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Angelsky's Pain

A story in the Silver Legacy Universe

Blurb/Excerpt From Story

“Is there really groups of cats related to us out there? I can’t believe it!” She says, her small kitten’s voice slurring some of the words as she tries to articulate them, looking back up at her brother. “One day, I wanna visit them! I wanna be able to work with them and bring peace to both our cat groups! Perhaps one day we can join, becoming one again!”

He chuckles, looking towards the sun trail, tilting his head, keeping an eye on Smoke, while watching the sunrise, seeing an era where the cats lived in peace with his sister by his side, perhaps having a kit or two, his mate sitting on his other side. His sister’s mate, a grey tom with amber eyes sitting beside her, with Smoke’s stomach being rounded with kits.

When Smoke is forced from her tribe, forced to become a rogue, She has no idea what she will have to do to survive. She has to face harsh realities, growing pains, betrayals and friendships to find her place in the world. However, is her place in the world really solidified as the Stoneteller's apprentice? Or does she have a bigger destiny, one that is beyond The Tribe of Endless Hunting's imagination? Only time will tell, as we follow this young, enthusiastic she-cat through her adventures, following the yellows of the trail taken once before.

Silver Legacy

Angelsky’s Loyalty

Angelsky’s Darkness

Hopestar’s Choice

Frostfire’s Sacrifice

Panthermask’s Journey


For a more In-Depth Allegiances, click here: [1] (Its Unfinished as of 17/09/2020)



Oceanstar – Long Furred Tom with Hazel Green Eyes


Riverstorm – Black She-cat with Yellow eyes

(Apprentice: Waterpaw)

Medicine Cat(s)

Frogmouth – Patched Tabby Tom with golden eyes


Silverfur – Grey tom with bright yellow eyes

(Apprentice: Silverpaw)

Barkface – Siamese Tom with blue dappled eyes

(Apprentice: Snowpaw)

Nightstalker – Black tom with green eyes, Previously a Kittypet

Fleetsong - Brown tabby tom with a long rippling pelt

Acornwing - Red tabby tom with brown eyes

Firesnow - White tom with long fur and green eyes

Bravesky – Sleek brown she-cat with brown eyes

Heronflame - Pure white tom


Silverpaw – Silver Tabby She-cat with Blue eyes

Snowpaw – White she-cat with Green eyes

Waterpaw – Grey Tom with blue eyes


Stormglow – Brown she-cat with Blue eyes (Mother of Barkface’s Kits; Ochrekit, a brown tom with amber eyes and Rockkit, a brown she-cat with grey eyes)


Wavesong – A dirty white she-cat with rustic brown eyes

Troutclaw – A Russian Blue that retired early because of serious battle wounds that would never heal.



Airstar – Grey and white she-cat with navy eyes


Mayleaf – Calico she-cat with gold eyes

Medicine Cat



Fawnwaters – Lithe brown she-cat with Blue eyes

Spottedshine – Orange tom with brown eyes and large paws

Boulderbrook - Red she-cat with fluffy fur

Grasshollow - Red tabby tom with green eyes

Buzzardice - Dusky brown tom

(Apprentice Tumblepaw)

Smokeheather - Brown tabby she-cat

Cedarstreak - Mottled brown tom with pointy ears

(Apprentice, Blackpaw)

Talontuft - Blue-gray tabby tom


Blackpaw - Red and white she-cat with Dark Brown, almost Black eyes

Tumblepaw – Clumbsy Red and white tom


Mistyheather - Speckled brown she-cat, Mother of Boulderbrook’s kits, Maggotkit, a Red tabby Tom and Birchkit, a Creamy Brown she-cat

Blizzardmask - Short-haired blue-grey she-cat, expecting Spottedshine’s kits


Bravepuddle - light tortoiseshell she-cat with very long whiskers



Lightningstar­ Flame coloured tom with Emerald Green eyes


Saturnburst – Sand coloured she-cat with pale green eyes

(Apprentice: Robinpaw)

Medicine Cat

Mintleaf – Brown coloured tom with green eyes


Stagleap – Tan tom with green eyes

Nettlestride – Giant White tom with green eyes

Rainfern – Blue-grey tom with green eyes

(Apprentice: Leafpaw)

Fernstream – Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Stormylight – Grey she-cat with blue eyes and a white patch on her side

(Apprentice: Crowpaw)

