feel about Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt.

Firestar: Spottedleaf was encouraging... and kind. I liked her a lot. For Cinderpelt... sometimes her bravery got her into trouble... which made her a little annoying... but actually she was a good friend as a medicine cat and I would rate her 9.56/10 on a scale of 1-10.

~Cotton : Okay! Featherstar Warriorcat0 wants to know if you knew that Scourge was your half-brother.

Firestar: I actually didn't know until I went to StarClan... but I'm just grateful that he killed Tigerstar.


Firestar: Humph!

~Cotton : Anyway, this is another question from Darkstar0WarriorCats. She asks what other names you would've given Squirrelflight and Leafpool if they were both warriors.

Firestar: Hmmm, most likely Squirreltail or Squirrelfur to Squirrelflight and Leafpelt or Leafwhisker.

~Cotton : Cool names!

Firestar: Thank you for speaking the truth for ONCE 🙄

~Cotton : Featherstar Warriorcat0 has another question... very funny I see...

Firestar: What.

~Cotton : Do you like me?

Firestar: *throws up* nOoOoOoOoO

~Cotton : Okay... Paddy0502 asks if you could've chosen your warrior name, what would it be?

Firestar: Firepelt or Fireclaw.

~Cotton : Uh...

Firestar: WHAT? DO YOU NOT LIKE IT!!??


Firestar: Good.

~Cotton : Shininglight08 asks what you're most proud of in your leadership.

Firestar: I'm proud of being allies with WindClan and surviving the badger attack.

Firestar again: This is boring I'm going home.


Firestar: cOoKiEs GiMmE i WoN't Go HoMe!!!

~Cotton : Next question... from MistytailOfRiverclan. She asks sweets you like other than cookies.

Firestar: Uh... Lollipops without the weird white stick thingy and uh... jolly ranchers-

~Cotton : Um ok. She also asks if you hadn't joined ThunderClan, what do you think/wanted to happen?

Firestar: I would want to live with Princess or a person with a mansion a pretty she-cat.

~Cotton whispering: Greedy.

Firestar: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!


~Cotton again: It's been a while since somebody's asked a question...


~Cotton : Yeah, yeah, sorry-

~Cotton : Jaycall2011 asks why you didn't invite Smudge to the clans.

Firestar: That sort of life never suited him... he was like Smoky...

~Cotton : How do you know about Smoky?

Firestar: Never mind... Guess I'm gonna get more cookies...

~Cotton : Forestcat5dogs asks who you would want for deputy, Evil Tigerstar's grandson, or Evil Tigerstar.

Firestar: Evil Tigerstar's grandson, obviously. That's a no-brainer!

~Cotton : Um ok. KittieWhiskerz12 asks why you don't like waffles.

Firestar: Idk, I just don't like 'em.

~Cotton : Well, she also asks if your a SquirrelAsh or a SquirrelBramble.

Firestar: SquirrelAsh. If Squirrelflight had loved Ashfur back, then maybe I wouldn't of lost my last life!!!

~Cotton : Maybe you should stop overreacting, Firestar.

Firestar: Humph!

~Cotton : Foxlover55 asks another question. Why did you let Bramblestar mate with Squirrelflight? Bramblestar didn't really love her, he broke up with her in like every arc, so why?

Firestar: I didn't realize that at first.

~Cotton : -_-

~Cotton again: Well Shininglight08 has another question. He asks how you felt when your MEDICINE CAT and DAUGHTER had kits with someone from WindClan!

Firestar: Very disappointed in her. Why else would I take her away from her role and make her a warrior?

~Cotton : Alright... Feathercloud479 has another question. What was the one thing in the old forest you regret leaving?

Firestar: Hmmm... I regret leaving the prey and trees. Plus, there were less Twolegs before the built a Thunderpath.

~Cotton : Okay! Feathercloud also has another question. Would you have wanted more kits with Sandstorm?

Firestar: Absolutely not. Too much work.

~Cotton : Forestcat5dogs has two new questions for you. #1, If Spottedleaf had stayed alive, would you have been her mate?

Firestar: Probably not, as it's against the warrior code... But I did like her...

~Cotton : Mhm... #2, How did you feel when Graystripe left ThunderClan and went to RiverClan just for Silverstream and their kits?

Firestar: Devastated and disappointed. I would've expected more sense from the first forest cat I met, and Graystripe was always loyal to the warrior code... That's why I don't like Silverstream at all. Hopefully, they aren't reading this.

~Cotton : They are. Everyone in the cat world is.


~Cotton : Anyway Otterstream has a question. If Bramblestar and Ashfur weren't included in the books, who would you have shipped Squirrelflight with?

Firestar: Dustpelt. Dustpelt. Dustpelt.

~Cotton : My sister has a question- she wants to know your favorite food.

Firestar: OBVIOUSLY COOKIES!!! I STILL NEED 10000000000000 MORE!!!

~Cotton : Me sister has another question. Who do you consider as your best friend?

Firestar: What kind of questions are these??? Graystripe!!!

~Cotton : My sister has ANOTHER question. Who's the most annoying cat in the clan?

Firestar: He's already dead, but Tigerstar. The evil one.

~Cotton : Hurricanecat182 asks how you would've reacted if Leafpool actually left the clans with Crowfeather and if Spottedleaf was a warrior, what you would've named her.

Firestar: For the first question, I would've been so angry and disappointed I'd probably kick her from ThunderClan for a day. For the second one, I'd probably have named her Spottedpelt although I like Spottedleaf as a name MUCH better.