This series is dedicated to my friend, Amberflower, better known as just Amber. <3

Amberpaw is a young LeafClan apprentice, eager to learn the ways of the warrior code. But dark secrets surround her past, secrets so hidden they may never be brought to light. And as she realizes that she has been chosen to go on a deadly and dangerous journey to save her Clan, she must also decide where lies her true enemy, and who are her true friends. All is not as it seems in the shady path she now walks, and it will take nothing short of StarClan to accomplish her mission.


Amberpaw's Enemy Amberpaw is sure that now that she's an apprentice, life will be smooth. But then she makes an enemy that perhaps shouldn't have been made. Try as she might, she can't let go of the grudge she holds against Bearpaw, even when a terrible sickness strikes the woods she calls home.

Amberpaw's Mission StarClan has chosen Amberpaw to embark on a dangerous journey that could save her Clan. But first she must overcome another obstacle, one that threatens to knock out LeafClan for good. With the Clan weakened by sickness, it's all up to her.

Amberflower's Heart Amberflower is sent on her way with a warrior name... and the cat she hates most in the world. Everything would be fine without Bearclaw trudging behind her. And yet she can't help realizing that on this treacherous path, it's kind of nice to have a friend.

Amberflower's Courage Even though she is so close to obtaining the plant, her troubles aren't over. The residents of the land aren't willing to let Bearclaw and Amberflower run off with their precious flower so fast. But are the two any match? And can they work together long enough to win?

Amberflower's Triumph Amberflower is finally heading home, but she doesn't know if there's a home left to go to. And she quickly realizes that it's going to be harder then she thinks, especially with the life-saving plant to guard.

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