Hi there! So I see you found you're way to this page. The main charakter in this fanfiction is my oc Dewtail or Dewpaw and I'm thinking of writing her whole story but for that I'd like to know what I should do better next time. So enjoy the story!

Dewpaw was standing next to Lionpaw, their pelts brushing, and looked down into the camp. The swollen river had swept away the nursery and a big part of the warriors den. She sighed, why was StarClan making life so hard for RiverClan what had they done wrong?

Elderstars voice roused her from her thoughts and she turned in unison with Lionpaw to look at their sodden leader standing with her Clan amongst the dripping branches "Cats of RiverClan! We are all shocked at what has happened to our camp and until the floods go down far enough to set paw on the island again we will make camp here among the bushes." Dewpaw could hear some cat asking "What if the Floods rise so far that these bushes won't be safe anymore?". "If that is the case then we shall move to an even higher part of our territory but I doubt that the rain will keep up long enough for that to happen," meowed Elderstar with a nod of approval

The light brown striped pelt of the RiverClan deputy Woodrun pushed her way through the cats and asked "Is every cat there? No one's missing?". Silence fell over the sodden group of cats as they looked around at their Clanmates praying to StarClan that no one was missing.

Suddenly a voice rose above the howling of the storm "My kits! Where are my kits?!" it was Berryflower. A little muffled squeak came from below Dewpaw and she looked down to see the cream colored ear tips of little Carpkit peeking out from under her belly fur. Dewpaw crouched down to give the small cats head a lick then she picked up the sodden scrap of fur to carry her back to Berryflower who covered her kit with furious licks while shooting Dewpaw a grateful glance.

"And the other two?" asked Featherfall, Dewpaws mentor, coming up to stand beside Berryflower, with a slight quiver in her voice. And in a flash Dewpaw remembered that Featherfall was the mother of the cute young warrior Pebblebrook and that she had lost a kit herself once. Berryflowers head shot up at once looking around the bunched up cats if someone else might also come to her with one of her kits clamped between their jaws. But they were just looking at her with helpless expressions. Berryflower flung her head back and yowled her pain into the night.

Then suddenly Cloudflight the big white senior warrior stepped forward to touch his nose to the queens head then he turned to Woodrun "We have to look for them. If they're out there they won't survive much longer think how small they are," he meowed, keeping his voice low and calm despite the tensing muscles in his body.

Slowly Dewpaw edged backwards this was warrior duty and she was still just an apprentice. Lionpaws pelt brushed hers as she slipped into her place beside her friend. "What do you think they'll do?" she asked the flame colored tabby. Lionpaw shook her head "I don't know," she admitted. "Woodrun would be crazy to send out search parties in this weather, but then these are kits were talking about not some foolish young apprentice."

Dewpaw nodded thoughtfully but was roused yet again from her thoughts by Elderstars voice "We have noticed that two kits, Sparrowkit and Mousekit, have gone missing. Has anyone seen them?". Slowly the cats shook their head and Dewpaws worry deepened.

Woodrun stepped up beside her leader and announced "We are going to send out search parties," while waiting for the surprised clamor to die down she exchanged a few words with Berryflower and went on "But only two, we can't afford sending out to many warriors."

While Woodrun named the cats going out to look for the missing kits Dewpaw wondered why they shouldn't send out so many warriors. They didn't have a camp to protect or any fresh-kill and for once neither ThunderClan nor WindClan were hostile so wouldn't it be smarter to send out more cats in search of the missing kits that would ensure the future of the Clan?

Next to her Lionpaw had begun to fidget. Dewpaw shot her friend a questioning glance and Lionpaw responded with a twice of her whiskers. "Oh no. Lionpaw that is not a good idea you know how much I hate being out at night." But Lionpaw was already bounding away towards Woodrun who was giving the last instructions to the search parties and Dewpaw didn't have anything left but to follow her over enthusiastic friend.

