Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

I´ve been waiting to make this, But here!

Here´s the Plot:

The Clans had grown old and new clans are made in new territories. The New Clans are: MarshClan, FireClan,MeadowClan and LakeClan.

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and yes, his mate is Flurrywing -Taro\WolfyEevee


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Chapter 1 - Wrenfeather *WIP* ( By WolfyEevee and Darkstar0WarriorCats)

The female MeadowClan She-cat ran towards Wrenfeather, Trying to attack.

Wrenfeather dashed aside and the she-cat smashed into a tree.

"Ow!" She screeched as she twirled around and lunged towards Wrenfeather again.

Mouse-brain! Wrenfeather thought angrily as he rolled out of the way and sprung to his paws.

"Get off MarshClan territory!"

He spat in her face but he got no reply from the enemy. Wrenfeather could only feed annoyance as she darted to him again. He slashed her muzzle, fresh blood splattered across the waving grass, a single drop landed in the pond, letting that part turn red.

The opponent lashed out, claws extended. Again and again she missed, again and again anger blew up inside Wrenfeather. When finally he can't take it. But the MeadowClan warrior was smart, seeing the look on his face she knew he wont go easy on her anymore.

she leaped across the border and Wrenfeather can do nothing. Emptyness filled his belly, What have I done? he thought miserably. He had let an enemy escaped, unharmed. but out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the blood that splattered across the grass. A satisfied smile crept on his face. Not unharmed, after all. He happily turned around and padded towards camp.


"Cheetahclaw is kitting!" Flowershine let out a frightened yowl.

The MarshClan cat shivered. He should get the med. cat. Moments later Speckwind ran out of the medicine cat den, with a mouthful of herbs.

Wrenfeather dashed for a stick at Speckwinds order. A MarshClan she-cats gaze seemed to follow him anywhere he went, he was aware or her gaze falling on him. F-Flurrywing? What relationship do we have? he thought crossly, Cheetahclaws shrieks and yowls pierced the empty sky, I thought she would be my mate.

Wrenfeather glared at Cheetahclaws mate, Pricklefur. You will pay for stealing my dear Cheetahclaw! Fury ebbed inside him, blocking the yowl of pain from the medicine cat den. I need a walk.

During the walk his fury turned into grief. Everyone special has been stolen from him! He stopped his steps, his heart seemed to fall down a cliff. He did not realize Glowpelt has followed him.

"Whats wrong?" She mewed softly inside his ear. Glowpelt was the most wonderful cat in the whole woods, the waves laughed at the sight of her, sweet flowers begged to be under her paws.

"Its...nothing for you to worry about..." Wrenfeather mewed shyly,

"Oh, tell me!" She whispered as she nudged him. "Just...I have no family members anymore." Wrenfeather mewed sadly.

Glowpelt tilted her head, it was too hard to guess what she is thinking.

Finally she mewed curiously, "How about your father, Sightclaw? Have you forgotten about him?"

Wrenfeather jerked up, "Glowpelt!" He exclaimed. "My father treats my no better than a rotten, full of maggots burned to death gross mouse! He never loved me as he loved my mother, Snow poppy." Wrenfeather's head dropped, "It feels like no one likes or loves or cares me in this world...it feels so cold, unforgiving land."

The light orange she-cat nodded, "I know what that feels like. Its cold and bitter, remember when my siblings Whitherfrost and Snakeheart died at the battle?"

Wrenfeather voice shook and his whole body was shivering, "My siblings Rustlestream, Hotlight, Tumbledrop, and Snowspots was killed there too."

"Too much blood and life's were lost. We new clans were formed." Glowpelt was nodding.

"Glowpelt! Come on the hunting patrol, dear!" The young she-cat nodded, "have a nice walk! Mother is calling!" Glowpelt mewed happily. She is always so entertaining, laughing day and night. Finally someone understood me, and I sure wish my mother was leader.

After he reached camp Flurrywing padded over with a rabbit tight in her jaws, "Do you want to share?" Just the same moment Glowpelt ran over, "I caught a squirrel! Wrenfeather looked behind her, the squirrel was as big as Snailpaw!

"Do you want to share it with me?" Glowpelt murmured softly.


Wrenfeather felt like someone was gazing at him. He twirled around and saw Flurrywing holding the rabbit. There was a thump as the rabbit hit the ground and a fresh drop of tear sinking to the ground. Before he knew it Flurrywing was in the warriors den, weeping. He can't help feeling a prick of sympathy for the young little warrior. Was I too cold to her? Nah! Its her own problem she was touched so easily.

Glowpelt looked at him silly, "You forgot to give the stick."

The medicine cat looked as if she could eat him.

Chapter 2 - Rootpaw - By Foxlover55

Rootpaw blinked her eyes against the sun shining into the den. It was nearly sunhigh, and Rootpaw sat up in her nest and yawned. She padded over to Icepaw's nest and prodded her flank with her paw. "Icepaw! Wake up!" She mewed.

