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The lost Prophecy




Wind Clan


Lakestar- Dark gray tom


Nightleap- Tortoiseshell black she cat

Apprentice: Oakpaw

Medicine Cat:

Redheart- Red she cat

Apprentice: Ivypaw


Blackclaw- A black tom

Apprentice: Snowpaw

Timbertail- Brown tom

Woodwhisker- Brown and white she cat

Apprentice: Mudpaw

Goldenwhisker- Gold tom

Leaftail- Light brown she cat

Apprentice: Moonpaw Spiderclaw- Black tom

Apprentice: Graypaw

Whitenose- Dark tom with white nose

Cedarclaw- Light brown tom

Apprentice: Windpaw

Tuliptail- Pure white she cat

Greeneye- Gray tom with green eyes

Rainpelt- Gray blue tom


Oakpaw- Dark tom

Ivypaw-Gray she cat with green eyes

Snowpaw-Bright white she cat

Mudpaw- Dark brown tom

Moonpaw -Silver she cat

Graypaw-Gray she cat

Windpaw- Blond tom


Rushingstream- Silver she cat

Mate: Lakestar

Pinenoes- White she cat with a pink noes

Mate: Timbertail


Halftail- Brown tom with half a tail

Dappleleap- Tortoiseshell black and white she cat

Goldeneye- Light she cat with golden eyes

Blueclaw- Gray blue tom, slightly mad


“You are doing great Rushingstream, your kits are almost here,” Redheart, WindClan’s medicine cat, told a she-cat struggling to give birth.

Rushingstream yowled and another ripple passed through her body. She bit down hard on the stick that lay in front of her. A large dark gray tom stood over her, clearly in pain at the sight of his mate.

“Redheart, is she going to be okay?” Lakestar meowed.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know, Lakestar. I have done all I can, but the kits and Rushingstream are in the paws of StarClan now.”

Lakestar’s eyes filled with distress. Lakestar gave Rushingstream, his beloved mate’s ear a swift lick and padded out of the den to go attend his duty as clan leader.

It was a cool morning in leaf-fall, three moons after WindClan’s previous leader, Moorstar, was killed by ShadowClan’s notorious leader, Darkstar, in battle. The clan was still grieving over the loss of the greatest leader Windclan had even seen and Lakestar could only hope he would live up to Moorstar and her ways.

Lakestar heard a faint moan from the medicine cat’s den and ran back in to check on his mate. He saw Rushingstream laying down licking a tiny scrap of fur. Relief filled his chest at the sight of his mate, alive and okay. Sadness pierced his heart as he saw two other tiny scraps of fur lying motionless in the moss and feathered nest that the queen laid in.

“I am sorry, Lakestar, I did all I could but the kits were to small and did not survive their kitting,” Redheart meowed. His voice was heavy with despair at the tiny lives lost.

“You did all you could Redheart, thank you,” Lakestar said as he lay down with his mate and tried to comfort her.

“What shall we call her?” Lakestar meowed, trying the best he could to give his mate the support she needed.

“Oh yes, a name,” Rushingstream whispered. “I like Fallenkit, to honor her sisters that had been lost.”

“Fallenkit, I like that,” Lakestar meowed. “I know she will someday be the best warrior in Windclan.”

Rushingstream lifted her head and licked his cheek, then went back to her only kit.

“Redheart come with me please," Lakestar meowed. He guided the medicine out of the nursery and over to the entrance of the camp.

“Yes, Lakestar?” Redheart asked as they followed a trodden path that led to a sheer cliff at the edge of the moor.

Suddenly, Redheart collapsed and dropped onto the ground. Lakestar ran to her side and tried to help her, but she lay unmoving.


He stared at her in distress.

Is she dead?

Suddenly Redheart twisted to face Lakestar, her eyes glowing as bright as a full moon.

“Redheart?” Lakestar meowed.

She did not reply, but just stared at him with unblinking eyes. Lakestar didn’t know what to do. Redheart shook again and spoke in a voice that was not her own

“The moor with be plagued by a whirling wind. It will demolish everything in its path, and there will be nothing left, but a fallen rose.”

Chapter 1

A small, sandy tabby she-cat dashed across the clearing towards a huge fresh kill pile that looked almost as tall as a mountain to a small kit.

“Wait up Fallenkit!” an orange she-cat called after the sandy she-cat.

“Hurry up Dawnkit!” Fallenkit screeched as she neared the pile.

A fresh vole sat at the bottom of the pile that the hunting patrol just bought back. Fallenkit tugged and tugged but the vole wouldn’t budge.

“Dawnkit, hurry up!” Fallenpaw squealed.

Dawnkit ran over and started tugging along with Fallenkit. They finally managed to tug it free, but the pile lurched and crashed down all around them.

“Its raining prey!” Fallenpaw screamed.

“We are buried alive!” Dawnkit exclaimed.

They dug their way out, thrusting their way through the vast amount of green-leaf prey.

“I got my vole,” Fallenkit said as she tugged a plump vole from the pile. “I'm going to show Rushingstream!”

She padded back over to the nursery where Rushingstream lay in the heather den that made up the nursery.

“Rushingstream, look what I got.” Fallenkit meowed.  

“Fallenkit, that's excellent, go show your father.” Rushingstream replied in a sullen voice.

“Oh....alright,” Fallenkit replied, crestfallen.