Daisyleap – Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Aquasplash – Silvery she-cat with brown eyes

(Apprentice: Dawnpaw)

Boulderpelt – Black tom with brown eyes

Newtwillow – Brown tom with kind blue eyes

Stonepetal – Grey she-cat with blue eyes

(Apprentice: Fernpaw)

Tigerfrost – Ginger tabby she-cat with white paws

Blazewind – Ginger tabby tom with white tip to tail


Dawnpaw – Ginger she-cat with green eyes

Leafpaw – Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Crowpaw – Grey tom with white paws and blue eyes

Robinpaw – Brown tabby tom with reddish back and green eyes

Fernpaw – Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes


Harepelt – Brown she-cat with green eyes and soft fur, Mother of Boulderpelt’s kits; Crowpaw, Leafpaw, Robinpaw and Fernpaw, foster mother of Doekit – a fawny brown she-cat with white speckles and green eyes

Tinytooth – White she-cat with green eyes, expecting Newtwillow’s kits


Scarredpelt – Brown tom with scarred pelt, oldest cat in LightningClan



Darkstar – Pure Black tom with black eyes


Coldheart – Grey tom with Blue eyes


Rockclaw – Prophetic Dark grey tom with kind amber eyes

Shadowprowl – Black tom with sharp amber eyes

Winterrain – Silver she-cat with brown eyes

Lilywillow – A brown she-cat with green eyes

Featherwind – Silver she-cat with brown eyes

Greyclaw – Grey tom with amber eyes

Ivywing – Brown she-cat with green eyes

Larkspots – Brown she-cat with tan spots that appear randomly

Heatherrock – Grey she-cat with brown eyes

Rabbitfrost – Brown tom with blue eyes

Venomstone – Grey tom with dark brown eyes

Tallbreeze – Long legged grey tom with black eyes


Kitepaw – A grey she-cat with brown eyes

Hawkpaw – A brown tomcat

Jadepaw – Brown she-cat with jade green eyes, former kittypet


Smallfern – Permanent Queen. A grey she-cat with white patches (Darkstar’s Mate)

Sunwave – Golden she-cat with green eyes, mother of Coldheart’s kits; Lionkit, a golden tabby tom with amber eyes and Rainkit, a grey she-cat with blue eyes

Whitefern – White she-cat with Blue eyes, Expecting Venomstone’s kits

Tribe Of Falling Stones


Teller Of Pointed Stones (Stoneteller) – Grey Tom with amber eyes


Mocking Jay that Flies Overhead – Brown tabby cat with Blue eyes

Eagle that Swoops On Prey – Large orange tom with green eyes

Bird Who Sings Morning Song – Brown she-cat with amber eyes


Rock That Tumbles Off Cliff – Light brown she-cat with blue eyes

Star That Twinkles at Night – Black she-cat with blue eyes

Cloud that Blocks Sun – Grey tom with blue eyes

Cry Of New Hatched Hawk – Brown tom with Amber eyes


Wren That Flies With Wind – Light Brown she-cat with blue eyes


Salmon That Leaps From Water – White she-cat with brown patches


Sharptooth that Preys On Cats – Brown Spotted she-cat with Amber eyes

Cats Outside Clans

Smoke That Rises From Forest Fire – Brown tabby She-cat with caramel highlights and green eyes

Hela – Black she-cat with light blue eyes


“One day, Smoke…” He says, his eyes flicking to the smaller cat beside him, his eyes soft as he looks at her. His tail flicks from side to side, his grey pelt almost glowing silver in the sunlight. His amber eyes, sharp as a hawk, met the smaller she-cat’s gaze.

Her fur is a soft chocolate brown colour with caramel cream highlights, with dark brown tabby stripes, her eyes the same emerald green as her other brother, Cry. Her fur is very soft and fluffy, becoming mane like around her neck, shorter on her body and becoming longer on her legs near her large paws, of which meaning she will be quite a large cat when she is older and full grown.

But for now, he supposes, looking down at her, she is just small enough to believe everything told to her, nativity taking over her senses as she looks out towards the sun trail, where their ancestors left, never to come back.

Her eyes look out towards the sun trail, her ears perked up. “Is there really groups of cats related to us out there? I can’t believe it!” She says, her small kitten’s voice slurring some of the words as she tries to articulate them, looking back up at her brother. “One day, I wanna visit them! I wanna be able to work with them and bring peace to both our cat groups! Perhaps one day we can join, becoming one again!”

