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A ginger tom was sitting next to a starry pool. Next to him was a dark tabby, and next to that cat was a brown tom with gray tabby stripes. "Bramblestar, where is Bluestar? I thought I sent Whitestorm for her awhile ago."

"She should be here soon, Firestar." the dark tabby tom replied, stiffly shifting his legs.

"Duststar! Duststar!" the call made the third cat turn around.

"Yes Ferncloud?" the brown tabby asked.

"A cat has come to join StarClan! Bluestar found her!"

Firestar, Bramblestar, and Duststar all jumped up and followed Ferncloud out of the cave. "I hope this won't take long, i have important business." Firestar complained.

"No!" Bramblestar suddenly yowled, thrusting himself downa slope where the other starClan cats were gathering around a cat that he terribly recognized. "Cloudsky!"

Squirrelflight was already next to her and Bramblestar's kit, calming him down. "It's okay, Cloudsky. You're with StarClan now." the ginger she-cat was soothing her kit.

"Don't let Silverstone die too!" Cloudsky was crying. "She still has our kits to look after!"

"I won't!" Bramblestar promised. "Firestar, Squirrelflight, and Cloudsky, come with me!"

"what are you planning, Bramblestar?" Firestar asked curiously.

"Quickly, back to the Moonpool!" Bramblestar meowed hastily. "Siverstone just fell asleep!"

The cats hustled through the forest, slid on the stone, let their pawsteps clatter as their claws hit the stone, then settled around the moonpool. "Let's start!" Cloudsky meowed entusiasticly. 

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