Palestar's Army

Leader: Palestar (cream tom with black flecks and brown eyes)

Commander: Waterwillow (white she-cat with green eyes)

Medic: Petalbreeze (small cream tom)


Bloompetal (brown tom with white flower-shaped patches)

Featherflight (tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes)

Flightstorm (black she-cat with white patches that look like wings) Trainee, Hawkpaw (brown tabby tom with long legs)

Dawnfire (bright ginger tabby tom) Trainee, Rowanpaw (calico she-cat)

Cloudwind (pale gray she-cat with white stripes)

Swiftblaze (white she-cat with ginger points)

Redbird (dark ginger tom with a nicked ear and green eyes)

Bluefire (blue-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes)

Skyflower (light brown-and-white tom with blue eyes)


Stormbird (black she-cat with a white chest, a white tail-tip, and yellow eyes, mate of Redbird) mother of Breezekit (black-and-ginger tortoiseshell she-kit) and Firekit (dark ginger-and-white tom)

Rainstar's Army

Leader: Rainstar (light brown tabby she-cat)

Commander: Blazecloud (ginger tabby tom)

Medic: Firfeather (brown she-cat with a crooked tail)


Frostcloud (white tom)

Snowthorn (white she-cat with a golden-brown stripe along her back) Trainee, Sweetpaw (pale ginger tom)

Willowstorm (gray tabby she-cat) Trainee, Cherrypaw (ginger-brown she-cat)

Blackwater (large black tom)

Bristlewind (white tom with amber eyes) Trainee, Songpaw (tortoiseshell she-cat)

Driftcloud (thin brown tom)

Goldenleaf (golden tabby tom with blue eyes)

Whitebird (white she-cat with a right amber eye and a left blue eye, deaf in her left ear)

Rosesplash (reddish-ginger she-cat)

Birch (black tom with light brown stripes)


Scorchbird (dark gray tabby she-cat, mate of Bristlewind) mother of Silverkit (silver-gray tabby she-kit), Eaglekit (white tom) and Cinderkit (dark gray tabby-and-white tom)

Flamestripe (calico she-cat, mate of Blackwater)

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