He chuckles, looking towards the sun trail, tilting his head, keeping an eye on Smoke, while watching the sunrise, seeing an era where the cats lived in peace with his sister by his side, perhaps having a kit or two, his mate sitting on his other side. His sister’s mate, a grey tom with amber eyes sitting beside her, with Smoke’s stomach being rounded with kits.

The image changes once more. Smoke with three kits, a black one, a brown and white one and a tabby, both her and her mate smiling down at their kits, proud of them. The image changes once more, a silver she-cat hissing at his sister, his sister’s fur matted and her bones showing through her skin. He jumps, watching the cat run towards another area, disappearing into the undergrowth.

He shakes his head, clearing his mind of the thoughts, before looking down at Smoke, realizing that her excited attitude had changed into one of sadness.

“What is it, Little Sister?” He asks her, his eyes becoming concerned as he leans down to sniff at her head, as she turns and buries herself into his side.

“How am I supposed to visit them… when I’m becoming the Stoneteller’s to-be? Stonetellers never leave the cave, and if I become Stoneteller, I will never be able to leave. I do not want to be Stoneteller, being trapped in this endless cycle of wanting to find new friends and new cats to meet. What’s the point?” Smoke huffs, slumping down and looking up at her brother, green eyes wide.

He sighs, licking her head as he looks up, towards the clouds in the sky. “You will be a great Stoneteller, changing the way Stonetellers act for generations to come.”

Smoke perks up, looking up at him. “Have you been having dreams?” She asks him, eyes wide as she stares at him.

Unlike her brother, Smoke did not have prophetic dreams. Instead, Smoke dreamt of cats with stars in their pelts, rushing rivers, silver, grey and other colours, some which match those in his visions.

“Yes, however, all they show is that you, my younger sister, are going to be happy. And that’s all that matters.”


She walks. That is all she seems to do. Walk. Find water. Walk more. Try and hunt. Fail at hunting. Walk once more.

It’s fitting, she guesses, looking up at the sun trail, she watches as the sun continues to move very slowly as she walks. She is heading in the right direction then. The sun is slowly moving behind her, from where it started this morning in front of her.

‘Follow the sun trail, just as Cloud told me.’ Her thoughts seem to jumble after this thought, only focusing on the one goal of survival. Perhaps, this is a punishment. A punishment of pushing Cloud away. Yes, this is the punishment.

She coughs, each hack pulling her feet to the sides as she stumbles up the tall hill, trying to reach the peak. Maybe she should take a rest after this next mountain. Yes, that would help, very much so. She continues to the peak of the mountain, where she stops.

‘There!’ She could almost laugh with relief and joy, as she lays her eyes on the territory of her ancestors. The land that they had moved to when they split from the tribe.

She finds herself running down the hill, stumbling into a dark forest, looking around with eyes wide. She wonders whether she would find cats here, as it has been a few generations since the tribe had heard of them.

She continues into the forest, before a black shape launches itself out of the bushes, knocking her off her paws and landing on top of her, hissing and growling. She freezes, coughing from the impact, before the cat pauses, looking down at her with his piercing black eyes. His fur stands on end, his eyes glaring, and his claws unsheathed.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” He growls, holding his claws to her throat, glaring at her.

“I’m… I’m Smoke that Rises from Forest Fire…” She gasps, staring up at him, green eyes wide.

“A tribe cat.” He grumbles, slowly getting off her, keeping his claws unsheathed, his muscles tense and ready to attack. “What are you doing in my territory, then?”

She swallows, staring at the other cat, quickly trying to think of an excuse, however, coming up short. “I wanted to join the clans! I promise I don’t want to invade your territory, or anything else!”

The black cat pauses, narrowing his eyes, before his eyes flick towards the river beside them, as he makes up his mind about the cat before him, sheathing his claws and looking down at her.

"Why." He growls, looking at Smoke, his pelt rustling.

"I-" She swallows, staring at him, before looking down. "I just want to find somewhere that will help me."

The tom pauses, looking at her, his eyes narrowed.

“Follow the river. There is a clan of cats there, whom fish and swim. I believe you would be a good addition to their clan.” He says, looking down at her.

“Thank you! Thank you, thank you!” She says, smiling up at the other cat, as she starts to walk towards the river. “Wait, what is your name?”

