Here is my first fanfic, I hope you like it! (Also, I do realize these main characters are very similar to another person's story, Shadows of Fire. This was completely unintentional, I had never seen their story before. I did not try to copy. Thanks and enjoy! :) ) Rated Moderate.


Leader: Hazelstar- a light brown she-cat with fiery amber eyes.

Deputy: Snowfire- white tom with ginger patches and green eyes.

Medicine cat: Honeyblaze- pale yellow she-cat with white stripes and pale green eyes. Apprentice: Silverpaw (a silver tabby she-cat.)


Grayclaw- short furred tom with green eyes

Stoneheart- large gray tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Stormpaw

Oceanbreeze- pale blue-gray she-cat with deep blue eyes

Icewave- small white tom with pale gray tabby patches

Apprentice: Patchpaw

Tawnyfeather- pale ginger she-cat with darker flecks

Firefoot- ginger tom 

Apprentice: Patchpaw

Thunderfoot- silver tom with stormy green eyes

Apprentice: Nightpaw

Frostpelt- pale gray tom with light blue eyes

Grassfur- long haired light brown tom with green eyes


Patchpaw- black tom with white patches and blue eyes

Nightpaw- black tom with orange eyes.

Stormpaw- dark gray almost black tom with blue eyes.


Willowfall- light brown she-cat white white points and green eyes. (her sister is Ottershade, just clarifying that because they look very similar.) Mate: Firefoot

Ravenstreak- small but fast black she-cat with blazing amber eyes. Mate: Stoneheart

Ottershade- light brown she-cat with white points and amber eyes. Mate: Frostpelt


Willowfall: Brightkit: tortoiseshell she-cat with bright green eyes. Sunkit- bright ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Blossomkit: dark tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Ravenstreak: Nightpaw and Stormpaw.

Ottershade: Shadowkit: black she-cat with yellow eyes. Flamekit- sleek ginger tabby with a white chest, underbelly, paws, and tail-tip.


Whitefire- white tom with orange eyes

Morningdew- gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Brokenfoot- dark brown tom with a permanently twisted foot

Ivybranch- pale gray she-cat with darker flecks and brown eyes


Leader: Smokestar- smoky gray tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Hollyshine- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine cat: Wildflower- torbie she-cat with orange eyes (a torbie cat is a tortoiseshell and tabby cat)


Wolfclaw- gray-brown tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Shadepaw

Minkfur- small light brown and white she-cat with amber eyes

Mossfoot- tortoiseshell and white tom with green eyes. Apprentice: Thornpaw

Frostspark- silver and white tom with dark blue eyes. Apprentice: Goldenpaw

Nightfall- pure black tom with ice-blue eyes

Icefire- white she-cat with blue-amber eyes. Apprentice: Hawkpaw

Jaggedclaw- a dark gray tabby tom with sharp claws and teeth

Foxflame- ginger tom with brown eyes

Oakpelt- dark brown tom with amber eyes


Shadepaw- dark gray tom with black stripes and yellow eyes

Thornpaw- light brown tom with soft blue eyes

Hawkpaw- dark golden-brown she-cat with piercing green eyes

Goldenpaw- golden she-cat with darker dappling


Lilystorm- pale gray she-cat with darker flecks and blue-amber eyes, Mate: Mossfoot.

Dappleface- tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. Mate: Nightfall

Whiteflower- white she-cat with soft green eyes. Mate: Frostspark

Nightberry- very dark gray she-cat. Mate: Oakpelt


Lilystorm: Unborn

Dappleface: Cherrykit- fluffy tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Leafkit- pale ginger she-cat with green eyes

Whiteflower: Dawnkit- diluted ginger she-cat with deep blue almost purple eyes. Graykit- white tom with gray patches. Emberkit: black and dark gray tabby tom.

Nightberry- Unborn


Duskfoot- tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes

Lichencloud- light brown tom with darker patches and green eyes


Leader: Honeystar- pale yellow tom with green eyes

Deputy: Silverfeather- delicate silver and white she-cat with green eyes

Medicine cat: Thrushfang- brown tom with light brown eyes


Sorrelheart- light brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes

Clovershine- pale gray tabby she-cat with clover-green eyes

Blackthorn- large black tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Gorsepaw

Brindlefur- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Berrypaw

Pinefall- dark red tom with pine-green eyes. Apprentice: Spottedpaw

Plumfoot- black she-cat with a purple sheen and amber eyes

Fawntail- light brown tom with white speckles

Birdfeather- white and pale gray tom with amber eyes. Apprentice: Pebblepaw

Autumnpelt- reddish ginger she-cat with light brown eyes

Snowbreeze- white she-cat with light blue eyes


Gorsepaw- gray and brown tom with dark brown eyes.