Fallenkit padded across the clearing towards the leader’s den that sat at the entrance to the den.

She dropped into the best hunting crouch she could and silently stalked through the tall grass that stood at the entrance to the leaders den. Fallenkit wanted to surprise him to show him her vole. She waited another second, then jumped through the grass and landed squarely on her fathers back just before he could smell the young kit.

Lakestar let out a screech of surprise and Fallenkit rolled off, laughing hysterically.

“I got you this time Lakestar, you didn’t even see me coming,” Fallenkit squealed with delight.

“You got me this time Fallenkit, I really didn't see you,” He replied, amusement glimmered in his eyes.

“Look what I got, my first prey!” Fallenkit squealed. “Now I can go to Clan meetings because I can catch my own prey!”

“Did you catch it, or did you take it form the pile?” Lakestar meowed.

"The second one," Fallenkit murmured.

“Go ahead, take your first bite,” Lakestar reassured her.

“Have the elders and queens eaten yet?” Fallenkit asked.

“Yes, I think they have so, go ahead,” he reassured her.

Fallenkit took her first bite and smiled as the delicious taste flooded her mouth. She quickly finished it in a few gulps, said a short farewell to her father, then padded out of the den.

The sun began to set over the vast, endless hills of the moor. In three more moons Fallenkit would be made an apprentice and then a warrior.

She called to her friend Dawnkit to play rabbit chase.

“You can’t get me, Fallenkit!” Dawnkit sneered as she bolted up the  heather path and into a large clump of ferns.

Fallenkit dropped into a crouch and followed Dawnkit’s scent into the fern clump.

“I will find you, Dawnkit!” Fallenpaw promised. “Whatever you do, you can’t escape the power of Fallenkit!”

Fallenkit saw a faint flicker of movement in the densest clump, and she steadily worked her way towards Dawnkit. She waggled her haunches and sprung, landing squarely on Dawnkit’s shoulders and knocked her to the ground.

Dawnkit let out a squeak of surprise as she was thrown down onto the hard, sandy ground.

“Okay, okay Fallenkit you got me. Now get off,” Dawnkit said as she heaved and tried to throw Fallenkit off.

She clambered onto her paws and gave Fallenkit a gentle shove, then ran out of the ferns.

Fallenkit sprung out after Dawnkit, but a sharp thorn snagged her scruff and threw her back. Blood welled from the cut as Fallenkit screeched and tried again to escape. But the ferns shifted and trapped her inside.

“Help!” Fallenkit wailed.

But no one heard her plea. The ferns must have been to dense for her wail to travel through.

Will I be here all night?

Fallenkit wailed again as Leaftai, a light brown she-cat, walked by and turned to face her.

“Lakestar,” Leaftail called.

“Yes, Leaftail?” Lakestar meowed as he padded over towards the warrior.

“We have a little situation,” he replied.

“Oh, Fallenkit.”

“Help,” she replied sheepishly.

Lakestar turned and padded over and grabbed a huge clump of ferns in his jaws and tugged. The ferns broke in his huge grasp and Fallenkit raced out.

The fresh air felt good on her pelt as she burst from the ferns. She watched as the sun melted over the ridge of the camp.

Fallenkit scampered back to the nursery where Rushingstream lay waiting.

“Hi, mama,” Fallenkit squeaked.

Rushingstream didn’t reply, instead she just stared blankly at the wall. Fallenkit padded towards her, crestfallen that her mother didn’t even say hello or showed any concern about where she was all day.

Fallenkit curled up and waited for sleep to take her.

Chapter 2

At sunrise Fallenkit and Dawnkit went to watch the dawn patrol the hunting patrol leave on their usual morning routine.

“I wish I could go with them.” Dawnkit meowed.

“Me too,” Fallenkit whispered.

Tonight was the night of the gathering and it seemed it was all the older cats could talk about. Windpaw and Graypaw boasted near by.

“I hope we meet some other Clan cats and find their weaknesses so that we can rip their pelts off!” Graypaw commented.

“Me too,” Windpaw agreed.

Lakestar emerged from the mouth of his den and stalked towards the two young apprentices. He gave them both a swift cuff in the ear with his powerful front paws.

“Tonight is a time of peace, you two fur balls," the leader growled. "Unless you get your act together, there will be no more gathering for you until you are warriors.”

The two apprentices shrunk back at his harsh words and shook their heads vigorously. Lakestar dismissed them with a flick of his tail and stocked back towards his den, turing and winking at Fallenkit on his way back in.

Fallenkit watched him enter his den and meet up with Nightleap. They launched into deep conversation as they disappeared into the mouth of the den.

"What do you think they are talking about?" Dawnkit mused.

"I have no idea," Fallenkit responded.

"Probably just boring leader stuff."

"Well, I find it pretty interesting, Dawnpaw."

"Ok, geez Fallenpaw, just because you are the leader's kit doesn't mean that you have to boss everybody around."

"Okay, okay, calm down, I was just saying," Fallenpaw called after Dawnpaw as she stormed off.

Fallenpaw frowned and padded off to converse with the older cats.

"Hey Ivypaw!" Fallenkit called after the grey she-cat headed towards the clump of apprentices near by. "Ivypaw, wait up!" Ivypaw did not even turn around.

"Ivypaww," Fallenkit chimed. Ivypaw spun around to face the kit.

"Geeze Fallenkit get some friends, you think you are so great just because you are Lakestar's daughter." Ivypaw sneered as she spun around and raced to the group of apprentices.

