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Prologue (Lyric) - Tornpoppy's P.O.V

A warm breeze ruffled the fur of a pale brown tabby she-cat who had laid, stretched over a warm rock. The she-cat in question was Tornpoppy, a more recent StarClan member.

She let out a content sigh as the sun's heat warmed her pelt. It was never one set season in StarClan, and if one particular cat wished to feel sun on their back, StarClan would provide it.

Beside her, Shallowshell, a close friend of Tornpoppy's, let out a small purr. "Wonderful, isn't it?" Tornpoppy asked, pressing her face to the rock's warm surface. "Yeah." Shallowshell purred in reply. 

The temperature dropped so suddenly, Tornpoppy almost didn't feel it, until the snow started to fall. Tornpoppy and Shallowshell exchanged quizzical glances, looking around to find the cat who had wished for snow, but it appeared the two burmese she-cats were alone. 

Shallowshell gasped loudly, face twisted in horror and trepidation. Tornpoppy followed her gaze anxiously, and her eyes rose to the clouds above them. They were directly above them, and only spread for about five fox-tails in each direction. As the deceased she-cats watched, the clouds began to whirl, twist, and writhe until they took the shape of a cat's face, maw opened wide.

Words boomed out of its stationary mouth, Shallowshell and Tornpoppy quivering with fear in the shadow of the clouds. "The Ferns and Brambles may hide in Grass, but Grass cannot forever protect them. Sun's harsh rays will destroy the Ferns and Brambles if they don't escape and destroy the Sun first. Ferns and Brambles must rise if they are to survive."

And as quickly as it had started, it was over. Tornpoppy's eyes were wide, and it seemed Shallowshell was in paralysis. "What was that?" Tornpoppy breathed, glancing bemusedly at the now clear blue sky above them. "I think," Shallowshell mewed, rising to her paws, "That was a prophecy." 

Chapter One (Ro) - Sunstar's P.O.V

Sunstar sat in his den, making an excessively long list of all the cats he hated. He looked up and saw Grasswish, his mate, standing in the entrance to his den. He blinked in an invitation for her to come in and sit down. Grasswish padded over and sat.

"Sunstar," Grasswish began speaking. "I have some news."

"What news?" Sunstar asked, still staring at his list.

"I'm expecting kits."

"WHAT!?!?! No... nonononono. No. I will not let you have these kits. I do not want a cat that looks exactly like me to come strolling into my den one day, thinking that they are ME!" Sunstar exclaimed.

"Sunstar, you don't know that they will look like you. You don't know anything about them yet!" Argued Grasswish. "Please give them a chance!"

"Fine... But only because you are the only cat that I like."

Grasswish purred. "I will let you name them. They can be called whatever you want, as long as it isn't something like Kitkit, or Stinkykit."

"Okay, okay! You of all cats should know that I would name any kits like that!" Sunstar responded. "I'm just happy that you are happy. How did you find out that you were expecting?"

"Well, last night, I received a prophecy from Tornpoppy. It said "The Ferns and Brambles may hide in Grass, but Grass cannot forever protect them. Sun's harsh rays will destroy the Ferns and Brambles if they don't escape and destroy the Sun first. Ferns and Brambles must rise if they are to survive. Then I woke up this morning and went to the medicine den, and she told me that I was expecting." Grasswish explained.

"This prophecy must be only half true. I would never try to hurt our kits," Sunstar replied.

"Well I would hope so, because they are due within the next moon!" Grasswish exclaimed.

"The next moon! I don't know if I'll be ready! What should we name them? I don't really have much experience naming kits, so you can name them," Sunstar said.

"Well, what about Fernkit and Bramblekit?" questioned Grasswish.

"I like that," Sunstar purred. "Those are good names."

Chapter Two (Lyric) - Fernkit's P.O.V

Fernkit pounced on the small wad of grass that she and her brother were playing with.

"Nice catch, Fernkit!" Bramblekit purred.

"Thanks!" She mewed, clawing it. "Your turn!"

She batted it over, and the brown tabby tom caught it.

"Kits, time to eat!" Grasswish purred.

The two kits scampered over, where a delicious sparrow lay at their mother's paws.

"Yum!" Fernkit exclaimed, digging her face into the sparrow and emerging with a hunk of meat in her jaws.

"Careful," Grasswish purred amusedly. "You don't want to get a tummy-ache."

"I won't!" Fernkit squealed, gulping down the juicy prey.

"If you say so." Grasswish chuckled.

Bramblekit followed his sister's example, something for which she was grateful.