Berrypaw- brown and white she-cat with green eyes

Pebblepaw- pale gray tom

Spottedpaw- white she-cat with brown flecks and green eyes


Ashflower- gray tabby she-cat with green eyes. Mate: Pinefall

Rosesplash- pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Mate: Fawntail

Dawnheart- ginger she-cat with pale green eyes. Mate: Blackthorn.


Ashflower: Mudkit- dark brown tabby tom. Shellkit- sandy gray she-cat. Larchkit- reddish brown she-cat with gray eyes.

Rosesplash: Icekit- silvery white tom with blind blue-green eyes. Marigoldkit- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. Sandykit: light brown and ginger tom with brown eyes.

Dawnheart: Redkit- dappled dark ginger she-cat with dark brown eyes. Copperkit- copper brown tom with blue eyes.


Shreddedleg- black tom with many scars and clumps of fur on one leg

Rosewind- fast brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Rushfur- dark gray tom with dark brown eyes


Leader: Talonstar- brown she-cat with tan feet, muzzle, tail-tip, chest, and underbelly

Deputy- Firestone- large ginger tom with amber eyes. Apprentice: Sandpaw

Medicine cat: Bramblethorn- brown tabby tom with pale green eyes


Briarfoot- bengal she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Featherpaw

Dusttail- dust-colored she-cat with pale green eyes.

Adderblaze- ginger tom with gray eyes

Badgerclaw- arrogant black and white she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice: Stormpaw

Dreamcloud- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Creampaw

Kestrelcloud- gray-brown tom with amber eyes

Ivybrush- beautiful gray she-cat with white speckles and pale green eyes

Dovepool- silvery-gray she-cat with blue eyes

Skystorm- gray and white tom with brown eyes


Creampaw- soft cream-colored she-cat with green eyes

Featherpaw- pale gray-brown and white tom with blue eyes

Stormpaw- dark gray-ish blue she-cat with dark blue eyes

Sandpaw- sandy tom with blue-amber eyes


Echospots- mysterious black she-cat with white dapples. Mate: Kestrelcloud

Bluetail- gray she-cat with blue eyes. Mate: Skystorm

Snowheart- white she-cat with green eyes. Mate: Adderblaze


Echospots: Swiftkit- gray and white tom. Alderkit- gray tom with amber eyes.

Bluetail: Eaglekit- dark brown and white tom with green eyes. Foxkit- pale ginger tabby tom with bright ginger legs. Petalkit- pale gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Snowheart- Amberkit- bright ginger tom with turquoise eyes. Poppykit- pale ginger she-cat. Winterkit- white she-cat with frost blue eyes. Meadowkit- pale gray tom.


Cedarfur-brown tabby tom with green eyes

Berrysong- cream tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Nightstalker- black tom who used to be an excellent hunter; formerly of DarkClan

Cats Outside Clans

Diamond- lithe silver tabby she-cat with crystal-blue eyes; kittypet. Lives with Twolegs near WaterClan territory.

Milo- timid light brown tom with dark amber eyes; kittypet. Lives next to Diamond, but rarely goes outside.

Flower- white she-cat with pale ginger patches and brown eyes. Loner. Travels around often.

(Also if you hear LightClan, it's my version of StarClan.)

|A Shadow to a Flame|


Ottershade squirmed. Painful spasms shot through her body. She was hardly aware of Frostpelt licking her head strongly, quietly encouraging her. In Ottershade's blurry vision, she made out Honeyblaze's pale tabby body. The pain subsided, and she sighed a breath of relief. "One tom and a she-kit!" Honeyblaze announced. Ottershade smiled. There was a sleek ginger tabby. She gently picked him up by his scruff to reveal the she-kit he'd climbed up upon. The she-kit was black as night, her small tail sticking straight out. She let out a small, helpless mew. Ottershade froze. No...LightClan, how could you?!

|Chapter One|

I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry, but I could just make out the stocky light brown shape of my mother, and the pale gray pelt of my father. My mother, Ottershade, licked my brother's head. "This one is Flamekit," she meowed, nodding her head to my ginger-furred brother. "What about the she-kit?" asked Frostpelt, my father. Ottershade looked at me as if I was covered in mouse-bile. "Shadowkit," she mewed after a hesitant moment. Frostpelt dipped his head, love burning his gaze. He then licked her head then padded out of the nursery. Flamekit immediately latched on to drink. I followed, and Ottershade flinched. As a kit, I hadn't realized that Ottershade hated me. Not yet. 