Fallenkit was very taken back by Ivypaw's sharp retort. Why does everybody think of me as some snotty little stuck up kit. Thats not who I am! She slowly padded past the group of apprentices. They all eyed her maliciously as if she was infested with maggots. She trod off towards they prey pile to grab a juicy looking vole from the bottom. Soon I will be an apprentice, then no cat can tell me i'm snotty. She sank down resolutely and tore off a large chink and chewed. She continued to eat until it was no more thank bones. A large group of warriors and apprentices grouped near the front entrance of the camp, awaiting Lakestar to continue on towards the gathering. Fallenkit watched them go, yearning to go with them.

"Don't worry Fallenkit, you will be able to go soon enough."

Fallenkit spun around to face the speaker but no cat was there. Thats strange. She though, I swear there was someone there. Resolute it was just her imagination, Fallenkit turned and raced across camp to where Dawnkit was sitting.

"Don't you wish we could go with them Fallenkit? Like real members of the clan and not some dumb kits." Dawnkit meowed. Fallenkit was happy to see Dawnkit was over her agression towards her

"Yeah I do. Sometimes I feel like I don't even feel like I fit in with my own clan mates." Fallenkit complained. Dawnkit just sat there and watched the the clump of cats faded away into the orange evening sun.

Chapter 3

Rushingstream furiously groomed Fallenkit until her fur was perfectly styled. Fallenpaw whimpered and tried to wiggle away from her mother's fierce tung but couldn't.

"Rushingstream, your going to lick all of my fur right off!" Fallenkit complained.

"Stay still so I can get this twig out," Rushingstream commanded. Fallenkit slumped down in defeat as her mother user get teeth and began to tug at the twig matted into Fallenkit's sandy fur. She regretted wondering out of camp that morning with Dawnkit but she was so eager for adventure she couldn't help herself.

"Okay I'm done," Rushingstream meowed.

"About time!" Fallenkit complained.

"Stand up and let me see." Fallenkit slowly stood and stretched luxuriously with her long legs.

"You look great Fallenkit, now go out there and make Lakestar and I proud." Really? After you ignored me my whole kithood this make you proud? Fallenkit fumed and marched out of the nursery, head held high. She walked passed Ivysnout and her friend Greyfur, both newly made warriors. All cats of the clans were gathered to witness Dawnkit and Fallenkit's apprentice ceremony. The two young cats confidentially padded up to the high stump where Lakestar awaited them. Fallenkit leapt gracefully onto the stump while Dawnkit struggled with her short legs. Lakestar called the clan to order and began.

"Dawnkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Dawnpaw. Your mentor will be Timbertail. I hope Timbertail will pass down all he knows on to you. Timbertail, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Tuliptail, and you have shown yourself to be brave and loyal to Windclan. You will be the mentor of Dawnpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her." Dawnpaw touched noses with Timbertail then with Lakestar. The can called out her new name over and over. Dawnpaw looked like she was ready to burst with pride. Fallenkit nervously shuffled her feet. What if I am stuck with a mean mentor? Lakestar turned to his only daughter and begun.

"Fallenkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Fallenpaw. Your mentor will be Goldenwhisker." Fallenkit let out a sigh of relief. Goldenwhisker was a great warrior and was usually a very nice cat. He seemed to be the only warrior who actually cared about her.

"I hope Goldenwhisker will pass down all he knows on to you." Lakestar turned to face the golden tom. "Goldenwhisker, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Whitenose, and you have shown yourself to be smart and a strong and loyal warrior to Windclan. You will be the mentor of Fallenpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her."

"I promise I will Lakestar." Goldenwhisker meowed. Fallenpaw touched noses with Goldenwhisker then headed towards her father. He bent down to touch noses with her.

"I expect great things from you, Fallenpaw," Lakestar whispered in his daughter's ear.

"Thank you Lakestar," she replied. Fallenpaw turned to face the rest of her clan.

"Fallenpaw, Fallenpaw, Fallenpaw! Dawnpaw, Dawnpaw, Dawnpaw!" The cats of the clan cheered. Fallenkit caught Rushingstream's eye. Was that pride she saw flicker in her eyes? Both apprentices leapt down from the stump to greet the clan and talk to their mentors.

"Fallenpaw! Congradulations!" Called Ivysnout. Fallenpaw mumbled her reply. She was still mad at Ivysnout for what she said. I can't hold a grudge forever though, Fallenpaw thought.

"Fallenpaw, can you believe it! We are apprentices now!" Screeched Dawnpaw as she playfully attacked Fallenpaw.

"I know!" Fallenpaw replied, trying to shove Dawnpaw off of her,"It is going to be so much fun!"

Chapter 4

     Fallenpaw awoke to find her mentor, Goldenwhisker, staring at her.

“Come on you lazy fox dung, lets get moving,” he meowed.

Quickly Fallenpaw hopped up, remembering that today was her first day as an apprentice.

Will we find anything interesting while exploring?

Fallenpaw padded behind her mentor until they came to the edge of the camp. Fallenpaw saw Ceaderclaw, his apprentice Windpaw, Pinknose, and Timbertail awaiting her and her mentor.

