A collab between Lyric, Ro, Stone, Hope, Dew, Ginger, and Misty.


Moons have passed, generations gone. Now Mosspaw and Reedpaw, identical brothers from ThunderClan, are vying for the heart of a young WindClan apprentice. The only problem? She's not interested.

Prologue (Lyric) Mosshawk's P.O.V.

The brown tom smiled ruefully at his mate, Brightfrost, then at his young kits tussling at his own paws.

There were two: Gleamkit, a pearly silver she-kit, and Crowkit, a hazy gray tom. They usually got along, although Gleamkit was feisty, and Crowkit was easy to provoke.

"Tell us a story!" Gleamkit squeaked, jumping up and landing on top of Crowkit with an 'oof'.

Mosshawk let out a purr of amusement at Gleamkit's rambunctious behavior. "Okay, kits." 

They settled down, after Gleamkit took the time to give herself a quick bath. 

"This story is quite long." Mosshawk warned them.

"We don't care!" Crowkit squealed. 

Mosshawk chuckled. "Okay." 

He closed his eyes. These kits needed to know this story.

They had to know his story. 

He shivered as memories poured into his head, thoughts he had kept hidden for so long, locked away.

The memories of her.

Chapter 1: Reedpaw (Stone)

Greystar was calling cats that would go to the gathering with him. As his gaze passed over the apprentices, he stopped, smiled, and called out his sons names, Mosspaw and Reedpaw. They turned to each other and bounced up and down with excitement. Mosspaw looked at the other apprentice sympathetically, and said,

“Sorry, Brightpaw. We’ll tell you everything that happens.”

“Oh, sure,” she replied sarcastically. “you’ll tell me everything.” Reedpaw heard the humor in her voice, but he thought that was tho cover up the sadness. Before they could say goodbye, the clan started moving, and he had to catch up with his mentor, Berryfur. When Thunderclan finally arrived at The Clearing, they were the last clan there. Greystar gave the yowl to begin the gathering, and Riverclan began.

Mosspaw had run off somewhere, but Reedpaw didn’t know where. He was paying attention to what the leaders were saying, like they both should‘ve been. When the leaders gave the cats time to mingle after the gathering, Reedpaw found the apprentices, but Reedpaw didn't see his brother.

As Thunderclan was leaving, Reedpaw was still glancing around, looking for Mosspaw, and he bumped into Mosspaw’s back.

“Where were you?” Reedpaw asked.

“What? Yeah, cool I guess.” Mosspaw replied. He had a dreamy look in his eyes.

“Earth to Mosspaw, Earth to Mosspaw. Vessel M o s s p a w, please respond.”

Mosspaw crashed back to earth, and licked his chest fur. He had met a she-cat.

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