About a moon later, me and Flamekit were playing moss ball outside. Flamekit kicked it and yowled, "Go get it, Shadowkit!" I ran after the moss ball as fast as my tiny paws would carry me. "Gotcha!" I meowed, pouncing on the moss ball. At that same moment, I felt something big tumble into me. I screeched in surprise. I looked up and saw Honeyblaze, our medicine cat, sprawled on the ground next to me. "Sorry, Shadowkit," she gasped. Honeyblaze said no more and sprinted off. Out of mere curiosity, I looked back, made sure Flamekit was distracted, then followed Honeyblaze. She had gone into the leader's den, and I saw the tip of her white-striped tail disappear into the den. I poked my head in to see her and Hazelstar discussing something. "I recieved a prophecy last night," Honeyblaze whispered. I cocked my head. A prophecy? "Sparrowstar gave it to me," she continued. "What did he say?" questioned Hazelstar, her tone giving nothing away. "He said, The shadow of the flame will lead the Clans into darkness unimagined." Hazelstar was silent, staring at her paws. I had no idea what was going through her mind, but I knew exactly what was going through mine. The shadow of the flame? Could that be a reference to me and Flamekit? No, Shadowkit, you aren't that special. Why would there be a prophecy about you? But I couldn't help wondering if I was wrong.

"Flamekit! Flamekit!" I yowled. Ottershade glared at me, undisguised hatred in her narrow amber eyes. "Be quiet, Shadowkit! He's at the fresh-kill pile, but there's no reason to bother him!" I flinched away from my mother. Why was she so mean to me? I trotted over to the fresh-kill pile. He was sharing a large mouse with Sunkit, Stormpaw, and Nightpaw. Nightpaw watched me with suspicion and irritation in his fiery orange eyes, and it made me uncomfortable. "Flamekit!" I whispered. Flamekit looked at me. "What is it?" he asked. "Do you wanted to share this mouse with us?" Sunkit nodded. "There's plenty to spare," she mewed. Stormpaw opened his mouth to object, but Flamekit just glared at him and said, "Just because you're older, doesn't mean you get to make descisions for me and my sister!" I was relieved by his defense. At least somebody in this family cares about me, I thought. "But Flamekit, I need to talk!" Flamekit looked at me; I silently pleaded him to say yes. "Okay," he said. We ran behind the nursery. "Honeyblaze had a prophecy last night. And I think it might be about us!" Flamekit nodded, excitement growing in his deep blue eyes. "What is it?" he asked me. I recited the words as Honeyblaze had said, excitement in my voice: "The shadow of the flame will lead the Clans into darkness unimagined!" Flamekit just stared at me, widening his eyes. "Oh, no! LightClan, no!" Then he bounded off. 

|Chapter Two|

I padded our from behind the nursery. I was really confused. Why was Flamekit so afraid? I was so focused in my thoughts that I bumped into Ottershade. Ottershade whipped arond with an irritated hiss. "Shadowkit!" she snapped. She lifted a paw and batted me away. I yowled as I slid on the dusty ground. I got up and glared at her. "What was that for?" I screeched. Ottershade rolled her eyes. "You bumped into me!" Ottershade meowed. Then with a sneer she added, "I was just teaching you your lesson." Cats were starting to turn around and stare. But I didn't care. I was so infuriated by my mother's words I lunged at her. "Shadowkit, no!" Flamekit mewed, panic in his eyes. I swiped my mother's back with dull claws. She threw me off, then turned around to stare at me. I faced her, fury matching in our eyes. She suddenly darted towards me and picked me up; the last thing I saw was the camp swirling around me as I was flung into the air. Then everything went black.