The tom pauses, looking at her, before turning away. “I am Darkstar.” He says, as he walks away, leaving Smoke behind.

Chapter One

Her paws drag against the dirt, her energy drained, non-existent. She doesn’t know where she is going, exactly, however, one sentence is stuck in her head. ‘Follow the river.’

The river is longer then she expected. The tom, Darkstar, had told her that she must follow the river and find a group of cats that fish and swim like the otters near the tribe. She hopes she will find them in time before her paws give out beneath her and she dies before seeing the clans. She pauses, scenting the air.

The scent of fish, fresh kill, filled her nostrils. She paused, picking up her ears as she crept towards the smell, finding a small, silver, she-cat fishing on the edge of the river. Perhaps she is one of the clans? She has to ask!

However, when she goes to open her mouth, she pauses, watching the cat fish out another fish from the river. She pauses, eyeing off the fish with hunger in her stomach, her green eyes narrowing as she makes up her mind.

This cat may be from the clan she heard about, but Smoke needs food first. Smoke pauses, deciding on a way to get the food away from the she-cat, however, she could not outrun or fight her. She needs to outsmart her.

Smoke pauses, before deciding on a plan. If she can use her appearance and surprise the cat, the cat may drop the food and run off before she realises how hungry Smoke is. Smoke pauses, before she pounces.

“Give me your catch little one and I’ll let you go.” She growls, ears pinned back and matted pelt fluffed up to make her larger, however, the she-cat, who had already picked up her catch and was starting to head to her home, glares at her.

“Never!” She screeches, turning tail and running. Smoke debates chasing after her, however, hunger gets the better of her and she starts sniffing around to see if the she-cat had dropped anything.

There was… nothing? Smoke sniffs around again, looking everywhere, and realising with a heavy heart, that there was to be no food from the other cat. The other cat must be quite a hunter and fighter to keep a hold of those fish.

Smoke swallows, feeling her parched throat sting as she approaches the water, drinking some water. She hadn’t drunk water in days, it feels like. She swallows, feeling her throat feel better, before looking around.

She could follow that she-cat. Wherever that she-cat went, meant there would be more cats, and hopefully a clan that could help her. Decision made, she continues down the path, occasionally scenting the air to see if there are any other cats.

“There she is!” Smoke jumped at the exclamation, staring at the she-cat who had returned with not just one other cat, but a whole group of cats. All larger than her and having more scars then her. Smoke growls, feeling trapped as they surround her.

“I see you brought reinforcements little kitty…” Smoke sneers, trying to make herself seem bigger and stronger then what she is. She pauses, as a large black she-cat with yellow eyes steps forwards, making Smoke move backwards, ears pressed to her head.

“Who are you and what are you doing on our territory, miss rogue?” The she-cat demanded, glaring down at Smoke as Smoke stares up at her with wide eyes, before calming herself and standing straighter. She needs to survive this. Meaning, she had to act larger then what she is.

‘Who am I to these cats?’ She pauses, before making up her mind, remembering a word that a house cat had showed her on the journey to the clans.

“For one thing my name is Angel,” She said, glaring at the she-cat and lifting her chin. She pauses, before remembering her brother’s stories about the clans. “And secondly this is not your territory it is mine. I have been living here longer than any of you.”

It was not exactly true, however, Smoke has no other choice but to use the technicalities of her tribe, as they settled here first, before any of these cats.

“Come with us and Oceanstar will decide your fate!” The large she-cat announced, making Smoke’s ears pin back again, before she is pushed forwards by a large black tom. A relative of the she-cat, perhaps?

“Fine,” She spits. “But don’t expect me to stick around for long.”

The black she-cat nods, before beckoning her patrol to follow her, leaving Smoke in the middle of the group, Smoke having her claws unsheathed in terror as they continue to walk towards the way the cats came from. Smoke’s ears press to her head as she notices they have gotten somewhere where there is a lot more scents.

Their camp, maybe? They continue down the pathway into the camp, and Smoke has to gape at the camp. Created not out of a cave, but from the cats own hard work, and maintained by the cats hard work. It looks… amazing.

Smoke pauses, before she is lead towards a large, long furred, tom with hazel eyes. The tom pauses, looking down at her, before nodding at the black she-cat.

“Thank you, Riverstorm. I will take her to my den and talk to her there.” The tom must be Oceanstar, then.