As she aproched she could hear Lionpaw telling Woodrun of her idea and Dewpaw couldn't help but notice that she looked like warrior, standing next to the deputy and offering an idea of her own. Then Lionpaw dipped her head low and turned back to Dewpaw, brushing past she meowed "I'll take the lead," and with a michievous glint in her eyes she led the way out of their temporary camp.

Outside the rain was pounding the earth sending up so much spray that it was almost blinding Dewpaw. "So what were Woodruns instructions?" she aksed, raising her voice above the howling of the wind. Lionpaw turned her head clearly proud of having her idea accepted by the clan deputy "She said that since we're not warriors it won't hurt to let us search as well and since she sent both warrior search parties downriver I thought we might go and have a look a bit farther upstream although I doubt that we'll find anything." Dewpaw nodded her agreement and together they raced off side by side their pelts brushing.

Soon they reached the river and slackened their pace only enough so that they could concentrate on listening and scenting and not their legs and still to big seeming paws. As they paced along the riverbank the only thing they could hear was the thrumming of the raindrops on the hard ground.

As concentrated as they both were they didn't notice how far they had come and that here the ground was much more uneven around the edge of the water. Lionpaw who was already almost full grown could easily balance herself without noticing but Dewpaw due to her big paws couldn't, so just like on every normal patrol she stumbled, first over the hole and then over her paws. As she regained her balance she stopped for a moment as she always did trying to remember that she did have control of her paws. And then she heard it the thin wailing of a kit.

Dewpaw raised her tail as a signal and she and Lionpaw, who had turned to look why Dewpaw had stumbled again, were standing perfectly still, praying to StarClan that the kits wouldn't stop calling for help. After a few moments the sound came again clearer this time because of the rain that had now subdued to a thin drizzle.

Lionpaw was already moving towards the sound wich was coming from a little way downstream were Sunningrocks lay, know only noticeable by the darker color of the water. In front of her Lionpaw stopped dead and Dewpaw had to stand on her hind legs a little to peer past her friend. In the churning water there was a tree lodged against the tops of two of the highest boulders and a nest had been swept against it. Between the carefully woven branches of the RiverClan nest the two missing kits were crouching wailing for help.

Dewpaw began to think fast, the tree didn't look stable enough to hold Dewpaw much less Lionpaw. But if the dislodged the tree from above and kept the kits from being swept downstream they could be able to save them.

Without saying a word she moved forward and collided with Lionpaw who obviously had had the same idea. Dewpaw looked into the blazing green eyes of her best friend and saw the twich of her ear, she nodded. Yes, it made sense that Dewpaw should be the one coming from downstream, since she was the smaller one she would have less to carry.

Moving forward once again, weaving around her friend who was making her way to a little rock a bit farther upstream Dewpaw stepped into the ice cold water not even thinking about the temperature she plunged in strongly paddling upstream to where the two kits were still clinging to the remains of the nest. When they saw her they started climbing over the rim of the nest, towards her. "Stay in there," she growled through gritted teeth.

Dewpaw could make out Lionpaws outline only heartbeats before she slammed into the tree with all the force of the strong current. The tree creaked and broke with an earspliting groan.

Immediately Lionpaw snatched up one of the kits by its scruff and was torn away by the current. The second kit, Sparrowkit, was plunged into the cold water. Dewpaw who had been ready dived after him.

Underwater she opened her eyes wide to make out significant outlines. She quickly made out the little brown kit by its flailing paws and paddled on the spot waiting for the current to carry the kit towards her. As Sparrowkit tore past she opened her mouth and grabbed him by the scruff heavier now by the weight of the sodden kit she paddled towards the surface. Her head broke through the waves and rain slashed at her face again.

For a few moments she turned not sure we're the bank was, until she felt wet but warm fur brush hers. She didn't need to look she knew that Lionpaw had somehow found her and was guiding her towards safety. With her last spark of strength she pushed towards the bank with Lionpaw beside her and together they splashed out of the shallows were they laid down they're burdens to gulp in the damp night air.

Dewpaw reached out her tail to lightly  touch Lionpaws shoulder and she purred. On that signal the two she-cats picked up the kits again and began their long trek home.