"Shadowkit? Shadowkit?" I heard a voice say. Something thumped on the ground near my head; I sniffed it and it smelled like wet moss. I stretched my tongue out to lick it and slowly opened my eyes. Silverpaw was standing over me. "Good, you're awake," she mewed with a smile on her face. "W-what happened?" I asked her. Silverpaw looked away. "Your mother...she was angry. She threw you." Surprise and anger gave me strength. "What?" I mewed, shocked. Silverpaw nodded. "I always knew she hated me!" I spat. Silverpaw opened her mouth to protest, but I pushed past her and sprinted out. I was still dizzy, so it took me a few heartbeats to find Flamekit. I saw him in the clearing with Blossomkit. I charged over towards them. "Flamekit!" I yowled.. He glanced up at me. "Yes?" he asked. All the anger I had been holding back for moons came spilling out. "You couldn't stop Ottershade? You haven't even noticed how mean she's been, how concerned she's been about you but ignorant about me! I thought you cared about me, but I guess I was wrong!" Flamekit stared at me, shock in his crystal gaze. "I do care about you! But I couldn't stop her!" he mewed. "I'm sorry..." I hissed in fury, and sprinted away. I skidded to a halt as I heard Willowfall, Hazelstar, and Firefoot talking. "I always knew that Ottershade had problems dealing with her anger, but I never imagined she would do that..." Willowfall was murmuring. Firefoot stroked her flank with his tail. "We aren't going to let her get near our kits," he declared. Willowfall wrapped herself protectively around them. Hazelstar nodded. "I'm going to do something about it," she promised. Willowfall was Ottershade's sister, so it made sense she was concerned about her. Willowfall spotted me and trotted over. "Hey, Shadowkit. I'm sorry that Ottershade-" I lashed my tail and bared my teeth. "I don't want your pity! Why can't any cat just leave me alone?!" Willowfall widened her eyes. I pelted into a shrub surrounding our camp. I bit onto a stick to try to cease the anger. Just then, I heard Hazelstar call a meeting. "All cats strong enough to climb a tree gather around the Fallen Oak for a Clan meeting!" Hazelstar waited for LightningClan to gather below her before speaking. "So, as most of you have probably seen, there has been...drama. Due to that, Ottershade will have a separate nest outside the nursery, and she is forbidden to go near any kits for a moon. One of you will guard her, and give her prey until the moon is over." Instinct murmuring broke out from the cats below. "Who will guard her?" Grasspelt called out. Shadowkit looked around and noticed that her father wasn't with the cats below. She spotted him in the corner of the clearing, his back turned. Shadowkit knew she shouldn't go over to him; she knew she shouldn't care, but pity seared her heart strong enough to walk towards him, one paw-step at a time. "Frostpelt...?" I asked quietly. He whipped his head around to face me. "Why would she do that?" he whispered, grief overtaking his voice. "I thought she cared about our kits, but she only cares about one! I'm sorry, Shadowkit. I never knew she treated you like that. And I think it's time for our relationship to be over."

Frostpelt sat murmuring to Ottershade. He had asked Hazelstar if he could guard her because he wanted to break up. She had agreed. "...and I'm sorry, but I can't be with a cat who treats her own kits like that." Ottershade hissed but said nothing. Frostpelt turned away and nodded to me. I sighed. I didn't want to talk to my brother! He let my mother hurt me without doing anything. But I did have to tell him at some point. I walked over to the nursery where my brother was. I found him sleeping in the nursery. I prodded him awake. "Flamekit!" I hissed. He lifted his head and blinked sleepily. "W-what?" he mewed. "Frostpelt just broke up with Ottershade," I stated flatly. I was still angry and didn't even try to soften the blow. He gaped at me, his jaw dropping open. "W-what?" I glared at him silently. "N-n-no! He can't have!" I didn't say anything and padded out of the den. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Flamekit nuzzling with Ottershade, tears forming in his eyes. Stupid furball! I thought. I stalked angrily to the nursery. I will never trust any of my family again! was my last thought before sleep overtook me.

|Chapter Three|

Flamekit stared, his crystal eyes staring unblinkingly at his sister. He felt a rush of grief, pain, and sadness. I didn't want her to get hurt... he thought. But maybe I could have done something. He wanted to apologize to Shadowkit, but then he thought better of it. And Flamekit was upset enought with Frostpelt's and Ottershade's divorce. But did he really want a mother who neglected his sister behind his back? I only loved her because I didn't know. But should I love her now...?