“Very well, Oceanstar.” Riverstorm states, before moving away, leaving Smoke to be in front of the large tom, who leads her towards a den, and sits down, looking at the she-cat.

Smoke feels sick with nerves, staring at the tom as he stares at her.

“Do you know Darkstar?” Asks Smoke, the question blurting out of her mouth before she could shut it, widening her eyes as she shrinks back, staring at the tom as he tilts his head.

“Yes, I do know Darkstar, as long as we are talking about the same Darkstar.” Oceanstar chuckles, looking at Smoke as she looks up at him.

“Big black tom, with dark brown, almost black eyes?” She asks, looking at Oceanstar as he nods.

“How do you know him, Angel?” He asks her. Smoke startles at the name and stares up at him. Riverstorm must have told him her name. Did she?

“I accidentally went into his territory. He merely warned me about staying, and then allowed me to move onwards.”

Oceanstar pauses, staring at her, before sighing and speaking again, his ears flicking and moving his eyes to the door, seemingly lost in space before snapping out of it, looking at Smoke as she shuffles her paws on the ground.

“I’m assuming you were either a rogue or a kittypet before you came to this area, yes? That would explain the lack of food you have caught; rogues sometimes have it rough in clan territories, while kittypets generally do not know how to hunt.”

Smoke pauses, before shaking her head, ears pressed to her skull and eyes looking larger than what they are.

“I am neither of those.”

Oceanstar pauses, looking down at Smoke, before tilting his head. “Where did you come from, young one?”

Smoke stares up at him, before she narrows her eyes. “Promise you won’t tell anyone?” She asks, eyes widening as she realises she just asked the leader of a group to keep a secret from his clan.

Oceanstar observes the young cat in front of him. Her tail seems to flick from one side of her body to another. Her shoulders are tensed, ready for either a fight or to run.

“What secrets do you have that I cannot tell my clanmates?” He asks, but as he sees her ears pinned back to her head and her shoulders tense even further, he makes the decision.

“Very well, I do promise not to reveal your secrets to my clan unless you give me permission, or something happens to you that allows my clanmates to speculate.”

Smoke pauses, looking down at her paws, as she drags one through the dirt on the floor. “My real name, well, my name I was given at birth, was Smoke that Rises From Forest Fire.”

Oceanstar pauses, eyes widening and sitting up straighter, staring down at her. “That is a naming technique only used by the cats who lived here before us, the cats who died off over a hundred green-leafs ago.”

“I know. We moved, we didn’t die off. We live up in the mountains, up there.” She moves her head, nodding outside towards where just in the distance, large mountains can be seen.

“Why are you here then, Smoke that Rises from Forest Fire?” He asks, lifting a paw to rub at an itch at his cheek, before placing it back to the ground.

Smoke mutters something that could not be understood.

“I didn’t catch that.”

“I was accused of killing another cat.”

Oceanstar leaps to his paws, mouth open to call Riverstorm back in, however, he pauses as he realises she is still talking.

“My father was the greatest Prey-Hunter in the tribe. Storm that Roars at Night. The pride of the tribe. The cat who would take down eagles for breakfast and the Kit-Mother’s would tell their kits stories of the amazing cat he is.”

Oceanstar narrows his eyes, claws unsheathed, tense, as he listens to her story, not letting his guard down once, as doing so could lead to disaster.

“He… he was killed by a brown cat, with dark stripes and light highlights.”

She swallows, looking down.

“Naturally, the blame fell onto me. Oh, who wouldn’t blame the youngest kit, the jealous kit who all she wanted was to become a normal To-Be instead of having to learn herbs and learn to find the signs in the rocks. Oh how I wanted to be normal. But, I guess the ancestors chose me instead of my eldest brother, as I was more in tune with cats emotions than him.”

Smoke pauses, looking down at the ground, lifting her shoulders and moving her head down to make herself look smaller.

“I loved my father. I would’ve never-” She cuts herself off, shaking her head.

“Of course, it didn’t help that they had the opinion of one of the best Cave-Guards. Cry of New Hatched Hawk. My second eldest brother. The strongest of us three. The one that wanted everything to go to plan. I knew what happened the night my father died. I was there. I watched as he was murdered.”

She pauses, looking down at her paws. “By his own son.”

Oceanstar stares at her, before sitting down. “They banished you, didn’t they?”

