Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

And He Runs is a song-fiction based on the song of the same name by Blixemi on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzf4eyFsYgQ




"You can't keeping running away like this, Spottedbird!" Willowflame hissed at the newly made warrior. Spottedbird flattened his ears as he flexed his paws. The soft grass swished in the gentle breeze as it carried orange leaves from the balding trees. Willowflame narrowed her lily green eyes as the forest's scent faded from mice and squirrels to the scent of primrose whiffing by.

Spottedbird lifted his broad head to face the she-cat, anger gleaming in his eyes. It became silence as the tom silently unsheathed his claws. Willowflame, who had not noticed at the time, flung her head to look behind her. The she-cat's long-haired, fluffy tail swayed calmly as Spottedbird stalked forward.


Spottedkit walked around the clan's camp, Cricketstar watching from the clan's authority, Jumping Rock. The sandy floor imprinted the tom-kit's paw prints, leaving them to fade away. It was a peaceful time back then, compared to his current life. "Spottedkit!" He heard a high-pitched voice meow.

He ignored it, dipping into the warrior's den in a rush. The kit wasn't much of a social cat, in fact, he was the opposite. The tom-kit didn't like social interaction one bit.

"What brings you here?" A dark brown she-cat with darker stripes purred. She settled her viscous kale green eyes on the tom-kit, startling him. The kit's ears flattened against his head, and his tail tucked between his hind legs.

"Don't traumatize the kit now, Duckstorm." A reddish she-cat with long whiskers and stone gray splotches intervened. She had rolled her sun yellow eyeballs, lifting a paw up from the ground.

It imprinted her paw print, which was much bigger than Spottedkit's. He stood still, the fur on his neck rising. He had no idea who these cats were. It frightened him.

The reddish one opened their mouth to speak, but was cut off. "Wow, any more kits?" A tom spoke up. His fur was golden, except for his paws. His paws were a beautiful golden-brown color.

"No need for that kind of attitude." The cat, so-called "Duckstorm", responded. The tom rolled his eyes, as he curled up into a ball. The she-cat turned back at the kit, "Go into the clearing now." She meowed, "Go and play."

Spottedkit nodded, trotting out of the den. The sweet smell of prey washed over the clearing, him noticing the fresh-kill that had appeared on the pile. He ran over to it, picking up a tender rat.

"Spottedkit! Wait!-" The same high pitched voice came closer, annoying Spottedkit. The kit quickly turned towards the noise, which belonged to a silver she-kit with black stripes.

"Streamkit," Spottedkit sighed, his word being muffled by the fresh-kill between his jaws. "What is it?" He narrowed his eyes at the she-kit, her panting out of breath. "It's really important!" The kit named Streamkit exclaimed, catching the attention of a black she-cat.

"May I ask what's so important?" The she-cat stalked forward, which scared Streamkit. The silver cat quickly whipped her head towards the black cat, her tail as fluffy as it could be.

"Um-" The black she-cat cut the kit off, "Ah, it must be about Coppertail. That cat is old enough to retire from their position." She meowed.