"Fallenpaw, today we are going on border patrol. This is a great way for you to get to know the Windclan territory." Goldenwhisker lectured. Suddenly, Blueclaw, an elder, strolled out of the elders den and said, “Hello, badgers! Can I have a ride?” His tongue lolled out of his mouth. (This was added by blazey)

Timbertail hurried over and nudged the elder out of the way.

“Fallenpaw, as you know Blueclaw is growing mental in his old age. He occasionally does this but don't mind him.”

“Oh, I know that by now Timbertail,” she replied as they padded out of the clearing and into the thing heather at the edge of camp.

Fallenpaw smelled the scent of the Moorland and prey all around. Her stomach growled as she remembered that she hadn’t eaten yet that morning.

“Can’t we get fresh kill now?”  Fallenpaw groaned.

“We will stop and hunt after we check the Shadowclan border.” Goldenwhisker meowed.

As they padded through the moorland, Fallenpaw saw the mass of tall trees that started Shadowclan’s territory. She wondered what it would be like to be in any other clan besides Windclan. I could not imagine myself in any other clan besides Windclan, she thought silently to herself. Suddenly a high-pitched wail came from somewhere in the tall grass just up ahead.

Fallenpaw sprinted towards the yowl that she recognized as Snowpaw's, a fellow apprentice who was on patrol. Snowpaw's mentor, Blacktail, was back in camp helping Lakestar so he sent her out under the care of the young warrior Timbertail. As Fallenpaw rushed through the tall grass she came to find Snowpaw rooted to the spot. A huge for was standing above her, about to strike.

“Run, Snowpaw, don’t just stand there!” Fallenpaw screeched as the fox lunged at Snowpaw.

Snowpaw was flung to the side under the fox's hefty blow and landed with a sickening thud on a log near the Shadowclan border. Fallenpaw jumped on top of the stump, watching as the patrol filed into the grass, clawing furiously at the fox. Fallenpaw wanted to join the fight, but she had no battle training she had to check on Snowpaw.

“Snowpaw, are you alright?” Fallenpaw meowed.

“I-I think my paw is broken.” Snowpaw rasped. Fallenpaw thought she was right. Her right hind paw hung at an awkward angle. Fallenpaw tried to examine the scratches her fellow apprentice had received. She was no medicine cat but none of the scratches looked to deep.

“Don’t worry Snowpaw,” Fallenpaw meowed soothingly, trying to not let the panic rise in her voice. “Redheart will fix you up.”

Fallenpaw lifted Snowpaw onto her back. "Somebody help!" Fallenpaw yowled as she trudged across the grassy field, trying to keep Snowpaw's injured leg from being dragged across the had, rocky ground. Goldenwhisker turned to see his apprentice carrying the limp form of Snowpaw across the clearing.

"Ceaderclaw, Windpaw, Pinknose. Track down the fox and made sure you chase it out of the territory. Timbertail, come help me get Snowpaw back to camp." Goldenwhisker yowled. With all of the excitement happening, Fallenpaw didn't even realize that her clanmates had driven the fox away. Goldenwhisker and Timbertail rand to help Fallenpaw lift Snowpaw out of the clearing and they began the long hike back to camp.

Chapter 5

“Hey Snowpaw, how are you feeling?” Fallenpaw meowed as she padded into the medicine cats den. The strong scent of herbs filled the small heather and bramble laced den. Fallenpaw peered around to see the white body of Snowpaw curled up in a heather nest lined with feathers. She small pile of white fur shifted to reveal Snowpaw. Her front leg was in a cast made from twigs held together with strands of long grass.

“Better, thanks Fallenpaw.” Snowpaw whispered. Her meow cracked with pain. Fallenpaw padded up to lay next to her friend. Snowpaw's long, soft white fur tickled her nose and Fallenpaw plopped down to give her friend some company. Will she ever become a warrior if this doesn’t heal? Fallenpaw shook away that awful thoughtaway. She rose to her feet as Snowpaw's breathing started to regulate indicating she was asleep. Fallenpaw padded out of the crowded den and shook out her sandy fur. Her belly rumbled with hunger. Fallenpaw picked a plump rabbit out of the fresh kill pile and went to a shaded area in the corner of the camp. Fallenpaw began to dig in to the rabbit.

"Fallenpaw, do you mind if I share that with you?" Rushingstream asked.

“Hi, Rushingstream. Sure you can, ” Fallenpaw meowed as Rushingstream plopped down next to her. Rushingstream took a huge chunk out of the rabbit and started chewing very loudly. Suddenly Fallenpaw wasn't so hungry anymore.

“Oh, Fallenpaw. How is Snowpaw doing?” Rushingstream meowed.

“She's getting better, but her leg is broken so it might be a while until she is back up on her feet. But her spirits are high so she will heal up fast.” Fallenpaw explained not really in the mood to discuss this with her mother.

“Oh no! I hope she gets better soon. Be safe though Fallenpaw. With that fox around I don't want you wandering around outside alone.” Since when did you start caring about me?

“Yes mother, I will be.” Fallenpaw meowed sarcastically. Fallenpaw heaved herself up to go ask Goldenwhisker when her training session would start. Today was hunting training with Dawnpaw and Timbertail. Fallenpaw saw Dawnpaw's bright orange fur disappear into the apprentice's den. Fallenpaw sprinted after her.

Suddenly, Blueclaw leapt out from behind a random bush and screamed “You dirty fox heart, leave my Clan at once!” Blueclaw yowled.

“Blueclaw….” Fallenpaw meowed, “lets get you back to the elders den.”