She nods. “I was barely seven moons old. I guess, that’s fitting. Allowed me to gain more knowledge of the outside world. You have no idea how doting kittypets and rogues can be for small cats that are young and look like they’ve hardly left their mother. ‘Oh, how old are you little one? Come over here and eat this mouse I caught for myself, you look too skinny.’”

“Why did you take the name Angel?” He asks, causing her to look up with wide eyes as she stares at him.

“I got sick. Very sick. A house cat brought me to his Twolegs, and they treated me. He taught me many words, and told me about words in Twoleg.”

“Hm.” Oceanstar hums, before nodding. “Follow me, I shall announce my decision to the clan now.”

“Wait what?” She gasps, standing up and following him to the edge of his den, where he exits. “I could just leave, please don’t tell them anything!”

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest, ears flat against her head as she feels the stares of the other cats around her on her pelt.

The cats immediately started gathering around.

“What shall we do with her?!” One cat yelled, over the concealed murmuring of the other cats around him, causing Oceanstar to pause, looking towards the cat.

Smoke paused, staring up at Oceanstar, eyes wide with fear and shoulders tensed, ready to bolt away at a moments notice.

“Don’t worry.” Oceanstar said, his calm voice washing over the crowd and the crowd immediately went quiet, staring up at him. “I have talked with this rogue and found out she was cast out by her family and friends and has been living on the edge of our borders ever since. I suggest we give her a trial in the camp, if she shows loyalty she may stay. One sign of disloyalty and the clan has my permission to drive her out. Do you agree?” He asks, and it takes a moment to realise he is talking to her.

She swallows, feeling the amount of stares on her back as her eyes widen at the severity of his words wash over her. She can stay?

“Yes, I do, I would love to be a part of your clan Oceanstar and I will show you nothing but loyalty.” She rambles, not knowing what she is saying, just that she is agreeing.

“Now Angel,” She jumps at him using her false name, “I hear you have a way herbs. Would you like to help our medicine cat Frogmouth?” He inquires.

Smoke pauses, staring up as a tom steps forwards, his kind eyes soften as he takes her skinny appearance in, and he nods in encouragement.

“I’d love to help him!” Her excitement was through the roof, staring at the tom who smiles at her encouragingly. “I could even maybe show him some new herbs!”

She immediately realises her mistake. She flattens her ears against her head, staring at the tom, who laughs and nods his head.

“You probably could, as I only know the herbs that grow in the clans, none others.”

Smoke smiles, eyes lighting up as she stands up straight, following the tom as he motions her to follow.

“Come, Angel. It’s time you started learning about clan life.”

Chapter Two

“Angel? Angel?” A soft voice pieces Smoke’s thoughts as she twitches in her sleep, her pelt dragging on the ground as she slowly blinks her eyes open, looking up at the patched tabby tom above her. “Are you awake, or do I need to get one of the kits to jump all over you?”

“I’m awake, I’m awake, Jinx.” She yawns, stretching, before seeing the tom tilt his head, his golden eyes clouding in confusion.

“Jinx?” He asks, as Smoke widens her eyes, leaping to her paws as she quickly stammers over her words.

“Sorry Frog! I didn’t mean that! You just looked Jinx for a moment, I’m so sorry!” She stammers; however, Frogmouth starts to laugh.

“Do not worry about it, Angel. I have been there. Come on, get some food before we start on today’s tasks.” He says, leading her out towards where the cats are starting to get up for the day, their soft voices drifting over Smoke as she continues to walk through the area. She smiles at Frogmouth, before her ears turn towards where an older tom is sitting, glaring.

“Who’s that?” She asks Frogmouth, glancing at the tom as he glares, his scarred blue pelt tensing and teeth being bared as he continues to look at her.

“Troutclaw. He’s a younger elder, should be a warrior, except his injuries to his legs caused him to retire early. He’s especially grumpy to outcasts and half-clan cats. He’s actually just a bit older than me, give or take a bit.” He states, leading her away from Troutclaw. Troutclaw seems to watch her, before leaning over and whispering to the white she-cat beside him.

“Frogmouth!” A loud voice exclaims, a black tomcat walking up to him, nudging his head on Frogmouth’s shoulder. “Come and eat with us! We haven’t eaten together for ages!”

Frogmouth smiles at the tom, before pushing Smoke forwards with his tail. “Angel, this is Nightstalker. I helped him when he just came to the clan, and he’s been bothering my tail ever since.”

