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Book 2
Preceded by:
Firestar Dies
After Firestar's Death Succeded by:
Return of the Graystripe

(Graystripe is trapped in a twoleg cage.)

Graystripe: (To twoleg.) Let me out! Let me out!

Graystripe: (Twolegs perspective) Meow! Meow! Meow-meow!

Twoleg: How adorable! (Picks Graystripe up.)

Graystripe: Let me out!!! Why is StarClan to curse me with such evil doom and dispair?!

Twoleg: (Puts Graystripe down in twoleg nest.)

She-cat: (Walks up to Graystripe.) Hello.

Graystripe: Hi.

She-cat: Want to be my mate?

Graystripe: I already have one-two actually.

She-cat: So?

Graystripe: So who cares!!! Let's be mates!

(Meanwhile in ThunderClan camp.)

Everyone: (Panics who will be leader now.)

Cloudtail: Look, theres a cloud in the sky! And, it's shape like a tail! StarClan has sent the message! I'm the new leader!

Sandstorm: That doesn't really look like a tail-

Cloudtail: (Kills Sandstorm.) Yes it does! Does anyone else have anything to say against my leadership?

Dustpelt: I do- (Get's struck by lightening.)

Cloudtail: See? StarClan has chosen me! Does anyone else want to end up like him?

Hollyleaf: I do! I'm completely insane and I love to be killed!

Cloudtail: I thought you were dead already.

Hollyleaf: Maybe I didn't die. (Get's struck by lightening.)

Cloudtail: Anyone else?

Ferncloud: Me!

Cloudtail: Shut up! I'm not losing any more warriors!

Ferncloud: Waaaaaiiiiiit, I thought Firestar made you an elder.

Cloudtail: I don't give a crap about what Firestar says. Now go into the nursery and make more kits!

Ferncloud: But Dustpelts gone!

Cloudtail: Then fall in love with someone else!

Thornclaw: Who will be deputy?

Cloudtail: Daisy!

Brightheart: But she can't even fight!

Cloudtail: Oh yeah, I forgot. (Kills Daisy because she's useless.) Brightheart, your deputy.

Brightheart: Yay!!!!

(Back at twolegplace.)

(Graystripe and she-cat are sharing tongues.)

Graystripe: Waaaaiiiiiiiiit, I think someone is waiting for me. Someone needs my help.

She-cat: Stay here, Graystripe.

Graystripe: What's your name again?

She-cat: I am Prissy-puss, but everyone calls me Prissy.

Graystripe: I think I need to go back.

Prissy: (Eyes turn red.) Stay here. Stay here.

Graystripe: I'm sorry.

Prissy: STAY HERE OR DIE!!!!!!!!

Graystripe: Never!!!!!!!!!!! (Kills Prissy.) She was lying! I haven't died.

(Dog jumps into room.)

Dog: You kill my Prissy! I was one to kill her. Woof.

Graystripe: Stay back, stupid dog.

Dog: My name no Dog, my name Bark.

Graystripe: Well, prepare to die, Bark!

Bark: (Barks.)

Graystripe: Runs away and hides.

Bark: Come out you coward, or I kill you.

(Graystripe escapes through door.)

Graystripe: Yay! I'm safe!

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