Blueclaw went limp in Fallenpaw’s teeth as she dragged him back to the elders den. She dragged his limp form to the entrance and plopped him down. He will be comfortable in the sun, she though.

"Fallenpaw!" Fallenpaw spun around to find Goldenwhisker standing at the camp entrance with Timbertail and Dawnpaw. "Lets go!" Fallenpaw glanced behind her back to make sure Blueclaw was okay. She saw is grey chest rise and fall and a faint snoring emerged from the form of his head.

"Coming!" Fallenpaw yelled as she saw her mentor's tail disappear behind the heather entrance.

Chapter 6

As Fallenpaw and Goldenwhisker padded deep into the tall grass where the best hunting trails were, Fallenpaw couldn’t help but look around for any potential dangers lurking in the swaying long grass of the moor. Ever since the encounter with the fox Fallenpaw a a little bit jumpy. She jumped when she heard sounds in the tall grass, but realized it was just Timbertail and Dawnpaw practicing stalking through the grass trails.

"Hello Timbertail!" Goldenwhisker meowed to his friend.

"Goldenwhisker, hi! Dawnpaw and I were just practicing some stalking skills." Timbertail replied.

"Would you guys like to race with us to practice Dawnpaw and Fallenpaw's speed?" Goldenwhisker asked

"Sure! We would love to!" Timbertail replied.

"Alright Fallenpaw and Dawnpaw come over here." Goldenwhisker summoned. Fallenpaw and Dawnpaw fell into step behind Goldenwhisker while Timbetail brought up the rear.

"Okay you two, line up here. The track loops around a big willow tree. The first one back gets first pick on the fresh kill pile tonight." Goldenwhisker instructed.

"Alright Fallenpaw, you ready to loose?" Dawnpaw taunted.

"You wish." Fallenpaw retorted. Fallenpaw placed her paws in the best ready position she knew. Blood pounded in her ears. Her competitive spirit began to show. She let out a quiet snort as Goldenwhisker got ready to give the starting signal. Fallenpaw herd his yowl and she bunched her muscles and sprang onto the track. Dawnpaw was already off but Fallenpaw knew she could catch up with a special tactic Goldenwhisker taught her that is good for catching prey. Her breath came slowly but her heart beat fast. She stretched her front paws out far as they beat down one after another perfectly. She drew her legs in quickly and stretched her front paws out for another fast stride. She worked her muscled to the maximum trying to make the most of each long stride. I have to win this race! The willow tree loomed just ahead. Now is my chance! Fallenpaw thought. She quickly moved to the outside of Dawnpaw. Fallenpaw began to round the corner and gave a huge burst of speed to pull in front of Dawnpaw. She began to merge right in front her to cut Dawnpaw off. This move confused Dawnpaw so she began to slow to avoid crashing into her friend. Fallenpaw shot a smirk behind her shoulder at her friend. She pushed harder across the sandy ground and streaked back to the apprentice's mentors who awaited the winner. Fallenpaw screched in victory as she leapt over the finish line for her grand winning. Dawnpaw skidded across the finish line, panting. As Fallenpaw landed, her leg crumpled under her causing her to crash, muzzle first, into the hard, sandy earth.

"Ouch!" Fallenpaw cried. Laughter exploded from behind her as the warriors watched her fall. "This isn't funny!" Fallenpaw cried in a more bratty tone then she meant to.

"It was a little," Dawnpaw giggled. Fallenpaw shot her a menacing glare and snarled at the older cats.

"Okay Im done with this humiliation so I win and now Im getting food," Fallenpaw stuck her nose in the air proudly and strutted back through the heather towards the camp.

"Is there anything else ever on your mind besides food?" Goldenwhisker teased.

"Nope," Fallenpaw replied without any shame. She hear chuckles behind her as she led them back on the path towards camp.

Chapter 7

Yawning, Fallenpaw slowly stood up out of her warm, heather nest. A soft leaf-fall breeze fluttered through the apprentices den as soft rays of morning light shown through the heather den. Fallenpaw skirted around all of the sleeping apprentices and stepped out into camp. A cool breeze ruffled her fur as she stuck her head out to the sky in a long, luxurious stretch. The warm scent of heather and warm fresh kill flooded her senses.

"Morning Fallenpaw!" Goldenwhisker called from across camp where he was sharing a plump rabbit with Woodwhisker.

"Morning Goldenwhisker! Seems you are getting pretty close with Woodwhisker." Fallenpaw joked as Goldenwhisker neared, making sure Woodwhisker wouldn't hear.

"Haha your very funny Fallenpaw. Just for that we have extra battle training today." Fallenpaw groaned. She hated battle training, she was no good at it. "Thats what you get." Goldenwhisker teased. He definitely knew Fallenpaw hated battle training.

"Yeah well, I was just making an observation." Fallenpaw meowed. Goldenwhisker snorted and left to go finish his rabbit. Her stomach growled so Fallenpaw quickly padded towards the fresh kill pile to get her pick of prey the dawn patrol had just brought in. A juicy mouse caught her attention. Just a light snack before training, she thought. Her mouth watered as she picked up the warm body of the mouse. It was still fully in tact, showing great skill to the cat who caught it. Fallenpaw plopped its form down and slid to lay down next to it. She took a huge mouthful, barely bothering to chew before she swallowed. Her belly warmed at the satisfying meat of the mouse settled in. She felt her muzzle being coated with the mouse's blood and swiped her rough tung around her nose and jowls. Her stomach was satisfied so she picked up the skeleton of the mouse and padded across camp to barry it in a grouse of thick heather.

