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"Sssssilver...." A voice from the shadows spoke.

"What?" Silver had encountered this way to many times. 

"Come here...."


"I will show mysellllf if you do..."

Cautioulsly Silver padded forward. Each step brought pain. Then she realized, the pain wasn't her mind. In shock she turned around to see her pelt soaked in scarler blood.

"You have fallen in my trap Silver...." The voice whispered

"No!" Silver was weak and scared.

"Too late my little darling, too late, the army has rose...."

Purple eyes burned the night. Black cats were closing in on her. Each one was stained in blood.

"Too late...." It whispered again

Silver fell over crying. She looked closer at the black cats. Thier fur was matted with blood, and they made a moning sound. Green mist was emitted from them. One lunged at her; with saliva strung beetween thier rotten teeth.The biggest one prowled towards her.

"Time for you to die...."

Silver closed her eyes. Claws teared at her throught. She wheesed and grew still.

"She is dead, remember don't tell a single soul about this night..." The biggest one whispered, then scampered off.

Chapter 1

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