Nightstalker laughs, his eyes shining with delight as he nudges Frogmouth and Smoke forwards towards where a red tabby tom is eating. “Acornwing! Meet the new Medicine Cat Apprentice!”

“I’m not the Medicine Cat Apprentice…” Smoke mutters, however, allows herself to be lead towards Acornwing, who smiles and nudges an unfamiliar prey towards her.

“Welcome to the clan, kit. Frogmouth will show you the ropes around here.” He laughs. “Don’t worry if you don’t like the fish, it’ll grow on you as you stay here. Eat. You’re way to skinny for my liking. My mother would’ve had a fit just looking at you.”

“A fit?” She asks as she leans down to take a bite of the prey, savouring the taste of the prey that she has been longing for so long.

“Some habits are natural, kit. Others are taken from others.” Acornwing states, glaring at Nightstalker. “He was a kittypet. Came to OceanClan with a weird tone of voice and words. Becoming friends with him means you end up picking up words.”

“A kittypet?” Smoke asks, looking at Nightstalker with wide eyes.

“Yup, born and raised.” He states happily. “Been to the vet and all. Almost made Oceanstar not want to take me in, however, I caught enough prey on my first day here that he couldn’t let me go.”

“That’s… alright, I guess. Oceanstar said I could’ve been a kittypet because I can’t hunt.”

Nightstalker starts laughing. “Don’t worry, Angel. I will teach you to hunt when Frogmouth is not bossing you around. Say, has he gone through all the herbs with you there before? When I got stuck there for a moon because of Greencough I hated him muttering.”

Smoke pauses, thinking. “Not since I came here. Frog has been really nice. He’s teaching me so much!”

Acornwing bristles. “Don’t call him ‘Frog’. That is extremely disrespectful.”

“What?” Smoke stares at Acornwing, ears slowly pinning back towards her skull, glancing between Frogmouth and Acornwing.

“Calling a clan cat by their given name is extremely disrespectful. We work hard to earn our names. Frogmouth spent moons earning his name. Use it properly.”

Smoke pauses, staring at Frogmouth. “You didn’t tell me-”

“She may call me what she likes, Acornwing. She’s not a part of this clan, meaning she does not live under the same rules as us.”

“But-!” Acornwing sputters. “That’s extremely disrespectful. What is she walks up to Oceanstar and calls him ‘Ocean’?! He will have a fit!”

“Enough, Acornwing.” Frogmouth pauses, before looking down at Smoke. “I have already gone over with Angel that it is fine to call me ‘Frog’. She feels more comfortable calling me that, and it’s better than forcing her to say my whole name every single time she is addressing me.”

“Fine.” Acornwing states, before looking over at Smoke. “You better eat that fish; you’ll have a long day ahead of you if Nightstalker wants to teach you to hunt.”

“You bet I do.” Nightstalker states, smiling down at her.

“Unfortunately, Nightstalker, Angel needs to help me with collecting more comfrey. Unfortunately, if something happens, I do not have enough to treat a single cat. Angel will benefit from learning where all the herbs grow here.”

Nightstalker lets out a disappointed sigh. “Oh well, one day, I will take you out. A cat needs to know how to hunt and fight around these parts. I am sure Silverpaw would be willing to teach you to fight. She’s been watching you enough.”

Smoke pauses, looking over her shoulder to the silver she-cat behind her, watching as she meets her eyes and moves her head back towards where she is talking to a grey tom.

“She’s the one that found me.” She mutters.

“Yeah. She’s very suspicious, but Nightstalker thinks you two might make good friends. You both are ridiculously easy to provoke.” Acornwing states, his eyes twinkling as he laughs.

“That’s enough, Acornwing. I need to take Angel out to the comfrey fields. You can provoke her later.” Frogmouth states, nodding down at Smoke who finishes the last of the fish, standing and following him outside of the den, her ears perked forwards and smiling over her shoulder at the two toms.

“Good luck, Angel!” Nightstalker calls. “Don’t let Frogmouth mess around with you!”

“Why don’t they like me calling you Frog?” Smoke asks, her paws pausing in where she is messing around with different herbs in the den.

Frogmouth pauses, turning his head to the she-cat, and sighs. “Why do you call me Frog?”

Smoke pauses, before ducking her head in embarrassment. “Where I come from, names are long. We tend to use one part of a name to call a cat, especially in day-to-day basis.”