"Fallenpaw, time to leave," Goldenwhisker yelled from the heather entrance. He touched noses with Woodwhisker and padded out, flicking his tail to signal Fallenpaw to follow. The wind blew hard against Fallenpaw's face as she flattened her ears. The sound of the harsh wind whirred in her ears. There was no better feeling in the world.

"Fallenpaw!" Fallenpaw was barely able to hear her mentor as her called out to her. She quickly snapped out of her day dream and followed down the hill camp was on. Together, they both silently broke into a run, streaking down the moor. Panting, they both stopped in a small clearing surrounded by soft heather. The scent of fresh, wild lavender seemed to fill the clearing. This was the best place for rabbits. They enjoyed munching on the lavender that grew around and other grains that naturally grew around the area. The scent of rabbit wafted slightly into Fallenpaw's acute tracking nose. She wasn't sure if it was a hare so she sniffed again. This time, there was a defined scent of rabbit lingering in the air. Fallenpaw trotted along the scent path. Slightly fresh, she thought to herself. Must still be lingering around the area. Now, the faint scent grew stronger where the wind had not yet been able to blow more of it away.

"Fallenpaw don't you dare go chasing after any rabbits, its battle training today." Fallenpaw ignored her mentor and continued to track down the prey. Small stands of tall grasses swayed gently at the wind, causing ripples to be sent across the hilly ground. Smaller strand of slick grass shook and Fallenpaw caught sight of a brown creature nestled in them. The hare! She slowly crept up on it, trying to keep the element of surprise with her. A small stick seemed to appear out of no where and made a dull crunch under Fallenpaw's pad. The rabbit stood alert to the noise, and Fallenpaw knew the element of surprise had been lost. She cursed silently to herself then sprang into action.

The rabbit seemed to foreshadow this and sprinted away. Fallenpaw was faster though. She sprang swiftly after it, paws coming down hard on the sandy ground. Never-less Fallenpaw streaked after it, gaining lost ground fast. Her body stretched to its full extent then retracting agin as she raced towards the rabbit. Her paws seemed to barely touch the ground as she streaking after the creature. Her heart beat fast with the thrum of her paws and the thrill of the chase. there was no better feeling to a Windclan warrior then the hard breeze of the moor and the wild running of a rabbit chase. Windclan cats were built to endure long distances at great speeds. However, Fallenpaw was sprinting and sprinting hard which could cause her to become tired more quickly. Hills seemed to rise from under Fallenpaw as she continued the chase, her paws making no fault to ruin her stride. Soon, the distance between the apprentice and the rabbit seemed nonexistent. But Fallenpaw was growing tired snd she sensed the rabbit was too. It was time to make her final pounce. She leapt with all of her might, coming down with full force square on the rabbits shoulders.

"Haha I got you now!" Fallenpaw panted. She bit hard on the rabbits neck and felt it go limp in her jaws. The scent of fresh blood poured into her nostrils. Another scent mingled in there too, a cat. Not a clan cat she knew. The scent smelled like Twolegs. A kittypet, she thought. What is he doing here? She followed the trail for a while. It seemed to stop and branch off but always came back. What is this cat doing? Then she froze.

Fresh blood stained the grass around her. She was mortified. What happened to the kittypet? She went up and sniffed at the blood. She sighed, just blood of a vole made from a vey messy catch. She silently thanked Starclan for not making her deal with a dead or injured kittypet on her territory. She followed the trail a bit longer, than saw flashed of a dark brown pelt flashing through openings in the tall grass. The cat seemed to be a bit older than Fallenpaw's age. A lot younger than her father but seemed that he could be an elder's kit. And she saw him munching on a vole. How dare he eat my clan’s prey! I will just have to teach him a lesson that he won’t soon forget. Anger flared in her chest. Ignorant furball, how dare he take what it rightfully my clans! She was about to blindly charge through and teach this cat a lesson but she figured it would probably be better to make a plan first. She decided she would sneak behind him then pounce from the back. Cautiously snaking through the tall grass, Fallenpaw was very careful where she placed her paws to ensure that she made no noise. She neared her attacking spot. Lowering her front paws, she let her tail flick once or twice to see which direction the wind was coming from. The young cat was still oblivious to her approach. Waiting a second or two longer, she pounces.

“What are you doing, fox dung! This is Windclan’s territory!” Fallenpaw hissed as she bowled the young cat over.

“What! Who's Windclan? Who are you? Please don’t kill me! I just need to find my Twolegs,” the young cat shrieked, fear scent coming off of him in waves.

"Don't pretend that you don't know, ShadowClan spy!" Fallenpaw yowled as swiped at the cat. The grass in front of fallen paw quivered as Goldenwhisker leapt through, teeth bared.

“Good job Fallenpaw! you caught this intruder.” Goldenwhisker looked at the new cat and hissed ferouciously at him, “Who are you? What Clan do you come from? Shadowclan? Speak up!”

“No, no,” the intruder pleaded, “I just want to find my way back to my Twolegs!”

“Oh, so a kittypet. Why do you have our prey?”

“Well I was hungry, so I thought 'What ever cat lives here, they have to have enough prey',” the cat whispered.

