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From Two Legs To Four
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A New Start In Life Succeded by:
I'll Always Be The Bad Kid

I (Bloody) am doing the prologue, Smudgey is doing the rest. This is the first in the From Two Legs To Four series. It is a collab series.


It all happend so fast. That Twoleg should be grateful I saved her. She was in the belly of a monster, going faster that a Cheetahclan warrior, and collided with a tall, skinny, leaf-less tree. In my homeclan, Lionclan, I am Known as Lionheart the strong, in other words, I have termendous strenght. So, when the Twoleg fell out of a hole in the monster's side, I went over to her and dragged her, from the thunderpath to the side of my territory. By the time I made it across, I Felt as if Bengalclan was calling me. The next thing I knew, the Twoleg started to shake, and a blood-beat later, a dark ginger and white she-cat was laying before me.

Chapter One - The Confrontation

The grass, wet from the sprinkling of rain that had stopped mere minutes ago, brushed against my belly. At any other time, I would have been disgusted, but tonight was an exception. Tonight was different, not only because I no longer appeared to be human, but because even if I did care, I never would have been able to muster the strength to myself up from the damp ground.

(Let me just go and find the rest...)

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