Flamekit sat at the edge of the camp, his sleek ginger tail flicking with impatience. Where are you, Shadowkit? I just want to talk! His ears swiveled to pawsteps approaching him from the left. Flamekit looked up hopefully, but it was only Blossomkit. "Hi!" she purred. She sat close next to him, her pelt brushing his. He burned with embarrassment, but either Blossomkit didn't notice or ignored it. "I'm sorry about your parents and sister," she murmured. Flamekit didn't respond. "I know my parents love each other. I would never be able to deal with them separating." He looked down, not sure what to say. "Oh, Hazelstar's calling another meeting! Nightpaw and Stormpaw look excited. Maybe they're going to be warriors...? Do you want to come?" Flamekit forced a smile. "Sure," he mewed. Blossomkit purred and they went and sat down near the fallen Oak. Hazelstar began, "Today is a very special day. Two cats will be made warriors and two cats will be made apprentices. Nightpaw and Stormpaw, please step forward." The two dark gray and black toms stepped forward. He could see pride gleaming in their eyes, head high, and tail straight up. "You have been training with your mentors to become the best cat you can be, and it is time for you to become a warrior. Nightpaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Nightblaze. LightClan honors your courage and fighting skills, and we are pleased to welcome you as a full warrior of LightningClan." Nightblaze dipped his head, and glanced at Thunderfoot, his former mentor. Thunderfoot broke out in a purr and trotted up to touch noses. Nightblaze seemed slightly embarrassed, but touched noses anyways. Then Hazelstar glanced down at Stormpaw. "Stormpaw, you have been training vigorously, and it's time for you to become a warrior. Stormpaw, from this moment on, you shall be know as Stormshadow. LightClan honors your strength and watchful eyes, and we welcome you as a full warrior of LightningClan." Stormshadow purred, glancing at his old mentor. Stoneheart dipped his head as well. "Nightblaze, Stormshadow! Nightblaze, Stormshadow!" the Clan cheered, praising the young warriors. "And, we have two kits that are ready to become apprentices." Flamekit glanced around. Who could that be? If Brightkit, Sunkit, and Blossomkit were made apprentices, they would all be made apprentices at the same time. They're siblings. "Flamekit and Shadowkit, step forward." Flamekit and Shadowkit gasped. "You mean-" Shadowkit started. A yowl interrupted her voice. Ottershade glared daggers at Shadowkit and Hazelstar. "I don't think Shadowkit should be made an apprentice," Ottershade objected. Hazelstar growled. "They are six moons old! It's my choice whether or not they are made apprentices at that age!" she snapped. Willowfall gaped at her sister's objection. Hazelstar cleared her throat. "As I was saying, Flamekit and Shadowkit, step forward. You both have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to become an apprentice. Shadowkit, from this moment on, you shall be known as Shadowpaw. Your mentor will be Oceanbreeze." Shadowpaw purred, and touched noses with Oceanwhisper. Flamekit was happy for his sister, and Oceanbreeze was a great cat. And he was overjoyed to see his sister happy again. She hadn't been happy since...forever, it had seemed. Hazelstar's words broke into Flamekit's thoughts. "...from this moment on, you shall be known as Flamepaw. Your mentor will be Tawnyfeather." Flamepaw trotted over to touch noses with Tawnyfeather. "Congrats, young one, he heard Tawnyfeather murmur. "Shadowpaw! Flamepaw! Shadowpaw! Flamepaw!" Flamepaw ducked his head, embarrassment burning his pelt. He glanced over at Ottershade. She was the only one who wasn't cheering. He then saw Morningdew and Whitefire pad over. They murmured a few words to Shadowpaw. Flamepaw couldn't make out what they were saying, but Shadowpaw beamed with pride so he knew it was something good. Everything will be alright, he told himself. At least for now...

|Chapter 4|

I paced around the clearing. I was very excited, waiting for Oceanbreeze to wake. It was still early in the morning, and me and Flamepaw had just finished our vigil. I had no problem staying awake. My body just was too excited. And I had a great mentor! Oceanbreeze was popular among the Clan for her gentle and laid-back nature. She was very kind too. I sighed. Can't she wake up any sooner? I rolled my eyes and paced around the clearing. In what seemed like moons, I heard rustling from the warriors den. Oceanbreeze padded out, her blue-gray fur tinted purple in the warm dawn light. I practically bounced on my paws as I padded to her. "Can we go now?" I asked hopefully. She yawned and mewed, "Hazelstar said to wait for Tawnyfeather, Flamepaw, Nightblaze, and Stormshadow," she told me. My shoulders slumped. "But I'm sure they'll wake up soon!" she added quickly. She sighed and leaned in close. "I know you're excited, I was too when I became an apprentice. But life has shown me everything comes in good time." Oceanbreeze took a quick glance at her stomach. I did too. It looked more swollen then usual. I smiled. "Who is it?" I asked. Oceanbreeze looked around to make sure no one was watching. "Snowfire," she murmured, ducking her head. "Don't tell anyone though. We want to keep it a secret." I nodded. "Of course." I saw ginger fur at the edge of my vision. I turned around and saw Flamepaw coming towards us, Nightblaze and Stormshadow padding close behind. "All the prey in the forest probably died by the time you got here," I mewed irritably. "I was tired!" Flamepaw retorted. "Anyways, can we get on with it now?" Tawnyfeather and Oceanbreeze purred in amusement. "Young cats, always so impatient!" Tawnyfeather mewed jokingly.

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