“Enough prey? Ha! Leaf-bare is almost upon us and you think we could spare a few voles here and there. The Clan needs food. We have cats that need fresh-kill to survive, so, no, we don’t have enough fresh kill for everyone. Now leave this place before I make you!” Goldenwhisker threatened. The kittypet heaved himself up and began to exit the clearing slowly, tail between his legs. Goldenwhisker hissed after him and the cat jumped in fright.

“Goldenwhisker, he was lost, we should have helped him find his Twolegs. Who knows how long he has been looking and me might die out here.” Fallenpaw whispered. She didn't like the experience with the kittypet but she knew it was wrong to let him wander around and eventually get himself killed. And he might steal more of their prey.

“Oh, you are right Fallenpaw. We should invite him back to camp to rest,” Goldenwhisker meowed in agreement. “Go and fetch him and bring him back, I will continue hunting.”

“Yes Goldenwhisker.” Fallenpaw meowed as she scented the air for signs of which direction the young cat went in.

“Wait!” Fallenpaw called after the tom. “Sorry to frighten you, Goldenwhisker is just stressed,” the tom just snorted. "DO you want to come back to our camp?" Fallenpaw called after him.

“Fine. But only for a short while,” the cat meowed. The kittypet turned and sluggishly walked by Fallenpaw's side.

“What is your name, kittypet?” Fallenpaw asked.

“It's Cola,” The cat answered.

"Cola, huh thats a strange name," Fallenpaw commented.

"Un, thanks I think." The two cats padded away into the tall grass that lead back to camp. Fallenpaw wondered how the clan would react to a kittypet. We couldn't just leave him out there all alone, Fallenpaw thought as they neared the camp entrance.

Chapter 8

"Here we are! Home sweet home!" Fallenpaw meowed. As they padded into the clearing, Cola gasped.

“I have never seen so many cats in one place,” he meowed. “Is this your home?”

“Yes, it is.” Fallenpaw summoned Cola with a flick of her tail toward Lakestar’s den. Many of her clan mate's heads turned to see the newcomer. Some even hissed at Cola. The young tom seemed very much at edge. The elders and senior warriors that were left in camp seemed especially hostile. As they entered, the lichen curtain swished making a soft jingling sound. Fallenpaw saw her father laying in his nest curled up in a tight ball with his tail over his nose.

“Father,” Fallenpaw whispered, “this is Cola." Her father stirred and slowly sat up right. "He is a lost kittypet Goldenwhisker and I found while we were out hunting. Is it all right if he stays for a while?” Lakestar hissed at the sight of the tom.

"Swiftpaw!" Lakestar growled at Cola.

"Excuse me?" Cola asked. He seemed just as confused as Fallenpaw.

"Um father, this is Cola not Swiftpaw."

“Fallenpaw, please leave us now,” Lakestar meowed in a stern voice. Cola seemed very frightened, his hackles were raised and his eyes filled with terror. Fallenpaw knew it was pointless to argue with her father so she submissively padded out of his den. Her tail dragged across the hard ground in her father's den as she left. As Fallenpaw padded out of the den she wondered why her father seemed so angry. She had never seen her father act like this to another cat. He was usually kind and welcoming to kittypets and lost cats wandering aimlessly through their territory. Who is Swiftpaw? And why did Lakestar think Cola was Swiftpaw? When Fallenpaw was in her father's den, a large crowd had gathered around.

"Fallenpaw, why did you bring that treacherous cat here?" Asked Dappleleap, an elder.

"Yeah," chimed in Halftail.

"He was lost and just wandering around our territory, I couldn't just leave a poor kittypet to die out there on his own. We aren't savages you know." Fallenpaw snarled at the two elders.

"Kittypet!" Dappleleap wailed. "Fallenpaw, I don't know what that cat has told you, but he is no kittypet."

"Yes he is, his name is Cola." Fallenpaw meowed indignantly. She knew the conversation was over and busted past the two elders and towards the apprentices den to wait until cola was done in Lakestar's den.

When Cola emerged, he looked gaunt and scarred. What did her father do?

"Hey Cola!" Fallenpaw called. Cola turned to look at her and Fallenpaw began to walk over there. As she did, Cola's eyes widened and he bolted through the heather entrance. The long strands of heather swayed as he pelted past at full speed. Fallenpaw hared after him calling his name.

"Cola, wait!" Fallenpaw called as she busted through the entrance. But the young tom was no where in sight. Fallenpaw knew there was no se giving chase and reluctantly padded back into camp. The elders and senior warriors were in deep conversation, huddled up, gossiping about something that was inaudible to Fallenpaw.

She quickly padded into her father’s den and demanded, “Father what did you do?”

“What I had to, Fallenpaw.” Lakestar answered, not even turning his head to face her.

“But he seems like a nice cat, father! Why was he so scared? Why did you chase him off?”

“Fallenpaw it's a long story,” Lakestar meowed, settling back into his nest.

“I have time.” Fallenpaw said, lying down beside her father. He grunted as she squeezed in next to him. The nest was soft and warm. The fathers and soft strands of heather tickled her nose as she plopped her head don on her front paws.