When they arrived at the bushes a guard was standing at the entrance to the small clearing. Watertails eyes streched wide when he saw them coming and vanished inside only to reappear heartbeats later with Elderstar.

The Clan leader nodded to them "Good, you're back. Featherfall and Thornlight were worrying about you." Dewpaw felt a glint of shame at the mention of her mentor because she had forgotten to tell the big dark grey cat where she was going. Led by Elderstar the bedraggled group entered the clearing and immediately Berryflower appeared a purr rising deep within her chest. Lionpaw and Dewpaw put down the kits who ran to their mother as soon as the tiny paws touched the ground.

Letting out a sigh of relief Dewpaw flopped down onto the ground and began to groom her mud cracked fur. With the reassuring warmth of Lionpaw next to her Dewpaw was already drifting off to sleep when Elderstars familiar call sounded through the small clearing "Let all cats old enough to swim gather here for a Clan Meeting."

Roused by the call the cats came padding out of their sleeping places forming a raged sircle around their leader. "Today we have lost our camp and two of our kits but just as our camp will be the kits were found and brought back to us thanks to these two apprentices," she gestured with her tail towards Lionpaw and Dewpaw who was bowing her head.

"And since they have shown great courage and loyalty I have chosen to name two new warriors today." Surprise rippled through Dewpaw as she realized what would come next. "Lionpaw Dewpaw come forward," Elderstar continued.

Looking through the thin branches of the bushes at the stars twinkling above, the leader of RiverClan began the ancient ceremony. "I, Elderstar, leader of RiverClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these two apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of you're noble code and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn," Elderstars voice rang out clear in the now quiet night.

"Lionpaw Dewpaw do you Promise to uphold the Warrior Code and to defend and protect this Clan even at the cost of you're lives?". Next to her Dewpaw could hear Lionpaws answer loud and clear "I do".

Dewpaw had tried not to think about ThunderClan but the way Elderstar had looked at her at the mention of the Clan had told a clear message as if she had said it out loud. I belive in you Dewpaw, but others might not, prove them wrong, show them that I was right to make you part of RiverClan.

Dewpaw took a deep breath and then letting all her emotions, her frustration at abondoning the camp, her relief of finding the kits, her friendship with Lionpaw, her will to prove the Clan that she was worth to be a RiverClan warrior and last but not least her love for Pebblebrook, flow into the two most meaningful words of her life she answered "I do".

Elderstar gave a tiny nod of approval and continued "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you you're warrior names," first turning to Lionpaw Elderstar started with the part of the ceremony wich had to be performed separately.

"Lionpaw from this moment onward you shall be known as Lionfire. StarClan honors you're strength and you're courage and we welcome you as a full warrior of RiverClan." Dewpaw couldn't help but wince, yes, the Clan would defenetly welcome Lionfire but would they also welcome a Half-Clan warrior?

Elderstar rested her muzzle on the new warriors head and Lionfire gave her leaders shoulder a respectful lick then stepped back into her new place amongst the warriors. Some welcoming purrs could be heard as Elderstar turned towards Dewpaw and contiued.

"Dewpaw from this moment onward you shall be known as," her leader took a deep breath and Dewpaw wondered if she was regretting her choice to make Dewpaw a full warrior, then she shook herself Elderstar was a fair and honorable cat and Dewpaw had done nothing wrong. "You shall be known," Elderstar repeated. "As Dewtail. StarClan honors you're swiftness and you're loyalty and we welcome you as a full warrior of RiverClan." Dewtail could hear some cats muttering at the mention of her loyalty but she didn't care. This was her moment and she wanted to releash it.

Elderstar came forward and rested her muzzle on Dewtails head who gave her shoulder a respectful lick. Then she stepped back next to Lionfire among the warriors and the cats around her yowled their names into the night air "Lionfire! Dewtail! Lionfire! Dewtail!".

Dewtail looked around at her Clan and was cought of guard by one gaze in particular. Before she new it Dewtail had lost herself among the ice blur depths of Pebblebrooks gaze.

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