A/N- Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy A Path Of Love. It is about a tom, Silentpaw. His motto is, it is okay to be different. It makes you special. He has fallen in love with Softpaw, a tom who is the same age. He longs to be with him but others don't approve. He must overcome his fear and speak up.

A Path Of Love

Follow Me

My heart pounds when I see him.

His smile makes me blush.

His company makes me feel a sense of happiness.

He doesn't tease me.

He is my friend.

I walk up to him with a grin on my face. His long white and brown pelt seems to sparkle in the light.

I love him but does he love me?

Even if he does, what would the clan think?

They would punish us.

For being different.

But, one day, I will tell them it is okay to be different. It makes you special.

Softpaw greets me with a welcoming purr.

I brush against his side.

Our connection is strong. Stronger than a Medicine Cat's bond with StarClan.

He flicks his tail and pads off.

I am a little confused by his gesture. Does he want me to go?

He then turns and smiles, "Follow me."

Not Fair

It's not fair.

Why is it forbidden?

I follow Softpaw out into the forest and the smells flood my nose.

"What did you want to tell me?" I ask him.

"Something that I should have told you a long time ago." he mutters.

I smile. I watch him with eager eyes, waiting for him to continue.

"That I-"

Suddenly, he was interrupted by Mousestep who leapt out of a bush.

"Hey Softpaw! Hi Silentpaw!" greets Mousestep with a smile.

Softpaw stares at the ground.

I wish he was able to tell me!

"You two should probably get back to camp!" says Mousestep.

I nodded reluctantly and stood beside Softpaw. The two of us made our way back to camp.

The scent of the forest faded away which made my heart ache. The forest was a place of freedom and hope. But camp wasn't. You were confined with others.

They know all your secrets.

They know your true identity.

Mousestep follows behind us.

I really hope Softpaw can tell me soon.

I want to know.

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