“Alright, Fallenpaw." Lakestar sighed and began. "It started many moons ago, when I was first appointed deputy. Cola was a fine apprentice named Swiftpaw, our fastest apprentice yet. He wanted to be ranked high in the clan more than anything, which I thought meant he was going to be a great warrior some day. He started to become close to me, like a son, But when I was appointed, he just wanted to get close to me so that when I was leader, he would become deputy and then eventually leader. He took one of Moorstar’s lives to try and make me leader. I found Swiftpaw in Moorstar’s den with blood on his claws and Moorstar lying next to him. I thought he took Moorstar’s last life, so I attacked him. Swiftpaw was an excellent fighter along with his hunting skills and was almost a warrior at that time so he knew all the moves. But as he realized that was a battle he couldn't manage to win, he ran away. Faster than anything I have ever seen. I couldn't catch him, so I thought he would die from all the blood he lost when I attacked him. But apparently he found a Twoleg to care for him, and he was never seen again until today. He asked for my forgiveness, but I said no, for I could no longer trust him. He said something about joining Shadowclan, so be careful of him. He is very young but nasty. If you ever see him again, come and find me as soon as possible.” Fallenpaw was shocked by her fathers story. I can't believe I trusted him!

“Yes, father.” Fallenpaw finally managed to mutter. Her voice was barely a croak. Her mouth felt dry as a desert. "I'm so sorry I brought him here." Fallenpaw felt shame flood into her face.

"Hey Fallenpaw, its okay. You had no idea, you just wanted to help." Her father gently nuzzled her shoulder.

No one ever mentioned Cola before. Maybe he was so bad cats wouldn’t dare speak of him.

But why did he want forgiveness if he knew that what he did was that awful?

Chapter 9

Fallenpaw padded out of the apprentices’ den into the cool morning air. Prey scent was heavy in the air.

Just then, Blueclaw suddenly popped out of a bush and yelled, “Fallenpaw! I have had the worst dream ever.”

“What is it, Blueclaw?” Fallenpaw gasped.

“I saw a squirrel in my nest! And then I grew wings! Do you think it's an omen?”

   “No Blueclaw, I don’t think it is an omen,” Fallenpaw meowed, a bit confused. “It's just a strange dream. Go back and get some more rest.”

    “You young cats always bossing us around,” Blueclaw growled as he lumbered back to the elders den.     

What is it with him? Fallenpaw pondered.

   “Fallenpaw, lets go,” Goldenwhisker meowed.

    “Okay. I will be right there,” Fallenpaw mewed as she padded away.

    As she emerged into the open moor the wind buffeted her face. There was nothing better than the moor with the long grass beneath her pads.     

How do the other Clans live in the forest? They never experience the wonderful feeling of the moor.

    Fallenpaw raced after Goldenwhisker as he headed towards the rabbit holes to train. Fallenpaw came to a sudden halt right behind Goldenwhisker, who had stopped dead in his tracks.

    “Shadowclan!” he screeched. “Get back to camp right now!”

    He sprinted away. Fallenpaw raced after him. Her first battle! Her heart pounded in her chest. She was ready to protect her Clan at all costs.

    As she burst into camp, she was horrified to find her clan mates wrapped in battle with the fattest warriors she had ever seen. She yowled and flung herself at a dark brown tabby tom who was attacking Rushingstream.

    “Get off of her!” Fallenpaw yowled as she dug her claws into the warriors shoulder and tried to shake him off. He tossed her aside as if she was a mouse, then turned and bared his teeth at her.

    “WindClan apprentices,” he spat as he lunged at her.

    She yowled as he clamped his teeth around her tail. He reared back and landed squarely on her shoulders, digging his claws into them.

    Fallenpaw panicked and tried to throw him off, but she couldn’t.

    Her vision started to blur and her world started to spin.

    Just then she faintly saw Rushingstream attack the tom, and Goldenwhisker bit the tom's neck.

    The tom let out a yowl, then went limp in Goldenwhisker’s grasp.

    The world started to go dark. Then Fallenpaw blacked out.

Chapter 10

“Greetings Fallenpaw,” a strange voice sounded behind her as she struggled to her feet.

She spun around to face the voice and she saw a strange starry she-cat.

    “Do not be afraid, Fallenpaw,” the cat meowed. “I am Leaftail, your mother's sister.”

    “Am I in Starclan?” Fallenpaw whimpered.

    “No, young one,” Leaftail meowed.

    “Then why are you here? I thought you were killed in the battle with Riverclan,” Fallenpaw meowed.

    “I was,” Leaftail meowed, her voice full of grief. “But I promised my sister that when I died, I would protect her kits. Now I am honoring that promise to her.

    "It is not your time to die, little one, so I will send you back to your Clan.”

    “Thank you, Leaftail,” Fallenpaw meowed.

    “Tell Rushingstream I miss her so much.”

    “I will,” Fallenpaw meowed as she drifted off to sleep.

    “Fallenpaw!” Fallenpaw heard her mother’s desperate meow.

    “Come back to me, please!”

    “What?” Fallenpaw meowed as she awoke.

    “Oh, thank StarClan!” Rushingstream meowed as Fallenpaw raised her head.

    Rushingstream bounded to her side and started to lick her vigorously.

"Rushingstream, when can I leave?" Fallenpaw meowed.

"Don't worry, Fallenpaw. You will be out as soon as you can say 'chasing a hare across the moor'," Rushingstream meowed, her voice full of love.

But it didn't make Fallenpaw feel any better.

"Chasing a hare across the moor," Fallenpaw murmured under her breath as Rushingstream padded out of the medicine cat's den.

Chapter 11

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