"Rootpaw!" She huffed. "What do you want?"

"We're supposed to join the Sunhigh patrol!" She meowed. "Don't you remember? Mossclaw told us that we would join it yesterday!"

Icepaw stretched out in her nest and sat up. "I can't believe Mossclaw and Stormwhisker took us to the Moonrock! We're only a moon into training!" She mewed.

Rootpaw nodded as Icepaw began washing her paws as she locked eyes with Rootpaw. Rootpaw turned away from her gaze and poked her head out of the den, the camp was busy. Mossclaw was organizing patrols, the hunting patrol was returning, and kits ran around in the camp. Rootpaw padded out of the den towards the camp entrance, the ground beneath her was damp, and mud squished between her paws. She heard Icepaw following behind her as she neared the patrol.

Mossclaw and Berrytail sat in front of the briar tunnel. Spotting Icepaw and Rootpaw, they got up on their paws and headed out of camp.

Rootpaw followed them out of the camp, Icepaw close behind. The marsh was thin here, but was they got farther out the marsh got deeper, and Rootpaw's paws sunk into the sludge at the bottom. She curled her nose at the smell, the marsh constantly smelled of crowfood. The patrol trekked though the marsh, frogs croaked in the distance and lizards scampered about.

The patrol neared the Fireclan border, and the tang of squirrel filled Rootpaw's nose. She narrowed her eyes at an oak tree across the border, spotting the squirrel scuffling among the branches. Her belly rumbled, but she knew batter than to hunt in enemy territory. The patrol started to mark their scent across the tree line that separated their territories.

A Fireclan hunting patrol came up to the border, and they started taunting them. "Hey crowfood eaters." A gray tabby named Fernstripe laughed.

Rootpaw rolled her eyes and continued to mark her scent along the trees. The marsh was thinner here, and Rootpaw followed the patrol towards Lakeclan territory. Catkins floated among the marsh, stirring in the wind. The patrol turned to leave as Icepaw let out a yowl.

"Help! I'm sinking!" She cried.

Rootpaw bounded towards her and stuck her head into the water. She grabbed onto her leg and pulled it out of the sludge.

"Thanks Rootpaw!" She mewed cheerfully.

Rootpaw nodded and bounded towards the patrol, splashing water around the marsh. Icepaw laughed and splashed water at her, running as Rootpaw started to chase after her.

"Rootpaw! Icepaw!" Mossclaw growled. "Hurry up and stop acting like kits! You have apprentice duties to get done back in camp."

Rootpaw's tail drooped. Why can't we have any fun? We're not warrior yet, we're still apprentices! Rootpaw sadly padded into the camp and turned towards the apprentice den. Apprentice duties can wait, Mossclaw can't be upset at me for sleeping after the Moonrock journey!

Chapter Three - Longtuft (Sleepysky)

Longtuft purred as he shared tongues with his kits.

"Longtuft..." The runt of the litter, Sharpkit, grunted.

"I don't need to be cleaned! Just leave me be!" She continued,

Their mother, Dawnfall, sighed. "Sharpkit, don't be so rude towards him..."

The kit rolled her eyes, escaping her father's grasp.

"It's okay, Longtuft!" Another one of the litter, Lightkit, purred.

"You can share tongues with me! I don't mind." The white she-kit smiled.

"No, it's fine." The warrior arched his back,

"I'll just go hunt."

Dawnfall nodded, understanding.

"Be safe." The smokey gray queen purred.

Longtuft dipped his head, trotting away from his kin.


"Help! I'm sinking!" An apprentice called out after Longtuft had just caught a fish.

He looked over at where the outburst seemingly came from.

There, he saw two apprentices, by the river.

A she-cat was sinking into it.

The tom dropped his fresh-kill and dashed over,

His fatherly instincts kicking in.

However, he only made it a few feet until the other apprentice helped them out.

He sighed, smiling that she was able to receive help.

However, the apprentice that was sinking noticed the tom.

"Rootpaw!" She yowled, the apprentice that helped glancing over at him.

"Icepaw! Get back to camp!" The she-cat called Rootpaw ordered,

Longtuft flattened his ears, guilty that he was scaring the rival clan cats. "I don't mean any harm!" He mewed.

"I simply went to see what was happening and I dashed over to help. But, it seems you got things under control."

The apprentices arched their backs curiously,

"Be safe out here." Longtuft warned, "You never know what's coming."

He dipped his head respectfully and trotted back to his clan's camp.\

Chapter 4 - Leafkit - By Foxlover55 (WIP)

Leafkit tugged on Falconkit's tail. He jumped up on top of his littermate and tackled her.

Chapter 5 -Ashkit - By Otterstream (WIP)

Ashkit shook her fur. She was in the MarshClan nursery when...