Frogmouth smiles down at her, moving some catmint from the pile they collected to the storage built in the wall of the den. “Let me guess. Your name was ‘Angel that Appears in Dreams? Or something like that?”

Smoke jumps, staring at Frogmouth, who laughs, sitting down next to her. “Wasn’t hard to figure out that you are a Tribe cat. I mean, the way you nickname me, and your weird name points towards it.”

Smoke stares up at him, before sighing, leaning into his pelt as he smiles down at his apprentice, leaning down to start grooming her.

“Smoke. It was actually Smoke that Rises From Forest Fire.” She mutters.

“That’s alright. What would you prefer me to call you?” He asks, moving away to see her face.

“I… Dunno?” She says, looking down at the ground in worry. “I haven’t been Smoke for the last moon, and everyone’s been calling me Angel. Not much choice to change it back now. They’d feel like I had lied to them.”

“Alright, Angel.” Frogmouth states, before moving towards the edge of the den. “I’m going to go check up on some of the kits. I want you to go and have fun. Hang out with the apprentices. Chat to Nightstalker and Acornwing.

“What- Frog!” Smoke yelps, following him out. “Don’t you want me to help? I can help!?”

Frogmouth chuckles. “You’ve spent the last couple days hanging out and helping me. I want you to make actual friends. I mean, everyone probably thinks you are a ghost, that’s how little time you spend with them.”

Smoke sits down, ears flicking as she looks around the camp, watching different cats come and go. She pauses, perking up her ears as she sees Nightstalker and Acornwing enter camp, however, they both immediately go into a den, not paying her any thought. She pauses, looking around, before she hears another cat come up to her.

“Angel, correct?” The familiar black she-cat who came up behind her asks, looking down at her with her piercing yellow eyes. Behind her, a small grey tom stands, smiling at her.

“Yes, Riverstorm.” She states, staring up at the large she-cat who looks her over and nods.

“I was going to take Waterpaw out for a hunting lesson with Barkface and Snowpaw. I was wondering if you wished to come, as Frogmouth mentioned you wanted to learn how to hunt?”

Smoke perks up, looking behind Waterpaw to see Snowpaw bouncing around her mentor, ready to leave. “I’d be honoured to accompany you on your lesson, Riverstorm. I have much to learn, and you are a good teacher from what I’ve heard.”

Riverstorm smiles, motioning for her to follow, and Smoke stands, trotting after her and Waterpaw as they meet Barkface and Snowpaw standing together, smiling at her.

“Hello Angel!” Snowpaw gushes, her white pelt fluffing up and her eyes light with happiness. “Your joining us today? What happened to Silverfur and Silverpaw?”

Smoke looks at Riverstorm, who smiles down at her daughter, rolling her eyes. “You know why they aren’t joining us today, remember? Silverfur wanted to make sure Silverpaw knows the territory. StarClan knows the amount of trouble you three got into when you were kits. I didn’t even know a kit could go far enough away that they ended up in LightningClan’s camp.”

“Wait, what?” Smoke asks, looking at Waterpaw and Snowpaw, who looks at her sheepishly. “How did you do that? It took me days to get from DarkClan to OceanClan’s territory.”

“Well, Silverfur wanted us to leave camp because DarkClan attacked, and we didn’t have anywhere to go since one of the warriors attacked Riverstorm, so we ran.” Waterpaw states, laughing. “We ended up somewhere in LightningClan territory since we share our closest border with them. From there, the warriors brought us to Lightningstar, who brought his warriors out and helped OceanClan.”

“That…” Smoke seems lost for words, staring at Waterpaw and Snowpaw as they look sheepishly at her. “That is amazing!”

“Agreed! However, other cats don’t think so. We got in so much trouble!”

“Stop yammering you three.” Barkface laughs, nudging them towards where they were heading. “Don’t want Angel not wanting to learn to hunt.”

“Can I teach her, Barkface?” Snowpaw asks, however, he shakes his head.

“Riverstorm wants to teach her. She wants to make sure that if she wants to move on to another area she can take care of herself.”

“Don’t talk about me as if I am not here.” Smoke states, smiling at them as Barkface laughs, walking towards the river.

“Well, This is our stop Angel. You ready to learn to hunt?”

“As I’ll ever be. It can’t be that hard, can it?”

“Famous last words, Angel. Famous last words.”

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