"Thank you, mother!" Fernkit mewed, once she was filled.

"Yeah, thanks!" Bramblekit chimed in,

Grasswish nodded. "Thank Ashpaw for the catch!"

Fernkit glanced around. "Who?"

"An apprentice. His ceremony is later today."

"Oh, okay!" Bramblekit enthused. "Want to find him?" He asked his silvery sister.

She nodded eagerly. "Yeah!"

Chapter Three (Ro) - Bramblekit's P.O.V.

Fernkit and Bramblekit padded over to the apprentice's den.

"Ashpaw, thanks for the catch!" Fernkit exclaimed when the found him.

"Yeah! And congrats on your warriors ceremony!" Bramblekit chimed in.

"Aww, thanks!" Ashpaw replied. "I wonder what my warrior name would be."

"Well, I think Ashbird or Ashflight sounds cool!" Bramblekit suggested.

"Or Ashcloud or Ashfern!" Fernkit chimed in.

"Those are really good names!" Ashpaw replied.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Sky Tree for a Clan meeting!"

As Sunstar's call rang across the clearing, Ashpaw excused himself so he could go sit by his mentor. Fernkit and Bramblekit scampered back to the nursery to watch.

"Today, we have a new warrior to make," Sunstar started. Turning to Ashpaw's mentor, Cloudstrike, he asked, "Has your apprentice trained hard and learned the ways of the warrior code?"

"He has," Cloudstrike answered.

"Then Ashpaw, please step forward," Sunstar called. "Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. From this moment forwards, you will be known as Ashflight. StarClan honors your bravery and compassion."

"Ashflight! Ashflight! Ashflight!" the Clan called out Ashflight's new name. Above everyone, Fernkit and Bramblekit's calls were heard. They rushed over to be the first to congratulate him.

"Congratulations!" Fernkit called.

Bramblekit hared after her. He skidded to a halt in front of the new warrior.

"I guessed correctly!" Bramblekit exclaimed.

"You did! Wow!" Ashflight replied, impressed. "How much longer until you two become apprentices?"

"Three moons!" Fernkit responded. "I want you as my mentor!"

"No, I want him!" Bramblekit argued.

"Well, we'll see who Sunstar chooses for each of you," Ashflight resolved. "Now, I need to do my vigil, and you need to go to bed. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight, Ashflight!"


Bramblekit and Fernkit walked back to the nursery and curled up in their nest. Soon, sleep overcame them, and they sank into the welcoming darkness.

Chapter Four (Lyric) - Fernkit's P.O.V

"Fernkityou have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your apprentice name, you will be known as Fernpaw. Your mentor will be Ashflight. I hope Ashflight will pass down all he knows on to you." Sunstar announced, voice a dull monotone. 

Fernpaw's eyes lit up - she had wanted her mentor to be Ashflight! She stepped forward, touching noses with Ashflight. She then smiled at Bramblekit, who was looking slightly let down. 

"Bramblekityou have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your apprentice name, you will be known as Bramblepaw. Your mentor will be Lightdance. I hope Lightdance will pass down all she knows on to you." Sunstar showed no emotion - it was as if he didn't care about his kits. 

Bramblepaw pressed his nose to Lightdance. Lightdance was a rather small, lithe yellow tabby she-cat, although rumoured to be one of the best warriors in the clan - most likely the cause of Bramblekit's improved mood. Once Sunstar dismissed the meeting, Fernpaw raced over to her mother. 

"Oh, I'm so proud of you two!" Grasswish purred happily. Bramblepaw grinned at her. "Thanks." Fernpaw nudged him. "Glad you got Lightdance?" Bramblepaw nodded earnestly. "Very! She's amazing! She's so... muscley!" He exclaimed, eyes going blank as he thought about his mentor. 

"Yeah, I bet. I got Ashflight, though, so that's awesome! I can't wait for my first patrol!" Fernpaw jabbered energetically, eyes round with happiness. "Dawn patrol?" Bramblepaw grimaced. "I am not a morning cat." Fernpaw snickered. "Yeah, I know. You would never wake up for moss-ball in the morning!" 

"Fernpaw!" Ashflight mewed from across the camp. Fernpaw shot her family an apologetic look, noticing that Sunstar hadn't showed. The diluted gray she-cat sprinted over to her mentor. "What will we do first?" She asked eagerly, eyes shining. Ashflight purred. "Calm down. We're going on a slow walk around the territory," Ashflight explained, "And we might hunt, too." Fernpaw let out a small purr. Her apprenticeship was off to a great start. 

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